KIKI Interiors is an interior design, home staging and décor company established in 2003. We offer decorating/design services tailored to each client’s needs and individual tastes. KIKI Interiors works with clients to assist them in creating and reflecting their personal style in every room. We assist clients with everything from floor plan consultation, colour concept packages, to furniture selection and placement.

In addition to assisting individual home owners, KIKI Interiors, also works with builders to create model homes from the ground up. Examples of services provided to the builder community are consulting on floor plan and space usage, designing both interior and exterior colour pallets and custom interior furnishing packages. KIKI Interiors strives to work with you to make every home look its best and make every space inside that home beautiful!

A special service KIKI Interiors offers to home sellers is pre-sale home staging. Home staging is the art of presenting a home in a manner which

maximizes its features and focal points to potential buyers. This service has been proven to help sell a home for more money and in the shortest amount of time. Home staging is about mass appeal and attracting the niche market to a particular type of property. KIKI Interiors considers demographics and buyer motivations when designing a home staging package. Home staging is a sales and marketing tool to transform your home into a product with the most appeal to buying groups.

Using proper furnishing, lighting, décor items and placement of pieces, home staging creates a point of reference to assist buyers and agents in the visualization of how this home could look. Colour concepts are also chosen in order to look attractive in photographs. Over 90% of buyers view a home online before inquiring further. In order to attract a buyer, it is essential to have top notch pictures or potential buyers will simply discount the home and move onto another property. It is absolutely essential to make a good first impression on film!

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Everyone has their own unique and personal style.

Our design/décor division works with clients in order to help them reflect their style without sacrificing their individual needs in their living spaces. KIKI Interiors works with you to create this unique space, as we strongly believe that design and decorating a space should be a joint effort.

We have experience working with various budgets and sizes of projects.

We offer two different services to our design clients:

Option AConsultation / Design – KIKI Interiors can work in conjunction with the home owner to create a concept and offer inspiration on a project, as well as make recommendations of various trades people and stores to help you make the transformation of your space and integrate your style.

Option BProject Management – KIKI Interiors will coordinate the project from start to successful finish, supervise contractors, manage budgets and provide solutions to renovation headaches. This requires a collaboration between the client and KIKI Interiors to create the proper vision and direction for the home.

In addition to personal residences, KIKI Interiors works with builders to create model homes, as well as with clients who are involved in fixing and flipping properties. Every property should look its best and KIKI interiors is experience in bring out the best in every home! KIKI Interiors takes special pride in helping make the “ugly home” beautiful.

Decorating/Design Services – this includes floor plan consultation, interior and exterior finishing selections (including flooring to cabinets and in between), colour concepts (involving paint, ceramic, granite and more), furniture placement and selections / recommendations and access-orizing. We offer this service at an hourly rate (please email for rates); fixed rates can be arranged for larger projects.

Home Staging Services - Preparing to sell your home can be daunting, so KIKI interiors offers in-depth consultations to give you a practical road map to follow. We spend from one to two hours (depending on the size of your home) evaluating every aspect of your home inside and out, then provide you with detailed written recommendations for everything from de-cluttering, editing and furniture placement to landscape grooming and exterior appearance. From space-challenged urban condos to single family homes and everything in between, we work with every type of property.

We offer comprehensive staging services, where KIKI Interiors takes care of everything needed to get a home ready to sell. If you prefer to stage your home yourself, we can provide the guidance you need. Through our extensive network of industry contacts, KIKI Interiors can coordinate many services that are needed to prepare your home for the market; painting, cleaning, repairs, maintenance, landscaping, etc.

If you are selling your home privately or with a real estate agent, we offer staging consultations for an hourly fee (please email for fees). This consultation shall include a variety of ideas and suggestions to better present your home in both photographs and showings. For occupied homes, we edit and use your existing furnishings to their best advantage, by re-positioning and/or re-purposing your pieces. We can enhance the property with your current items to make your home look its best in photographs and showings. Should your home require some extra TLC, we have a list of preferred partners that can be hired to complete any bigger projects that need finishing before putting your home on the market.

Bennett Real Estate Professionals

If you are selling your home with the Bennett Real Estate Professionals ( you will receive a complimentary one hour staging consultation with one of our professionals and you may also be eligible to have the free use of up to $10,000 worth of staging furniture and the services of our staging professionals (including delivery, set up, assembly and installation)
*some conditions apply

Here are some samples of our home staging service. KIKI Interiors carefully selects each furnishing package to include furniture, décor items and accessories. Packages are selected with the buying demographic in mind. Properties are staged with a variety of different styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. The standard home staging package includes living room, dining room, kitchen and two bathrooms. Additional rooms are subject to availability.

"I would like to thank you for your advice on painting, new flooring etc...That helped me make this beautiful property look its best. The photos and the description were great! And, I am sure the staging helped move this listing extra quick and with a better than expected return! This was my first investment experience and I am so glad to have worked with professionals such as you. I look forward to working with you again on my next sale." – Jean

"The condo looks beautiful! I now understand why realtors say a furnished listing is easier to sell - than an empty one - what a difference! I love how there is something in every room and on every wall - it looks and feels like a home! Kristi, both you and your team did a fantastic job! Looking forward to seeing the new photos!" – Diane

"Thanks to your amazing talents, my client was able to have their home sold in one day with multiple offers and sold for $10,000 over the asking price! Thank you!" – Jennifer

"Another great job by Kiki Interiors, this unit was on the market for a month without any offers, we decided to stage it after the 30 days and 2 days later we had an offer. What a difference! Thanks for the help Kristi." – Nick