Celebrity Style : At Home in Charleston with Darius Rucker


This newly built home in Charleston, SC belongs to former Hootie and the Blowfish front man and more recent country artist, Darius Rucker and his wife Beth and their 3 children.  They worked closely with interior designer Angie Hranowsky.


The home is finished with a mix of colour, texture,vintage, modern, eclectic pieces and comfort.  The overall look may surprise you but the family was very involved in the entire process so that the entire home would truly reflect their taste, style and suit their needs.


Welcome Home!


This entry is clean and classic yet the rock table is totally unexpected.



This is the family’s year round residence so they wanted a home that was functional but also inviting.  The overall idea of the decor was a white backdrop throughout so their art and colourful pieces would stand out and make a statement. This Buddha art piece  is one of the couple’s favourites, it is made out of bottle caps by a local artist, Molly B. Right




The family loves to read so incorporating books and bookcases into the design was very important.  In many of the rooms, the presence of books is very evident and that was intentional.



The couple loves art and this piece is no exception!  This piece was commissioned especially for this spot in the living room by artist, Sally King Benedict.

In the past, the couple opted for black and white and neutrals but while working with Hranowsky, they asked her to push them into a new palette.

Since the couple love to entertain and they both come from large families, a large dining table was very important to them.



The Master Bedroom carries out the colourful theme, playful mix of patterns, light walls and showcases another stunning commissioned art piece (mounted above the bed) by artist, Kate Long Stevenson. The modern brass chandelier also offers another element of artful drama.



The children’s bedrooms also  flow beautifully with the overall theme and concept.



Given that this is the family’s primary residence and they have children, Hranowsky was careful to make the design was durable and able withstand a beating. “We spent a lot of time picking out fabrics that would hide dirt, but didn’t compromise the design,” the designer says. “We were very thoughtful about how every piece would function in the house.”



The outdoor living space is another extension of the home and incorporates all of the family’s loves in home decor – colour, texture, pattern and comfort!


 *All photos by Julia Lynn

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