We Answer Wednesday – Lightening up a dark wood kitchen


“We renovated our kitchen about 10 years ago.  We chose a dark espresso stain cabinet.  Even though we have decent natural light, we feel the kitchen looks a bit on the dark side.  How can we lighten up the kitchen without replacing the cabinetry doors?”


The lighter kitchens are definitely trending right now.  But the espresso look is still a choice that people are drawn too.  If you want to lighten up your darker kitchen there are some easy and simple changes you can make (or hire someone to install for you) that won’t break the bank!


Try adding a back splash tile that is light in colour…

Or even explore the idea of a glossy finish (this will allow light to bounce off of the tile and into the room).  A glass tile can do wonders – it’s like adding jewelry to an outfit….Another tip, try installing (or have a professional) install some under valance lighting – this will add more light to your kitchen.

Photo from DecorPad

 Try replacing your counter top…

With a stone counter top in a light tone.  This is also a popular trend for 2017.  With a lighter counter top the whole kitchen will look lighter, think of all of the surface space in a fresh and lighter tone.


Photo from DecorPad

 Try brightening up your kitchen with some lighter paint…

You will be amazed at the low cost and the big difference it can make. Fresh paint always looks so clean and bright.


Photo from HGTV

 Consider a partial kitchen update…

Yes, this is more expensive but it might be worth it if you feel your kitchen is just too dark.  this might also be a good idea down the line if you are looking to make updates for resale…replace or paint your upper cabinets in a lighter paint.  Some call this a two tone kitchen other call this a Tuxedo kitchen and we will be seeing more of this look in the coming years.  this can really open up and brighten up the look in your kitchen.


 Photo from Bright Green Door

Other tricks….

– Take a look at the wattage of your light bulbs and go brighter!
– Burnt out light bulb? Be sure to replace them!
– Do you have pendant lighting? Maybe swap out our pendants for something with a glass or chrome finish to allow more light in the room
– If you have dark stools, swap them out for a lighter colour or even a chrome
– Opt for appliances with a reflective surface
– Can you add more pot lighting to your kitchen?
– Lighten up that floor, whether it is wood or tile a lighter tone will make a big difference
You don’t need to change out your cabinets or overhaul your whole kitchen to make it look lighter and brighter.  add in some lighter elements and you won’t believe the difference!


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