Tufted Headboard : Shopping and Inspiration


The Tufted Headboard has made a huge comeback in recent years – you have likely noticed it pretty much everywhere – TV shows, Pinterest, magazines, Instagram …the list goes on!


Tufted furniture was seen in more traditional rooms and styles but I love the mixes we are seeing with tufted furniture pieces.  A tufted headboard is a great way to add some sophistication to a bedroom. I love that you have so many selections with colours and fabrics for these tufted headboards and I love seeing how they pair with different styles of bedside tables – wood, mirrored, chest of drawers and more….


Tufted Headboard Shopping List:

  1. The Claudette Tufted Headboard – $469.99
  2. The Katia Tufted Headboard – $143.99
  3. Angela Tufted Linen Headboard – $559.99
  4. Amelia Tufted Panel Headboard – $369.99
  5. Jessica Tufted Headboard – $208.99
  6. Malika Tufted Headboard – $252.99




These headboards are some of my favourite shopping finds and I have included some images of bedrooms with tufted headboards that have inspired me!


Tufted Headboard Inspiration:


I love the mix in this room – the dark accent wall is a great contrast to the wing back tufted headboard – I love the brass desk lamps on the white and mirror end tables! Such a chic bedroom!


Image – the Life Creative


This bedroom tufted headboard has colour and texture.  The teal velvet fabric with white piping and buttons adds sophistication without being too serious! Love the navy blue accent wall and the mix of pattern pillows (I love a splash of leopard). The white lacquered end table ties in well with the white accents on the headboard.


Image – Z Design at Home


This image is an unexpected combination but it definitely works! This neutral tufted headboard paired with this boho blend of prints, colours, textures and vintage finds is a case study in personal style and I love it! This is not your cookie cutter bedroom.

Image –


This bedroom is my dream bedroom (but with 4 little ones – it will have to remain a dream until I can have a clean home) But this bedroom is so dreamy and chic.  I love the all white motif and all the textures.  The antique looking chest of drawers for the side table fills the room and adds that extra storage we all need! The beaded chandelier is such a statement – I love the tufting on the headboard and at the foot of the bed. I could go on but the image really speaks for itself.


Tufted Headboards add some visual interest to the bedroom and they work with some many styles. Which is your favourite pairing? Do you have a tufted headboard?


  1. Style & Life by Susana

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!! i would love a bed and bedroom that looked any of these rooms.

    09 . 04 . 2017

      Me too! All of these rooms are incredible and there’s so many other inspo pics out there too! So much decorating, so little time…

      09 . 04 . 2017
  2. ElizabEth Brico

    I love thEse! They look super comfy too. I recently learned that my husband hates headboards. I didnt even know that was a thing-hatibg headboards. But apparently? I love them, and these look especially nice to sit Up and read aGainst. Alas…

    09 . 04 . 2017

      Thanks! It’s hard to choose, isn’t it?! Well we all have our dislikes…These would be great to lean up against for reading (if you have the time – my reading list is piling up!)

      09 . 04 . 2017

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