We are an interior decorating duo – that works wonders together!

Individually, we are at different life stages – Kristi is a mom of 4 (soon entering her 40s), she loves home decor and design but understands the practical side and the needs of a family! Her personal tastes are a blend of neutrals and lots of textures with industrial and rustic influences! Maddie is fun and outgoing in her 20s with a passion for colour, print, patterns and more. Personally, her esthetic is siding toward a modern/contemporary edge and embracing the latest trends. Combining bold colours and funky prints is Maddie’s niche!

Together we are a mix of whimsy and function – and embracing the preferences of our clients.


Kristi, through her family’s business, has an extensive background in real estate and real estate marketing.  From an early age she understood the importance of quality finishes and designer touches when buying a home (old or new).  Self taught and born with a knack for taste and style, she understands budgeting and getting the look for less.

Maddie has always had a flair for colour and pattern and combining the two in a cohesive way.  She understands how to tackle challenging rooms and get the most out of them!

We came together in 2014 – Maddie was an interior decorating student working at KIKI INTERIORS as part of her internship. She fit in instantly and was hired on before she graduated. We are passionate about making the world a more beautiful place one room at a time!

Together we create beautiful spaces with a combination of our styles and client preferences.  We are also able to offer clients suggestions based on our life experiences – style and function must work in harmony.

We have so many great ideas to help you stage your house to get it sold along with fresh ideas for decorating your home in any style and every budget!




We believe that there is no price tag on style.  You can have a beautiful space at any budget. Your home must suit your needs but also your tastes. Personal style comes from mixing the pieces you love (no matter their price tag) and blending them with the items you need.


We love the process of the transformation of a room but we also love to see the joy it brings our clients,

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