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 Pattern tile is everywhere these days! We started seeing them really emerge in the past 2 years or so.  They made a big splash at recent Design Shows, too!  They can really add a unique touch to a space.  Like the wallpaper accent trend they add some boldness or whimsy to a room but too much can just be overwhelming.

If you like the look of a print or pattern, how can you use the pattern tile in a way that won’t overwhelm or get ‘tired’ quickly.

1.  Use a pattern tile in a small space like a bathroom.

For a few reasons, it won’t be too overwhelming because the pattern isn’t everywhere and also, should you decide to change it in a few years or so it won’t be a huge undertaking. This image has the pattern tile on the floor in a neutral palette it is soft but still makes an impact.


2.  Stick with one pattern in the space.

When it comes to fashion mixing patterns is very chic but when it comes to pattern tile – to make the most impact stick with one pattern in the room (other wise it just gets too busy) keep the other pieces like cabinetry and paint pretty low key and solid. We love the backsplash tile here with the stainless hood fan and stove and against the white -Can you say?  #wowfactor

3.  Use it as an accent.

See a pattern tile you love but concerns that it might be a bit over the top? Treat it like the wallpaper accent wall – only tile one wall in the tile and keep the rest plain but complimentary. This blue pattern tile is busy and if the entire shower surround was covered in this tile it would be very overwhelming and likely not as pretty.  This accent tile makes a statement. A little pattern tile can go a long way

If pattern tile is still just a bit too much for you but you want something different, consider lay out and shape.

Take some inspiration from this kitchen back splash. Typically we see rectangular tiles in a stacked formation or brick but this herringbone pattern adds some great visual interest to this classic kitchen. The herringbone arrangement also looks great in a shower surround in a 3×6 standard subway tile but also looks great on the floor in a 12 x 24 tile!

Trying adding just a tiny pop of pattern tile. In the image below we have a shower surround in a neutral subway tile in a dove grey tone in a brick layout but look at the shower shelf, a pop of print – so great!

The hexagon tile is another great option if you are open to new shapes – this can give you a modern look or a more vintage style depending on the size of tile.  You can also get a more traditional look depending on the material you choose.  Sometime a new shape can give you a whole new look without going crazy with colour or pattern.

Pattern tile is a lot like wallpaper – it adds a touch of personality and designer flare! Use it sparingly or make a splashy statement…

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“We live in a small house and the whole family shares a bathroom.  We are managing just fine but the clutter of everyday stuff is getting to me.  What can we do to add some storage to our bathroom and not take on a renovation?”


The bathroom is a busy place and every high traffic area has a lot of stuff collecting everywhere but there are some things you can do to at least keep it under control.

We suggest taking a look at the type of clutter and where it is.  Counter space in a bathroom can often get overwhelmed with products and more and it can lead to spills and just overall disorganization.



Can keep things look neat and tidy but still at your finger tips.  We often recommend baskets when we stage homes as they are easy to hide and bring out when you need them.  But for everyday, there is no problem with baskets that are ‘out’ – just having your items tucked away in a small basket keeps things looking (and feeling) organized.



Another great way to use baskets is hanging them – it’s pretty and pretty practical.  That space over the toilet is often used for decor purposes but make it functional. These basic baskets (in a coordinating colour) hung on towel racks are a great way to keep everyone organized, so smart!


Towel racks.

Think about relocating your towel racks to a location in the bathroom that will allow you to use the other wall space for more small storage. Hanging 2 smaller towel racks on the back of the door makes so much sense and it gives you more room for other important storage pieces and ideas.



Floating shelves.

We highly recommend that floating shelves in your bathroom be the small colour or close to the same colour as your walls – this will keep them from looking and feeling bulky in the space.  A floating shelf is ideal for items that you need easy access to like towels or toilet paper.  Adding a few decorative items to an open shelf makes it more pleasing to the eye.  But matching baskets to contain smaller pieces is attractive, too.



Small storage pieces.

If you move your towel rack you might be surprised to find some wall space that would work for a small storage piece.  We love the idea of a tiered or ladder shelf, the piece itself isn’t bulky and it offers lots of storage for everyday items.



Hooks and hangers.

Keep your towels (used ones) organized with hooks on the wall.  For your children keep the hooks at their level – this will mean they can hang up and tidy up on their own.



Closed storage piece.

We have looked at a lot of open shelving options but if that won’t work for you look into a piece with doors (aka closed storage).  Chances are you will be able to find something that works with your current vanity – it really is best to have something similar we want consistency and flow. Look at the image below – this is a whole set.  It looks clean and streamlined not bulky and messy.  This is a great spot to hide medicine, creams, personal grooming items and more.


Don’t forget about the interior of our vanity for storage….

Try using a kitchen utensil holder to organize costume jewelry or even make up



Baskets inside of your vanity are very effective too.



A Lazy-Susan isn’t just for the kitchen, we love it for inside of a cupboard.  cupboards can get cluttered an disorganized very easily.  A lazy-Susan will help with organization, maximizing the space and gives you easy access. Or even just tiered shelving for inside of a cupboard – try the kitchen organizing department.




A dark room any room will always feel smaller so be sure to check on that lighting.  Are your bulbs working? Are they bright enough? Can you add more bulbs? Think about updating a fixture with more bulbs to add more light if you need it.



A fresh coat of paint can do wonders.  A small space like a bathroom would be a great weekend job for painting and with the right colour you can really brighten up that space.


Easy updates can make your bathroom look and feel like new!

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“I am in need of a makeover for my bathroom.  I don’t have a big budget so I cannot renovate but I need some quick and easy ideas to freshen up my bathroom.”


The bathroom is one of the smallest but also one of the most used rooms in the home.  A renovated bathroom can be costly and time consuming but you definitely have some easy updates that are quick and affordable that can really make a splash!


Try working with the colour scheme in the bathroom instead of against it.

  So if you have coloured tile – add some complimentary colour in there.  If you fight with the colour or ignore it – you won’t get the end result you want!


Change up the textiles

– easy and affordable! So add a new shower curtain and liner, add some new towels too and maybe even a bathmat! Stay from toilet covers…


Add some fresh bling

– so switch out your old cabinetry hardware and add some new knobs or handles! This is a quick change but it really makes a difference (this is also a great update for a kitchen). If you are handy, you could even update your towel bar an toilet paper holder.

Switch up your mirror

– adding a new mirror with a decorative frame will instantly freshen up your space and give it a custom look and feel without the custom price tag! If your lighting is looking a bit dated (and you are handy) consider updating the lighting as well.

Add some accessories

– a plant, some art, candles, new soap dispensers – easy updates that make the space feel and look new again!

If you are looking to take it to the next level, consider paint!

It’s a small space so it would be a quick weekend job but be sure to get the right paint so let the salesperson know that you are painting a bathroom.

Sprucing up your bathroom is also a great idea if you are considering selling your home.  When we stage bathrooms we like to keep them clean and clutter free but also styled in neutral tones and add some accessories to set the scene.

The bathroom might be small but don’t forget to make it beautiful too,

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“We live in a new home and we were able to pick all of our interior finishes.  We both love a white bathroom – it is so clean but our master bathroom is completely white and although we love the white it’s just too white! What can we do to add some colour to the bathroom without an expensive renovation?”


White is a great ‘colour’ for a bathroom – it’s clean, it’s fresh and it’s timeless! But you are right too much of anything isn’t good.  Any room in one tone starts to look and feel a little one dimensional over time but have no fear, we are here to help!


Even though the bathroom is a small space, you do have a lot of opportunity to add colour, texture and personality to your bathroom.


1 – Shower Curtain

– pattern, colour and maybe even texture.  To keep it simple, use the shower curtain as your inspiration or jumping off point for the other elements like the linens, paint etc…Be sure to have a liner so your shower curtain is protected from the water in the shower

2 – Lovely linens

– towels and a bath mat can add colour, pattern and texture. The texture of the linens adds some softness to the bathroom (which is already full of hard and smooth textures) and try mixing some colour and pattern with your towels.


3 – Framed art

– look for some wall space to hang some colourful or calming art.  Photography is also a great way to add some personality to the bathroom. Find art that adds to the mood you want in the space.  there is no wrong answer and no price tag…go with what works!


4 – Unique lighting

– lighting is a great way to add some personality.  Overhead, vanity, sconces – bathroom lighting doesn’t have to be boring.  It can add drama, glamour, elegance or even a funky vibe to your bathroom.  There are so many options for lighting and it can really enhance the look of your space – not matter what room it is!


5 – “Custom” mirror

– replace your builder grade basic with something framed – there are many options – this automatically and (easily) adds a custom look and feel to the bathroom.  Double sink, add 2 matching mirrors and matching vanity lighting – a very upscale look (this is also a great upgrade if you are considering selling your home).  We love this image because it mixes the framed ‘custom’ mirror with bold wallpaper and these sconces.  Such an elevated and upscale powder room


6 – Display space

– small floating shelves over the toilet or maybe a small corner on the counter top or maybe even around your tub (it depends on the layout of your bathroom and the amount of space you have).  Try adding some plant or flowers, candles and vases are also a nice touch.  We love using a small tray to group your display items together.


7 – Touches of wood

– a few wood accents can really break up the wood and add an organic spa feel to the space. Think small accessories, wood frames mirrors, bathroom stool even wicker baskets for toiletries


8 – Paint!  

adding paint colour (or wallpaper) to the walls will definitely change up the look of the bathroom and give it instant personality. Be sure to think about how you want the bathroom to feel and let that steer you towards the paint.  Something calm should have a soft and soothing tone but it you want drama opt for depth.  Because the base is white you have so many possibilities


9 – Get Creative

– try using an unexpected piece in the bathroom like a stool or side table, these are great by the bathtub and it really adds some personality, too

The great news about having an all white bathroom is that you truly have a blank canvas and you can add any accent you like.  Wood and other organic textures with calm tones can give your bathroom a beach-y or spa feel; black and a metallic accent like gold can give the room a luxe or glam feel; adding aqua or even a soft pink gives the bathroom a retro look….the possibilities are endless!

An all white bathroom is clean and fresh but add a few accents to make the space more pleasing…

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 The bathroom is a key room that buyers focus on. Home Staging is an important step when selling your home.  You really need to set yourself apart from the pack and you want to do that by putting your best foot forward! The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home and it is a hot spot for buyers.  Buyers want to see an amazing bathroom – updates, clean and perfect! Home Staging can really set the scene for those buyers and create that picture perfect bathroom. 

Here are some simple ways to Stage your bathroom :


Paint those walls in a neutral tone.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way and always make a space look and feel clean.  Plus a bathroom is a small space so if you are doing the painting yourself, it isn’t a huge project.  But be sure to tell your paint supplier that you are painting a bathroom that way you will get the right blend of paint.  Opt for a neutral tone.  It is more universal and is appealing for most buyers. 

We recommend choosing a neutral tone that works with the current tones in the house.  So if you have beige walls opt for a tone with a warm undertone a cream or even a very warm grey would work.  Don’t start a whole new look, colour palette and style in the bathroom – it will chop up the house.


Lighting, you want to make sure you have enough!

Task lighting over the vanity and recessed lighting are key! Make sure your bulbs are as bright as possible and in working condition (that goes for the whole house).

Accessories really make a difference and are an affordable way to really set the scene.

Small fake plants are a nice touch. There are many plants that are artificial but you can even tell! Choose a plant to place on your counter top or on another surface you have such as a shelf, toilet, edge of a bathtub.


I love candles in a bathroom.
I think it gives the space a serene feel and they smell great! Beautiful candle holders, or just candles on their own are another great layer to add to the bathroom accessory list. You can have one large or a grouping of smaller ones. Choose something you love. 

Art is a nice touch as well.

Somewhere in the bathroom you will likely have a bit of wall space for a small piece or two. Add something that goes nicely with your previously selected colour palette. It doesn’t have to all be the same as what you have but something with a hint of consistency will blend beautifully into the space. 



Small trays for jewelry and personal items are a functional and pretty option to keep on the counter top. Choose something shiny!  Maybe something that matches the handles in your bathroom such as gold, chrome or brass. The continuation of similar metals makes your space look well thought out, and very harmonious.  
But don’t leave too much jewelry on display or anything really expensive!

The key is to repeat a colour.

Having 7 different colours, patterns and textures may seem like a good idea, but it will likely just have an eclectic feel. Try to use some consistency and repeat an accent colour you have already started with.
And of course, the easiest thing to do – is give that bathroom a really good clean!
For anyone looking to sell their home, staging your bathroom it really sets the scene for buyers.
The bathroom is a hot spot that buyers look for so show it off with simple accessories, light and neutral colour palette. Create that ‘dream’ bathroom for those buyers!
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“We are a family of 5.  My 3 kids share a bathroom in our new home – which is great! I would love some ideas to make the bathroom ‘kid friendly’ and fun but still stylish since it is also used for out of town guests. We have a great palette to work with – it’s all white!”

What a find! A home with a full bathroom just for the kids, that can really make life easier!  Being able to make their bathroom ‘kid friendly’ will be fun  and easy – they will love it, too!

Since your bathroom is all white, your options are endless.  Because this bathroom is also going to be used for other guests – we highly recommend sticking with some neutral tones that will work well for all ages. So even if you were going to do a bathroom renovation, we would still suggest staying in a neutral colour palette (paint is easy enough to update but tiles and counter tops are more involved and costly). If the all white palette, is just too much white, we love the look and feel of a fresh bathroom so if you are open and considering paint – opt for soft grey tones or perhaps even light blue. To add the fun and kid friendly touches – accessories are the best way to go!  Easy updates that are affordable and not permanent!

Accessories can really add to a basic bathroom – bath mats, shower curtains, towels, art are all great ways to add some colour, texture and pattern to the space.

For the decor, you may want to choose a theme for the bathroom.  A theme will give you some direction when it comes to putting it all together.  Does it all have to match? No. But it is a great guideline for when you are shopping. A nautical or beach theme are both popular ones because they do translate well with kids and adults, plus they are calming and soothing.  You don’t need to go over board with a theme just a few touches can set the scene. See the image below for some inspiration on how to go light with a theme. The colour palette is soft and light.  The art and the oar towel hooks are a unique nod to the theme, it’s cute for kids but suitable for adults sharing the space, too.

When it comes to kids’ bathrooms you need to make it accessible and organized with them in mind.
For instance, hanging towels on a hook is much easier for them.  Hang your hooks at a height that they can reach.

We love this paddle with hooks paired with simple nautical themed art.

Towels are another great way to add some colour and/or pattern to the bathroom.  For a little extra fun and organization, we love monogrammed or personalized towels like these ones from Pottery Barn Kids

A shower curtain is another great way to make a colourful ‘splash’ in the bathroom – print, texture and colour. We love to select a common thread in terms of colour in the towels and the shower curtain. Kids LOVE colour but it can get crazy, if you let them! So we suggest a great basic palette like this one with navy blue and white and then add yellow, orange, green or red to this classic colour combo, with towels, soap dispenser etc….Again, a great balance for everyone using this space.

Art in a bathroom really adds visual interest and really completes the room.  There are some great pieces for kids.  Some of our favourites are so simple and smart since they encourage daily hygiene and bathroom chores

These Superhero Bathroom Rules available on Etsy

Wall Decals are also a great addition to your bathroom walls.  Again we love the idea of ‘Bathroom Rules’,a great reminder for kids.

Organization is so important.  So labeled jars, bins, baskets etc…are a great way to keep the kids organized. Be sure to keep the routine simple and consistent.

These floating shelves are a great idea if you are low on counter space. Having them personalized with every day items is a great idea

If you do have more counter top space, try small baskets or even mason jars.


Other accessories can really add the fun in a bathroom – soap dispensers, shower curtain hooks, hand towels, Kleenex box, trash can and more.  There are many sets in many different themes,perfect for kids!


The best advice when it comes to adding decor to a bathroom that is shared with adults and kids – is to not go overboard.  So if you have a kids’ theme shower curtain maybe go neutral with most of the towels (the hand towels can be a bit punchy since they are small) or if you want the shower curtain and towels more basic then have fun with the art and accessories (like these Monster ones seen above).  When every element of the bathroom is a kid piece or theme, that’s when it is no longer adult friendly.

But have fun – the bathroom is a perfect space to get whimsical and creative!

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10 small Bathroom Ideas for Big Impact


1- Vintage Style mirrors

Long for a vintage-style powder-room look? Step back in time by installing classic paneling on the walls, painted in a soothing pastel shade that won’t look too overpowering. Scour vintage or used furniture shops for characterful mirrors and add retro-style accessories for the perfect finishing touch.


2- Contemporary and neutral scheme


If you’re in a quandary over how to decorate your small bathroom, just keep it simple with soft, natural shades. Choose furniture and accessories with clean lines and keep the space as clutter-free as possible to create a feeling of space.


3- Clever tricks with tiles


When decorating a small bathroom, such as an en suite in a loft conversion, introduce a horizontal line around the width of the space, either with tiles or paint.This trick will visually widen the space, creating the illusion of a bigger room.


 4– Bright and Beautiful Wallpaper


Don’t shy away from using wallpaper in a small bathroom.A paper in a bright shade will look stunning against white woodwork, and provided you choose a simple pattern, it won’t crowd the room either.


5- Keep it clean and organized


Keeping a family bathroom tidy is a challenge, even more so if the space is tight.If you don’t have room for a cupboard, put up shelves with an integrated rail for hanging up towels.


6- Matching Floor and Wall tiles


A clever trick to making a small bathroom look bigger is to use the same tiles on both the walls and the floor.Look for a range that is suitable for both uses (they’ll need to be durable enough to use as flooring) and go for larger-size versions to give an even cleaner finish.


7- Fresh White Scheme


Make a compact bathroom feel more spacious by sticking to a simple all-white scheme. Team a white suite with glossy wall tiles and plenty of plush textured towels to ensure the space feels welcoming rather than cold.


8 – Luxe Sunken Bath


If you’re renovating your bathroom or en suite, consider installing a sunken bath. Provided you have the space for it below your floorboards, a sunken bath will streamline your bathroom, giving it a luxurious, hotel-style feel.


9- Glossy tiles


Glossy tiles in a muted shade will reflect light, making the room brighter and giving the overall impression of a bigger space.They also have the added advantage of making the space look clean and shiny (provided you wipe them down often!).



Make the most of your smaller bathroom,

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“I’m always struggling to find accessories for my bathroom. I have no idea what a good bathroom accessory is. Any suggestions?”
Great question! Often a room that is overlooked, bathrooms should be beautiful too! Bathroom accessories are what personalize a space and are a great place to add fun colour you may not have anywhere else in your home.
Try adding colored or patterned towels to your space. There are so many great colours and options, you can choose anything! If you’re stuck, try choosing a colour out of your shower curtain and adding that. No shower curtain? Neutral with a pattern with add that visual interest you’re looking for. Of course, if your bathroom is
already bright and colourful.. a clean, crisp neutral with a subtle pattern will add that extra pop!

Small faux plants are a nice touch. There are many plants that are artificial but you can even tell! Choose a plant to place on your countertop or on another surface you have such as a shelf, toilet, edge of a bathtub. 

I love candles in a bathroom. I think it gives the space a serene feel and they smell great! Beautiful candle holders, or just candles on their own are another great layer to add to the bathroom accessory list. You can have one large or a grouping of smaller ones. Choose something you love. 

Art is a nice touch as well. Somewhere in the bathroom you will likely have a bit of wall space for a small piece or two. Add something that goes nicely with your previously selected colour palette. It doesn’t have to all be the same as what you have but something with a hint of consistency will blend beautifully into the space. 

Small trays for jewelry and personal items are a functional and pretty option to keep on the countertop. Choose something shiny!  Maybe something that matches the handles in your bathroom such as gold, chrome or brass. The continuation of similar metals makes your space look well thought out, and very harmonious.   But don’t leave too much jewelry on display or anything really expensive!

The key is to repeat a colour. Having 7 different colours, patterns and textures may seem like a good idea, but it will likely just have an eclectic feel. Try to use some consistency and repeat an accent colour you have already started
And for anyone looking to sell their home, don’t forget about staging your bathroom it really sets the scene for buyers.  The bathroom is a hot spot that buyers look for so show it off with simple accessories. Create that ‘dream’ bathroom for those buyers!


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Kitchens and bathrooms do help sell houses, although they may not be the main deciding factor, they are strong contenders when buyers consider what property they will now call home. Buyers consider these rooms when they are house hunting because of the difficulty of renovating them and the expense that would be required. If you have been diligent in the upkeep and upgrades of your home then this week’s notes will not be as difficult.



 However, if you have never updated your home or maintained the repairs in the baths and kitchens, then this could be a pricey section! Truth be told, you will pay to do upgrades in these rooms, either when it comes time to sell and you have to reduce the price to reflect the work needed, or over the years while you live there and have been paying to maintain and upgrade.


Homeowners typically should be spending 1-3% of their market value every year to upgrade and maintain their property in good condition. So if this has not been done, it will need to be.



What types of upgrades can you do?

  • Updating Appliances in all the same color, this includes the hood fan. Especially if they are more than 10 years old.
  • Replace or Repair all damaged tiles or flooring
  • Repaint kitchen cabinets (or do touch ups)
  • Consider a kitchen update if older than 7 years. New kitchens price at $5,000 and up, depending on if you are installing them yourself. This is not recommended for beginners no matter how keen you are!
  • Install new counter tops or call a Granite company for a granite looking overlay that is less than the price of real granite
  • Update flooring, even a small bathroom looks like a new world with brand new floors
  • Update light fixtures
  • Paint the ceilings
  • Take off old tiles in the bathtub or shower and add a new surround. A simple do it yourself kit can be purchased for around $300.00
  • Add under cabinet lighting
  • Add new shower faucets and shower rods
  • Re-grout your existing tile if it is still in good shape, adding a new grout color can go far
  • Fresh paint colors in warm neutrals make a room look 100 x better for a small investment of time and money
  • Update faucets to the latest trends
  • Tighten all knobs, or replace for a modest cost. Knobs range from $3.00 to over $10.00 per piece, so it is a small investment for a great improvement
  • Replace toilet seats, especially if they are cracked, wooden or themed
  • Add new blinds or window coverings
  • New sinks, curtain rods and towel bars also make a great first impression



Remember you are giving the buyers every reason to buy your house, so carefully consider the first impression and ask yourself what do you look for when you are the buyer? How do you compare houses when you are the buyer? Then create a property that will attract buyers. It’s as simple as that.

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When it comes to counter tops our selections used to be very limited, now we have plenty of choices. Here’s how to choose the right style for your home.



When a buyer first sees a home, the kitchen is usually the first room they wish to overhaul. Whether you are an amateur chef or someone who prefers take-out, the kitchen is usually the most lived-in room in the home. It’s no surprise that counter top options have evolved in recent years. Besides new appliances, counter tops can be one of the greatest investments and one of the most dramatic changes you make in your kitchen.
Speaking from experience, our most recent reno project was replacing our kitchen counter top. The results were astounding! Everything else stayed the same but the new counter top changed the look of our kitchen entirely. Choosing a counter top can be overwhelming, it is no longer a choice between laminate or granite. The factors to consider are durability, hygiene, style, cost, adaptability and maintenance.


How to start?

Think ahead of the counter top qualities that are most important to you, how your kitchen will be used and how much you want to spend. An aspiring chef will seek durability, spill and heat resistant surfaces, whereas a busy mother of three may be most concerned with hygiene and a single, condo owner might just seek a material that is stunning and achieves the ‘wow’ factor in the kitchen.
What are you looking for?

Here is a list of counter choices with a brief descriptor including price per square foot, hygiene,

maintenance and durability.


Wood (maple)$100-$150

Food safe but can absorb odours
Treat regularly with mineral oil and keep dry
Will look worn over time be careful with knives


Stainless steel $40-$80+

Extremely hygienic, seen in hospitals for this very reason
Clean with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly
Will show scratches but is heat-resistant


Concrete $100+

Use food-safe water based sealant to protect
Use mild soap for daily cleaning
Can be dented or gouged


Glass $85-$200

Non-porous and extremely hygienic
Easy to clean but may show streaks
May be heat-resistant and may crack


Marble $80-$200

Hygienic when sealed properly
Mildly reactive and a matte finish helps hide stains
Stains, scratches and may crack


Granite $60-$200

Stain and mould resistant with sealant
Use gentle granite cleaner and seal regularly
Extremely durable and heat-resistant


Quartz $70-$100

Non-porous and food-safe
Can be wiped clean
Shouldn’t scratch or chip and it heat-resistant

Corian $60-$100

With proper cleaning will resist bacteria
Clean with soapy water, rinse and dry
Use cutting board to protect


Laminate$18-$26 (uninstalled)

Hygienic if cleaned properly
Clean with mild soap (don’t clean with any citrus product)
Protect surface and difficult to repair



So what about bathrooms?

A bathroom can accommodate nearly any counter top materials you’d find in a kitchen, but beware of durability issues. Products such as nail-polish remover can damage many counter top materials also beware of access moisture caused by improper ventilation. The most popular bathroom counter top materials are: quartz, glass, granite and laminate.



Manufacturing and installation times vary, but typically the process from measurement and planning to installation takes one to six weeks, depending on the availability of material and manufacturer.


 A new counter top can totally transform a kitchen (or bathroom) whether you are living in the home or selling it – it is a worthwhile upgrade…


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