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I’m working on a dinosaur theme bedroom for my son.  I love to decorate kids’ bedrooms – it’s so much fun! The colours, the prints, the themes – it’s a great way to really get creative and adventurous plus show off their personality.


We have decorated a few kids’ bedrooms and recently a teenage girl’s bedroom – we love giving kid’s a space of their own and helping mom and dad get the look for less – and typically we are doing this ‘bedroom makeover’ as a Christmas or Birthday gift – what a great idea!


My youngest son, Lincoln, is turning 3 in about 4 months and I’m thinking it’s time for his room to become his own.  He will be transitioning out of his crib this summer and it’s probably a good time to makeover his room.  My son is obsessed with dinosaurs and typically I don’t dive head first into a theme but this strong love of dinosaurs has been going on for some time, so I think I have found my theme.


When I decorate kids rooms – for clients or my own children – I like to add themed accessories like small decor items, pillows, bed sheets etc…I also like to find items that aren’t too permanent so in a few years when he has a new ‘favourite’ I can make the change very easily.


Here are some of my favouite items for Lincoln’s bedroom:


I love this pillow – accessories like this are great and affordable finds and they are perfect for a bed or a rocking chair (which we happen to have in his room so I think this will be just perfect)



Art for kids rooms can be tricky to find but you can get creative with art that isn’t necessarily stretched canvas or framed – this hanging wire dinosaur from Pottery Barn Kids is so cute (and it’s on sale right now, too)

You can’t go wrong with extra storage and I’m a big fan of easy storage for kids.  Baskets and bins are great in bedrooms and playrooms for quick and easy clean up of toys and books.  I love these cute dinosaur storage bins!

When I decorated my 3 older children’s bedrooms I decided that themed sheets were a good choice! I kept their duvet covers simple (Pottery Barn rugby stripes for my boys’ shared bedroom and a Floral for my daughter-I like a duvet cover that can grow with them). But I like to have more fun with their sheets – like these cute and colourful dinosaur sheets!



Area rugs are a great way to add a splash of colour and pattern to any room – so this is why I love this area rug for my son’s bedroom.  I love the lime green colour with the blue and of course, the dinosaur – I know he will love it, too!




Night time can be a bit scary for kids, so I always have their bedrooms outfitted with a night lightThis dinosaur night light is adorable – the light is soft, you can choose the colour as a constant or changing (red, green, or blue) plus it is portable so at night if my little guy has to got use the potty he can use it as a flash light




To top off the dinosaur theme bedroom … a cute set of dinosaur pjs!

I’m so excited to transform his bedroom – just a few pieces will get the look and I won’t have to spend a lot!


A headboard is an important elements in a bedroom.  It really is a centerpiece that helps anchor the room.  It gives the entire bed presence and can also set the tone for the style you want in your bedroom.


Here are some of our favourite headboard and tips on how they work with your style:


1. Headboard with ‘floating’ storage

So this is a very clean look.  It’s perfect for anyone looking for a bedroom that’s easy to clean (no dust will collect under end table legs) and because the end tables are floating they give the whole room a calm and zen like feel.  We love this look in a wood tone ad paired with soft tones and clean white.


2. Tufted Headboard

This look is a true classic and we have seen a real ‘comeback’ of this style.  It is great because it really works with any style – you can opt for a classic contemporary or even a vintage style.  It really depends on the colour of the upholstery and what you pair with it.


3. Rustic headboard

If you love the country or farmhouse look, than this is for you! These old windows have been converted into a headboard.  The aged paint give it a relaxed look and the window panels make the headboard look and feel lighter in the room.  Pair these with soft layers of linens or for a true country look opt for some small florals or even a gingham print.


4. Fabric panel headboard

This is an easy and affordable way to make a headboard.  This is also a perfect solution for a smaller room.  When you are tight on space, you need to be smart with your furniture choices.  We love a simple curtain rod with a drapery panel, it adds softness to the space and your choices of colour and pattern are endless, so you could even switch it out with the seasons or trends. This is also a great way to display a treasured quilt.


5. Rattan (Wicker) Headboard 

If you love a laid back natural or beach inspired look in your bedroom, this is a great option for you.  The texture adds some visual interest to the space and the natural material and tone give the room a relaxed feel. This looks great with lots of soft tones, especially blue tones. Pair the headboard with distressed finishes in cream tones to really maximize the laid back look in your room.


6. High headboard 

This really makes a statement in any bedroom.  We have seen these extra high headboards for a while, they aren’t as popular as they were a few years ago but they are perfect if you really want your bed to have great presence in your space. These come in a variety of styles, too.


7. Old Doors as a Headboard

This is a rustic yet romantic look for a bedroom but depending on how your style it, it can look country or vintage.  We love this headboard with a statement light fixture over the bed. The aged paint adds character, texture and a softness to the space.  If you love the shabby chic look – this is for you!


8. Decorative carved wood headboard

This is all over instagram!  We love the romantic look of this headboard and the detail work is just gorgeous – no need for an art piece over the bed when this is your headboard! Painted or natural this is spectacular.  When it comes to styling the room – go with your style, so keep the tones light or go dark on the walls to let the headboard really stand out – it’s up to you!


9. Wing back headboard

The ultimate in luxury and sophistication! This style is a true classic but like anything else you can add your own spin to truly make it yours.  We love this style in any colour or tone – dark or light, it’s up to you! This works with really crisp bedding, so not the best for anyone looking for a more boho look in their room…  This clean, crisp and balanced – tailored headboard is a stunning piece in the bedroom.


10. Low Headboard

This is great for a smaller room as visually the headboard won’t be taking up as much room.  This is a great option if your like a soothing almost zen style and feel in your space.  This is also a great option if you want larger art above your headboard. Try adding a floating shelf with some display decor items (ones that have meaning to you or just add to the overall look of your room) a low headboard gives you space for that, too!



There is a headboard for every style – make a statement in your bedroom that truly reflects your style…mix it up and put your personal stamp on it!

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“How do I make my basic bedroom look more expensive?”

The bedroom is the perfect spot to kick back and relax.  We aim to create a beautiful bed when we stage homes, it really makes the whole room feel calm but luxurious at the same time.


We have a few recommendations to create the ultimate bedroom retreat.


1- Clean and simple bedding.

We highly recommend plain white bedding.  It is simple but timeless.  it looks so fresh, bright and clean like a chic hotel room but you can also style it how ever you like. 

For personal use, it is worth investing in high quality but for home staging it isn’t. Add colour and pattern with bed accessories like blankets and pillows.



2 – Layering.

We often only sleep on one pillow but when it comes to styling a bed you definitely want more pillows – it looks luxurious but it also looks like a comfortable spot to lay your head.  there are a few ways to layer your pillows.

See the diagram below for some options.  There is no wrong answer, it is a matter of preference.  For a king size bed, you can use the same options but add a third Euro (large square pillow) and use king size pillows.


3. Texture.

We talk about texture a lot.  But texture is a great way to add some softness and a touch of glamour.  People love touchable fabrics and where better than a bedroom. 

You want to create a room that you want to snuggle up in (whether for yourself or for a potential buyer).  Think pillows and throw blankets in fur (faux) and knits.


4. Lighting.

Just like your pillows and bedding you want to layer your lighting.  Think over head – a beautiful fixture really brings a bedroom to life and can be a great piece to set your decor tone.  But don’t forget about bedside lighting – end tables with table lamps seems obvious but it works and when it comes to table lamps there are many fabulous choices. 

Don’t have room for end tables? Try some sconces – double swing arm sconces are perfect for those who love to read at night.


5. Walls and Windows.

Some art and drapery can really complete the look of a bedroom.  We love a bedroom with some art – it really is like jewelry for an outfit.  It pulls it all together.  Depending on the room arrangement and furniture styles, art above the end tables is a timeless and chic look but we also love an oversized piece above a headboard

For the window this function and fashion, some soft drapery panels frame a window beautifully but you may want to add some blinds, shutters or shades to give the room more privacy.


6. Seating and storage.

You may be able to add both depending on the size of the room.  It is always a nice addition to have a small seating corner in a bedroom but not all bedrooms can fit a chair – if you have room for a bench or a storage bench that can look very chic at the end of a bed. 

Another great look and a practical use of furniture too is over sized end tables. when you are staging your home – you don’t want the room to look over stuffed with furniture to pick and choose pieces carefully, maybe a small chair in the corner and standard size beside tables is likely best.


What you will notice in these images is a consistent thread of layers on the bed, a soft colour palette, a mix of textures, subtle patterns (if any) and upholstered headboards.

We love a timeless and chic bedroom but since the space is yours make it truly yours and surround yourself with what you love and what you want to see in your most personal space.

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“I see in magazine so many people are using chandeliers in their bedrooms these days. I love the look, but am worried I won’t know how to choose the right one. What are some of the things I should be looking for when choosing a chandelier for my bedroom?”

Who doesn’t love a chandelier in the bedroom?

The elegant look they give a space is so beautiful. A gorgeous light fixture is such a feature in a room and lighting is something that can really change a space. Both design wise and functionally. Choosing a chandelier for your bedroom doesn’t need to be complicated!

There are tons of options out there, from rustic to modern, but chances are, your home décor is already headed in a certain direction. Be true to your style! Whether the look you desire is traditional or modern, there’s many options that will work with your decor and provide the ambient light you need.


If you love bling, adding a little bit of glitz and glam to your room will give it that sparkle you’re looking for. For a more traditional look, choose a chandelier with more ornamentation or decorative details. If your room’s look is more modern, a fixture with simple lines and fewer details can be a stunning touch.

Chandeliers usually work best in rooms with a ceiling height of more than 9 feet. Though, in a child’s bedroom, you might choose a mini-chandelier, since children’s rooms are typically smaller than master bedrooms.
A mini-chandelier may be designed more like a semi-flush light, which won’t take up as much space. This can also work in small scale dining rooms or living rooms.

The chandelier should complement, not overwhelm, furnishings placed underneath. One of the most noted mistakes when installing a bedroom chandelier is choosing a fixture that is too small for the room.

Chances are this lighting fixture is going to be a focal point of the bedroom (among others), so we want to ensure that is not falling into the background. Choose a chandelier that at first glance may look too large for the room. Obviously, choosing something gargantuan is going to look silly, but choosing an oversize chandelier will really make a statement in the room. It’s better to have a chandelier too large than it is too small.


Once you’ve determined the right size chandelier for your room, choose a fixture based on the room’s main color or material.

What type of statement you want to make?

Is there a certain mood or feeling your looking to invoke?

We want to be true to the décor you currently have/love.



If you are looking to create a romantic space, go for the sparkle and the glam look of a crystal chandelier. (Put that on a dimmer!!) If you are looking for a rustic space, add some organic textures.. adding a wood element is a sure way to bring the natural feel inside. A modern bedroom is best accented with clean lines and minimalist extras.

A traditional bedroom looks great with a candelabra chandelier and a little bit of crystal. Do some research. Think about what you love in your home and carry that into your décor choices!



An incredible light fixture makes a statement in any room, so don’t forget about the bedroom – the lights might be off most of the time but why not have a fabulous fixture to look at in the day light? Who knows you might try and spend more time in there…

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“My 11 year old daughter really wants me to update her bedroom.  She’s ‘over’ the Disney Princess theme.  I want to update her room, I agree with her – it’s time but I would like some ideas on how to make updates that will grow with her over time instead of needing another massive makeover in about 5 years.”

They grow up so quickly don’t they!  When you first set up your son or daughter’s room we tend to go all out with a theme (and we go all out!!) and we soon realize that they have out grown that theme but our cash flow just can;t keep up!!

Having a room that transitions well from stage to stage is the way to go.

Here are some great tips!!

1 – Themes.  Stay away from specific themes. They out grow those themes so quickly. So use your child’s interests to compliment instead of dominate. Instead of a theme like Princess try a colour palette instead.

2 – Furniture.  Opt for ‘adult’ furniture instead of children’s furniture.  It is better quality and your daughter will grow into it.  A Full size or Queen size bed, for instance, may seem too big now but when she is 16 or 17 it won’t.  Also opt for neutral tones furniture – a white bed is easy to work with in the future, a bright pink bed isn’t! We also love the storage space that an ‘adult’ size dresser offers, now it may be partially empty but that will change before you know it!

3 – Walls. Instead of one big bold colour like hot pink or deep purple on all of the walls, only accent one wall (ideally the wall behind the headboard).  Paint or wallpaper that one wall and keep the others neutral.  If she changes her mind about that colour or design – it’s only one wall to change!

4 – Sections.  Make functional areas in the room, so add a workspace (we love a desk with a fun chair), think dressing area (a small corner with a full length mirror by the closet and/or armoire) perhaps a chair to lay her clothes out the night before or for reading and storage for clothing, books and more.

5 – Art.  Instead of Disney vinyl wall decals or canvas art pieces try framed pieces instead.  They can be changed up very easily! Frame posters too – it looks so much better!

6 – Accessories. The easiest and most affordable way to update any room! Decor pillows, lamp, chandelier, art – these small pieces make a big difference in the room and are a great way to embrace a theme without completely committing to one!

7 – Personal touches.  Add some personal touches to the space – try changing out hardware on your dresser, a faux fur accent rug, a bulletin board is a great space to add photos and other memorabilia

Remember when it comes to decorating don’t be afraid to ‘go outside of the box’.  Who says a girl’s bedroom has to be pink, purple or floral?  You can do anything you want!

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When it comes to decorating your bedroom, the possibilities are really endless.  It is your own private retreat from the rest of the world – so it really is YOUR space! This is the perfect blank canvas to express your personal style and surround yourself with what you love!


Forget the ‘rules’ and go for it! Colour, pattern, print, texture…all at once, why not?

Not sure what do to? Here are some ideas to get you started


This can be as bold or as subtle as you like.  It’s up to you.  An accent wall in the bedroom is best located where the headboard will be – for maximum impact.  Wallpaper is a great option but paint is too.  We love the softness of a understated accent wall. This is a great example of a tone on tone bedroom with a romantic touch

But you can also be bold and expressive with deep or bright colours and print. this deep Sapphire blue painted accent wall adds some punch to the room

Another great way to make a statement on your headboard wall is with a gallery wall.  A collection of art, photos and more is so special and personal and ideal for a bedroom. What’s great about the gallery wall in this room is the mix of frames – the white frames blend in with the wall colour so you don’t get a cluttered look.


– in any space adds instant luxury and make a room look and feel expensive.  Like an accent wall it can be bold or subtle and it makes impact but you don’t need the commitment of paint or wallpaper.


– it never goes out of style so you could invest (you will notice a difference in feel and quality).  Plain white has that boutique hotel look but if that’s too simple for you opt for a clean and crisp design (stripe, chevron or a clean floral). If you like a little more colour and pattern in your bedding opt for a throw blanket or quilt at the foot at the bed and some throw pillows.


– make a statement with some amazing lighting.  A chandelier over the bed is a great touch but if you don’t have that ability try some sconces (perfect for reading and for smaller bedrooms) or some incredible table lamps. Even with recessed lighting you will want to bedside lighting for reading and other tasks.  Layering your light allows more light in the room.


– a headboard is another great way to make a statement and express your personal style.  We are seeing over sized, tufted, printed, leather, wing back, nailheads, reclaimed barn wood and so many more.  The headboard is a great focal point in the room and you can get so creative with it.


– this adds that instant ‘designer look’ to your bedroom.  By flanking either matching mirrors or coordinating art work on either side of the bed above the bedside tables, you get an elevated look. Plus it helps visually widen the room.


– we all need storage in our bedrooms but in a smaller bedroom storage is a must.  Since your storage pieces will be on display be sure to find attractive ones – a beautiful jewelry box, a dish for everyday jewelry pieces, hat boxes for belts and scarves, end tables with a drawer and an open space for reading materials are some great ideas. Under the bed is a great space for luggage or clear plastic bins for seasonal items – hide that area with a bed skirt.


– have a way of pulling a room together.  Accessories also are a great way to show off your taste, talents and interest.  You don’t want to go over board but a few well placed accessories can go a long way! We love basics like plants, candles and photo frames but look for cool items that speak to you. We also love a great area rug to add some softness to the room plus you can get really creative with colour, pattern and texture.

No matter the size of your bedroom, it should be your oasis to escape from it all!

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“I am in the process of decorating my bedroom. I don’t currently have a headboard but it’s something I’ve been looking for. I just can’t decide what style I like. What are my options?”


Great question! A head board is often a focal point in the bedroom, so we understand wanting to choose the perfect style for your space! Choosing “staple” pieces for your home can be a daunting task, there is so much to choose from and so many to love! Believe me, we get that.


The most important thing is that your new headboard suits your space. Of course mixing styles is a fabulous idea and one we definitely recommend. While it may be a contrasting style, it has to flow and be harmonious. Having a random item that doesn’t seem to go with anything else will stand out like a sore thumb. If you are starting from scratch, you have tons of choices!


If you have existing décor in the space, our challenge now is to make your space beautiful and cohesive. Headboards come in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures, materials and with varying detail work. Narrow down what you like.Do you like button tufting? Great! We have a jumping off point. Are you into reclaimed wood? Fabulous!  What tone and texture will complement your room?


Having a certain décor style that you like will help with this process. If your home has country flair or if it’s contemporary, try to stay true to those styles.


Here are some suggestions for headboard styles.


this is a classic choice and will go with most décor styles. Depending on the colour you chose and the detail work, certain aspects will sway a leather headboard. A white leather headboard is typically a very modern look. Black or Brown leather is a more masculine fabric. A leather headboard is a safe option for a space.


Nail Head:


This is a very nice touch to add to a room. A more contemporary/traditional option but can work with a more rustic décor when mixed with the right pieces. A nail head detail is a beautiful option, the nail heads can be brass, chrome, brushed nickel or gold.


Choose something that will go with the existing hardware in your room (maybe dresser pulls or door knobs?). BUT you don’t have to. We are also big fans of mixing metals. Nail head detail works on both fabric and leather.


Button Tufting:


Button tufting is similar to a nail head detail in the sense that is versatile. This is a great option with a traditional or country room. The detail is a bit fussier than a nail head but still a great choice! Play with colour when choosing this style! Button tufting is great on leather and fabric as well.





The material options are extensive. So are the colour and pattern options. Depending on your style, fabric is a fabulous way to incorporate a unique element into your room and for the savvy DIY-er, also relatively easy to upholster an existing headboard and customize it with your own fabric and details.





Wood is a fabulous option for a country or rustic/industrial style home. What’s most interesting about this is how authentic and natural it looks. There are so many stains, washes, textures etc. with wood so you can be super creative. The various tones available are too many to count and having a natural element in your space is a great way to bring the outdoors in!


Play with colour! Play with height! Play with shapes! There are SO many choices, do some research and see what speaks to you. Then go from there! Recognize what your style is and then build off of that. Be creative!

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“I am in need of some bedroom updates.  I really want a luxurious and expensive looking bedroom (like you see in chic hotels) but without spending a lot of money.  Any ideas?”

Although many of us don’t spend a lot of time in our bedrooms (with our eyes open) it is still so welcoming to come home after a long day and have a serene and relaxing room to lay your head down and put your feet up.  A luxurious bedroom doesn’t have to be over sized to be glamorous but the true luxury is in the details. 

Follow these 8 steps and you will have a dreamy bedroom that you will love.


1.  Overfill your throw pillows.

There’s something so luxurious about plush, overfilled throw pillows, which go a long way in transforming
your bedroom from “everyday” to a relaxing retreat that emulates the most sumptuous of hotels.

2.  Add a hanging light fixture.

The boob lights have got to go. Replace them with a statement-making hanging light or a glamorous chandelier. No need to spend too much money — this West Elm Capiz Round Pendant light adds drama and romance for less than $150. (See it in the image below)

3.  Rethink your nightstand.

If you’re anything like us, your nightstand is a hodgepodge of essential items: Hand creams, charging cords, half-full glasses of water, quarter-finished novels. It’s time to rethink how that’s all displayed. Hide some things away in a
drawer; display small items in a beautiful tray.

4. Focus on the statement pieces.

A dark wood bed frame; a gorgeous gilded dresser; a velvet arm chair — each bedroom has its own centerpiece, but make sure it’s the room’s focus. Don’t clutter the room with too much furniture, instead letting each piece stand on its own.

5. Keep the floor empty.

Granted, this is more of an organization and cleanliness tip, but don’t let that belittle its importance: A cluttered bedroom never looks luxurious, so keep the floor clean and orderly — that means no stacks of books and piles of extension cords, either.


6.  Upgrade your hardware.

There’s no reason to keep the default hardware that came with your dresser and nightstands (unless, of course, it’s already visually stunning!). Replacing hardware is a cheap and easy way to upgrade your room, and there are so many ways to personalize the look: Crystal, gemstone, copper, and so many more.

7.  Reorganize your vanity.

Just like your nightstand, a cluttered vanity can make your whole bedroom look messy. Now’s a good time to buy some makeup organizers and other small organizing pieces.

8.  Add greenery.

As always, the quickest and easiest way to upgrade your room from “average” to “expensive-looking” is to add
some greenery. What form this takes is up to you: A large fern? Small potted plants on your dresser? No matter how, adding a few plants helps a room make the final leap to luxury.

Small changes to any room can make a big difference,

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“My husband and I are expecting our first baby this spring. We don’t know the gender and we want to keep it a surprise but we also want to have the nursery ready for his/her arrival (since we know that we will be way too busy to decorate after the baby’s arrival).  We want to keep it neutral so we can re-use and re-purpose pieces for future children but we want it to be chic and stylish and not the traditional neutral green, white and yellow.  Any ideas? Help!”


Congratulations to you and your husband!  What an exciting time for you both.  This is a great question and perfect for us (since one of us has a lot of experience in the baby department with 4 children!)


Nurseries have come a very long way from the traditional blue, pink and yellow/green tones.  We are seeing so many different colour palettes that also transitional well with either gender but also with age.  Let’s face it, with children you don’t have much extra time to re-decorate regularly.  Nurseries have taken on so many looks and styles but don’t get too caught up in the hype.  You are very smart to be thinking ahead with pieces that work for future children, no matter their gender.

When it comes to the large pieces – crib, armoire/dresser, change table and rocker/glidder.  I feel neutral is best.  A few years ago we were seeing a huge trend to espresso stained baby furniture.  It isn’t too trendy but personally white is classic, soft and soothing, the espresso or black furniture can really make the room look a bit heavy.  White furniture gives the room a light and calm feel and can be used for either gender.  But if you are in a position where you are inheriting furniture like a change table in a wood tone it mixes well with white furniture, not everything has to match.  In my son’s nursery, we have a white crib an change table and I inherited from my family some old natural stained real wood dressers – they look great paired with the white pieces.


This nursery is a great example of mixing up different pieces.  White and wood crib, aqua painted end table and white shelving.  It all works because of the various accessories like the rug and ottoman that pull it all together

Also when it comes to shopping for furniture, don’t limit yourself to the children’s department. Other than the crib and change table, I didn’t purchase ‘children’s furniture’ for my nurseries.  I looked at pieces that were going to grow with them.  I purchased 2 great white dressers for my daughter’s nursery (since her room didn’t offer a lot of closet space) that she still uses today.


My older children (ages 4 and 5) have double beds, I won’t need to replace those but just update the bedding in a few years. the looks and styles of baby furniture have come a very, very long way so you can really have a modern nursery if that’s the look you like.


For colour combinations, step out of the box !  Blues and pinks are still staples and yes, you will see a lot of those colours when looking for baby decor but do not limit yourself to those classic hues.  Branch outside of the children’s department and you will find fun and whimsical pattern and colour in home decor stores – lately we have see a lot of chevron, polka dots and stripes in nurseries.

You will also find great colourful lamps too, that aren’t baby size.  Think about wall paper or decals for adding a splash of fun to the room.  For gender neutral nurseries, we are seeing aqua paired with orange but tones down with white.  We are also seeing a lot of grey, minty green and soft blues but with pops of bright yellow even coral.  Some really chic couples are opting for black and white nurseries!

Another option of course is to start with a great neutral palette like grey and white and once your little one has arrived, add some gender specific colour to the room.  this is a great example of a ‘blank’ canvas for a nursery

Personality in the nursery – murals always look so cute in a nursery but they can be costly and short lived.  If you are the artist in the family and don’t mind the labour of love on a regular basis of updating the mural then go for it!  But if you don’t have the time or resources, try wall decals for a timeless wall paper accent wall.  Remember you won’t want to hang wall art above the crib!

Pieces you will want in your nursery:

– crib or bassinet but a bassinet will be out grown by about 6 months
– change table (tight on space? look for a change table dresser so it offers lots of function)
– a dresser or armoire
– glidder or rockers for those late night and early mornings (they can get pricy but they will get used a lot)
– an end table by the glidder/rocker  for bottle, tissues etc…
– if you don’t have carpet, an area rug
– table or floor lamp, you will want soft lighting for late night feedings
– depending on the sleeping arrangement and situation (and space) you may want a pullout sofa or bed for mom to sleep in

What we are really seeing in nurseries is parents opting for nurseries that they find calming since they are the ones spending the most time in the space.  That is one of the big reasons we are seeing more sophisticated colour palettes, furniture (like rockers, storage and beds) and overall styles. What’s hot with nurseries is basically use what ever colour(s) speak to you!  An aqua room for a girl why not?! Pops of coral in a boys room can totally work!

Make it a comfortable space for all of you – you will be spending a lot of time in there so be sure to fill it with comfort and lots of love.

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There are so many cute boys’ bedroom décor options between the duvet, artwork, rugs and furniture. It can be overwhelming! But how do you narrow down what exactly to buy? Depending on the age of your child, and his tastes, most people don’t want to have to change the room once a year as their child grows up. In this blog we’ll help you determine where it’s best to spend, and where it’s best to save.


Buy quality furniture.

Furniture is something that they don’t have to grow out of for a lot of years. Once your child is old enough to have a twin bed, that’s something he could have for 10 years. Buying a quality bed is a good investment, since quality will stand the test of time. Buying a cheap bed will likely need to be replaced in 2-3 years. And doing that a few times over the years will end up costing you more than if you had invested in a solid piece earlier.
Purchase a quality dresser. Another piece of furniture your child will have for 10 + years. If it is a classic style and finish, it won’t be something he will tire of. A quality dresser is something that can last forever. It can go to college when it’s time! This is another item that is definitely worth the investment.

A desk is something that is also a great investment.

This is a personal preference for parents, because many kids may not get homework done in their bedrooms. If your kids need supervision during homework time, this may not be a necessity for your household.

The less expensive items for decor

The accessories are the items that are interchangeable. As your child grows, naturally his tastes will change. When he is five maybe he loves superman and cars.. but that isn’t something that he is necessarily going to love when he is 11. These smaller ticket items aren’t going to set you back a whole lot of money.



Buying a neutral duvet cover

is a great idea. Choose a colour palette that won’t get tiresome and add the accessories that are less expensive in. Throw pillows, a cozy blanket and some fun sheets are a great place to add a favourite superhero or maybe sports accessories! Many places such as West Elm Kids, Pottery Barn Kids, and Land of Nod have quality accessories that wont break the bank!

Inexpensive kids artwork is available through many retailers and websites.. whether it be cartoons, cars or animals, it is a great addition to a space without being locked in forever.

Area rug

Flor Tiles  are another great option for a kids room. Most kids have a play area in their bedroom, but buying an area rug can really run up a bill. These carpet tiles can be pealed and replaced should something happen to one of them for anywhere between 12-25 dollars per tile.
When I decorated my boys’ bedroom – I let them give me ideas- mostly on colour.  I really wanted to stay away from anything too themed.  So we have some great bold red and white striped duvet covers and then we have some fun bed sheets.  The duvets will last longer which is why I wanted some that weren’t attached to a theme.
I added a mix of art with a super hero theme (but as they get older – I can replace it and it didn’t cost a lot).  I also hung up their art and some photos (they love looking at photos of themselves!) I like to see lots of print and colours in a child’s bedroom but I think you can do that without going over budget or getting caught up in a theme.  Luckily I haven’t had to make many changes to their bedroom in terms of decor!
Remember to have fun when decorating for a kids room! You want them to love it and showcase their personality at the same time.
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