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Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

When it comes to major celebrations – of course we like to celebrate with some decor…

With Canada’s 150th Birthday right around the corner – we have found so many amazing pieces to celebrate this milestone. These are perfect for the home or a cottage, cabin, chalet or lake house…

Favourite Canadian Home Decor :

The Hudson Bay blanket is a classic – this blanket is iconic Canada in wool and the multi-stripes – this has a historical element too that we don’t see often in home decor.  This would look great on a chair or sofa in a home or cottage.



Paddle art set is a beautiful decorative paddle perfect for a wall hanging – it might be a bit cliche to think of the outdoors when it comes to Canada but we do have beautiful and vast land with incredible scenery and the lakes and rivers are a big part of that natural beauty.


‘More Canada’ Pillow Cover has a bit of a retro feel. We love the colours and the classic Canadian images on this pillow.  It’s a visual across Canada tour all on one pillow.





Canadian Flag Canvas  you have to have a Canadian flag on Canada day – we love this stretched canvas with a painted barn wood detail – it adds an element of texture to any room.


Canada Maple Leaf Coaster Set    Try adding some small details like this coaster set to your decor – it’s practical and patriotic!


Canada Loves Hockey Poster….  Show your funny side and your love with this cute poster – perfect for a home bar or family room!


Canada Vintage Posters   We have seen a bunch of these vintage posters and we just love them! they add an authentic quality to any room.  You can find these for the whole country, specific areas like Algonquin Park, cities and provinces.

Canadian Flag Lumbar Pillow  The look of this lumbar pillow as a bit of a country or farmhouse style.  The muted tones and the mix of textures and print give this piece some character – it would be perfect on an accent chair or bed at a cottage or chalet.


Decor is a great way to celebrate any holiday and you can celebrate this great country any day of the year….

Happy 150th, Canada!



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“I really want a Christmas Tree but I’m in a small apartment.  Any ideas how I can still have a tree without taking over my whole space?”

You can absolutely have a tree in your space – Christmas trees aren’t just for large homes!

Depending on the size of your space and where you want to put your tree you may need to get a little creative but we have some ideas for you.

A smaller tree can still make a big impact!  To make it look even larger without all the bulk try placing it on a stool.  This image has a mini tree placed in a steel bucket (for a bit of a rustic feel) and propped up on a stool.  this gives the tree height but the stool isn’t big and full.

Photo from House Beautiful Magazine

Instead of a whole tree why not make use of some branches? They are easy to find this time of year and they are an affordable option.  We love the simplicity of some evergreen branches in a glass vases, add some colourful decor and you are set.

Photo from

This idea is nothing short of brilliant!  This ‘half tree’ (aka Corner or Flat back Christmas trees) takes up half the space of a full Christmas tree but you can push it right up against the wall so it won’t eat into your living space.  Half the lights, half the decorations so half the work!

Photo from Treetopia Christmas Trees

 Want the look of a gorgeous Christmas tree without all the work and mess? Try a hanging Christmas tree canvas.  IKEA knows all about decorating and furnishing small spaces and they knew that the Christmas tree would also be a challenge – so they came up with this!

Photo from

 Have you heard of a pencil tree? These are tall and skinny trees, they are perfect for anyone short on extra space as they don’t fill the room but they are full of holiday cheer.

Photo from 

Maybe you want something child friendly? This wall hanging felt tree is perfect for the little ones in your life.  It’s fun and festive and bonus – it’s mess free! It’s child height so even the little ones can participate in decorating too – perfect for parents, grandparents or aunts and uncles! 

Photo from Etsy

The shape of a tree can be an inspiration, too! Use cards, twigs, photos, branches and even lights to create a beautiful wall art display in honour of the Christmas tree.  

Photo from

Another fun and simple idea is the Christmas tree wall vinyl – this is so easy to put up and it won’t cause nay damage to your walls.  There are so many different designs you might find it challenging to pick one!

Photo from 

Keep it fun and festive and find a style that fits you and your space,

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“Christmas break is coming soon and we have out of town guests staying with us for a few days, how can we make them feel at home when staying with us?”

Hosting out of town guests is a part of the holidays and you definitely want your guests to feel comfortable.  When it comes to hosting house guests you really want to think of the details – it really is the small things that make the difference!

It’s always nice to have a guest room that looks and feels like a bedroom – you really want your house guests to feel like they are welcome and a part of your home.  A cohesive looking bedroom is always a welcoming touch.  We always recommend decorating a guest bedroom in a soothing and calming theme and in neutral colour tones.

These elements are musts when having guests stay over for a few days:

1. Fresh bedding and an extra blanket and pillows
2. Night stand with lamp and alarm clock
3. Trash bin
5. WiFi password
6. Clean towels (a set for each guest)
7. Available outlet to charge phones, tablets etc…
8. Bottled water and snacks
9. Clothing hangers and space in the closet (and/or dresser)

It’s always a great idea to stock up on some extra toiletries too – everyone always forgets something…

– tooth paste
– dental floss
– ibuprofen
– hair dryer
– shampoo and conditioner
– q-tips
hand lotion

Some little extras that add a little something special…

fresh flowers or potted plant
– Spare reading materials (books or magazines)
– Notepad and pen

Be sure to tour your guests around the house and let them know where to find essentials like bathrooms, laundry, coffee and how to work the TV.

The best thing you can do when it comes to creating an atmosphere that will make your guests feel welcome is to imagine how someone else would make you feel welcome in their home.  Put yourself in their shoes…

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“We are selling our home and our agents wants to book our photos.  Should we have them done before or after we decorate for Christmas? Our house looks so beautiful with the tree up and the stocking hung on the mantle. We love it and we think others will too!”


Christmas is right around the corner and it is such a wonderful time of year!  Decorating is one of our favourite parts of the season, too – it’s festive and fun! But when it comes to selling your home, holiday decor presents more negatives than positives….and there are definitely buyers out there looking for their new home during the Christmas season, so you don’t want to turn them off!


We love the welcoming exterior – it’s seasonal but not over done.  But be sure not to leave it up too long….

What are the negatives of  seasonal decorating (for any holiday) while selling your home:


1. Distracting.

Yes, Christmas and other holiday decor is beautiful but it can really distract buyers from seeing the beauty and features of your home as they will be focused on the tree, wreath, lights, stockings and more…..and not the windows, layout …

2. Clutter.

Although we never really view or consider holiday decor pieces to be clutter when they are out on display they do take up room and can make a space look and feel cluttered and over stuffed.  Think about how much smaller a room looks with a 7 – 8 ft tree in it – it takes up space!

The most beautiful Christmas trees aren’t necessarily the largest trees!  Consider a smaller tree – you still have a stunning Christmas tree to decorate but it visually (and physically) takes up less room.

3. Dating.

Holiday decor can really date your online photos and make your home look like it has been sitting on the market a lot longer than it has.  Let’s say you have your photography done in early Dec with all of your decorating done.  By mid January these photos will already look dated and it will send the message to buyers (and their agent) that your home has been sitting even though it has only been 30-40 days.

4. Personal.

When you decorate for Christmas or really any holiday, it can be a very personalized touch to the space especially if you have family heirlooms, religious items and handmade ornaments and other crafts made by your children or grandchildren.  It personalizes the space and that can make buyers feel uncomfortable (or like they are just visiting) as they are trying to picture their lives and building memories of their own in this house.

So definitely have your photos take BEFORE you decorate.

When it comes to seasonal decorating before showings and open houses – really try to eliminate or at least limit the decor – for the same reasons listed above. But if you must decorate for Christmas while your home is on the resale market – here’s what we suggest.

We love the simplicity of this room’s Christmas decor.  It celebrates the season, it has a consistent colour scheme and style and it doesn’t over power the room.

1.  Do NOT decorate BEFORE your photos.

2. Do keep it simple and tasteful with a consistent theme (for example: mixed metallics or traditional green, white and red; or country or modern).  This year keep it simple by only bringing out some decor – the house shouldn’t look like Christmas town!

3. Do NOT keep the decorations up too long or too late. Or decorate too early either. Aim to have the decor packed up by Jan 4 (approx)

4. Do NOT hang up or display really personal decor such as family photos, religious items, handmade ornaments and crafts by children or grandchildren

5. Do keep it welcoming and inviting with a small vignette by the front entry and then some decor in main living areas (try to limit to a room to two, for example the family room as the main Christmas decorating space and maybe a few items in the dining room and/or formal living room – stay consistent with that theme)

Celebrate the season without going totally over board. Remember in your new home (the next one), you can decorate as early as you want and keep it up as long as you like and you can go all out!

Remember, when it comes to selling your home you really don’t want to drag out the process so follow the steps to get it sold quickly and next Christmas you can really make up for the lack of decor!

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Yes – there is Christmas decor for everyone and every style! Well…it’s about 1 month away – Christmas day! Have you decorated yet?

If you love to decorate but feel like Christmas just doesn’t blend with your style we have some news for you – this year there is something for everyone!


In the past, Christmas decor was all about a traditional look and sticking with a white, green and red motif with a touch of silver or gold; or, it was very child like and full of animation.


For the person that loves bright colour and even neon hues –

This option is for you….try a white tree with lots of bright and bold colour decor items! You can even find bright colour trees like aqua or pink.  We love a fun punch of colour and colour is so festive so why not opt for colour and fun this holiday season? Try adding some different elements to your tree to make it really unique like bright bows that are oversized and full or print, bright colour feathers from a craft store, bold neon baubles, ribbons, pompoms and so much more!


For the person that loves glitz and glamour…

Why not dress up your home for this Christmas in metallics? The shiny and reflective surfaces look so chic and sophisticated (timeless too).  You can stick with one metallic like silver and keep it so cool and clean or blend them all.  Mix in some glitter and crystals for a total glam look.  We love to see metallics mixed with white twinkle lights.  Paired with a white tree gives the look a more modern feel but paired with a classic evergreen makes it a bit more elegant, it’s up to you!



For the person that likes a more rustic look…

You can incorporate your favourite woodland animals like owls, deer and moose along with wood textures like birch, mix in some plaid and knit textures for a cozy cabin Christmas vibe. Burlap garlands around the tree, grapevine accessories and pine cones are easy and simple additions to any evergreen tree and will give the look that rustic country feel.


For someone who likes a more modern look…

Try a minimalist and monotone look.  Grey is a hot neutral and why not incorporate it into your Christmas decor motif? Pair it with some silver decor and you do not have to fill the tree with decor – keep it clean and simple. If you have grey in your home currently and like a tone on tone look this is a great option for you.


For the sports fan why not find a another way to display your team colours? 

Try a sports themed tree celebrating Christmas and your team! You can find logo decorations for all of the professional teams and college team plus you can easily find lights, ribbon, baubles and more in your team colours.  Go Team! Go Christmas!!



For the person that likes something a bit different but you want to nod to tradition somewhat…

why not decorate with an unexpected colour combination? Black and white are not your traditional Christmas colours but they are a classic combination, they look great together even on a tree. Add a fun pop like yellow or even aqua (Tiffany Blue like the tree here) for something really unique and eye catching.  Make the Christmas a part of your decor scheme!



For the fashionista or aspiring fashion designer…

Show off your flare for fashion with this dress form tree.  Dress this tree up how ever you like! Add as much bling as you like and in any colour – you can really take this idea to the next level and completely customize it! This tree truly has a style of its own!



For the person that loves the beach…

Try a coastal Christmas tree! Shells, starfish and silver dollars look amazing on a tree paired with soft pastel tones.  If you love Christmas and you love the beach this is perfect for you or if you live on the coast and want to compliment the surroundings this is a great look, too!  The beach themed items pair so nicely with the green tree and the silver tones and glass baubles.



For the person who loves the traditional colours but want to make a statement…

Make your tree a total designer showpiece and go over the top with oversized decor items all over your tree! To get this sculptural look you will need time, patience plus lots of floral wire but you can definitely achieve this fabulous look and it gives a fresh take on the traditional colours.



For the person that loves the snow….

A snow flocked tree is for you!  Take the look of nature, those stunning snow covered evergreens and bring it indoors – this is a great look with any colour scheme or style.  It works beautifully with bold and bright neon hues, the rustic look and even the more elegant and traditional looks. You can even transform your current artificial tree to a snow covered one with a little DIY



Remember when you are decorating for the holidays, keep the theme consistent – that will give your home that designer holiday look no matter which style you prefer.  Make sure that no matter your style – have fun!

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“Our home is on the resale market, the kids love Halloween and they love to decorate the house.  Should we decorate for Halloween while the house is up for sale or not?”


It’s fun to celebrate the holidays with decor and kids love it too but you need to keep in mind that holiday decor can be distracting for buyers.


We definitely recommend staying away from religious decor as it could offend or turn-off some buyers and you never know who is coming to look at your home.


We also recommend you don’t go ‘over the top’ when it comes to decor for the holidays.  Decor can add a lot of clutter into a space making it feel and look cramped which isn’t a positive for buyers.  Plus really over the top decor can be a huge distraction – buyers want and need to see the true features of the home like the room sizes, natural light, beautiful kitchens, bathrooms and floors .



If you MUST decorate for the holidays, consider this:

1.  Do NOT decorate for the holidays before photos.  This will date your photos and they won’t show off the actual features of your home.


2. Do keep it simple and tasteful.  For Halloween, put up some simple pieces on the exterior.  Nothing scary or gory – if you are in a family friendly area this will work for the buying clientele.



3. Do NOT decorate too early and keep up the decor for a long time.  Think about decorating for the holidays just before and removing everything a day or two after the holiday – don’t decorate weeks early and keep it up for months.


4. Do decorate for the season.  So having some fall decor like pumpkins or fall wreath is neutral and welcoming but remember to keep it simple.


Remember once you are settled in your new home you can go all out for holiday decor so maybe this year just collect lots of great ideas!

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Fall is one of our favourite seasons- we love the crisp weather, the cozy sweaters but mostly we love the gorgeous colours and all the beauty that this season has to offer!


Here are some of our favourite staples to celebrate the Fall season:


1 – Exterior

– create a welcoming vignette at the front door.  This is such an inviting way to greet guests.  We love a bench or chair with some burlap pillows, pumpkins and a wreath.  So simple but so stylish.


2 – Orange

– orange is a great colour, it works with all decor styles and it looks great with neutrals.  Try adding some small accents of orange to your regular home decor.


3 – Metallics

– if you want a more glamorous or luxurious nod to fall, try playing with metallic tones like gold, bronze and copper.   This is a great look anywhere but we love it on a fireplace mantle or a dining table centerpiece. These tones really compliment the season.



4 – Nature

– add the beauty of nature to your space.  A simple floral or branch arrangement is easy.  A bowl of apples, gourds, corn, wood etc…the sky is the limit!  Bring the beauty of the outdoor indoors.



5 – Plaid

– this pattern is synonymous with the fall season.  It has a cozy factor and there are endless choice in terms of colours and styles.  To add a touch of coziness to your space this fall season, add some plaid! Pillows and blankets are easy ways to do that!


6 – Texture

– this time of year we see some many textures outside, the trees, leaves, pumpkins, gourds plus all of the textures in our fall clothing.  Bring that inspiration inside and play with textures in your space.



7 –  Animals

– we have seen deer heads and antlers (real and faux) for a while in home decor – it had a bit of an ironic twist but now we are seeing the beauty of animals in pillows and art.



8 – Lanterns

– the days are getting shorter this time of year, so add some more light with a flame.  This adds another layer of lighting plus it adds to the scene.  Lanterns are a great element to add to your decor, too – they add a rustic touch!



Fall is my favourite season and I just love to bring in my favourite pieces of this season – texture, colour and natural elements make my home so cozy. I hope you enjoy decorating for this stunning season, too!

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“OK, Please help!  I just found out I’m hosting the office Christmas party.  It’s in 3 weeks and I have never hosted this type of party ever.  I need to provide food and drinks (luckily I have some friends who are going to help with that) but I’d like to decorate as well without spending a fortune and easy but stylish holiday decorating ideas??”


The holiday season is so much fun but it can be stressful.  Throwing a Christmas cocktail party in 3 weeks might feel impossible but it isn’t!  Good for you for enlisting some support in the food and beverage department.  It’s OK to ask for help.


If you do not own any holiday decor items, it might be a good idea to ask friends and family if they have any decorations around the house that they aren’t using.  This could save you a lot of time and money.


If you want to do it all on your own but on a budget there are lots of fun and festive ways to decorate on a budget.

1.  Use items you have around the house already like vases.

We love filling vases with season items like pine cones, ribbons and bows, candy canes and even ornaments – for a clean and simple look but it still celebrates the season.


2. Add a few natural elements for an instant Christmas feel.

We love this simple wood tray with candles, pine cones, simple metallic ornaments and some cedar branches on this coffee table.  It is perfect and simple.  Try a scented candle for an extra special touch.



3. Edible arrangements are easy and fun.

We love this simple and clean centerpiece with votive candles, cranberries and some cedar branches.


4. Wrap some old boxes and use them in corners or by the fireplace.

So simple and still very festive.  Not great at wrapping? You can purchase pretty boxes from more Dollar stores, add a bow and you are done.  We love these 3 boxes on candle sticks – perfect on a console entry to welcome guests!


5. Recycle your bottles and make them beautiful with some winter berries or other faux foliage.

We love these green glass bottles with winter berries.  A bit of a rustic feel for the holiday season.  Perfect on a mantle or as a centerpiece.


6. Candy!

Christmas candy is so pretty so why not show it off? We love this simple Christmas candy tower and you know what? It’s a great DIY gift for a host, neighbour or teacher.  The vase can be re-used and the candy, who doesn’t love candy??

7.  Welcome guests with a wreath!

Wreaths are a great accessory for the front door.  But you can definitely bring them inside.  They look great on walls (this year I’m adding one to my gallery wall), windows, mantles and interior doors – why not? Look for wreaths that are your style – shiny, big, bold, natural, there are so many to choose from.  Crafty? Try making your own.


A few other things to consider….

– Colour palette:

Who says you have to stick to the traditional green, red and white? Mix it up a bit! Try bold and bright tones like hot pink, purple, aqua and lime green.  Go glam with white and mixed metallics.  Keep it simple with one hue like just red.  choose a colour palette that works for you!

– No room for a tree? No problem!

Look for a mini tree instead, artificial is a great option too – you can re-use it year after year.  Try a rosemary ‘tree’.  Most local supermarkets have rosemary plants in the shape of a mini Christmas tree, it’s perfect by the front door, coffee table or as a centerpiece. We also love DIY projects like these Christmas tree cones – a great option for small spaces and you can decorate them however you like!

– Light!

Candles make any event look and feel special so bring out your pillars and votives and dim the lights.  The candle light will make your place look beautiful.

– Budget.

Be sure to check out your dollar stores for decor and party supplies.  You might be very surprised at what you find on such a tight budget.

– Have a theme.

Yes, OK it’s Christmas but what is your style or theme? Stick with one colour palette and inject your sense of style.  Do you want a country Christmas or a contemporary Christmas?  There’s no wrong answer but stick to that decor theme throughout the entire home to keep it looking chic and sophisticated.  The best party planners plan their decor scheme, so we suggest you do the same.

Have fun!

It’s a party and yes the host has extra duties and responsibilities but have fun! If the party isn’t perfect, it doesn’t matter just go with it and have a good time, and everyone else will too !

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“We will be selling our home during the holidays.  We love the holidays and especially the decorating.  Is it OK to decorate our home for the holidays while it is up for sale? “


We love the holidays too and the decorating is our favourite part but when it comes to selling your home you need to be careful.  Holiday decorating can be a negative when it comes to selling your home.


We love how simple and subtle this entry way decor is.  It is perfect for the fall and Thanksgiving season.  It is clean and tasteful.


Although we love this because it is both fun and festive for Halloween, it is too much if you are selling your home.  The mantle is too cluttered and crowded, and taking away from the fireplace – a great feature for any home

Here’s why:

1.  Certain holiday decor may be religious and that can turn (some) buyers off.  You need to keep the home neutral and depersonalized.


2.  Holiday decor (in most cases) adds clutter.  You might think adding a large Christmas tree in your family room shows off the size of the room but it actually doesn’t.  It cramps the space, adds bulk to the space and although beautiful it may even cut off the flow of the room.


This is a lot of fun and totally chic for a Halloween party but it’s very cluttered and is very distracting.

3.  Holiday decor can be distracting.  Lights, trees, baubles and bling really take the focus away from features like flooring, new paint, large windows and just about anything else that is included with the home


4.  Holiday decor dates your photos. We love holiday decor but if you are decked out for the holidays during your photos, those photos will get old and quickly.  No one wants to see a fireplace mantle with garlands and wreaths in late January or February (and depending on your market and price point that could be a realistic time frame).


This is clean and simple plus it isn’t religious.  This would be cute on a mantel or as a centerpiece during the season.

Now if you just can’t come to terms with not decorating for the holidays while your home is for sale, here are some ideas.

1.  Tone it down and keep it tasteful.  So keep to less than 50% of what you would normally do.

This is a great addition on the front porch or by the fireplace.  It’s clean and simple and it can be up over the months of December and January as it is pretty generic.  But remember to maintain any natural plants – you don’t want a fire hazard or pine needles everywhere!


2.  Keep your decor up for a shorter period of time.  So don’t put up your items too early and keep them up too long.


3.  Don’t have your decor ‘up’ for your photos.  That way you will be giving buyers (who are looking online) a true snapshot of what the home looks like and you will be able to use the photos longer as they won’t be dated after the holidays.


4.  Hosting the holidays? Be sure to let your agent know and coordinate with him/her any showing restrictions in advance – you don’t want to turn away showings if you can avoid it. It can set a bad impression.


Don’t forget the exterior – keep your decor simple, clean and tasteful.  White lights are very flattering and work beyond the Christmas holidays.  Also with the days getting shorter, these lights help buyers and agents see the house better!


This is really fun and very festive and probably a neighbourhood attraction but it is distracting and a look to avoid when selling your home.


Remember once you are in your new home you can make up for not being able to decorate during the sale of your last home! Happy Holidays and happy Selling!!

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We love Halloween, well let’s face it we love any excuse to decorate!

Here are some of our favourite decor ideas for this spook-tacular holiday!

There are so many options ghouly-goregous, boo-tiful and vamp-tastic….find you spooky style and have fun!

We love this fireplace vignette.

It’s the right amount of spooky without terrifying your guests.  It’s festive and fun but classy at the same time.  The white and black theme isn’t too ‘Halloween’ it still has a designer look about it.


Easy and fun but also subtle.  Try these printables to make your current books look like old spell and potion books.   Perfect for a coffee table!

Creepy floral arrangement…add some spooky and inexpensive spider and snakes to an existing bouquet or opt for a fake floral arrangement and re-use this every year.  Love this for a foyer or coffee table and why not for a centerpiece at your Halloween party!

An easy DIY with foam pumpkins from any craft store and re-purpose those candle sticks ! You can really play around with this idea…orange pumpkins, glitter pumpkins, add some creepy crawlies….so many possibilities!

Instead of a planter to celebrate the fall season, why not a witch’s cauldron?

Another easy idea with many options…fill it with spooky pieces like this image or make it more child-friendly with cute pumpkins and ghosts!

Love this for a centerpiece or maybe just on the kitchen island!  Re-use old bottles meant for the recycling bin and use some great printables to transform them into spooky poisons and potions!

Simple and festive!  Love this idea for napkin rings…this could be for a dinner party or just for the kids before trick-or-treating!

If you are that house on the street that goes full out and creates a haunted house…this is for you!

This “DEAD and Breakfast” sign is amazing and perfect for the DIYer in you! Go to your local hardware store for the posts, chains and the wood for the sign, pumpkins and crows and paint to create the sign are all available at a craft store

In my house, we can’t get too scary just yet so we decorate with felt bats, trees, owl and pumpkins…very similar to this image.  It’s very family friendly and it looks great!

We love a great Halloween wreath – an easy way to be festive and participate in the holiday ! there are so many options, it could be hard to decide.

Hosting a Halloween party?

This is a great idea….give your home that creepy haunted old home look with white sheets covering the furniture (this will also help protect your furniture from spills and crumbs) add some candelabras, candle light and cobwebs and you have the look!

Get create with your vases and fill them with little skeletons, spiders, pumpkins, mice and anything else Halloween.  Add some florist moss and you’ve got a simple vignette for the fireplace, coffee table or console.  Simple yet effective!

Happy Halloween……

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