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What is TimberWood Towns? Well if you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram – you have seen this amazing project that we have spent the last 6 weeks of our lives working on…It’s been a while since we have posted anything new but we hope this makes the wait worth while…..

TimberWood Towns is a new townhome community here in Ottawa and we had the amazing opportunity to design the sales center, the model and select all of the finishes top to bottom – it was an incredible experience, we learned a lot and created something beautiful!

It was a full 6 weeks – of selecting all the finishes for this project from flooring to paint to plumbing and lighting and everything in between. When you work with such a tight timeline you learn a lot about working together as a team, you also learn a lot about working with items that are in stock! We wouldn’t have been able to get this done without the pure magic of online shopping! Stores like Wayfair, Amazon, and Bouclair really came to the rescue! We have some amazing ‘friends’ at Urban Barn and they really pulled though with large and small purchases for this project! And of course, Home Sense (to our US readers, this gem is coming to the States soon and you will love it!)

Let us breakdown what we did in the space to create this industrial farmhouse look…


Reclaimed Wood Accents:

The look at TimberWood Towns is industrial farmhouse.  We mixed a lot of great texture in the finishes but also the furniture and accessories.  We found so many amazing pieces that really pulled this whole look together.  Our construction team found an old barn (a little over an hour’s drive out of the city) which is where we found all of this reclaimed barn wood for the accent wall in the den and to create these beams (which are included in every one of these townhomes, what a great architectural feature!)


Creating contrast:

A big part of this look was to create contrast so that the wood was a highlight but the the white walls and lighter furniture pieces really added to the feel.  You can definitely get contrast with colour but you can also get contrast with textures.  We needed to balance out the hard and rough texture of the wood with some softer elements – like these white linen chairs, leather sofa and lots of pillows. We added some rope texture to the space too – the pouf, the rope on the large clock and even some photo frames with a rope accent. Another great texture in this space is the cowhide ottoman.

Lighting :

We all know that lighting can totally transform the look of any home and this project was no exception! We needed some great lighting that would really help set the tone of this industrial farmhouse look – we found some amazing pendant for the kitchens (that’s right, we have 2 kitchens in this sales center) and bathroom. We used aged bronze finishes for the lighting as they really add a rustic touch to the space.


More TimberWood Towns …







TimberWood Towns Shopping list:

If you like this industrial farmhouse look – you are in luck! We have a list of the items we purchased for this beautiful showroom.

We love this Porter Wing Back from Wayfair – it adds some real presence to the living room and the nailheads bring some ‘bling’ into the room

Porter Wingback Chair


In the bedroom, we wanted to have a touch of a traditional rug but we didn’t want it to look stuffy.  We love the vintage finish on this cream and navy blue area rug.

Abbeville Dark Blue/Cream Area Rug Rug Size: 8′ x 10′


The lighting in the industrial Farmhouse look plays a huge role and these kitchen pendants with the cage detail in the aged bronze finish bring that rustic accent to the kitchen.


Hampton 1-Light Pendant


The choice of sofa is really important – it’s the largest piece in the room and it really sets the tone for the look.  We love this Dumont Sofa in Redu Bark distressed leather from Urban Barn.  Urban Barn is one of our favourite places to shop. Check them out – we are sure you will, too!

We added some great natural wood accent chairs off the kitchen – we love the simplicity of the design.  They would be great as dining chairs, or an accent chair in a corner (like we did here) or a bedroom.


The bedroom area was a smaller space so we needed to find a bed that embraced the look but one that was also pretty streamlined – we found this Braswell Queen Panel bed on Wayfair and it is perfect! It has a metal detail that compliments the light fixture, the nailheads add a nice finish and detail and the upholstered panel adds some softness.

Braswell Queen Upholstered Panel Bed


We love to work with natural materials and these Scandinavian Trunk Side tables from Bouclair add that authentic natural touch – we used them as simple side tables for the wingback chair and in the den with the swivel chairs.  These are the real deal and they weigh a ton! But we love the way they look!


With the wood accents and the darker floors, we need a rug that would be a good counter balance.  This Olga Rug from Wayfair – was the perfect rug for this space! Of course, the size was right but the tones were light and fresh yet still warm and the design has a handmade look without the price tag.


Olga Gray Area Rug Rug Size: 8′ x 10′


The den space – the room with that amazing reclaimed barn wood wall – needed some seating.  We really wanted to find chairs that would add some contrast to the accent wall.  We love these swivel chairs in this clean warm white linen.

Sevan Swivel Barrel Chair Upholstery: Natural


We needed some elements on that amazing reclaimed wood wall but we still wanted to show it off – Maddie has these great metal bookcases at her place (in white, of course) so she came up with the idea of these simple and super affordable metal shelves but in black for this den space! Off to IKEA we went! We styled the bookcase with a series of books and decor items – this bookcase allowed us to accessories the space without covering the wall.



We added even more of a rustic touch with the lighting in the bathroom and in the upgraded kitchen space.  We love these pendants in the russet finish from Wayfair – They are a great blend of pretty and industrial.


Mercury Row Dorota 3-Light Globe Pendant

and for an extra industrial style to these pendants, we added these vintage candelabra bulbs.

These are just some of the amazing pieces we used in this project – we love to mix styles but also price points. when you mix styles and price points, you end up with final product that is truly one of a kind. We love how all of these items come together in a cohesive and unique way…


Let us know which piece is your favourite, we can’t decide!


Have you noticed these Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees? They are everywhere! check out Instagram, Pinterest, Design magazines and home decor TV shows – this tree is trending!

So What is a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

This tree is known as a flowering tree in a tropical rain forest setting – but they have since been adopted as an indoor houseplant and that version doesn’t produce fruit (figs). As a house plant, these beauties do best in temperate climates. It’s called a ‘fiddle leaf’ because of it’s broad leaves that are shaped like a lyre or a fiddle.

How to care for your Fiddle Leaf fig tree?

Like all plants this variety needs watering but only water it once the soil is dry.  How often it needs water depends on the climate and surroundings. So keep checking your soil and water when dry.  The fiddle leaf fig needs light but not direct sunlight. Their broad leaves can get very dusty so yes, dust your plant with a soft cloth to keep it clean!

Why are fiddle leaf fig trees so popular right now?

There doesn’t seem to be a real reason for why this plant has grown in popularity recently.  These plants have been around for a long time but they are really emerging in home decor lately. Like other home decor trends we see these in flowers and plants, too.  I remember when Gerber Daisies were all the rage! This plant has a great sculptural presence, the green is very vibrant and it works well with the neutral, minimal and Scandinavian styles that are really popular right now.  It adds a great texture and visual elements and adds a wonderful contrast with the lighter tone walls e are seeing a lot of right now.

How and where to decorate with the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree?

This plant is a great space filler for a corner that needs a little something.  The beautiful shade of green and the oversized leaves add a visual interest to any room.  These look great in living rooms and bedrooms.  Try using a beautiful pot or contain to keep your fiddle leaf fig tree, these woven baskets look great but so do clean looking clay pots.  It dresses it up a bit more than plastic pot you find in the garden store.

Where can you purchase a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree?

You might be fortunate enough to have access to these lovely plants in a local nursery or home garden shop but we have also found some online options where they can be shipped directly to your home.

This is a great option from Amazon – it measures 3 – 3.5′ high and yes, it’s real!


Another great affordable option from Wayfair – a favourite home decor shopping destination – because they really do have everything!

This option is another economical choice, you have height options – and you can select your planter style too!


What do you think of this tropical and trending houseplant?


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Yellow is a great colour! I know from one of my more recent posts you might think that I don’t like yellow but I definitely do.  In my opinion, yellow is one of those colours that you need to use in the right way because it is so intense you don’t need a lot of it! I don’t love yellow on walls but I love it in accessories!

Yellow is a colour that we use a lot in home staging because it photographs so well.  Plus yellow is the most intense colour on the colour wheel so the eye can’t help but notice it!

Yellow is bright and sunny, fresh and fun – and you don’t need to use a lot of it to make an impact in a room!

Let me show you how I like to use yellow…

Yellow Flowers –

Whether they are at the dining table, kitchen island, bedroom or anywhere…yellow flowers add a beautiful brightness to any space.  I personally love a simple floral arrangement – it always looks so clean, crisp and contemporary (and a little more real).

Yellow Art –

I’m a huge fan of art – the bigger the better! art really pulls a room together, you don’t have to match (and in fact don’t) but use art to add a splash of colour and visual interest.


Yellow pillows and throw blanket

Pillows and blankets are great to texture and layering in a room.  They add colour, texture and pattern, too. Like art they also pull a room together.  I like the softness that they bring to a room as well. You don’t need a lot of yellow to make a statement in the room!


Yellow lamp and / or lamp shade –

Lamps are another favourite way to add some colour to a room – whether it’s the base or the shade – it’s up to you! We love the trellis pattern in yellow and white in this bedroom – it’s so fresh and bright! It adds another layer in this room.  When adding pattern – it’s great to mix up patterns just like in this image, it looks very designer-y! But always have one that is on the bolder side and the others less so.


Yellow in the bedroom –

Like every other colour under the rainbow, yellow has many different shades – from butter to deep golden hues. In this bedroom, the golden yellow throw blanket and pillow add a brightness against the charcoal and the wood stain. The tones and the intensity are well balanced in this room. Just a touch of yellow is all this room needs – when it comes to decorating with yellow you really don’t need a lot. A duvet or comforter with a dash of yellow also makes a room look fresh!


Yellow Area Rug

I keep saying you don’t need a lot of yellow to get that WOW in a room and you don’t!  Here’s another example – this amazing grey and yellow area rug from Wayfair – perfect for a room that just needs a little pop!


Yellow lemons

Of course, one of my favourite home staging props is a bowl of lemons.  It might seems silly but a simple bowl of lemons really adds life to a room – a kitchen or a dining room makes the most sense. It’s an easy centerpiece and it works in all decor styles.  That pop of yellow really looks great in home staging photos!


When it comes to decorating with yellow remember that less really is more…



“I have a small table in my front hall.  It’s great for mail and keys but it’s a bit messy!  I want my front entry to look welcoming and neat – any ideas how to make my entry table look stylish?”


An entry table in the front hall is a very functional piece.  You are right it is perfect for mail and keys but it can become a bit of a dumping ground.  A lot of that is habit  so you need to train yourself (and others) to put things like backpacks and other items elsewhere i.e a closet, office or bedroom.


But we also believe that if your space is beautiful (by your definition) than you will be more motivated to keep it that way.


The front entry table sets the tone for your home and can also be an inviting first impression for guests.


Styling your front entry table is all about using the space in a beautiful and practical way. 

Here are some musts:


1 – Light

– many front entries have an overhead light fixture but in our opinion you can never have too much light.  Plus having a table lamp on the entry table (assuming you have a wall outlet for it) is handy if you arrive home late or leave early and don’t want to wake the whole house with bright overhead lighting.  When it comes to table lamps you have some many choices – find one that suits and flows with the look of your home. How many lamps should you have? We say one is usually sufficient especially if it is a small space with a small table but if you have a long table in a large entry, 2 table lamps is a nice balance.


2- Mirrors

– we love mirrors at the front entry – they play two roles, 1: a great way to take a final look at hair, make up etc…before you head out to wherever you are off too; 2: it allows light to bounce around the room making a smaller and tighter space like an entry feel larger.  If you already have a mirrored surface, like mirrored closet bi-fold doors, opt for an art piece instead.


3 – Storage

– part of the front entry is storage, so make it pretty! A bowl on the table is perfect for keys or loose change, it keeps it all contained, easy to access but also hidden (so the surface looks neat).  We also love a basket for two under the entry table – this is ideal for mitts, hats in cooler weather but also summer gear like hats and sunscreen.  Have a dog? Hide their leashes etc. in a basket. Again easy access but neat!


4 – Seating

– this is a nice addition if you have the space.  Under the entry table is a great spot to tuck away a small bench, cube ottoman…  Pull it out when guests neat a spot to sit and put on their shoes.  This is also another way to add to your decor – you can have one with some print, colour and/or texture.


5 –  Decor

– we’ve covered the necessities of the front hall table and now it’s time to add your personal style! There are many decor items that you can add to the table to add your touch – framed photos, flowers or a plant, or just a decorative item.  Be sure to have room for the necessary pieces and then layer your decor.  The amount of decor depends on the amount of space you have.  We like to vary the heights and shapes and stick with odd numbers.  Keep in mind if your entry table is more functional or decorative (some people have a second entry that is more functional and keep the front entry more beautiful)



Also if you are selling your home, remember that your potential buyers will also be walking in the front door.  A styled front entry sends a great message and sets the tone.  So be sure to pay attention to your front entry!


Furniture pieces like chests and dressers are big and bulky but we need them for storage.  When you style these pieces they look prettier but all visually they become a part of the decor scheme and not just a big, bulky box in the room.

When it comes to a Tall Dresser it can be a big confusing or even intimidating due to the height.  But just a few pieces can really make a difference. You likely have some items in your home right now.

Lamp + Artwork + Interesting or Shapely Decor = Easy!!

Here are a few great visuals to demonstrate this easy system to style a tall dresser.  Notice the balance and height of the lamps (or candle sticks) and the greenery.  The layering is really important when it comes to styling, you see a lot of layering in these examples – the art behind the lamp and other decor pieces, the stacking of books, smaller items at the front etc…Layering is where you really get that designer look.

In this example, the white candles and candle sticks, art and orchids really balance out the big and dark dresser.

                                                                   Photo from

In this example we have the layering of the art and lamp.  The plant on top of the stacked books gives some balance in height, too.

Look around your space and see if you have any items that you could style your tall dresser with. a small piece of art or a mirror hanging above and centered over the dresser.  Next add a lamp or candle sticks (2 or 3 depending on the size of the dresser) and push them to one side and on the other side add a decor item.  Take a look, you may want to add in a few other accents like a small plant, a photo frame or books but stick to odd numbers and varying heights!!

Rule of thumb when styling surface spaces, stick to odd numbers (3,5 or 7)…

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“My bedroom is beautiful! I love the furniture and the bedding but my night stands are cluttered and it really makes my room look messy.  I need some help with my night stands – help me make them pretty, please!”


That’s a common problem for most of us.  Our bedside tables become an area for clutter – books, hand lotion, tissues, magazines, note pads, lip balm and more ….We still need these items , they are a part of our bed time routine but we don’t need (or want) clutter in a space that is supposed to be relaxing and serene.


So here are some of our tips for a stylish bed side. When it comes to styling a bedside table, we keep it simple with lighting, art and accessories like a plant/flower/decor piece and possibly books.  The combinations are really endless! Be sure to find items that are in proportion with the space.  A small room may need a small end table so don’t add over sized lamps – look for something slimmer or opt for a wall sconce. 


Using these basic pieces you can really achieve a number of different looks, be sure to put your personality into it, after all it is your space!



The night stand furniture piece

So this item is a key piece.  You need to find a piece that works in the space but also one that suits your needs.  A night stand without any storage is pretty much useless and is just inviting clutter into your space.  Look for a piece with at least a drawer, so you can tuck away a few items you don’t want to display. Many night stands have a top drawer and then an open space below.  That open space can get crazy and cluttered very easily.  Consider using that space to stack books (or place them vertically) and if magazines are more your style – add a basket or box to keep them in, it looks so much better!

In some cases, like if you are in a room that has very limited storage you may even want a small chest of drawers that will play double duty as clothing storage and a night stand surface. Even if you can only fit one small chest of drawers it might be more functional and practical that two small night stands.


Lighting –

A must! For reading and for ambiance.  You always want to layer your lighting in order to suit your mood but also fill the room with light (when you need it).  So think table lamps – depending on the size of the table you may be able to go big and bold and make a ‘decor’ statement in the room.

If you are low on space, try a wall sconce!

They attach right to the walls so the surface space on your night stand is free for other items. Wall sconces have come a long way – there are so many styles on the market now and they really create a clean and streamlined look.


Art or Mirrors

You have a number of options but these items really add to the decor of your room.  We love creating a vignette with art or a mirror above a night stand, it really pulls it together.



So this image has a bold headboard so art above the headboard was not needed or necessary to make a ‘splash’ instead two pieces were hung above the end table.  This is a clean and classic look but with the choice of prints and accessories this room feel easy and comfortable but looks stylish.


This room has a very clean palette.  The layering of the art piece and the mirror give it a cool and sophisticated look.  Simple but so chic.


This image shows a sunburst mirror centered over the night stand.  In this white room, this golden burst really makes a splash.  You could also swap this mirror out for an art piece.



Love the mini gallery wall look over this night stand.  Surround yourself with what you love! It could be art or beautiful photographs.  Look for pieces that preferably are calming and soothing.



This is really where you get really personal.  You can add just about anything to your bedside table for decor.  One tip – if you have kids who like to hop into your bed maybe stay away from glass decor!


In this image, the look is pretty clean.  A simple dish for jewelry, a clock and some framed photos.  The drawers could be filled with magazines, books and more but they are tucked away so it looks so neat and tidy!

For the book lovers – you can keep your favourite book at your side but try not to let your book take over the surface space.  It looks cluttered and messy.  Aim for a maximum of 3 books on your night stand.  Stack them up or even try a vertical arrangement.

Anytime we stack things it just looks neater.

We love some type of foliage – flowers, plants it doesn’t matter but it adds life to the room!  Small works best in most rooms but you may be able to use something with some height.



So once you have the items you want -start thinking about placement and arrangement.  It is a limited surface space so don’t too many or items that are too large.  Start with your art and mirror first, ten add your light and from there play with the additional decor items.

Other additions to think about – candles, a small dish for eye glasses and/or jewelry, a decor item, photo frames or a small clock – are also great additions to a night stand.

When it comes to styling…

– choose items that suit your style and taste
– stick with odd numbers 3 or 5
– play around with arrangements and items and let your instincts kick in…

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“I love the look of gallery walls. I’m in the process of creating one in my own home right now but I want to add more than just photos. What are some suggestions for adding other pieces to the display?”
Great question! Creating a gallery wall is a fabulous way to personalize your space to exactly what you want. Since when you are decorating a wall, pretty well anything goes, there are really no rules!
There are lots of great options for adding unique pieces!

1. Taxidermy Heads

Such a fun addition to any space! There are so many different materials, shapes, sizes, textures and colours available for you to personalize your home with.

2. Mirrors

All shapes and sizes! Do you want an antique mirror? Do you love colored framed mirrors?  Whatever you like! Adding a mirror will give a different texture and will add a new dimension to the arrangement!


3. Letters

I don’t mean penned letters, although, an interesting thought.  Adding letters from the alphabet in various finishes and sizes – not sure which letter to add? Try the first letter of your family name.

4. Plates

Many people have beautiful collectables and are unsure how to display them, Instead of having them hidden in grandma’s old cabinet, display them as art! There are super easy ways to mount plates, and what a great way to showcase a sentimental family collection


5. Decorative Frames

You didn’t even have to fill them! Choosing interesting shaped or colored frames and leaving them open to show the wall is a great way to show off a paint colour, without adding too much clutter either!


6. Wreath

Adding some greenery is an interesting option as well! This is a great option for a more country/rustic style space. Its unique and the variety of texture will certainly make a statement!


7. Clocks

Adding in an assortment of clocks is a super cool way to do something different in your space! As with many decor items – the options are endless!



8. Art

Incorporating an art piece in the midst of your family photos and arrangement is another beautiful addition. For many families, this is a way to add in children’s artwork and help their little ones showcase their special pictures!


9. Wall Decals

This is a cost effective option for a few reasons: stickers are not overly expensive, and they don’t leave nail holes or ruin the paint when they come down! Adding quotes or phrases that have a beautiful meaning to you are a lovely touch to include in your decorative arrangement.


Another great way to do a gallery wall is on floating shelves. All of these suggestions could be done on floating shelves, whether it is leaning against them, or hung over top. Be creative! This is your home – let your personality shine through!



A gallery wall is a great way to show off your personality and style – we both have one in our home and it just adds a warmth to our spaces…


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We all know that the exterior of your home when maintained really creates a welcoming atmosphere but as your friends, family and guests enter your home that inviting feeling should also transfer into the entry. Also if you are staging your home for the real estate market, you will want that inviting feeling as soon as buyers walk in!  Make that first impression from the curb last and carry through to the inside of the home.

The entry is a key space in any home – you walk through it everyday!  It isn’t a complete room like a living room or bedroom but it does play an important role.  It is often where we keep things like keys and mail or important pieces like school bags or brief cases.  We often do a final ‘check’ so see that our ties are straight or that we don’t have anything on our teeth or a hair out of place.  The entry is well used and for multiple purposes.  It’s important to have a well planned and organized entry for practical sake but also that is looks good.  When you look good you feel good – same goes for your living space.  If your entry is just a catch-all space, it will feel stressful space and set the tone for your day.

Here are some great pieces to spruce up that entry and create a warm and welcoming space.

1.  A Runner or area rug. 

Update your entry with a bright runner which leads your guests into your home. Colour can really brighten up the space but pattern can also add some create visual interest.  Or try both! worried about mud and wet shoes, look for a rug in indoor/outdoor material – it’s easy to clean so perfect for a family space.

2.  A Console Table 

A pretty console table with shelves is pretty and practical. There is a space to hold mail, keys and other home decor favorites. Wow your entryway with a pop of bright color or high gloss! There are many style options – glass, wood, colour, drawers, bottom shelf and different lengths too! For a small space like a condo – glass is a great option you have the surface area without the bulk.  We also love the idea of sliding a small cube or stool under and open console table, pull it out for some entry seating to put on boots and shoes.

3.  A Shiny Dish 

Everyone loves a shiny dish for your trinkets. Make it a habit to throw your keys and spare change in the dish – and never lose your keys again.The shine adds a reflect surface in the space.  Every room should have an element of shine for visual interest.  Small storage can also be pretty.

4.  A Mirror

Add a decorative mirror to your entryway to lighten and brighten. Mirrors reflect light and make rooms appear larger.Plus it is so handy to have a mirror right there for a quick hair, teeth and make up check.  Try something decorative like a Starburst mirror – it’s practical and pretty!  But choose one that flows with the rest of the decor in your home.  So a more rustic space would look better with a hammered tin or wood frame mirror.

5.  Baskets for Storage. 

This is another great piece for a busy family home.  Slide these in a corner or slide them under the console table.  Have a console table with a lower shelf? Baskets are perfect for that.  What to do with those basketballs, tennis rackets and other “stuff” that comes in the door daily. Keep everything in plain sight, but organized in a basket by the door.

6.  Entry Bench 

In a larger entry perhaps opt for a bench instead or a console.  And one with storage is a bonus!  You have a place to sit while you pull your shoes on and off. And you get to hide those things you don’t want in sight.This is ideal for a family home as long as you have the space.

7. Coat rack. 

Small entry or limited closet space? Try a Coat rack – very accessible and easy storage.  Coat racks hold more than coats! Backpacks, beach totes and gym bags need a place to hang as well.

8. Chic Chandelier. 

Entry lighting doesn’t seem important but it is.  Your guests will need to be able to see when they are putting shoes on to get ready to go.  A chic chandelier can light up a dark entryway – plus add glam to your space.  Whether you prefer brass, brushed gold, black wrought iron or painted metal, there are so many choices to suit your style. If you have a really dark entry – consider a table lamp on your console for additional light in the space.

9.  Art. 

A mirror is great  but if you already have mirrored bi-fold doors right at your entry another mirror is just overkill.  Try adding some art or photography at the front again creating a welcoming space.
With these easy 9 pieces you can create a  welcoming and useful entry space.
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This time last year I was ready to graduate and get started on my career. It was such an exciting transition from decorating student to an interior decorator with a fabulous company, KIKI Interiors. My first day consisted of helping new clients design their dream home by choosing the finishes. I can remember how excited I was for
that first project and wondering if everyday would be like this…. To my surprise, it is. I’m excited by my job every single day, and that’s a pretty cool feeling.

Every single day has been different…

I’ve had the opportunity to experience so many different projects, clients, and situations, I never expected to have such a wide range of work and learn so much. Everyday I go to work, I am experiencing something different which furthers my knowledge. And I’m very grateful for that.

Working as a decorator has taught me so many things in such a short time…

No one teaches you how to deal with difficult clients, how to handle situations that have gone terribly awry, or how hard it is to build furniture for a model. (I can’t remember ever being so emotional over a chair.) These are life experiences I will carry with me and be able to apply to my everyday life, The various projects and clients I’ve been involved with is quite a wide range.

I was fortunate to be able to do a lot of new things in a short period of time.

Last November, we had the opportunity to style a photo shoot and stage the background for a new product campaign, I worked with so many different clients and their different styles (some wackier than
others), I was involved in furnishing a model condo, staging and de-staging homes, advising clients on how to prep their home for the real estate market, as well as learning about blogging, updating pages and the importance of having a strong social media presence.
I worked on my first commercial space and reaped the benefits of a blank canvas. I’ve learned that the best feeling in the world is seeing something you’ve worked so hard on come together in a beautiful space. Having a client LOVE what you’ve helped them to achieve in their home is so rewarding. I’ve learned to deal with suppliers who aren’t as organized as me, when it’s time to be “ruthless” and when to take a step back.

I’ve learned that not everyone is rational and often tensions can run high…I’ve learned that “not today” is a phrase Kristi and I toss around quite often when we get frustrated, and when its time for us to just sit back and laugh at this crazy job. I’ve also learned how good a glass of wine can be after a bizarre day. (and those days do happen!) I have been lucky to experience working with someone you truly have a great time with. Enjoying the company that your in is a wonderful and rewarding way to spend your days.. I’m lucky to work with people who are like-minded and so much fun!!


This is the most fun career I could ever imagine doing. This year has been a lot of things, boring is not one of them!

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When it comes to home staging – yes, there are a number of items that must be removed from the home such as personal photos, collectibles and of course, excess or bulky furniture.  But there are certain props that really enhance the look of the home regardless of the age or decor style.

These 6 DIY props can add memorable details and welcoming feelings to buyers and just help to set the scene and really make your photos stand out from the other houses for sale.


Too many books in a book case (or piles of them in office spaces and bedroom) can look junky and sloppy BUT sets of hardcover books can really complete the look of shelves or stacked on a coffee table. Check out garage sales or used book stores for affordable options be sure to check the condition of the spine (and check to make sure they don’t have a musty smell).  Stay away from controversial topics and titles.  We always look of books that are medium to large in scale, hard cover and in good shape.  Colourful spines can add a splash a colour to a bookcase or coffee table.

Bookcases are great for book storage but when it comes to staging you want every space to feel light and airy.  Full bookcases add a lot of bulk and heaviness to a room, so do a pre-pack of you books and leave your nicest ones on display.  Stack them creatively, play with colour and add some simple accessories.

Bowls of Lemons

A big bowl of bright fresh lemons is a simple way to add some colour and a feeling freshness to a space like the kitchen or as a dining centerpiece.  Use decorative lemons – they last longer plus you get that brilliant yellow colour.  Why lemons? Well, no one is ever tempted to bite into a lemon.  And yes, I have found bite marks on several occasions in our decorative fruit especially apples but some pears too.  Use a bowl that works with your decor style – long, lean glass works well for contemporary spaces, wood or pottery looks great in a rustic or country home.

A low profile bowl with lemons really allows one to see that bright splash of colour.  This looks great in a kitchen, on a kitchen island, a dining table or even a coffee table like the image below

Plush towels

New towels always look amazing in a bathroom.  Towels like everything else age, they are fine for every day use but when it comes to show casing your home old towels will just make the bathroom look tired and stale.  Aim for that ’boutique’ hotel look with clean, plush, white towels.  If your bathroom is already entirely white choose a grey or brown tone something that will give some contrast to the space but keep it neutral.

These white plush towels add a softness to this bathroom.  Bathrooms are full of hard surfaces like tile, cabinetry, porcelain and more…so adding some softness gives the room some balance.  The white towels in this bathroom also give a spa like feel

Large Painting

This is probably a bit tougher to locate but try home decor stores or even online – the results are incredible!  Choose a large painting with soft tones (colour is fine but aim for softer hues).  We recommend a simple landscape (they are soothing) or just abstract with soft and blended brush strokes.  This will certainly make an impact but it won’t be alarming.

This living room with the large landscape art piece makes an impact but is still soothing and peaceful which is a great quality in a home.  The colours are soft and the blue tones are also used in the decor.  Large art pieces look great on big walls like the one here but they also look great above a fireplace or in a dining room above a sideboard

A Pair of Matching Table Lamps

Take a look in any home design and decor magazine, you will always see matching pairs of lamps in a room.  You might be staging your home on a tight budget but you can’t have it looking that way!  A pair of matching table lamps will give you a designer look without spending a bundle.  Place them in a room where they can both be scene – flanking the sofa in the living room or flanking the bed are easy  ways to do just that and it makes a big impact!

This image shows the impact of what some beautiful matching table lamps can do in a room.  The reflective surface of these lamps adds some great light in the room too.

Plump Pillows

Pillows really add extra dimension to decor and home staging.  Look for pillows with some colour, texture and even print.  But stay away from stiff or flat pillows and of course, going over board with too many pillows.  Pillows should enhance the look of the space!  Decor pillows look great on sofas, accent chairs and also beds and benches.  Be sure to ‘pump up’ those bed pillows too – volume from pillows adds a sense of luxury and comfort.

Seen here: there’s a mix of colour and pattern.  The turquoise makes a statement in this neutral tone room.  some home stagers may disagree but this colour choice brings life and a brightness to the room but be sure to carry this colour into other rooms as well to keep a fluid feel

In summary…putting it all together…

This neutral bedroom has a great mix of neutral tones – white, black and shades of beige.  The bed looks fantastic with the layering of pillows that are plump – bed and decor pillows.  The lean bedside tables and lamps match and fit in the space beautifully.  This is a  great example how to stage a bedroom in neutral tones, some texture, matching pieces, art and even flowers.

Even just a few new pieces can make a big difference in the overall presentation of your home – best wishes!