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“I have two places in my home that are just ‘small nooks’ and I have no idea what to do with them! One is at my entry way and the other is a ‘loft space’ at the top of my stairs. What do you suggest?”
Great question! I think we all have that one space in our home that we just don’t know what to do with. Depending on the size of your space – you have lots of versatility!

An entry table –

Always a great option and the good thing about a console is that it comes in many shapes, sizes, finishes, colours, materials etc etc. You are definitely going to be able to find something in the correct size you need. Depending on your space you may have the opportunity for a DIY too! Customizing furniture to fit your homes décor and space is always a fun way to personalize your home.


Bookcase –

I know I speak for many of us when I say you can never have too much storage. Plus bookcases are fantastic space for displaying books, personal photos, accessories and much more.

A desk space –

Depending how much traffic flow you would have, adding a small desk and a chair is a great idea for an extra home work space. Its nice to be able to utilize all your spaces in your home in a useful way.

 Dresser –

A little more unconventional but still a great piece that has closed storage!

Built in shelves –

This is a more expensive option BUT also a great one for getting exactly the use of the space you need. Need shelves, hooks and cabinets all in one? I would suggest investing in a custom piece and tailoring to your exact needs.

Floating Shelves –

Depending how small the space is, adding floating shelves can serve as extra storage in a small nook. Having floating shelves also doesn’t take up the floor space that a bookcase would so it will appear larger. Just make sure you mount them well and don’t add anything too heavy!

Storage shouldn’t just be functional it should be stylish too!
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For anyone that has a set of stairs in their home you have likely wondered if there was something you could do with that space – it seems like such a waste! Well there are some really creative and useful things you can do with that space under the stairs. Whether you are looking for a weekend project or a great idea to add on to your renovation to-do list – there is something on this list for everyone!


1. Reading Nook:

This is a perfect little reading hide away for any member of the family.  Add a custom upholstered seat and lots of pillows for comfort. You can add some shelving for books and some art for a personal and decorative touch.  Don’t forget some light – recessed lighting or  a sconce is perfect for a space like this!


2. Work space:

This isn’t a substitute for a full home office but it is perfect for a small work center at home for catching up on bills and emails or a great homework station.  Hiding your desk under the stairs keeps papers and files out of plain sight but you still have easy access to the space.


3. Closet:

Often home owners use the under the stair space as storage for items that are not needed on a daily basis like season clothing or decor, but why not make that useful everyday storage? Having easy access to our needed items but keeping them tucked away is a great idea for the space. This is also a great idea if you don’t have a front entry closet.


4.  Powder Room:

Short on space? Adding a powder room under the stairs is a great way to use this space whether it’s on the main floor in the basement – this is a great renovation for your property in terms of use but also for resale of your home.


5.  Book case:

Are you a book lover? Need more space for your books? Use the stairs for extra book storage – it’s simple and tucked away.  You could keep children’s books on the lower shelves for easy access.  Add some baskets and you could storage puzzles, small toys or even board games.  Extra storage is never a bad thing.


6. Dog House:

Or pet space!  Even our fur babies need a place of their own, so why not a little retreat under the stairs?  You can have their toys, beds etc….some home owners have even built in a crate into the space to keep the pet area looking neat and tidy.


7. TV cabinet:

Most of us don’t like the TV to be the focal point of any room and those TV units can be so big and bulky.  Depending on your room arrangement you might be able to create a TV unit under the stairs like the one in this image.



8. Bar:

Love to entertain? This a perfect idea for the host or hostess – create your own bar (or wine storage) under the stairs.  You could even have a beer fridge and shelving for stemware.


9. Sports equipment storage :

This idea isn’t as glamorous  but for the active this is great!  If you don’t have a shed or garage for items like bikes this is for you.  Trying hanging your bike under the stairs.  It’s out of the way but easy enough to access it when you need it.



10. Mudroom:

If you have kids and don’t have a proper mud room this might be all you need.  Use that nook under the stairs to create a mud room space for the kids day to day things – jackets, hats, back packs, shoes and more.  Under the stairs keeps it out of sight but not so much that the kids can’t find their things. Try adding a bulletin or even a chalk board to keep track of events and appointments as well.


11. Laundry Room:

Doing a remodel on a smaller space? Need a a better laundry room? Under the stairs could work for you! Stacked laundry machines can fit nicely leaving you room for storage of the cleaners and a folding space too.  This is perfect to add to the space if you are renovating as you will need the plumbing to be installed so if you are in a renovation and need a laundry room this might be all you need.



12.  Playroom or Kids’ Clubhouse:

Harry Potter may have lived under the stairs and it wasn’t pleasant but you really can make a beautiful and fun clubhouse for the kids only under the stairs! You can get as creative as you like with this one!  Kids love to hide and play and under the stairs could be the perfect spot for a little playhouse!  You can paint it – add toys, books, bean bag, large pillows, sticker on the walls, have a door or curtain – it’s entirely up to you!


Making the nooks and crannies of your home is another great use of space and it add so much personality to your home!

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“We live in a small house and the whole family shares a bathroom.  We are managing just fine but the clutter of everyday stuff is getting to me.  What can we do to add some storage to our bathroom and not take on a renovation?”


The bathroom is a busy place and every high traffic area has a lot of stuff collecting everywhere but there are some things you can do to at least keep it under control.

We suggest taking a look at the type of clutter and where it is.  Counter space in a bathroom can often get overwhelmed with products and more and it can lead to spills and just overall disorganization.



Can keep things look neat and tidy but still at your finger tips.  We often recommend baskets when we stage homes as they are easy to hide and bring out when you need them.  But for everyday, there is no problem with baskets that are ‘out’ – just having your items tucked away in a small basket keeps things looking (and feeling) organized.



Another great way to use baskets is hanging them – it’s pretty and pretty practical.  That space over the toilet is often used for decor purposes but make it functional. These basic baskets (in a coordinating colour) hung on towel racks are a great way to keep everyone organized, so smart!


Towel racks.

Think about relocating your towel racks to a location in the bathroom that will allow you to use the other wall space for more small storage. Hanging 2 smaller towel racks on the back of the door makes so much sense and it gives you more room for other important storage pieces and ideas.



Floating shelves.

We highly recommend that floating shelves in your bathroom be the small colour or close to the same colour as your walls – this will keep them from looking and feeling bulky in the space.  A floating shelf is ideal for items that you need easy access to like towels or toilet paper.  Adding a few decorative items to an open shelf makes it more pleasing to the eye.  But matching baskets to contain smaller pieces is attractive, too.



Small storage pieces.

If you move your towel rack you might be surprised to find some wall space that would work for a small storage piece.  We love the idea of a tiered or ladder shelf, the piece itself isn’t bulky and it offers lots of storage for everyday items.



Hooks and hangers.

Keep your towels (used ones) organized with hooks on the wall.  For your children keep the hooks at their level – this will mean they can hang up and tidy up on their own.



Closed storage piece.

We have looked at a lot of open shelving options but if that won’t work for you look into a piece with doors (aka closed storage).  Chances are you will be able to find something that works with your current vanity – it really is best to have something similar we want consistency and flow. Look at the image below – this is a whole set.  It looks clean and streamlined not bulky and messy.  This is a great spot to hide medicine, creams, personal grooming items and more.


Don’t forget about the interior of our vanity for storage….

Try using a kitchen utensil holder to organize costume jewelry or even make up



Baskets inside of your vanity are very effective too.



A Lazy-Susan isn’t just for the kitchen, we love it for inside of a cupboard.  cupboards can get cluttered an disorganized very easily.  A lazy-Susan will help with organization, maximizing the space and gives you easy access. Or even just tiered shelving for inside of a cupboard – try the kitchen organizing department.




A dark room any room will always feel smaller so be sure to check on that lighting.  Are your bulbs working? Are they bright enough? Can you add more bulbs? Think about updating a fixture with more bulbs to add more light if you need it.



A fresh coat of paint can do wonders.  A small space like a bathroom would be a great weekend job for painting and with the right colour you can really brighten up that space.


Easy updates can make your bathroom look and feel like new!

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“One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to focus more on my home.. I am hoping to update my décor and get more organized. What are some areas I should focus on?”



January is here! The start of the New Year is so refreshing for many people. It’s a time to reset your goals and reflect on the previous year. Lots of us make New Year’s Resolutions, depending on your lifestyle and your objectives, these vary for everyone. Maybe you’re going to commit to the gym or a healthier routine, perhaps your goal is to save money, or to travel more this year. If your resolutions involve home décor, we have some fabulous suggestions for you.

Here are 5 suggestions to kick off your new year resolutions.


Decluttering Closets:

Closets are the spot where a lot of items can hide out behind closed doors. Out of sight, out of mind… Items just keep being piled in there and forgotten about, so why not sort and purge what you no longer require?

Decluttering is a surprisingly great feeling. Getting closets and pantries organized is helpful for your everyday life, having extra useable space is never a bad thing. We recommend baskets and bins to make sure everything has a home and is placed back inside neat & tidy.



Resolve to paint one room in your home a different colour, however bold or muted you desire. A fresh coat of paint signifies fresh, new beginnings. Never underestimate the power of paint. Changing the colour in a room is an inexpensive way to change the mood and décor without having to replace everything in the space.

Depending on your current décor, choose a paint colour that will be a noticeable change. This can be challenging if you have a very set colour palette in your current décor. Even using the same colour you currently have and making it a shade or two darker will be a welcome change. If painting the entire room is too large of a task to undertake, try painting an accent wall! Choose a colour from your current colour scheme and use that as your new accent wall.

Weekly Cleaning:

Most of us clean our houses weekly in the common areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens etc. But there are many places that are often overlooked that need some TLC. For example, the inside of the kitchen cabinets as often ignored.

Cleaning the inside of your fridge.

Washing baseboards.

Dusting hard to reach places.

Pick one “overlooked” area a week and focus on that as well.


Refresh some accessories:

Depending on your budget, adding some new accessories to a room gives it new life. This is a very budget friendly way to refresh your rooms. Adding a few new pillows, or a throw blanket, or maybe a new art piece will be a fabulous way to change up your décor and redesign your space. Try adding a colourful side table or garden stool or changing some frames on your wall.

Fixing Odds and Ends:

Do you have a “to do list” that just keeps piling up? Take the time and tackle these items. The little things that are ignored in your home continue to pile up, so just spend a few hours and get them done. You’ll feel so good knowing you can check off some items you’ve been meaning to get to.


 The new year is a great time to get started on these tasks but in reality it is never too late and once you get started you will love the feeling of accomplishment but also you will feel pride in your space and yourself.
Just do it,
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“We love the idea of owning furniture that does more than just look nice. We want to have furniture pieces that we can use as storage and can do double duty. What are some suggestions?”
We hear from so many people that they want furniture that can do more than one thing. These days, we’re always multitasking, everyone is always trying to do it all, between work, friends, life, family, balancing everything is what humans do best, so why should our furniture be any different?
As much as we’re advocates for everything to be beautiful, we understand that somethings need to have another purpose than just being nice to look at. We get lots of people asking about small space decorating. What are the best items to purchase for storage and that also look great?

Here are a few suggestions of furniture pieces that can be multi-purpose, or do double duty.


Coffee Tables:

Instead of using a traditional coffee table, try an ottoman that opens up with storage inside. This is a great place to put your extra pillows and blankets or whatever you need to keep tucked away and don’t have a space for. This can also serve as extra seating in your living room if you don’t have enough for guests. Another option is to have a solid material coffee table but make sure it comes with ample storage. Whether it opens up, or has lots of shelves and drawers. Make sure you utilize all the storage you can.

TV Walls:

Obviously, most people have a TV. Instead of just using that as a media space, use the extra wall space for shelves as well. Decorative baskets, books, personal photos. Create a gallery wall and use all the space available to you.

Gallery walls are very on trend at the moment. Whether you create a modern, streamlined gallery wall, or an eclectic mix of all that you love – don’t let usable space go to waste!


Dresser instead of a Console:

Most people have a table at their front door for keys and decorative pieces. Instead of just having a table there, add a dresser with storage and shelving. Having this extra storage at the front door
can be very beneficial. You need spaces to put things like hats, mitts, scarves, mail etc. Having all these extra items hidden and organized will also be good for your mind. No clutter – no stress!

Hall Tree instead of just a bench at your entry:

Similar idea to the dresser at the front entry. Having a hall tree will give you the bench for added seating, it will also have hooks, and shelving, granting you more space for odds and ends. This is another great spot for kid’s coats, back packs, shoes, hats, mitts, etc. Having these hooks and extra shelving options will be helpful organization for the whole family.

Sofa Bed:

A sofa bed is a fantastic double-duty item. Most people need a sofa somewhere in their home. And lots of people could also use an extra bed for guests. Why not purchase a sofa that can be used in multiple situations? Get something stylish that also serves as a guest space.

Chest/Bench in the bedroom:

Do you have extra space in your room? If so, add a bench at the end of your bed. Same idea as the ottoman suggestion. Add a storage bench at the end of your bed for items like pillows and blankets. Maybe even seasonal clothes. Not into the idea of a bench? Try an antique chest. Something that will add additional functionality to your home.

Bookshelf as a Room Divider:

Depending how large your space is, you may need to break up some open concept areas. Having a book case used as a room divider is a great option for storage and privacy as well. This is a great place to add accessories and accents as well such as picture frames and books. If you have an open concept space, or a studio space, a lot of times, you lose that extra wall space. Not having the wall space to add all these extra pieces is sometimes a downfall, but utilizing the space you have in smart way will contribute to an organized home.
 Double duty pieces are the way to go – you get the most out of your furniture!
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“I have a typical, TV media stand right now and I find it such an eye sore in my home. What are some unique ideas to use as a media stand in my living room?”
We agree! While the typical, glass media stand is a cheap and easy option but it certainly doesn’t enhance the style of a space. There are tons of great options that are not necessarily the ‘typical’ option but will look fabulous!

Here are 7 suggestions for ‘unique’ media stands.


1. A dresser:

Depending on how much space you have in your living room this is a fantastic option for a few reasons. It is GREAT for storage, it will hide cords and it is a unique option to have. You don’t have to choose a typical bedroom dresser, maybe a decorative option with some detail work, or some curves to the wood, perhaps in a bright colour. The flexibility with a dresser is awesome. Just make sure that the height works for your space. If you are using a lower, more modern dresser, it helps to check the height of your sofa to ensure its not too low to comfortably watch.

2. A chest:

Depending again on the height, having a chest with or without detail is a unique look. This is also a great
way to hide any cords etc since a chest is typically bulky.  There are so many different colours, styles, sizes and finishes to choose from! A great way to personalize your space.

3. A console table:

A clean lined, simple console table with a bit of storage is a great space saving option. You can hide any wires by adding baskets underneath, or a small bench or ottomans. This is very versatile and comes in many options, depending on your décor and the size of your home. Make sure that you have enough depth to hold the items you need to.

4. A fireplace:

Before committing to this though, make sure you have checked that your TV can with stand the heat that a fireplace will generate. For some people, having their TV over mounted or resting on the fireplace is a fabulous space saver as well as a great look!

5.  A bench:

Be sure your bench is sturdy enough to handle the weight of a TV but this could be a great small space solution because it won’t add a ton of bulk but pay attention to the height.

6. TV Easel:

We love this option but understand it isn’t necessarily budget friendly.  This is a great option for spaces where your wall space is limited (hello condo dwellers) plus these come of wheels so they can be moved around if you need room in your main living space if you are hosting a larger TV free party!

7. Bookcase:

Having a lower bookcase is another fantastic idea for a small space. This will incorporate a ton of storage and hold your TV – so practical!! You can never have enough storage. Plus, this is a great idea for showcasing accessories as well as being functional – doesn’t get much better than that!!
I believe even your most functional pieces can be stylish –
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“When you are selling your home do you need to stage closets and other storage spaces like the unfinished basement and garage?”

One of the first things buyers look for in a home is space, especially more storage space. 

Buyers will be opening up and peeking in storage spaces like kitchen cabinets, pantries, closets, vanities and other storage areas in the home.


It’s ideal to go through all your closets, kitchen cabinets or any cabinets that are provided in built-ins and included in the sale of the home. Buyers are nosy and they want to know what they’re buying so focus on organizing and packing up items you won’t need while on the market.

You really want to show off all of the features of the home and storage is a big must for buyers.

Remove as much clutter as you can and start pre-packing.  You will be taking it with you anyway, so pack what you don’t need (while living in the home during the selling period) and look into storing it off site maybe with a family member or a good friend.

For ‘staging’  your storage, follow these tips:

– In bathrooms:

use small baskets or trays to keep everyday hygiene items looking neat and tidy.

– In the kitchen:

be sure that cabinets are neat and tidy (no tupperware overflowing), pantry is organized, and be sure not to store items (decorative or functional) above the cabinetry or fridge it looks messy and it screams that there is a lack of storage

– In all closets:

be sure to hang clothing, be sure that the closets aren’t over stuffed, remove items from the floor (unless they belong there) and fold items that don’t need to be hung.

– In unfinished storage areas like the basement and garage:

they are used for storage so ‘stuff’ is expected but keep it organized and tidy in boxes and bins – people will want to see where they can store seasonal decor items and sports equipment like skis.


Remember the person buying your home is buying their new home…

so make every aspect of the home exciting from the kitchens and bathrooms to storage spaces.

When it comes to staging your home for sale – it’s always a good idea to remove that clutter (don’t waste time, money and energy packing and moving things you don’t need).

Present an organized home – it looks and feels great plus it sends the message to buyers that there’s lots of storage here and that’s something all buyers are looking for!

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Owning a home is a lot of work and selling a home is even more work!  Without even noticing we start to accumulate more stuff than we even realize. Some stuff in closets, in the spare bedrooms and in the garage or shed, before you know it you have quickly filled your home to the brim and now it’s bursting with all kinds of things!
Unfortunately, all of this stuff can really get in the way when you decide to sell your house.

Buyers want and need to see the full potential of your house to picture themselves in it, but that can be difficult to do when it is covered up in your things – no matter how important they may be to you.
This is a situation home stagers see all the time. You do not have to suffer from a hoarding condition to have a cluttered home. A surprising number of people need help tackling the clutter so they can sell their property.

Selling a cluttered home is hard due to the fact that many people do not have the necessary vision to see beyond it. Appearance is critical in real estate sales. Luckily, there are solutions, things you can do now to make your home look its best and sell more reliably.

15 Quick De-cluttering and presentation tips


  1. Minimize the amount of furniture in each room to make your home appear larger.
  2. Make sure all high traffic areas are kept clear.
  3. Move things like exercise equipment that don’t belong in a family or living room.
  4. All closets should be thinned out.
  5. Everything but the bare bone essentials should be removed from kitchen and bath counters.
  6. Get rid of old unsightly plants.
  7. Put away excess nick knacks, family and pet photos.
  8. Get rid of old magazines and newspapers that are just lying around.
  9. Clean up bookcases of clutter and arrange books neatly.
  10. Organize wires coming from televisions and computers around the home so they don’t look unsightly.
  11. Clear out excess shoes that may be lying around in your foyer or mudroom.
  12. Always put away dirty laundry and make the beds.
  13. If you have a deck clear it of any non-essentials
  14. Don’t forget your garage! Remove anything that is no longer necessary to have.
  15. Remember to De-clutter your yard as well. Remove any junk you have accumulated.



This is a great start to properly presenting your home and although this can seem very overwhelming. Start small, you will feel great and it will motivate you to move on down the list.  While these are some things to consider when sprucing up a cluttered home, let’s talk about the big stuff!


Have a lot of stuff? Rent A Storage Space!

One of the best tips to sell a cluttered home is to rent a storage space. This may be the most straightforward solution out there.  If your home is cluttered, consider a storage unit rental as a very small investment that could yield a considerable increase in your sale price.

Rent a unit that is plenty big enough to store all of your non-essentials. You can keep the couch and the television, but your collection of comic books or elephant figurines may be better off in storage until your house is sold. The idea is to create space for buyers to envision themselves living in your home, so anything you can remove to allow for that, is probably a good idea.

Storage units are usually inexpensive, charge month-to-month and typically offer climate-controlled options. Go for a storage provider that emphasizes security, because your things are worth protecting. Any good storage space will make security part of its operating procedures, so it should be easy to find a provider that is serious about it.

Can’t afford a storage unit? Try asking friends, family or neighbours if they could store some of your items….


Get Rid of Your Clutter

While storing things you want to keep is an important part of how to sell a cluttered home, you also want to get rid of things you don’t intend to keep. Preparing a home for sale is the perfect opportunity to discard unwanted items. There are many of us who have a problem disposing of things that we don’t use on a weekly or even a monthly basis.
Often times many of the items we end of holding onto have some kind of sentimental value. Psychologically it makes it harder for us to get rid of these things. The first step of course is to overcome that fear of saying good bye to something you have held onto. There are also some folks that hoard even what would be considered by most people to be “junk”.

If you have items in your home that will not be coming with you and you need to get rid of them one of the best solutions is a company like Junk Squad or 1-800- Got Junk. These companies will come out to your home and haul away any of your unwanted clutter. Big or small it doesn’t matter. These companies will take just about anything. Pricing will be dependent on what you are getting rid of. The cost will be impacted by the size and weight of what you are getting removed.

Another great way of getting rid of things you no longer need or want is to give them away to charity. Old clothes, coats and shoes are the perfect thing to give to a charity. Not only will you be putting a smile on the face of someone who really needs it, your home will look better in the process. Some folks also like to have a yard sale as well to get rid of excess clutter. As the saying goes one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.



Get A Professional Cleaning

Depending on your personality, this may be a difficult move to make – even if it is a small thing. Some people take pride in keeping a clean house, and many have spent years working to ensure that their homes are spotless.
However, unless you happen to run your own cleaning service, you will probably benefit from the skills of a professional.

While a professional cleaning really doesn’t necessarily get rid of clutter it can dramatically change a home’s final appearance after you have tackled the heavy lifting and removed the bigger items from your home.

Some cleaning companies specialize in prepping houses for sale, and can do an amazingly in-depth cleaning job in a short amount of time. Once you have removed as much of the clutter as you can, bringing in a cleaner is the next best step to get your home ready for sale. From carpet cleaning to dusting the mini blinds, they can whip your home into shape – making it stand out to buyers through pictures and in person.



Now that the house is clean and de-cluttered, it’s time to work on the presentation.  You want the home to look its best in photos and for showings.  Even if you don’t have tons of updates that buyers are looking for doesn’t mean that you can’t feature other aspects of the home like floor plan. Lighting, fireplace and more…

Create vignettes that highlight areas of the house that buyers might be attracted too like a mudroom, fireplace, and wide entry

Think about adjusting the furniture arrangement so that the rooms have better flow and show off the space and functionality. Ask a friend or neighbour for their honest opinion or hire a home stager

Add some accent pieces with colour like pillows, flowers, towels, shower curtain, art, etc…To spruce up the space!  This makes a space look better in photos and in person.  If you can’t afford new items ask a friend or family member if they have anything you could borrow!

During showings (and your photos) have all the curtains drawn back -letting the light in and have all of the lights on!

For extra oumph!  Bake some cookies or light some candles for a welcoming and warm feeling !

If you’ve got a tight budget to prep your home for sale, don’t fret – make it look the absolute best that it can! And be realistic when working with your realtor when it comes to pricing and comparisons.


Tackle that clutter…that’s the first step to making your home resale ready!

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“I have a mudroom in my house that I feel is underused. Sure, we come in and use it as the main entrance but I just feel it needs some organization. What are some tips for making a mudroom organized and functional?”
Having a functional mudroom can make the day to day hustle and bustle so much more manageable. If you are lucky enough to have a mudroom in your home, don’t let it go unused! A mudroom is a fantastic way to keep outerwear, books, shoes, mittens (depending on the season) tucked away so that it isn’t taking over your front entry. Of course, this blog will also show you how to make your mudroom both functional AND stylish.

1. Incorporate Storage

Depending on how much space you have, adding some cabinets or shelving will drastically increase the function of the space. If you have the space to add a “hall tree” (shelves, a bench and a place in the bottom to store shoes) you
will see the function of the space increase instantly. If you have kids, you definitely need the extra storage. Having a cabinet or shelf gives you places to store hats, mitts, scarves and all the extras kids need.

2. Add Hooks

Adding something as simple as hooks for coats will change your life. No more Jackets on the banister or laying on the floor for someone to trip on. Having a few hooks takes all the clutter away and stores it neatly.

3. Add Baskets

Adding baskets is a great place for hiding extra items such as winter clothes, the dogs leashes, extra keys etc. This is also a great place to add some colour or pattern! Adding baskets is an inexpensive way to add functionality.

4. Door Mats

Depending on the type of flooring you have, it may or may not be the most durable. Nevertheless, adding mats is another great way to pretty up your space. It also is a good spot for wiping your feet as you come in the door
instead of tracking the outdoors throughout the house. Get a mat that is easy to vacuum and not too expensive, chances are this may change with the seasons.

Don’t be afraid to use colour and pattern. Most mudrooms are not in the center of the home so it’s a great place to be bold! Typically the mudroom is not the prettiest area of your home so bring colour to the walls or shelves and use a colourful rug, baskets and art!

Part of keeping your ‘mudroom’ functional, is actually using these tools. So add name tags over hooks to keep the kids understanding where their things go. Adding their own specific area is a fun way for them to learn to clean up after themselves, and it saves you the trouble of always picking up book bags, coats and shoes!

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