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Ultra Violet is THE colour of the year for 2018

Ultra Violet has been named 2018’s colour of the year by Pantone this hue is described as a blue-based purple and it symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets. This colour is bold and calm at the same time – it is powerful and creative.

Photo credit: Pantone

Ultra Violet Home Decor Inspiration

Do you see yourself decorating with this colour? Maybe you find it too bold? I know personally it is a little over the top for me but I do like a more muted purple shade…so why not take some inspiration from this colour of the year and add it to your space.  Try adding it subtly into your home like bed sheets or some small decor pieces…..

Photo credit: Urban Outfitters via

I love the soft and romantic feel that this hue adds to this bedroom. I know my husband wouldn’t love that much purple but I think adding some soft ultra violet bed sheets like these pale purple ones from Amazon to my white and chocolate brown theme would work beautifully. What do you think?

I love the idea of updating traditional furniture pieces with some fun paint or funky fabric – it maintains that traditional beauty but gives the piece a whole new look.  I recently painted my old bathroom vanity with chalk paint and I’m totally looking for new chalk paint projects in my home. I could definitely see using a purple tone chalk paint to update some old or boring furniture for my daughter’s room. This image really inspired me…..

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy

For my daughter’s room, again, I think I would opt for a softer hue of this ultra violet colour – she has an old rocking chair in her room that would look great in this shade. Love this Annie Sloan chalk paint in ‘Emile’

I have always thought that shades of purple were so beautiful at weddings – versatile too – summer, spring, winter or fall – there is a shade for each season….I love the look of this wedding table scape … the mix of colours, the florals and succulents, the glassware and the gold accents – it’s so romantic!

Photo credit: Lace in the Desert

A wedding invitation can really set the tone for the event – Minted has some incredible Wedding invitations – this colour is a nod to the trend this year and the layout and font and clean and simple.

Ultra Violet and what to pair with it…

Ultra violet has a great energy to it and could be overwhelming in a space but try pairing it with clean and crisp white to balance it all out. The ultra violet towels in this bathroom make a statement but do not over power the room.

Photo credit: Rotatorrod

It looks great with taupe – it brings a little more ‘pop’ to a tone that many consider a bit boring.  I love the velvet texture of these throw pillows – it’s not a true ultra violet shade but the inspiration is there and the colour plays off nicely on the pattern taupe chairs.

Photo credit: Style at Home

Try it with beige. Beige isn’t exactly trending but here are still a lot of homes with a lot of beige – if you are looking to add some of the ultra violet trend into your beige room – well it works beautifully.  Beige is a great warm and soft back drop that you can easily freshen up with a pop of colour.

Photo credit : House & Home

How about a little bit of chocolate….brown paired with purple tones – it is a little unexpected but it is so warm and inviting.  The look of this living room is chic – the mix of textures and some metallic accents makes it so sophisticated!

Photo credit: House & Home

Purple and grey work hand in hand.  They look great together and again there are so many shades of both purple and grey – the possibilities are endless….This nursery would also double nicely as a guest room as it has a soothing feel and it doesn’t look too child like.  The accent wall and the the trellis pattern drapery (also in purple) are just the right amount of bold and the soft grey and the white soften it all up.


Photo credit: unknown

I am personally not big on bold colour myself but I definitely appreciate and could see myself embracing the more muted versions of ultra violet in my home. What do you think of the colour of 2018?

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It is that time of year where all of the fashion and home design experts are making their predictions for what will be the hot colour of the year…. Benjamin Moore has already announced their pick for colour of the year for 2018….Caliente – and just like the name suggests this colour is red hot.

More about the colour of the year….

This colour, Caliente, is hot, sexy and has lots of bold personality….this red hue has a touch of orange so it is a bit of a departure from the purple based wine tones. For anyone who is drawn to rich and warmer tones, caliente is Perfect!

Photo credit: Architectural Digest


The experts already were way ahead of this announcement and started to declare red as the new ‘millennial pink‘ over the summer months….

Red is a great next step from millennial pink….it is bold, a little unexpected in certain places (a red kitchen island….) . It can add a lot of richness to an exterior. It can be both feminine and masculine  depend on how you use it in your space.

How to decorate with the colour of the year…

This colour is so versatile … you can add this colour in a modern space that needs a colour injection but you can also make this work in a country or nautical inspired theme.  A Persian rug in this rich hue is another way to add this tone and some sophistication into any space.

Red Rug

This boho inspired room is so relaxed and the red makes a statement without taking over the space.  this room really combines a mix of styles like modern and traditional along with some great texture.

Photo credit:
 Add a touch of red with some pillows – a solid red pillow might be too much red so opt for some pattern … This living room styled by Pottery Barn has a great mix of boho and fresh coastal
Photo credit: Pottery Barn

 Red Furniture

 You can add a bold punch to your space with some red painted furniture.  This lake house bedroom is fresh and colourful with painted red twin beds…
Photo credit : Country Living

 Red sofa

Alright this is for someone who is really looking to e bold in their home decor.  A red sofa makes a statement but if you love colour…why not go bold? Red is a great colour for a major piece of furniture like a sofa because it really does work with a lot of other colours…

Photo credit : House of Turquoise

 Red accessories

Red is a great colour to accessorize with! Switching up your accessories along with new trends is an easy and affordable to change up the look of your decor…whether it’s pillows in a living room or bedroom or some kitchen items.

Photo credit:

 What do you think of Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the year?

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Scandinavian Rugs…

If you have been following home decor trends no doubt you have come across Scandinavian inspired rugs.  Typically they are black and white and with some type of ‘tribal’ pattern.  The shapes and patterns look almost hand drawn. Many of these rugs have a shaggy texture adding to the character of this trend.

Photo credit :

This hand woven rug is a great example of the Scandinavian rugs that are trending now.  These rugs add a bold pop of pattern in a space so for those of your that like a clean and minimal look but worry that it might be boring – this is a perfect option!

Scandinavian rugs are versatile

Scandinavian inspired rugs also work well with industrial style – they are neutral, they add some texture and print into an industrial space plus the ‘hand drawn’ designs work with the imperfect nature of industrial style. The blend of minimal and clean Scandinavian style and the raw material industrial look have created a look known as Scandi-industrial

Photo credit : Kathy Kuo Home

Scandinavian rugs also work well with modern farmhouse – the subtle and neutral designs add visual interest to this farmhouse look –  we used a Scandinavian inspired rug in one of our recent model home designs – we love the subtle and soft pattern in the space.  The mix of textures and patterns in this room make this space interesting and deep.

Shop Scandinavian Rugs…

Love the look of these neutral pattern rugs? So do we! Here are some of our favourite Scandinavian inspired rugs …

This rug is a great find on amazon – we love the black and white motif and the pattern is visually interesting and has a ‘tribal’ inspired feel.

This rug is very similar to the one we used in our recent model home project.  This pattern is very subtle and the cool combination of grey and white is very one trend.

This rug is a great deal on Amazon (8 x 10 for under $300!) – has a bit more contrast with the ivory and charcoal tone and the pattern is so unique -which is why we love it!

More black and white …. the diamond pattern is popular in these Scandinavian rugs and this one has some amazing shaggy textures which brings some texture to the room.

This rug has such a unique pattern (imagine this paired with some reclaimed wood) – it’s like art on the floor!

We love what area rugs can do for a room…don’t you?

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We are working on an exciting new design project with a client  -we will be sure to reveal this mystery client and the project as soon as we can- but for now we want to share one element that is inspiring us right now for this project…rose gold!


Yes, we know rose gold isn’t new but it is the first time that we have had a client to work with that has really embraced this stunning colour.

Rose gold…

is a sexy and feminine colour that blends gold and a soft pink.  It is warm, girly, sultry and we love it! Our client is a big fan, too and since this space that we are designing is all about her – we are definitely adding this tone to the space.


We love blending this warm metallic with shades of grey, white and millennial pink . When we are designing spaces for clients we love for them to show us some images that inspired them …

Photo credit : Wedluxe

No, we aren’t planning a wedding – but this image really sums up the elements that our clients likes – the florals that are full and subtle, the soft colour palette, the reflective surfaces (shiney and sparkly), the simplicity of the pieces and of course, the rose gold…


Photo credit : Flooring Canada Simcoe

Rose gold doesn’t just have to be in metal texture.  This room is another source of inspiration – it is so feminine and light.  All of the layers in this bedroom make it so dreamy and light.  Plus the pairing of the clean white walls with rose gold and blush tones is just so stunning.

Shop ….

1 light pendant in rose gold finish – these would look amazing over a kitchen island (if you want a feminine touch in your kitchen) or these could be a great light flanking a bed…


24″ Bar stool in rose gold finish – add some glam to your kitchen or bar space with these bar stools…

‘Tres Bien –  Art’ – Add some sparkle to your walls with this art piece in a metallic finish…this would be a fun addition in a bathroom or a bedroom for a teen.


Instead of art on the wall add some interest and function with this oversized 28″ wall clock


Love these faux silk pattern throw pillows they would look great on a bed with a bit of a glamorous feel like a tufted headboard – or a great accent in a feminine office space.


This accent stool is a great way to add this metal texture and tone to a space – this could be used as extra seating and even a side table for an accent chair.

This floral baroque rug is so feminine and pretty – this would be perfect in a feminine office…


We love this style of chair – it’s great as a small space accent chair, dining or kitchen table chair or even guest chairs in an at home office. This side chair also has a high shine finish that we like….

Metallic finishes and pieces can look very masculine but this is a great option for anyone looking for a warmer and feminine feel to add to their space….What do you think of this metallic tone?

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Friday favourites for this week we are highlighting some of our favourite deep purple hues. Shades of plum, wine and aubergine are some of our favourite fall colours to work with – they are deep, rich and warm plus they work with the standard golden yellow and orange tones. But they transition well into the cold winter months, too.

Deep Purple Inspiration

You can be inspired by anything – we love the rich and warm colour combination of this bridal bouquet from an Fall wedding.  See how lovely the orange, deep purple and wine tones work together

Photo credit : Classy Petals

This eclectic living room / meeting room adds a bold statement with the plum area rug – the green velvet sofa adds another bold element and the furry mustard pillows really pull the two together.  This room has a mix of different styles to create this eclectic boho look.

Photo credit : my domaine

Yes, you can decorate with deep purple…

When it comes to working with a big statement colour like deep purple you only need a bit to make a statement.  This living room in clean white tones is light and bright but adding this signature velvet aubergine tone chair in the colour adds depth to the space (plus it looks so comfortable).  Paired with the different tones and textures – this colour adds a unique pop to this space.

Photo credit :


When it comes to decorating with purple hues – you can always opt for something softer and even something with more of a grey tone.  This bedroom is a great example of grey-purple tones of various degrees – the accent pillows on the bed vary in pattern and shades of purple and the walls are painted in a grey-purple tone as well.  The purple hue is balances out with neutrals like white and black.

Photo credit : Sarah Richardson Design

Shop …Deep Purple

Here are some of our favourite deep purple pieces for the home…

This vintage finish hand-knotted area rug from Wayfair – is a great way to add this deep jewel tone to your space plus there are many other colours in this rug that you could use as inspiration in your space…

This knitted textured pouf in various tones of blue, purple and even slight touches of red is a great find from Wayfair.  The texture and tones are so rich and this pouf would add a great punch in any room.

A wreath is a great front door accessory but we also love decorating with wreaths indoors too – add them to a front door vignette, gallery wall or as fireplace mantle decor.  This wreath from Amazon is such a great find – we love the rich and warm purple wine tones paired with the herb greens and that texture!

Urban Barn is one of our favourite stores and these stunning geode inspired coasters come in a set of 4 and they are another great way to add this rich tone to your space


Pillows are a great accent piece because with literally no effort or mess you can transform the look of your space.  These deep aubergine toned pillows are a great pair to add to your sofa or bed.  This tone works well with all neutrals but also is a great match with olive green, mustard, teal and even millennial pink.

Art hangings are always a great way to switch up your home decor and add some colour! This purple tree print from Minted is a clean and chic piece that would be perfect in a bedroom, living room or entry.  The white matte and frame really let the deep purple tones stand out!


Adding just a few pops of this deep (and timeless) tone can really add a warmth and richness to any room.  You don’t need a lot to make an impact!

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Navy Peony ….Have you heard about this colour? Navy Peony is one of fall 2017’s hottest hues for fashion and for the home.  Navy blue is of course a classic that never goes out of style but this fall we will be seeing even more of this stunning tone.

Navy Peony….

this colour is fresh and clean….it is a bit lighter than the traditional navy blue.  Navy Peony is a true blue colour.  It works will neutrals (we love it paired with white) but it also looks modern with tones like millennial pink. This versatile shade will be everywhere…

Photo credit :Caitlin Wilson Design


Navy Peony Home Decor Ideas…

We love the depth of this colour but the versatility is also a great feature of this stunning shade. You might think that navy is boring but it can be anything…ranging from classic and traditional to fun and fresh – it all depends on how and where you use it! Mix it with some metallic tones, bold colour, mix and match prints or keep it with the neutrals. Try it in unexpected rooms like a nursery or the kitchen! Here are some of our favourite rooms (right now) with navy peony…

Photo credit : Domino

Navy peony in the kitchen is a huge trend.  This year we saw navy in the kitchen (mostly kitchen islands or lower cabinets) and we love it! The navy island with detail ‘furniture’ style legs makes it look like a piece of furniture.  The white tone is very clean and bright. Some might say this combination is traditional but add some interesting pieces to make it less formal.  These ‘riviera’ stools add a relaxed feel with a bit of a beach inspired vibe.  The simple white and gold pendant lights add some modern feel to the kitchen.


Photo credit : Robin Caskenette Interiors

Navy blue in a nursery is a perfect colour palette – navy and white is so crisp and of course, classic. The mix of pattern like polka dots and chevron makes this classic colour combination look fresh and fun, very age appropriate.  This is a space for the baby and the whole family to enjoy! Plus the existing palette can easy transition as your child grows and you can add a secondary or accent colour like green, red, orange or pink!

Photo credit : Tigmi Trading

We love an entry that has some personality – sure it is a small ‘room’ but this space really sets the tone for your home – it is a well used space by those who live in the home and those who visit, so don’t over look that area.  This entry has so much character – we are huge fans of displaying pieces you love and found items.  Displaying artifacts from your travels is a decor style that is truly one of a kind.  Typically display walls are painted in lighter tones but here we see this bold navy wall and it makes a great statement especially with the concrete floors and the wood accents.


Photo credit : Studio McGee

We are huge fans of this family great room (and this home tour)! Plus this space goes to show how navy peony can be used as a simple accent and not the main colour.  Here we see these white built-ins flanking the fireplace with the backing in navy wallpaper with a linen-like texture.  We also see in the space some navy pattern pillows that mix so well with the sofa and chairs and of colours the styled accessories and library lights all work together so beautifully in these built-ins – navy in this space really compliments and doesn’t dominate.


Photo credit :

Again we see how navy peony is not over powering this room.  We see a great balance of deep navy and crisp white and some great ‘in-between’ tones that bridge it all together – the grey and teal hues plus the mix of printed pillows add warmth to the room.  There is a lot of great layering and styling in the space that give it a contemporary feel that is still very cozy.

Shop Navy Peony…

Thinking about adding this hot hue to your home? Maddie is already working on it!

Here are some amazing pieces – we love – in this colour of the moment…

Add a touch of luxury with a navy peony velvet tufted ottoman – this one is from Wayfair, add a tray for some serving surface or extra space for decor.


If your look is a bit more farmhouse, you can still add some of this colour to your decor – this navy Milk bottle vase is a great accessory for a console table.



Add some blue to your walls – not with paint but with art! Add this beautiful blue watercolour abstract print to your home.  This would look beautiful in a bedroom (guest or master suite).


Navy peony is going to be everywhere this fall…what do you think of this unconventional choice for the fall season?

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I have to confess that I am in love! I’m in love with chunky knit blankets … I have loved them since they really started to emerge in current home decor.  I love being cozy and snuggling up with a blanket (as I am writing this post I have one of my many throw blankets on my lap …)

Photo credit :

Do you love chunky knit blankets?

I know in terms of trends I am a ‘little late to the party’ but to be honest I don’t consider knit anything to be a trend – I think there will also be a place for these fabulous knitted creations but yes, they are having a bit of a moment right now.

I have to share some of my favourite home decor looks with chunky blankets

Chunky Blankets in the Living room

Photo credit: My Modern Met

This white living room with black and grey accent is so clean and crisp – and this over sized chunky blanket adds so much texture to the room.

Photo credit : All Free Knitting

This big stitch oatmeal chunky knit blanket draped over this sofa is perfect for cuddling and snuggling plus it makes this contemporary tufted sofa look softer.

Photo credit : My Domaine

The chunk knit blanket was seen a lot this year in millennial pink – two trends working hand in hand.  The corner of this living room space is so fresh and feminine in millennial pink, clean lines and the over sized knitted throw is balanced and beautiful!

Chunky Blankets in the Bedroom

Photo credit:

There’s no better to place to snuggle than in your bedroom – add a chunky knitted blanket and you may never want to get out of bed again!

Photo credit: Decoratio

Again that classic combination of soft grey and millennial pink – so soft and soothing especially in a bedroom.

Where can you get a chunky knit blanket?

If you are crafty – there are some great arm knitting tutorials that show you how to make such a cozy and chunky knitted throw blanket.  This is one tutorial that I found easy to follow – here

I’m a knitter and my goal is to knit one of these myself – I found this step by step knitting tutorial for one of these chunky blankets on – I can’t wait to make my own!

Not crafty? That’s OK…

You can purchase one!

Here are some of my favourites, found on

This beautiful blue blanket is a stunning colour with this chunky knitted texture is available on Amazon.

This white handmade chunky blanket by wool + sea is stunning and available on amazon.

Do you these chunky knit blankets as much as I do??


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Millennial Pink – have you heard this term? If you haven’t heard of it you have definitely noticed it.  Millennial Pink has definitely made a big splash this year and even though we saw ‘Rose Quartz’ crowned the ‘colour of the year’ in 2016 – it took some time for the hue to really make an impact.  This colour really seems to go hand-in-hand with the popularity of unicorns, candy, donuts, mermaids, fun prints, inspirational quotes and more…it has a whimsical nature about it!


Photo credit:

Millennial Pink is everywhere….

you have seen this shade in fashion, beauty, hair and definitely in home decor.  Whether it’s accessories, small DIY furniture projects or wall colour – Millennial Pink has really made a statement this year. Millennial Pink is also known as Scandi-Pink and Tumblr Pink.  Millenial Pink isn’t a specific tone of this light candy inspired pink but it is a series of pinks including Pale Dogwood, Rose Quartz and Candy Pink…

Photo credit:

Millennial Pink Home decor Inspiration

We love the softness and the femininity of this shade of pink and there are so many fresh and modern approaches to use this home decor.  We love how this colour works well with so many styles and colours. Here are some of our favourite rooms in Millennial Pink.

Millennial Pink in the Living Room

Photo credit:

We love the girly touch Millennial pink adds to this living room corner – the modern and clean lines of the chair are a nice balance to the chunky knit blanket and velvet accent pillow. The beach theme art also picks up on this pink hue – but it is so subtle and soft that it is not over powering.

Photo credit:

Another living room image embracing the millennial pink trend – we see another chunky knit blanket and a faux fur pillow (we did see also of texture play this year, too) When you are working with a statement colour like pink you don’t need a lot of other accent pieces or colours in the space so this does play nicely with the Scandinavian and almost minimalist tendency we saw this year as well.

Photo credit : Crush Cul de Sac

You do not have to be a millennial to hop onto this trend. We love the way this more traditional living room looks so fresh with some candy pink pillows, throw and some fresh flowers.  The furniture has a classic and traditional feel but the pop of colour brings new life to this room!

Millennial Pink in the Bedroom

Photo credit:

If pink paint seems too much for you or too solid, maybe a pink wallpaper is the right balance for you. This bedroom is more of less neutral but add that pink ‘marble-like’ wallpaper and what a statement!

Photo credit:

This modern bedroom has a great masculine and feminine balance with the clean lines, grey tones and wood texture paired with the copper pendant lights, soft pink and the fur – this bedroom is a mix of many of the trends we saw in 2017.

Millennial Pink Home Office

Photo credit : Polished Habitat

Millennial pink home offices were the rooms where we probably saw the most pink….This room has a great mix of pink tones – the pillow, the pouf, the area rug and some decor accessories –

Millennial Pink – Get the Look in your home

This tray is perfect for serving Brunch favourites like mimosas or avocado toast…

Chunky blankets are a great addition to a living room or bedroom – they are so cozy to curl up with and they add great texture to the space too! This chunky knit blanket is the perfect shade of millennial pink.

Blend a bunch of hot trends all into one piece like this millennial pink fur pouf – this would be a fun accent piece for a bedroom, home office or a nursery.

 Add some pink florals to your home office or bathroom as a subtle nod to the trend without diving in completely. This pink peony arrangement would add a fresh and fun touch to any room!

An art print is a great way to add that splash of pink to your space – this piece is modern and soft at the same time and the tone of pink is so fresh with the white frame.

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour to make your space pop! This pink and gold mug is a great way to start the day!

Love this colour? So do we and we love all of the different ways to add it to your decor,


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Pineapples seem to be everywhere these days, don’t they?!

The pineapple trend is going strong – pillows, art, outdoor furniture, decorative accents and more….You might be thinking that pineapples are trending right now because it is summer and pineapples have a tropical flare that we think of when the sun is out.  But pineapples actually have a history in home decor.


Photo credit – Erica Hammer


Pineapples – the symbolism

Seafaring captains used to impale fresh pineapples–souvenirs of their lengthy travels to tropical ports–atop the porch railings of their homes when they returned. It was a symbol then that the man of the house was home–albeit briefly–and receiving visitors.

During early Colonial days in the United States, families would set a fresh pineapple in the center of the table as a colorful centerpiece of the festive meal, especially when visitors joined them in celebration. This symbolized the utmost in welcome and hospitality to the visitor, and the fruit would be served as a special desert after the meal. Often when the visitor spent the night, he was given the bedroom which had the pineapples carved on the bedposts or headboard–even if the bedroom belonged to the head of the household.


Photo credit – Burkaton


There’s a small town in rural Alabama that boasts symbols of the pineapple everywhere  -the town ‘Pine Apple’, settled by “Easterners” from the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia around 1820 was originally named “Friendship”. But there was already another Friendship, Alabama, so they named their town in honor of the pine and the apple trees that gave the land its beauty and the town its wealth. These days, the town’s name is as often written “Pineapple”. Signs of this universal symbol of hospitality are seen painted on the front doors of homes and the town’s welcome sign, carved in finials and even Christmas decorations, on gate-posts and roof-tops, carved into bedposts and head-boards, and found in a variety of table centerpieces.

Not only have wood-carvers etched this symbol, but the delicate hands of needle-workers have preserved this symbol in family heirlooms over the centuries. Items such as pineapple samplers, table cloths, and crochet doilies are just some of the items found in homes to welcome friends and visitors.

The pineapple has been a universal symbol of hospitality and welcome for many centuries all over the world.

For more information of the history and symbolism of the pineapple, click here


Photo credit – Aimee Wilder

Decorating with Pineapples

Pineapples can be found in many areas of the home for decoration.  Historically they were displayed outside to send the message to friends and neighbours that ‘guests were welcome’.  In areas of the southern United States, we often still see pineapples on the exterior of homes – door knockers, address plaques and doormats are some of the more common decorative touches with pineapples.

Lately, we have been seeing a resurgence of pineapples in home decor and we are seeing a modern spin and even a bit of a quirky spin on the pineapple theme.


 Photo credit – The Pink Dream Designs by Ceres 

Our picks for decor pieces featuring pineapples:

These outdoor pineapple print pillows are perfect for a backyard oasis.


These pineapple string lights are perfect for an outdoor dining space or seating area – they add a tropical touch and a bit of whimsy.

Add a pineapple art piece at your front entry or mixed in with your gallery wall. We love this simple print from Minted.

These pineapple pinstripe bed sheets add just a small detail to any bedroom – we love these for a guest bedroom! Perfect for a warm welcome for out of town friends and family.

Welcome your house guests with a snack on this pineapple serving board – just another inviting touch to home entertaining!

Historically, pineapples were used as centerpieces when entertaining guests at a dinner parties – this ceramic pineapple figurine could be added to a table or at the front entry console table.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make guests feel welcome and add warmth to your home. Even a simple, fresh pineapple centerpiece inviting and natural way to welcome your guests – no matter where you live.

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What is ‘Scandi-industrial’ style?

Scandi-industrial style is a blend of two styles: Scandinavian design and industrial design.

Scandinavian design is best known for warmth, functionality, clean lines and simple elegance. Think of elements of natural, simple minimalism, neutral tones, and white walls.

Photo credit: Louisiana Laginappe

Industrial design style  is also known as ‘ the warehouse look’. Taking it’s inspiration from old factories turned into loft dwellings. This style mixes textures like wood, metal and concrete and keeping the ‘unfinished look’.


Photo credit:

Why do Scandinavian and Industrial design styles work so well together?

The blending of these two styles resulted in a whole new style called ‘Scandi-industrial’. These styles work so well together because they have some common threads – neutral tones, mixing texture and functionality. These styles appreciate the beauty of natural and raw materials without a lot of ornamental detail.



Photo credit: House Beautiful

How can you get the ‘Scandi-industrial’ look?

When it comes to blending styles in one room – you need to have a dominant style and then a supporting style.  A 50/50 mix will look and feel confused.  Because these two styles have some common threads, they are quite easy to mix together.  An example of mixing these style is to have a Scandinavian style as the dominant (furniture for instance) with white walls or a brick wall painted in white and add some industrial lighting.

Photo credit:

Because you are mixing styles – no two rooms will ever be identical! there are so many combinations and modifications of this style – so you will never be bored.  Just be sure to have those common treads in each room.

Scandi-Industrial inspiration:

Photo credit:

This dining room is another example of Scandi-industrial design.  The furniture is Scandinavian with minimal details and simple lines.  The contrast in this room and the absence of colour blend the two styles nicely and the industrial lighting is functional and simply beautiful at the same time.

Photo credit:

This home office work space is another example of blending these two styles.  The modern furniture like this Eiffel chair fits with the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design.  The neutral colour palette brings both styles together and this painted wall has a rough texture with a slightly unfinished look like we would see in an industrial warehouse space.

‘Scandi-industrial’ pieces:

Black and white art is a staple in Scandinavian design. This piece is simple and would look great hanging in a gallery wall of individually.

This mid-century modern design chair is another staple in this style – it works as a dining chair but also as an accent chair is a small room or a corner of a room.  These come in many different colours and even ‘armless’ designs, too.

Scandinavian design embraces the beauty and texture of nature. So this cotton throw pillow with the tree trunk cross section really puts a modern spin on this Scandi-industrial look.  The black and white scheme works with the neutral-on-neutral decor.

Industrial lighting has a raw and gritty appeal and adds so much character to any room. This tri-pod table lamp adds some detail to the space without being fussy.

This reclaimed wood and metal bed from Laurel Foundry has a great mix of textures – the metal and the reclaimed wood add a richness and lots of character to a bedroom. The white bedding is a beautiful contrast in tone and in texture, too!

When you mix two styles together – you get a truly unique look !

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