We offer a variety of interior decorating services for builders.


We offer a range of expertise for builders including floor plan consultation, interior and exterior finish selections (flooring to cabinets and everything in between), interior designer sample boards (paint, ceramic, granite and more) – using your outlined building specifications and preferred list of suppliers (we can also recommend local suppliers).


We design ‘sample boards’

  • Designed sample boards that demonstrate the final look of all of the materials together in a cohesive look – this is an excellent tool for the sales team (ideal for developments that do not have a show home open to the public).
  • Selected samples are reflective of the builders specifications and budget and in line with the target buying group


We decorate and design model homes

  • Working within your budget and focusing on a look that will attract the targeted sales demographic. We take care of the purchases, deliveries, installation and assembly; and meet your timelines.
  • We also offer decorating and concept design services for common areas such as lobbies, party rooms and outdoor spaces.


We offer styling services.

  • We work with larger and ‘out of city’ interior design firms on projects that require a local ‘eye for detail’ and ‘boots on the ground’ decorating services.
  • We work with the head designer’s overall existing vision but add the details with art, linens, drapery and other needed accessories to give the finishing touches on a show home, model and/or sales center.



Looking to offer a unique service to your buyers?

  • We also offer design center consultations with buyers who would like the guidance and expertise of a design professional to create the look of their dream home.
  • We meet buyers at the design center (or supplier locations) to assist them with all of their selections.
  • We also make suggestions and offer guidance on how to spend their ‘Builder Decor Bonuses’ .

This service offers your buyers a unique experience with one-on-one with a certified interior decorator who will assist them in creating their dream home on their budget.


Contact us for information on fees and services


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