Photo styling services –

We offer photo styling services for photo shoots and photographers.

If you are a photographer or working with a photographer looking for some props and accessories and some hands-on assistance to style your photo shoot.  We can help!  Together (as part of the team) we all collaborate on the overall concept the client is looking for and how to best promote and highlight the product using a variety of props and ‘scenes’.



The role of the stylist on location for a photo shoot is to provide the photographer an extra set of eyes, ears and hands leaving the photographer to stay behind the camera, as well as creating a fantastic look! Our set and home styling services offer our clients a hands-on expertise on ‘shoot day’ but also access to a variety of home decor props in many styles ranging from art and accessories to furniture and everything in between.  We work with the client, photographer and their concept for the set/ scene.  Props and styling give your photos the emotion and look you desire in order to better connect with your audience.


We have worked with setting up ‘scenes’ for product photo shoots to give the product the spotlight it deserves but still giving the shot an authentic feel.

  • We provide the props (looks and sets are discussed prior to the shoot)
  • We are on set all day arranging /styling the props and sets and we work with the feedback from the client and photographer to get it right! 
  • Attend to details, looking out for any imperfections and making adjustments as needed…the camera picks up everything!
  • Making sure the product is placed in the most effective angles and positions.
  • Removing any obstructing/distracting objects in your photo foreground and background.
  • We deliver all props and arrange for their removal.


Contact us for information on fees and details.

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