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Textiles are a great way to switch up your look – this includes: drapery, pillows, bed linens, and even area rugs.  There are always certain prints that are in style.  Remember when we used to see chevron everywhere and on everything? Well, here’s what hot in textiles for 2016!

1- Fur has been ‘trending’ since about 2012.  It has been seen in living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms – pillows, throws and rugs. It is incredibly versatile – it works in a modern space, contemporary, rustic – any style!

2- Jungle prints  – big and bold jungle prints really add a splash of colour and fun to any space. We have also see a lot of tropical prints in wall paper, too. Not sure of this trend – try it in small doses, a pillow on your sofa in a bold jungle print can really make an impact.  We love this bold pillow available on Etsy.

3 – Stonewashed – the ultimate in relaxed.  Think soft texture, slightly crumpled and subtle tones – perfect for the bedroom.Check out Restoration Hardware‘s Belgian  linen collections. Layer it and add some other textures too like cable knit or fur to keep the room from looking flat

4 – Velvet is really making a comeback in women’s fashion too, it’s the whole nod to the 90’s! But we will be seeing this luxurious textile in the home too. Velvet looks great in any colour but we love it in rich jewel tones like this emerald green. The texture really adds a touch of luxury to any room.

5 – Botanical print – soft and subtle and a little whimsical.  This print still makes a statement, we love it layered with other prints or echoed in botanical print art (not matching prints). It works with all neutrals too

6 – Soft and low contrast Damask prints – we have seen the Damask print for a few years now in big and bold colours and black and white, so old Hollywood glam (very Kardashian – esque).  We will still see the print but in lower contrast and more subtle tones.

7- Colourful Geometric prints – if this looks like a bit of a retro throwback, it is! These colour combos and geometric prints have a bit of a mod vibe but refreshed and do you see the pops of rose quartz, too?

8 – Colour Blocking – similar to the geometric print but fewer colours but still that mod look.We love this bedding set in white and soft grey with a pop of coral – it’s a great balance of male and female elements too.

9 – Japanese tie-dye : Shibori.  Blue and white Japanese style tie-dye print is hot! We love this way this adds some organic looking print to this bedroom.This is fun and fresh plus we love the organic feel of this, it reminds us of your favourite jeans!

We love layering textiles of various textures and prints.  Which of these is your favourite?

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Bar carts having been trending for a while now and we love them too!  They are the perfect open and accessible liquor cabinet plus they look chic.  But we love how multi functional the bar cart is!  here are some of our favourite ideas and uses for the bar cart.

1. Bar cart end table. 

We love this gold bar cart, so 2016! it’s open and airy and just perfect for someone who loves to entertain but we also love how it is being used as an end table in this small space.  Take a closer look the top shelf is styled with flowers and some books – this could be great surface space for coasters too.  The lower portion is used as the bar.


2. Bar cart Coffee station.

Short on kitchen space? Love all things coffee? why not add a bar cart and create a coffee station? We love how useful this is plus it looks great.  It’s great for entertaining, too! Try wheeling it into the living space for after dinner coffee and desserts.  You can also use the lower shelves for open storage of mugs, dishes and more or try adding some baskets for tea towels or store your pretty cookbooks.



3. Bar cart bathroom storage.

OK a glass of wine in a hot bath is a lovely way to unwind but maybe you don’t need a bar cart serving wine and cocktails in your bathroom but here’s an idea…try using a bar cart in the bathroom for some extra storage.  This is a great idea if your bathroom is short on space.  Make it pretty and spa like by adding beautiful and plush towels, candles and maybe a plant or just keep it totally functional for everyday items like towels.



4. Bar cart guest bedroom needs. 

Have an out of town guest? Want them to feel at home? We heart this idea! Add a bar cart to the room and stock it with essentials and a few treats.  This adds a bit of a hotel feel but it makes your guests feel welcome and like this space is theirs (even if it is just for a short time)



5.  Bar cart decor.

We love the open and airy feel of a bar cart so why not use it as an end table? You don’t have to stock with beverages you can just style it as you would any other end table. At first glance, we didn’t even notice this was a bar cart – we just loved the look but this is a great idea, because it is so multi-purpose for when you are entertaining.



6. Bar cart Baby station.

OK not as pretty but very functional.  If you have just had a baby, moving around is a bit of a challenge at first, so create a baby and mommy friendly space that cuts down on moving around.  Keep everything accessible.  Using a bar cart to hold the baby essentials is so smart! And you could easily use this in the nursery as well.


7. Bar cart kids crafts. 

The bar cart is a great way to stay organized and because it is on wheels it can be moved around very easily.  We love the idea of a movable kids art cart!  Keep all of their supplies in the cart and you won’t have to take up other storage space in your home and this way it is easy for them to access.



8. Bar cart music station. 

If you love music, why not use your bar cart to store and display your love and passion for music? We love how this turntable is displayed on a bar cart, genius idea!



9. Bar cart office storage. 

Need a little extra storage space in your office? Try a bar cart! It’s perfect for storing items that you need access too but you don’t want them to take up useful desk surface space.



10. Bar cart outdoor entertaining. 

The bar cart is also perfect for the outdoors.  We love the vertical storage for drinks and other items – it’s easy to clean and won’t be in the way.


We absolutely love pieces that serve multiple purposes now and also in the furniture…

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We are often asked about trends in home decor and design.  Just the other day at a neighbourhood party, one of the questions asked was ‘Is grey still in?’

Here’s what we have to say…


Grey is a neutral so it is never really out. 

But what we will say is the cooler greys (so think grey with a blue-purple under tone) is on it’s way out.  We are seeing a lean toward the warmer greys.  This is a tone that we love for many reasons.

We love it because it is warm. Who doesn’t want a space that feel inviting?

We love it because it works beautifully with neutrals

…like navy, white and charcoal but also just as well with bold colours like yellow and hot pink and even with softer hues like mint and lavender.  It is so versatile!

We love it because it works with all styles of decor.

You can have a warm grey farmhouse kitchen full of reclaimed wood and ages copper touches and an apron sink but you could also have a warm grey living room in a modern minimalist space with open windows, concrete floors and soaring ceilings.  It works with either of these styles plus anything in between.

We love it because it is great transitional tone. 

So if your home was very warm beige and you want to move into a grey tone for a change, a warm grey is perfect for you – it means you won’t have to adjust all of your furniture, it will still work because of the warmth in the new grey tone.

We love it in paint, flooring, furniture, tiles, cabinetry, textiles and more.

So to answer the question, yes, grey is still in! Thinking of making a change to grey? Stick to warmer greys that work with your current palette.

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Scandinavia has a long heritage of beautiful home furnishings. Scandinavians are renowned for incorporating clean lines, using the color white like total pros, and emphasizing both function and form.

You might think that Scandinavian style is that famous yellow and blue store with ‘assemble yourself furniture’ that comes in boxes.  but Scandinavian style is more than that!

If you love a clean and minimal look that embraces natural elements, Scandinavian might be your style!

Scandinavian style includes…

1 – Light toned wood.

2 – A rug with one pop of colour…

Maybe…but usually they are neutral, black and white are often seen in this style of decor.

3 – Lots of white, and white on white

4 -Simplicity is key

When it comes to hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms, clean lines and minimal to no detail.

5 – Invest in classics.

Scandinavian style is very minimal so you will only have a few decor items, so it’s worth investing in them. For example, a glass vase by designer Alvar Aalto

6 – Signature ‘Scandinavian’ pieces

Furniture pieces that embrace the Scandinavian style like the Tulip Table

7 – Gallery walls with a monochrome colour palette.

Not cluttered at all – it’s a very clean look in a consistent and neutral colour palette.

8 – Pendant lighting is essential and an important decor feature in the room.

It is functional but also decorative. Plan the room around it

9 –  Plants.

Streamlined and clean in a simple planter or vase.  But every Scandinavian styled room has a plant.

10 – Wood flooring.

Think wider, lighter planks with visible knots and minimal to no gloss.

11 – Make a point of having and highlighting the fireplace.

In Scandinavian styled homes, we often see corner fireplaces and furniture plans are often designed around them.

12 – Open Shelving.

For functional items like dishes in the kitchen.  It’s about easy access and operating effectively.

Scandinavian style is all about simplicity, it is clean and minimal but has a signature look. Scandinavian style isn’t just IKEA

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Believe it or not 2016 is around the corner! And the home fashion trends are already in the works!

What can we expect to see in the new year?

FUR (mixing textures) –

Fur (faux) is hot! I find we see this year after year especially in the cooler months but this year it will be everywhere – pillows and throws of course, but rugs and furniture too!


We saw a bit of a comeback of gold in 2015 but we will see even more in 2016.  Lighting, plumbing, furniture – Gold is back!


Think edging of furniture and hardware.  Little details that shine! So if you can’t hop on the ‘solid’ gold train try this trend instead.  A little bit of shine can go a long way!

PINK (think pastels)-

Soft and feminine pink in art, furniture and accessories.  In paint we will see beige-pink walls, too! Often we think pale pink is only for little girls’ rooms but it is branching out! It is a great soft feminine touch and it works with neutrals like beige, cream, navy, grey and more.  We love the subtle pastel pink touches in this living room.


Black is never out of style but we will see a lot of black across the board this coming year.  furniture, wall paint, accessories, wall paper….oh my!

BLUE (especially navy)-

We definitely saw a lot of navy in 2015 but it will remain in the ‘trending’ category in 2016.  Furniture, accessories and certainly paint – we will see a lot of painted furniture in navy blue and even kitchens. The image below is a great example of painted navy furniture combined with some shiny details


FLORALS (big and bold)-

Think oversize big florals in art and accessories.  Still feminine but with a modern twist.

What’s great with these up coming trends is that many of them work well together.  Try black and gold, gold and fur, fur and black, navy and gold, gold and pink, pink and navy…..the possibilities are endless

How do you feel about these trends?
Do you see yourself embracing any of them in your rooms?

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