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Scandinavian Rugs…

If you have been following home decor trends no doubt you have come across Scandinavian inspired rugs.  Typically they are black and white and with some type of ‘tribal’ pattern.  The shapes and patterns look almost hand drawn. Many of these rugs have a shaggy texture adding to the character of this trend.

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This hand woven rug is a great example of the Scandinavian rugs that are trending now.  These rugs add a bold pop of pattern in a space so for those of your that like a clean and minimal look but worry that it might be boring – this is a perfect option!

Scandinavian rugs are versatile

Scandinavian inspired rugs also work well with industrial style – they are neutral, they add some texture and print into an industrial space plus the ‘hand drawn’ designs work with the imperfect nature of industrial style. The blend of minimal and clean Scandinavian style and the raw material industrial look have created a look known as Scandi-industrial

Photo credit : Kathy Kuo Home

Scandinavian rugs also work well with modern farmhouse – the subtle and neutral designs add visual interest to this farmhouse look –  we used a Scandinavian inspired rug in one of our recent model home designs – we love the subtle and soft pattern in the space.  The mix of textures and patterns in this room make this space interesting and deep.

Shop Scandinavian Rugs…

Love the look of these neutral pattern rugs? So do we! Here are some of our favourite Scandinavian inspired rugs …

This rug is a great find on amazon – we love the black and white motif and the pattern is visually interesting and has a ‘tribal’ inspired feel.

This rug is very similar to the one we used in our recent model home project.  This pattern is very subtle and the cool combination of grey and white is very one trend.

This rug is a great deal on Amazon (8 x 10 for under $300!) – has a bit more contrast with the ivory and charcoal tone and the pattern is so unique -which is why we love it!

More black and white …. the diamond pattern is popular in these Scandinavian rugs and this one has some amazing shaggy textures which brings some texture to the room.

This rug has such a unique pattern (imagine this paired with some reclaimed wood) – it’s like art on the floor!

We love what area rugs can do for a room…don’t you?

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Blue is a great colour to decorate with! There are so many shades of blue that you will definitely find one that suits your taste and style.  Blue is also a great classic colour so if you invest in some pieces you don’t have to worry that it wasn’t money well spent.

Blue is a great accent colour because it also works will all neutrals – white, cream, taupe, grey, brown you name it – it works! Blue is also a great colour to add to your exterior decor! In the spring and summer months, we see these beautiful blue tones in outdoor furniture and accessories, too!

Today’s focus is on the softer shades of blue – the aqua tones, robin’s egg, turquoise – to add a fresh spring / summer brightness to your space.  Adding some simple blue accessories to your space can transform your whole room without undertaking any huge renovation projects.

Here are just a few of our ‘moody blue’ picks:

Pillow Covers:

The pillow covers are perfect for spring and summer – the soft blue colour is light and airy and the nature motif is a great addition to a bedroom or living room.  These are pillow covers, so you can layer your ‘cooler’ weather pillows with these so you don’t need to find storage space for the ‘old’ pillows.


Table Lamp:

Lamps are a great way to add a pop of colour to a room.  We love turquoise and this lamp from Bungalow Rose  is perfect! We love the colour of the base and the shape, too – and the simple white drum shade gives the lamp a clean look and let’s that beautiful blue tone really stand out!

Wall Tile:

Something we are starting to see more of this year is interesting tile! We are seeing more colourful and patterned tiles in kitchens and bathrooms – either as a small accent (like a shower nook or just a small strip) or a full splash of vibrant colour (or pattern).  A blue tile paired with white or grey is a great look in a bathroom.  To make a statement you don’t have to use a lot.

Area Rug:

Area rugs are another favourite way to add visual interest in a room – we love what a patterned rug can do in a room and this stunning Blue and Ivory Rug from Bungalow Rose is a gorgeous addition to any space.  The colour and pattern are so light and fresh!



Art really pulls a room together and it’s also an easy and affordable way to add something new to your space.  When it comes to art, don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money on ‘one of a kind’ pieces – choose something you like! We love the colours in this art piece – the tones and fresh and soothing!

Accent furniture:

Smaller or accent furniture pieces like this armchair and another way to add some blue to your space without a major overhaul to your room.  We love the mix of the soft blue with the natural wood. The lines and size of this chair make it perfect for a smaller space or a corner.


Kitchen storage:

Don’t forget about the kitchen! The kitchen isn’t often a room that we think about adding decor to – but why not? There are so many cute, colourful and useful kitchen gadgets and items. We love this bread box, it has a bit of a retro feel and look especially in this colour.


Kitchen towels:

Add a pop of colour with your kitchen towels (aka tea towels, dish towels).  Just because something is useful doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty too!


We love this shade of blue – it’s a great hue for spring and summer accents in the home!


Bungalow Rose is a brand that we have recently stumbled upon. We are always looking at furniture, art, accessories, paint and more – on the hunt for new pieces, products, colour combos and even brands for our decorating clients.  Recently through 2 of our clients we stumbled upon this amazing collection that has this incredible global meets vintage energy. 

Bungalow Rose is all about getting that ‘well-traveled’ look. Mixing bohemian chic with global influence. We love their mix of tribal prints, Eastern influences and Old-World charm. Their combination of prints and colours adds a truly unique look to any space.


If you love that global look – this is a line for you.  We have broken down some of our favourite pieces all available through Wayfair –

Bungalow Rose Favourites:



Let’s start with this amazing blue and ivory rug with a vintage finish – it’s so fresh and perfect for spring and summer home decor.

Bungalow Rose Hand-Tufted Ivory/Blue Area Rug



This amazing wood sideboard in natural stain with a chevron pattern is so simple but so chic! This actually could work in a home with a Scandinavian home decor style.

Bungalow Rose Ehret Sideboard



We are big fans of poufs! Whether it’s for extra seating or for a foot stool – they just add another shape, another texture and another height in the room.  We love these Moroccan influenced poufs in leather with embroidery detail.  We love this grey one !

Bungalow Rose Soukaina Pouf Leather Ottoman


Accent Pillow –

Accent pillows are a great way to add some colour and visual interest – Bungalow Rose has so many amazing pillows – We could have spent days looking through just pillows! I’m loving the freshness of the blue and white with the coral hue!

Bungalow Rose Oliver Mod Geometric Outdoor Throw Pillow


Table lamp

We love what an interesting lamp can do for a room.  Lighting can really add to the decor style of your room – so don’t just take anything.  This turquoise lamp is incredible – the shape and the colour are just stunning and they wok with the boho vibe!

Bungalow Rose Kami 29″ Table Lamp


Art –

This art piece is incredible – again it has the global look but in neutral and metallic tones – the pattern is very detailed but not overwhelming.  This could be added to any space that’s looking for something interesting but not over the top!

Bungalow Rose Clear My Mind Framed Graphic Art


Decor Accessories –

Vases are a must have accessory! On a console, by a fireplace or sideboard – the colours, textures and varying heights – vases are a great decor item – be sure to group them in odd numbers!

Bungalow Rose 5 Piece Sand Vase Set

These are just a few of our favourite pieces from Bungalow Rose – but if you love that global look with fabulous colours and prints (even for just a touch here and there) be sure to go to Wayfair and take a look for yourself – there is something for everyone!


“In magazines I see designers mix different prints and patterns in one room.  I love the look.  How do you mix patterns without making a mess?”


You are so right! Mixing prints and patterns in one room is a designer look and it makes a room more chic and sophisticated but it can be tricky to get right.


Combining prints brings excitement to a room—but how do you make it work?

Set small patterns against large ones, limit your palette, and include one big solid (on sofa, floor, or wall) in the scene. We recommend a solid for large pieces like a sofa and then we can build on that.


Here are a few examples that you could follow.


This room is a great example of mixing prints and patterns with a limited palette.  We have a solid and neutral wall paint and sofa and simple window coverings – on it’s own it is a bit boring.


Now let’s add the excitement….the stripe rug in white and blue is fresh and adds a big pop in the room.  This area rug in white and blue is the inspiration for the colour palette for the prints.  We have an accent chair in a modern botanical print in the blue and white palette plus we have some decor pillows in a different blue and white pattern.


This room has a cohesive look with a bit of a nautical theme (but certainly not overboard on the theme – pardon the pun!) This room has the designer look and follows the simple formula of a few solids, a mix of large and small prints in a limited colour palette.

If you prefer a look that is softer…

…you can still play with pattern.   In this room we have a mix of stronger and softer prints.  The drapery has a larger pattern yet still in a neutral colour palette, the ottoman has a very subtle print in a low contrast colour scheme.

The pillows on the accent chair add a bit more pop to the room but the look here is very soft and toned down.  The walls and the chairs are a great neutral backdrop for the prints and texture. This creates a very relaxing and soothing look in a space.  The rattan tray and plant add some texture adding some visual interest.


Love the look of wallpaper?

…but think it limits your chances to add other patterns? Think again! Use the wallpaper as a point of inspiration for other prints in the room.  The wallpaper in this image has a blend of orange tones, yellow, blue and white.  It’s a pretty bold wall covering so the other prints should be a bit more subtle.


Here we have a blue bed frame that pulls from the wallpaper tones.  The bedding textiles have a soft mix of corals and white with a blue throw blanket -so this way everything works together.



Don’t be afraid to mix prints when it comes to pillows.

This arrangement follows a ‘buddy system’.  The soft mint green is seen in some solid pillows (at the back) and we also see it in the front lumbar pillow.  The white is seen in all of the print pillows.  We have black in 3 pillows and the only true pop is the pink peony.  This combination of prints seems unexpected and maybe random but it is very much planned which is why it looks great!


When it comes to playing with prints you can get as bold or as subtle as you like.  Follow the easy steps and you can achieve a designer look in your space,

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“I want to update my space.  I know light pink is a trending colour for 2016.  How can I use it in a modern way, I don’t want my place to look too girly or old lady.”


Yes, Rose quartz is one of the two hot colours this year! Rose Quartz is a soft, light pink hue with a touch of a mauve quality.  For some, they had already seen this trend and are not hopping back on the band wagon but for others this is a fun and fresh colour that can add a touch of feminine whimsy to a space.



With any trend, we do not suggest NOT diving in head first unless it is something you absolutely LOVE and MUST HAVE! So before you commit, just make sure it is a trend for you.

Trends come and go, so we also recommend not going full out!  When it comes to a trending colour (especially) use accessories to embrace that trend.  So consider art, pillows, throw blanket and some knick-knacks, too.  But if you really want to dive in consider an accent wall, area rug and bedding.



To avoid looking too girly or old lady, think about what you are combining rose quartz with and how you are using it.  For instance, layering multiple pastel tones looks dated instead layer rose quartz with a more masculine hue like navy or charcoal even black.

Balance out the pink hues with more masculine elements.  We also suggest layering the rose quartz tone with some bolder colours like fuchsia, magenta, eggplant, jade green and teal – fun and punchy and not dated at all!



Here are some of our favourite ways to use rose quartz and some of our favourite combinations:-

When it comes to colour you don’t need a lot to make a statement…

We love this mostly neutral motif with a slight touch of pink in the trellis pattern on this area rug.  Keep the main furniture pieces neutral and add a few more splashes of colour in your throw pillows and you are set!



Try adding a fun accent chair in the living room, kitchen or dining room…

– it’s a fun splash of colour and not a huge expense! This also makes a great desk chair in a home office!



Really want to embrace the rose quartz trend?

Try these incredible table lamps – they make a real statement with shape and texture and add that pop of pink with a simple white shade!


Grey continues to be a big trend (we would say it is a timeless classic)…

so add some softness to the neutral tone with some rose quartz pillows with texture. We also love the light pink floral arrangement, simple and feminine.



Make a statement on your wall that isn’t a painted wall!

Everyone looks great in pink and we love an over sized and bold art piece. Remember art doesn’t need to match your room, in fact it shouldn’t! So take a risk and add something fun and splashy!



Not ready to commit to an accent wall?

Try painting the interior side of your door.  This makes a statement and we love this one in particular because of the details and character of this door.



Keep the colour modern looking by pairing it with streamlined furniture pieces…

and add it to a tone on tone room.  This room has many shades of grey adding the small pops of pink just adds some femininity to the space.



We love mixing soft pastels with bolder tones.

We love the mix of softer and lighter hues with the darker tones.  We also love the water colour effect of this pillow.  It’s a perfect pop for any room!

Get creative, be bold but don’t make too much of a commitment!

Let’s face it painting an entire room or even and entire wall in pink sounds a bit over the top and intimidating but why not the inner part of your bookcase? You get that big pop of colour but not too big of a pop! We love how it looks in this image against the white bookcases and than paired with some dark accents in the room like navy and black!



Only you can determine what the right amount of pink in your decor is. Start small and keep adding until you are happy with what you have achieved…

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