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It is week 2 of this $100 room design challenge and let me tell you about the progress so far….

But first, let me bring you up to speed on the challenge –

I decided that my room that needed an update (that was over looked when we did some renos 6 years ago) is our powder room.  Our powder room like most other homes is a high traffic room with lots of visitors ranging from family to friends.  The room was dark brown with cabinets right out of the 1980’s (when our home was built) and some laminate counters.  With this challenge I decided to really focus on giving this powder room a fresh look with a bit of a farmhouse look.

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Design challenge decisions…

I knew that this room needed paint – and pretty much everywhere. With a budget of only $100 I didn’t want to just spend that money on paint – this room needs so new decor accessories, maybe some towels too. Sticking to the budget and making a big change is really the premise of this design challenge. So for my wall colour –  I knew I had some paint from other painting projects in my house.  I had 2 cans of paint that were almost full – so I had to decide which of those two colours I liked best for the space.

Paint option #1 – Benjamin Moore ‘HUSH’ AF-95  This is a great warm neutral (my other 2 bathrooms are this colour, too) I’m not why I have almost a full can left but I did!

Paint option #2 – Benjamin Moore ‘JUTE’ AF-80 This is the colour seen in the main part of my home.  It’s a soft neutral a bit on the cooler side compared to HUSH.

I compared both colours in the powder room and decided on HUSH.  I like the warmth and the JUTE hue was looking a bit green and I’m really trying to downplay the green tones in my floor tile.

Now that my colour was selected, I was ready to start painting except I could not find my paint brushes ANYWHERE….I looked all over my house – the basement, the garage etc…no luck. So I had to buy some new brushes, I really did not want to spend any money from my budget on brushes but I really had no choice. I lucked out and found this great little ‘starter’ kit at Wal-Mart.  maybe not the best quality of brushes but this handy little kit had 2 rollers (one large, one small), a brush, drop cloth and the tray for $8.00

Time to get started on the challenge….

Paint colour is picked and now it’s time to start.  I wanted to get the paint colour on the walls first for a few reasons….1 – I wanted to see the colour on the walls since I was undecided on what colour I want to paint my vanity. 2 – The walls are the biggest painting job, so I wanted to get it out of the way.  3 – With the walls being so dark, I knew I needed to tackle those first as they would probably need the most paint and …4. I had the supplies on hand.

And so far, so good….

Already the difference is incredible…..

The first coat is done and I need another coat for sure but the difference is amazing.  The bathroom is SO much brighter and clean looking, too! My husband is loving it, too (usually he doesn’t say much when it comes to home decor)

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Next up…..

2nd coat of paint (possibly a third but only if necessary).

Painting of the vanity is next – I’m thinking a charcoal chalk paint….

Painting the counter tops (so excited to see how that turns out!!)

I like my vanity light and mirror – so those will stay …

I have some ‘new’ art from my sister (she always has decor stuff lying around…)

If my budget allows, I’m hoping to find some greenery (faux) to add some freshness to the bathroom

The budget so far is not blown so hopefully I can stay on track with the workload and budget…fingers crossed!

Let me know what you think of the change in my powder room so far….


$100 Room challenge …

It’s time for the $100 room challenge! This amazing and really fun challenge was started and is still hosted by Erin from Basically here is what this challenge is all about – a bunch of bloggers and IGers take on one room in their home and in one month’s time and with only $100 – they transform the room, tracking and sharing their progress week by week to share with you. Want to know more and check out some past projects? Click here


This is my second challenge – my first challenge was a homework station for my kids (which I needed to get done before they headed back to school).  This time around I have something different in mind….

Powder Room Makeover!

We moved into this house 6 years ago this month and when we moved in we had big plans for this dated and dark powder room but with 2 little ones and the third on the way – we had other priorities but now that 3 of my 4 kids are in school – I can take advantage of some free time during the day and at bedtime to transform this space.  Let’s take a look…

So this is it! Our powder room – it has a lot of cabinet space and we have looked into a whole new vanity to give this room a fresh look but the cost is higher than we would like as it is a custom size.  The counters are laminate and the walls are a deep and dark brown.

My powder room plan

The whole room needs to look and feel fresh so I’m going to be using A LOT of paint.  I’m painting the walls, the cabinets and the counter top!

I want to create a bit of a farmhouse look in this room. The cabinets are kind of a ‘nothing’ colour so I’m going to paint them in a chalk paint – deciding between a warm white or a country grey – I have never used chalk paint before so I’m a bit nervous but I can do it!  Which ever colour I pick for the cabinets will determine my direction for the counter tops – I’m so excited to be able to paint these ugly laminate counters!! I also planning on replacing or painting the hardware of these cabinets.

I am also planning on changing out my art – I know someone in my family will have something hanging around in a basement or closet.

I have that long counter top – so I want to add some easy decor their too – like some greenery and perhaps some jars – I will be looking around the house to see what I can re-purpose.

Materials list for my Powder Room Makeover

  • paint for my walls (I have lots left over from painting my house)
  • chalk paint for my vanity
  • spray paint for the counter tops
  • art for the walls (checking my house and asking friends and family)
  • 4 handles for the vanity doors
  • accessories like towels, decor pieces and greenery (will see if I can find some deals in stores or re-purpose from my home)

Powder Room inspiration

Photo credit : Jenna Sue Designs

I love this bathroom – the soft paint colour with the white plumbing fixtures keeps the space looks fresh and clean.  I also love the decorative accents like the reclaimed wood, the greenery and the white plush towels.

Photo credit : unknown

I love the warm grey colour of this cabinet and this is one of the colours that I am considering for my vanity. I also love how fresh and bright this bathroom is and the accessories are cute, too!


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I’m really excited for this much needed transformation and of course this timeline is going to keep me on track – Wish me luck and as always feel free to offer me advice and your opinion!


“I am in need of a makeover for my bathroom.  I don’t have a big budget so I cannot renovate but I need some quick and easy ideas to freshen up my bathroom.”


The bathroom is one of the smallest but also one of the most used rooms in the home.  A renovated bathroom can be costly and time consuming but you definitely have some easy updates that are quick and affordable that can really make a splash!


Try working with the colour scheme in the bathroom instead of against it.

  So if you have coloured tile – add some complimentary colour in there.  If you fight with the colour or ignore it – you won’t get the end result you want!


Change up the textiles

– easy and affordable! So add a new shower curtain and liner, add some new towels too and maybe even a bathmat! Stay from toilet covers…


Add some fresh bling

– so switch out your old cabinetry hardware and add some new knobs or handles! This is a quick change but it really makes a difference (this is also a great update for a kitchen). If you are handy, you could even update your towel bar an toilet paper holder.

Switch up your mirror

– adding a new mirror with a decorative frame will instantly freshen up your space and give it a custom look and feel without the custom price tag! If your lighting is looking a bit dated (and you are handy) consider updating the lighting as well.

Add some accessories

– a plant, some art, candles, new soap dispensers – easy updates that make the space feel and look new again!

If you are looking to take it to the next level, consider paint!

It’s a small space so it would be a quick weekend job but be sure to get the right paint so let the salesperson know that you are painting a bathroom.

Sprucing up your bathroom is also a great idea if you are considering selling your home.  When we stage bathrooms we like to keep them clean and clutter free but also styled in neutral tones and add some accessories to set the scene.

The bathroom might be small but don’t forget to make it beautiful too,

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“We live in a new home and we were able to pick all of our interior finishes.  We both love a white bathroom – it is so clean but our master bathroom is completely white and although we love the white it’s just too white! What can we do to add some colour to the bathroom without an expensive renovation?”


White is a great ‘colour’ for a bathroom – it’s clean, it’s fresh and it’s timeless! But you are right too much of anything isn’t good.  Any room in one tone starts to look and feel a little one dimensional over time but have no fear, we are here to help!


Even though the bathroom is a small space, you do have a lot of opportunity to add colour, texture and personality to your bathroom.


1 – Shower Curtain

– pattern, colour and maybe even texture.  To keep it simple, use the shower curtain as your inspiration or jumping off point for the other elements like the linens, paint etc…Be sure to have a liner so your shower curtain is protected from the water in the shower

2 – Lovely linens

– towels and a bath mat can add colour, pattern and texture. The texture of the linens adds some softness to the bathroom (which is already full of hard and smooth textures) and try mixing some colour and pattern with your towels.


3 – Framed art

– look for some wall space to hang some colourful or calming art.  Photography is also a great way to add some personality to the bathroom. Find art that adds to the mood you want in the space.  there is no wrong answer and no price tag…go with what works!


4 – Unique lighting

– lighting is a great way to add some personality.  Overhead, vanity, sconces – bathroom lighting doesn’t have to be boring.  It can add drama, glamour, elegance or even a funky vibe to your bathroom.  There are so many options for lighting and it can really enhance the look of your space – not matter what room it is!


5 – “Custom” mirror

– replace your builder grade basic with something framed – there are many options – this automatically and (easily) adds a custom look and feel to the bathroom.  Double sink, add 2 matching mirrors and matching vanity lighting – a very upscale look (this is also a great upgrade if you are considering selling your home).  We love this image because it mixes the framed ‘custom’ mirror with bold wallpaper and these sconces.  Such an elevated and upscale powder room


6 – Display space

– small floating shelves over the toilet or maybe a small corner on the counter top or maybe even around your tub (it depends on the layout of your bathroom and the amount of space you have).  Try adding some plant or flowers, candles and vases are also a nice touch.  We love using a small tray to group your display items together.


7 – Touches of wood

– a few wood accents can really break up the wood and add an organic spa feel to the space. Think small accessories, wood frames mirrors, bathroom stool even wicker baskets for toiletries


8 – Paint!  

adding paint colour (or wallpaper) to the walls will definitely change up the look of the bathroom and give it instant personality. Be sure to think about how you want the bathroom to feel and let that steer you towards the paint.  Something calm should have a soft and soothing tone but it you want drama opt for depth.  Because the base is white you have so many possibilities


9 – Get Creative

– try using an unexpected piece in the bathroom like a stool or side table, these are great by the bathtub and it really adds some personality, too

The great news about having an all white bathroom is that you truly have a blank canvas and you can add any accent you like.  Wood and other organic textures with calm tones can give your bathroom a beach-y or spa feel; black and a metallic accent like gold can give the room a luxe or glam feel; adding aqua or even a soft pink gives the bathroom a retro look….the possibilities are endless!

An all white bathroom is clean and fresh but add a few accents to make the space more pleasing…

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