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“I see in magazine so many people are using chandeliers in their bedrooms these days. I love the look, but am worried I won’t know how to choose the right one. What are some of the things I should be looking for when choosing a chandelier for my bedroom?”

Who doesn’t love a chandelier in the bedroom?

The elegant look they give a space is so beautiful. A gorgeous light fixture is such a feature in a room and lighting is something that can really change a space. Both design wise and functionally. Choosing a chandelier for your bedroom doesn’t need to be complicated!

There are tons of options out there, from rustic to modern, but chances are, your home décor is already headed in a certain direction. Be true to your style! Whether the look you desire is traditional or modern, there’s many options that will work with your decor and provide the ambient light you need.


If you love bling, adding a little bit of glitz and glam to your room will give it that sparkle you’re looking for. For a more traditional look, choose a chandelier with more ornamentation or decorative details. If your room’s look is more modern, a fixture with simple lines and fewer details can be a stunning touch.

Chandeliers usually work best in rooms with a ceiling height of more than 9 feet. Though, in a child’s bedroom, you might choose a mini-chandelier, since children’s rooms are typically smaller than master bedrooms.
A mini-chandelier may be designed more like a semi-flush light, which won’t take up as much space. This can also work in small scale dining rooms or living rooms.

The chandelier should complement, not overwhelm, furnishings placed underneath. One of the most noted mistakes when installing a bedroom chandelier is choosing a fixture that is too small for the room.

Chances are this lighting fixture is going to be a focal point of the bedroom (among others), so we want to ensure that is not falling into the background. Choose a chandelier that at first glance may look too large for the room. Obviously, choosing something gargantuan is going to look silly, but choosing an oversize chandelier will really make a statement in the room. It’s better to have a chandelier too large than it is too small.


Once you’ve determined the right size chandelier for your room, choose a fixture based on the room’s main color or material.

What type of statement you want to make?

Is there a certain mood or feeling your looking to invoke?

We want to be true to the décor you currently have/love.



If you are looking to create a romantic space, go for the sparkle and the glam look of a crystal chandelier. (Put that on a dimmer!!) If you are looking for a rustic space, add some organic textures.. adding a wood element is a sure way to bring the natural feel inside. A modern bedroom is best accented with clean lines and minimalist extras.

A traditional bedroom looks great with a candelabra chandelier and a little bit of crystal. Do some research. Think about what you love in your home and carry that into your décor choices!



An incredible light fixture makes a statement in any room, so don’t forget about the bedroom – the lights might be off most of the time but why not have a fabulous fixture to look at in the day light? Who knows you might try and spend more time in there…

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Now that fall is almost here, we are seeing so many cozy and comfy textures like knits and flannels.  Plaid is one print that we see so much of this time of year – it just screams Fall!!  We love the look and feel of flannel plaids and they add so much comfort to any room.

Here are some of our favourite plaid looks for the home.

The plaid throw –

Just wrap it around yourself while reading or sitting by the fire.  It’s also great in a bedroom.  Here we love it in the casual dining space at the head of the table.  Why not?

Black and White Plaid –

Many think of reds, greens and blues when they hear the word ‘plaid’ but there are so many other colour options, so there’s something for everyone.  We love the black and white plaid in this room. It adds a cozy factor to this off white wing back chair.

Boys’ Bedroom –

We love plaid in a bedroom and it’s perfect for boys! Durable, soft and comfortable plus they add some pattern and texture to the space without making it feel and look feminine.  This grey and white boys bedroom looks great with the pops of orange plaid.

Decor Pillows –

A plaid throw is perfect for a farmhouse or cabin look.  It’s the right amount of plaid and it doesn’t take over the space.  We love this chic farmhouse inspired living room with tone-on-tone plaid pillows mixed with some knitted pillows.  Totally chic and comfortable!

Vintage Country Plaid Chair –

Plaid is a classic and if you love a farmhouse or vintage country style at home, try adding plaid to a furniture piece.  in our opinion a sofa is just to much but a chair or even a headboard would really make a statement. We love this streamlined chair in plaid – it has comfort and style plus paired with the soft better yellow and the styled chest of drawers you have a level of sophistication.  Country is totally cool!

If the cabin look is more your style, try a different type of plaid but we still love the idea of sticking with a classic and neutral colour palette. The image below has similar concept just more of a cabin or shabby chic angle.

Bedding –

We love plaid in the bedroom but again you want to choose the right one for your look and colour palette.  We love the subtle and soft beige and white combination in this room.  It is perfect for a guest room or for anyone who likes a toned down and calming space. We love the mix of solids and the plaid in this room and the vintage bed frame and sconce lighting keep it from looking washed out.

Wall paper, why not?

This might seem bold and extreme but it doesn’t have to be.  We love the soft and subtle look of this room and the beige and cream wallpaper accent wall just makes the room feel cozy but still works well with the elegant nature of the room.

On the floor –

We love a patterned rug and plaid works! Opt for a neutral toned plaid but it really adds some great visual interest in a room and it’s a classic pattern on the floor just gives it a modern twist.

The nursery –

This could work for a girl or a boy or just a gender neutral nursery.  This drapery, or bedding, or pillows or rugs.  But not everything.  The casual nature and the comfort would make the nursery a wonderful space for everyone even during those late, late night feedings and diaper changes.

Are you mad about plaid? We are!

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“I am in the process of decorating my bedroom. I don’t currently have a headboard but it’s something I’ve been looking for. I just can’t decide what style I like. What are my options?”


Great question! A head board is often a focal point in the bedroom, so we understand wanting to choose the perfect style for your space! Choosing “staple” pieces for your home can be a daunting task, there is so much to choose from and so many to love! Believe me, we get that.


The most important thing is that your new headboard suits your space. Of course mixing styles is a fabulous idea and one we definitely recommend. While it may be a contrasting style, it has to flow and be harmonious. Having a random item that doesn’t seem to go with anything else will stand out like a sore thumb. If you are starting from scratch, you have tons of choices!


If you have existing décor in the space, our challenge now is to make your space beautiful and cohesive. Headboards come in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures, materials and with varying detail work. Narrow down what you like.Do you like button tufting? Great! We have a jumping off point. Are you into reclaimed wood? Fabulous!  What tone and texture will complement your room?


Having a certain décor style that you like will help with this process. If your home has country flair or if it’s contemporary, try to stay true to those styles.


Here are some suggestions for headboard styles.


this is a classic choice and will go with most décor styles. Depending on the colour you chose and the detail work, certain aspects will sway a leather headboard. A white leather headboard is typically a very modern look. Black or Brown leather is a more masculine fabric. A leather headboard is a safe option for a space.


Nail Head:


This is a very nice touch to add to a room. A more contemporary/traditional option but can work with a more rustic décor when mixed with the right pieces. A nail head detail is a beautiful option, the nail heads can be brass, chrome, brushed nickel or gold.


Choose something that will go with the existing hardware in your room (maybe dresser pulls or door knobs?). BUT you don’t have to. We are also big fans of mixing metals. Nail head detail works on both fabric and leather.


Button Tufting:


Button tufting is similar to a nail head detail in the sense that is versatile. This is a great option with a traditional or country room. The detail is a bit fussier than a nail head but still a great choice! Play with colour when choosing this style! Button tufting is great on leather and fabric as well.





The material options are extensive. So are the colour and pattern options. Depending on your style, fabric is a fabulous way to incorporate a unique element into your room and for the savvy DIY-er, also relatively easy to upholster an existing headboard and customize it with your own fabric and details.





Wood is a fabulous option for a country or rustic/industrial style home. What’s most interesting about this is how authentic and natural it looks. There are so many stains, washes, textures etc. with wood so you can be super creative. The various tones available are too many to count and having a natural element in your space is a great way to bring the outdoors in!


Play with colour! Play with height! Play with shapes! There are SO many choices, do some research and see what speaks to you. Then go from there! Recognize what your style is and then build off of that. Be creative!

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Having house guests is a reality for almost everyone. Whether it’s family or friends, at some point everyone has been and will be a host to a guest in their home. Having people stay in your home can sometimes be challenging and in this blog post, we will help you prepare your home to make your guests (and you!) as comfortable as possible.


When hosting family or friends, you want to make sure that they feel welcome and comfortable. Remember they are in an unfamiliar territory and are not necessarily relaxed living in someone else’s routine, rules and spaces. Do your best to make your home warm and welcoming!


Choose a convenient room.


Your guests don’t want to have to cross the whole house to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. They also aren’t going to want to wake anyone else in the house by getting up. The most ideal situation would be a guest room with an attached bath, or at least next door. Convenience is key and bringing people more out of their comfort zone is not what they want.

Create a warm retreat for your guests to sleep in.

A comfortable bed is a top priority. You want your guests to sleep well and feel refreshed. This may be a vacation for them! Make your guest room beautiful, comfortable and an experience they will remember. Outfit the bed with high quality sheets, a comfortable duvet or fluffy comforter, and lots of extra blankets. Having a variety of pillows is also a nice touch. Not everyone likes a soft pillow, so having a few to choose from will make the guest most comfortable.


Be sure to decorate in subtle prints and soothing colours. For many people, an abundance of bold colour in the bedroom is a distraction. It may be to your personal taste, but remember, you are not sleeping in here. For guest rooms, less is more. Of course, beautiful prints are lovely, but try and keep the colours more muted. It’s important to have a tranquil space. Your 80 year old grandma may have a heart attack if she walks into a lime green bedroom, and that doesn’t go over well with anyone.


Closets and drawers.

Have some closet space available in the guest room. Depending on the duration of their stay, this is something that will make them feel at home. A dresser is also a nice touch, living out of a suitcase for more than a few days are never fun. A full length mirror is a nice feature as well.


The extras.

If you have the space, a reading chair and side table is a nice addition to a guest space. It gives them a little retreat throughout the day to have quiet time to themselves. Have a few books and magazine options available for your guests, it will be nice for them and they will appreciate that you went out of your way to cater to them.  Having a clock in the room, as well as fresh flowers are nice touches that don’t clutter up the space.

Mandatory Bathroom Items.

Sometimes people forget things. Have extras available of all the necessities like extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine paper, deodorant, shampoo, soaps etc. Make sure there are adequate towels available. Plush, luxurious towels are a nice extra and will add to the guest experience.  If it is a shared bathroom, leave some space for your guest to leave their toiletries so they don’t have to bring their bathroom stuff back and forth for the duration of their stay.


Of course not everyone has the luxury of extra space. Do your best to find a private space for your guests and make it comfortable, using the suggestions above. Be thoughtful and be welcoming, and enjoy the company!

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