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Christmas time is in full swing … but you say you don’t like colourful Christmas home decor. Well you are in luck, Christmas decor comes in all styles and ‘colours’ – let me show you some of the Best Neutral Christmas Home Decor …

Neutral Christmas Decor – white, gold and beige

Maybe not your typical colour scheme but this is just so elegant and chic.  Gold and white are a classic combination and by adding the beige and taupe tones – this room looks so rich! The white lights add some beautiful shine and the rustic touches like the deer head on the tree top add a woodland look which is very popular right now.

Photo credit: Kirklands

Neutral Christmas Decor – Silver, Green and White

I love Christmas decor that can really extend through the long winter months and when you opt for a neutral palette you definitely have that ability to keep up a lot of your decor through the winter.  This combination has a cool, outdoorsy vibe think evergreens, snow and ice….This beautiful staircase with evergreens and baubles is so seasonal and fresh looking!

Photo credit: Lowe’s


Neutral Christmas Decor – Brown and Gold

This combination of brown and gold is so rich and elegant. This tree has a traditional feel and the colours of brown and gold add drama and depth. Al of the the sparkle that contrasts with the more rugged textures like the burlap makes this tree make this tree one of a kind.


Photo credit: TrendyTree


Neutral Christmas Decor – Black, White and Wood

This combination is not your typical Christmas combination but it also has a great modern meets outdoors feel.  The mix of the Buffalo Check and the wood log chargers gives this Christmas table setting a relaxed and casual feel but still says Christmas.

Photo credit: HobbyCraft

Neutral Christmas Decor – Navy and Metallics

Navy Blue is a great way to add some depth and drama yet still keeping it classic with a winter feel and you can easily mix in some metallic tones like silver or gold (maybe even both).  Navy blue and white are also a great neutral combination for the season – a little unexpected but it works!

Photo credit: lushome


Neutral Christmas Decor – All White

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..make your home a winter wonderland with layers of white on white Christmas decor. With these colour scheme you can remove the tree and keep other decorative touches up because the white decor is more seasonal and less holiday focused.

Photo credit: skimbacolifestyle

Remember, neutral decor is never boring mix it up with pattern and texture for everyday and for the holidays,

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Christmas time is here! and you know what that means…Christmas decor! I love any excuse to decorate but Christmas has to be my absolute favourite time of year – the cool air, the white fluffy snow, the music and the overall spirit of the season is just so warm and welcoming.  In my house we love to start decorating around the American Thanksgiving weekend – that way we can make the most of the season and really get into the spirit.

Over the years, my Christmas decor style has evolved and every year I add a few more pieces to the mix – here are just some of my favourite Christmas Decor items…

Christmas Decor Pillows

I love how simple these are to ad to an armchair or a sofa – plus these would look really cute in a guest bedroom (how welcoming).  This is such an easy piece to add to a room and what I really love about it, is it brings the holiday feel into all areas of the home.  You could either store away your ‘regular’ decor pillows or if you are short on space, get some Christmas pillow covers instead and zip them on for the season and zip them off at the end of the season.

This is a really cute and festive option from Wayfair

Christmas Decor Canvas

One of the big holiday trends that we seeing a lot of this year and it is a bit of a nod to the whole farmhouse look is the canvas signs with sayings – I love the simplicity of the farmhouse style and adding in a great farmhouse sign with a Christmas feel is a great addition to a fireplace mantle, a gallery wall or a front foyer vignette.

This wrapped ‘Peace on Earth’ canvas from Wayfair – is not only a wonderful message but it comes in great neutral tones so it will work with most colour themes.

Christmas Decor Wreath

The Christmas wreath is a classic, we all know that but I am loving wreaths in vignettes, fireplace mantle styling and handing indoors.  I added a festive red and white one to my gallery wall in my family room and again I love how it brings the spirit of the season into all areas of my home.  I also love the look of a wreath hanging on the outside and the inside of a front door – so chic!

When it comes to a Christmas wreath – there is a style for everyone but in my home I tend to stick to the classics like this one….

 Christmas Decor Candles

Candles are a great way to add some soft lighting – they also make a great gift.  This year I purchased some beautiful ‘Christmas scented’ candles for my kids’ teachers – I love the simple look of these ones in the mason jars – plus it is a ‘one size fits all’ gift.  Candles are great addition to a coffee table, console table or a fireplace mantle….

Christmas Decor Snowy Tree

This year, we finally purchased a new Christmas tree – we are a big fan of the artificial tree for a few reasons…it’s not as messy and high maintenance  as a real one and with 4 children under the age of 9 – we need to keep it simple.  Plus we used to travel quite a bit over the Christmas break and a real tree can lead to some real problem if it is not watered regularly, so a fake tree it is.  But there are so many beautiful options – like the one we just purchased.  I have been eying these snow flocked trees for a while and my husband surprised me with one this year and I LOVE IT! It is so pretty just on it’s own but once you add the white lights and all of the ornaments, it is just magic!

 Christmas Decor Countdown

My kids are always asking me…”how many days until Santa?”.  It’s cute and I know they are SO excited! I saw this sign at one of my favourite stores, Urban Barn and I knew it had to come home with me this year.  I love the rustic farmhouse feel of the sign and of course, that chalkboard feature – Santa stops here in # days .  We have placed ours on our mantle (we have the height) but it is actually designed to stand on it’s own, it would be great by the fireplace or at the front entry – it’s a cute addition to family friendly Christmas decor….

Do you have any favourite Christmas decor pieces?

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“OK, Please help!  I just found out I’m hosting the office Christmas party.  It’s in 3 weeks and I have never hosted this type of party ever.  I need to provide food and drinks (luckily I have some friends who are going to help with that) but I’d like to decorate as well without spending a fortune and easy but stylish holiday decorating ideas??”


The holiday season is so much fun but it can be stressful.  Throwing a Christmas cocktail party in 3 weeks might feel impossible but it isn’t!  Good for you for enlisting some support in the food and beverage department.  It’s OK to ask for help.


If you do not own any holiday decor items, it might be a good idea to ask friends and family if they have any decorations around the house that they aren’t using.  This could save you a lot of time and money.


If you want to do it all on your own but on a budget there are lots of fun and festive ways to decorate on a budget.

1.  Use items you have around the house already like vases.

We love filling vases with season items like pine cones, ribbons and bows, candy canes and even ornaments – for a clean and simple look but it still celebrates the season.


2. Add a few natural elements for an instant Christmas feel.

We love this simple wood tray with candles, pine cones, simple metallic ornaments and some cedar branches on this coffee table.  It is perfect and simple.  Try a scented candle for an extra special touch.



3. Edible arrangements are easy and fun.

We love this simple and clean centerpiece with votive candles, cranberries and some cedar branches.


4. Wrap some old boxes and use them in corners or by the fireplace.

So simple and still very festive.  Not great at wrapping? You can purchase pretty boxes from more Dollar stores, add a bow and you are done.  We love these 3 boxes on candle sticks – perfect on a console entry to welcome guests!


5. Recycle your bottles and make them beautiful with some winter berries or other faux foliage.

We love these green glass bottles with winter berries.  A bit of a rustic feel for the holiday season.  Perfect on a mantle or as a centerpiece.


6. Candy!

Christmas candy is so pretty so why not show it off? We love this simple Christmas candy tower and you know what? It’s a great DIY gift for a host, neighbour or teacher.  The vase can be re-used and the candy, who doesn’t love candy??

7.  Welcome guests with a wreath!

Wreaths are a great accessory for the front door.  But you can definitely bring them inside.  They look great on walls (this year I’m adding one to my gallery wall), windows, mantles and interior doors – why not? Look for wreaths that are your style – shiny, big, bold, natural, there are so many to choose from.  Crafty? Try making your own.


A few other things to consider….

– Colour palette:

Who says you have to stick to the traditional green, red and white? Mix it up a bit! Try bold and bright tones like hot pink, purple, aqua and lime green.  Go glam with white and mixed metallics.  Keep it simple with one hue like just red.  choose a colour palette that works for you!

– No room for a tree? No problem!

Look for a mini tree instead, artificial is a great option too – you can re-use it year after year.  Try a rosemary ‘tree’.  Most local supermarkets have rosemary plants in the shape of a mini Christmas tree, it’s perfect by the front door, coffee table or as a centerpiece. We also love DIY projects like these Christmas tree cones – a great option for small spaces and you can decorate them however you like!

– Light!

Candles make any event look and feel special so bring out your pillars and votives and dim the lights.  The candle light will make your place look beautiful.

– Budget.

Be sure to check out your dollar stores for decor and party supplies.  You might be very surprised at what you find on such a tight budget.

– Have a theme.

Yes, OK it’s Christmas but what is your style or theme? Stick with one colour palette and inject your sense of style.  Do you want a country Christmas or a contemporary Christmas?  There’s no wrong answer but stick to that decor theme throughout the entire home to keep it looking chic and sophisticated.  The best party planners plan their decor scheme, so we suggest you do the same.

Have fun!

It’s a party and yes the host has extra duties and responsibilities but have fun! If the party isn’t perfect, it doesn’t matter just go with it and have a good time, and everyone else will too !

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It’s December 1, is it feeling like Christmas time to you? For many this is the day to put up your tree and start celebrating the season

Whether you’re lacking in space or are opting out of a traditional Christmas tree for any number of reasons (the fact that they tend to become a fire hazard before they make it to the curb in my case), a DIY option might be the perfect alternative. We’ve rounded up five great, creative options from around the web , here are our great alternatives to traditional Christmas trees.

1.  Washi tape Christmas tree

2. Christmas Tree Cones

 3. Christmas Tree of Books

4. Popsicle stick Christmas trees

5. Christmas Lights Tree

I remember one year, as a child, we just didn’t get around to getting a tree (must of been a busy year…) Anyway, we really wanted one – so my sister, my brother and I made one out of construction paper and taped it to the wall.  We added Christmas cards and paper ornaments and of course, a star to top it all off.  My parents have great memories of us doing that together – and that’s what the holidays are all about – beautiful memories,

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“I am always looking at magazines for ideas for my centerpieces, but they all look so expensive and hard to put together. How can I get that look for my home?”

So many people are entertaining from home these days. This is a fad that many thought wouldn’t stick around but entertaining at home is typically more budget friendly and a great way to show off your beautiful home! There are a lot of different ways to throw a dinner party from a formal party to a backyard BBQ, but regardless of your type of party, 9 times out of 10, there will be a centerpiece on the dinner table.

Here are some suggestions on what to use as a centerpiece for your dinner parties.

Floral centerpieces

– are a classic and traditional option. There are so many different types of floral arrangements that can be present on your table. So how does one decide?

Incorporate a colour scheme

Part of hosting is making things look nice for your guests. Plan your floral arrangement based on a predetermined colour scheme. For example, if you have all white dishes and serve ware, incorporating another colour will enhance the table setting. Maybe you love purple and don’t own any purple dinner accessories. A centerpiece is a fabulous place to incorporate it. A white and purple floral arrangement would be a beautiful way to spice up your traditional white dishes.

There are so many sizes and shapes and styles of centerpieces to create. Depending on the size of your table, you may have the space to have multiple arrangements on the table. A series of small vases instead of one large arrangement gives your table a fresh look. It doesn’t have to be flowers either! As you can see in this photo, beautiful and bold lilacs in these oversized teal vases with glass bottles mixing in for fun make a big impact but the arrangement is so simple, paired with robin’s egg blue dinner plates and glasses set on the rough textured, reclaimed wood harvest table looks absolutely incredible for a spring dinner or wedding



Candles are another classic option for a center piece. These can be arranged in many different ways using various colours, sizes and textures. Candle centerpieces have so much DIY potential, and with sites like Pinterest and Houzz, the options are truly endless for what you can do! There’s no reason to go crazy expensive either… Simple is beautiful too. If you’re looking for a wow-factor, be creative with your arrangement, it will look great!!

Holiday Themed Centerpieces are so much fun.

For Christmas, try adding ornaments into a large dish. Throw in a little sparkle if you can! A little glitter by candle light will make your table shine.

When it comes to ‘dressing up’ your table think about these important points…

  1. Time of year, seasonal decor is easy to find so it won’t be a stressful endeavor to under take

  1. Type of gathering.  Is it formal? Casual? Family-friendly? Inside or Outside?  This will be vital when decide what to put on that table
  1. How crafty are you? There are tons of great ideas with glue guns, glitter and so much more but if you aren’t a crafty soul you could get stressed out, keep it simple, sometimes the simplest decor makes the most impact.
  1. Waste.  If you worry about waste think about edible centerpieces like fruit, candy, nuts or even beautiful artisan bread laid and displayed in a chic way.  If you opt for florals, think about how you could re-purpose the arrangements in your own home or give them away as a ‘prize’ like you often see at Weddings.



You can do so much with basics like ribbon, mason jars, flowers, paint, glitter, flowers, twigs, burlap, leaves, pumpkins, nuts, fruit, coffee beans, candles and other basics from around the home, the possibilities are really endless…


We love the look of a simple and seasonal centerpiece – celebrate the beauty that surrounds you everyday and embrace it!

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