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It is that time of year where all of the fashion and home design experts are making their predictions for what will be the hot colour of the year…. Benjamin Moore has already announced their pick for colour of the year for 2018….Caliente – and just like the name suggests this colour is red hot.

More about the colour of the year….

This colour, Caliente, is hot, sexy and has lots of bold personality….this red hue has a touch of orange so it is a bit of a departure from the purple based wine tones. For anyone who is drawn to rich and warmer tones, caliente is Perfect!

Photo credit: Architectural Digest


The experts already were way ahead of this announcement and started to declare red as the new ‘millennial pink‘ over the summer months….

Red is a great next step from millennial pink….it is bold, a little unexpected in certain places (a red kitchen island….) . It can add a lot of richness to an exterior. It can be both feminine and masculine  depend on how you use it in your space.

How to decorate with the colour of the year…

This colour is so versatile … you can add this colour in a modern space that needs a colour injection but you can also make this work in a country or nautical inspired theme.  A Persian rug in this rich hue is another way to add this tone and some sophistication into any space.

Red Rug

This boho inspired room is so relaxed and the red makes a statement without taking over the space.  this room really combines a mix of styles like modern and traditional along with some great texture.

Photo credit:
 Add a touch of red with some pillows – a solid red pillow might be too much red so opt for some pattern … This living room styled by Pottery Barn has a great mix of boho and fresh coastal
Photo credit: Pottery Barn

 Red Furniture

 You can add a bold punch to your space with some red painted furniture.  This lake house bedroom is fresh and colourful with painted red twin beds…
Photo credit : Country Living

 Red sofa

Alright this is for someone who is really looking to e bold in their home decor.  A red sofa makes a statement but if you love colour…why not go bold? Red is a great colour for a major piece of furniture like a sofa because it really does work with a lot of other colours…

Photo credit : House of Turquoise

 Red accessories

Red is a great colour to accessorize with! Switching up your accessories along with new trends is an easy and affordable to change up the look of your decor…whether it’s pillows in a living room or bedroom or some kitchen items.

Photo credit:

 What do you think of Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the year?

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So it was just announced last month by Pantone that the Colour of the year for 2017 is Greenery.

Pantone describes this shade as “greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.”


This colour definitely makes us think of spring and really brings us in tune with nature.

We knew that 2017 trends would definitely have a real connection with nature with the resurgence of wood and wood grain and a real draw towards warmer and natural textures this colour fits right in with that scene.

This colour is on the bolder side with a lot of energy but you can bring it into your space with ease….

1. Shades of Green –

When it comes to decorating with the colour of the year (any year) make that colour fit into your style so that might means finding a shade that is less saturated and one that is softer (or the opposite) and then bringing that into your space.  Don’t worry so much about taking the trend literally.

Photo from HGTV

2. Quantity –

At first, be sure to add a small amount just to test the waters and keep it simple with accessories like decor pieces, florals, pillows – things that aren’t big budget breakers but will give the room a fresh look.  If you like what you see you can always add more but small changes can give you big results!

Photo from Home Bunch

3.  Mix it in with your current scheme –

You might think that this colour isn’t overly versatile but that’s not true! It really works well with so many other colours – it pairs beautifully with neutrals like grey, navy, white, chocolate brown and more plus it plays well with other colourful options like yellow, pink, cobalt blue….

Photo from adore home

4. Add life to any room –

The wonderful part about this colour is that it is true to mother nature and it gives every single space a fresh new burst of life! Try adding a floral arrangement, a bowl of apples (or even limes) or a plant in any room and you won’t believe what a change it makes.

Photo from

5. Play with pattern –

Adding a splash of the trendy colour into a mix of different patterns will really give your space a designer look and feel.  we love this combination of the softer greenery colour paired with white and this denim and navy blue.

Photo from

6. Works with any style –

Some colours don’t translate well with certain styles of decor but greenery really works with any style.  If you love a Country look it works with florals and gingham, like a more traditional style? Try adding some greenery in a toile print or in some botanical art.  If you are more modern and streamlined – greenery is a great splash in art or pillows even a great accent chair.  If your style is more vintage or retro – the possibilities are endless!

Photo from Architectural Digest

7. Make it interesting and a little unexpected –

This might not for everyone but if you are someone who really likes this colour (or any colour) and you aren’t afraid to show it – use it where one might not expect to see it!  Areas like lighting – a colourful pendant in a kitchen can make a big and bold statement. Furniture pieces like a sofa or bar stools.  Wall paper accent walls in a front entry. Paint a piece of furniture that needs a bit of a makeover.

Photo from concepts & Colorways

You can absolutely ‘take a risk’ with greenery and bring it into your space.  Even just the smallest addition of this beautiful colour will do wonders for your space!

I hope this helps you embrace this hot colour for 2017 – bold can be beautiful!

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