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Christmas time is here! and you know what that means…Christmas decor! I love any excuse to decorate but Christmas has to be my absolute favourite time of year – the cool air, the white fluffy snow, the music and the overall spirit of the season is just so warm and welcoming.  In my house we love to start decorating around the American Thanksgiving weekend – that way we can make the most of the season and really get into the spirit.

Over the years, my Christmas decor style has evolved and every year I add a few more pieces to the mix – here are just some of my favourite Christmas Decor items…

Christmas Decor Pillows

I love how simple these are to ad to an armchair or a sofa – plus these would look really cute in a guest bedroom (how welcoming).  This is such an easy piece to add to a room and what I really love about it, is it brings the holiday feel into all areas of the home.  You could either store away your ‘regular’ decor pillows or if you are short on space, get some Christmas pillow covers instead and zip them on for the season and zip them off at the end of the season.

This is a really cute and festive option from Wayfair

Christmas Decor Canvas

One of the big holiday trends that we seeing a lot of this year and it is a bit of a nod to the whole farmhouse look is the canvas signs with sayings – I love the simplicity of the farmhouse style and adding in a great farmhouse sign with a Christmas feel is a great addition to a fireplace mantle, a gallery wall or a front foyer vignette.

This wrapped ‘Peace on Earth’ canvas from Wayfair – is not only a wonderful message but it comes in great neutral tones so it will work with most colour themes.

Christmas Decor Wreath

The Christmas wreath is a classic, we all know that but I am loving wreaths in vignettes, fireplace mantle styling and handing indoors.  I added a festive red and white one to my gallery wall in my family room and again I love how it brings the spirit of the season into all areas of my home.  I also love the look of a wreath hanging on the outside and the inside of a front door – so chic!

When it comes to a Christmas wreath – there is a style for everyone but in my home I tend to stick to the classics like this one….

 Christmas Decor Candles

Candles are a great way to add some soft lighting – they also make a great gift.  This year I purchased some beautiful ‘Christmas scented’ candles for my kids’ teachers – I love the simple look of these ones in the mason jars – plus it is a ‘one size fits all’ gift.  Candles are great addition to a coffee table, console table or a fireplace mantle….

Christmas Decor Snowy Tree

This year, we finally purchased a new Christmas tree – we are a big fan of the artificial tree for a few reasons…it’s not as messy and high maintenance  as a real one and with 4 children under the age of 9 – we need to keep it simple.  Plus we used to travel quite a bit over the Christmas break and a real tree can lead to some real problem if it is not watered regularly, so a fake tree it is.  But there are so many beautiful options – like the one we just purchased.  I have been eying these snow flocked trees for a while and my husband surprised me with one this year and I LOVE IT! It is so pretty just on it’s own but once you add the white lights and all of the ornaments, it is just magic!

 Christmas Decor Countdown

My kids are always asking me…”how many days until Santa?”.  It’s cute and I know they are SO excited! I saw this sign at one of my favourite stores, Urban Barn and I knew it had to come home with me this year.  I love the rustic farmhouse feel of the sign and of course, that chalkboard feature – Santa stops here in # days .  We have placed ours on our mantle (we have the height) but it is actually designed to stand on it’s own, it would be great by the fireplace or at the front entry – it’s a cute addition to family friendly Christmas decor….

Do you have any favourite Christmas decor pieces?

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We all know by now that the colour of the year for 2016 is Rose Quartz -” is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure”. We love the softness and subtle elegance of this colour….but another trend for 2016 is florals! I know, I know, did florals ever really go out of style? The answer is no.  Florals are a classic print in fashion and home fashion but we will be seeing more florals this year.  Many think of florals as fussy and traditional but this year expect to see florals used in a different way.  A more current or modern twist!

Over sized –

When it comes to florals try and over sized print in textiles or over sized art. We love this floral art, it adds some bold colour and some softness against this white on white room decor.

Mix your prints.

To keep the look modern think about mixing in some florals with other prints. In this image, we love the floral pillow in bold colours next to the Dalmatian print drapes. It makes the space chic and sophisticated.

Mix styles.

We love the balance of taking an older or more traditional pieces and adding a modern or current textile.  We love this traditional chair paired with the bright and big floral print. It updates the whole piece and adds an interesting element to the room.

On the floor.

Add a statement area rug to any room for an instant update.  This area rug is fun, fresh and makes a big statement.  It’s like art on the floor.  Pair with a glass coffee table so the rug can be seen and add neutral furniture.  This rug speak for itself.


Play with texture.

Don’t get too soft and fussy when decorating with florals.  Try pairing them with hard textures like wood, metal and glass.  We love the over sized floral art pieces against this concrete wall.


Florals don’t have to be fussy – try it out for yourself!


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“I really want to decorate my condo and have it look amazing.  But where do I start? Do I look at what’s trending? Or copy what I see in magazines? I really need help and have no idea where to start!”


Decorating your home is so much fun but it can be stressful for some – we don’t want you to have a negative experience, after all this is your home, your space, your sanctuary !


Magazines are a great start.

Here’s what we recommend:

start leafing through magazines (start in a bookstore, we love Chapters, they always have a large and varied selection) – (you can also look online – try Houzz or Pinterest.)

So start looking through your magazines and keep a file (yes, rip out those pages!) and take some notes on what you love about the page – post-it’s are easy and perfect for this!

Collect a number of images and once you have a decent amount (10-20)- stop and review.  Look at the images, look at your notes…do you see a pattern?

You probably will notice a common theme – like colour, pattern, texture, style….or perhaps something more specific like wallpaper or bold and graphic art.

This exercise is a great way to start and get a better idea of your taste and style.  Don’t use words like “I’m modern or I’m traditional”, images will give you a much better idea of what you are all about!


Another great tip for decorating, is to ask yourself “how to I want this room to feel?”

Do you want a sexy or romantic bedroom?

Do you want a vibrant and exciting living room?


Use your interests as decor influences.

Maybe you love to travel and you want your space to remind you of your travels – “I want a room that reminds me of Italy, France, Morocco….etc…..” did you collect art or other artifacts on your adventures? Use those items in your decorating.  They will give the space a sense of who you are and what your story is.

Trends are great to read about but if you don’t love what’s ‘#trending’ don’t do it! Your space needs to reflect your story – not what someone tells the masses is cool.

Don’t be afraid!

If you love something you will find a spot for it.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colours and brands/price points, an expensive sofa paired with a re purposed/recycled thrift store find like a bench or end tables – is what personal style is all about!

Personal style is all your own – so don’t worry about doing what everyone else is doing.

March to your own beat!

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We all want our homes to look their best – so we have a list of the Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Decorating

Don’t: Use White Decor If You Have Kids or Pets

If you have pets or children, white rugs and upholstery are just not in the cards. People love the way they look but never realize that you have to hermetically seal your household to keep them clean.


Do: Find Inspiration in Your Travels

Travel as much as you can, and stay on the alert for inspiration wherever you go — you could find a great floor plan in a museum’s period room, or a color in a painting. And don’t just rely on your camera. If you draw something, you’ll really absorb the detail. Or just amazing pieces that you love, display them in an artful way – this is such a great way to show off your style and surround yourself with what you love. After all your home should reflect who you are and what you love.

Don’t: Forget About Seating

Today everyone likes rooms sparse, but for a living room, you need the sorts of chairs people can pull up together, so that they want to come into the room and sit down and chat. Think about pieces that can do double duty (especially for smaller spaces) like drum stools, cubes, ottomans – they can act as seating when needs or surface space, plus this is a great way to add colour and texture to the space.

Do: Use Dramatic Color in a Small Space

Color is best used in small spaces that you pass through. A dramatic color in a room where you’re going to be spending a lot of time might feel too heavy or dark, but if you use it in a foyer or pantry, it makes the whole house feel colorful. It also makes the house feel bigger, because it turns a space you might not notice into one that catches your attention. Plus if you are toying with the idea of bold colours in your home, a small room is a great place to start to see if you like it and can live with it…


Don’t: Be Afraid to Splurge on Great Pieces

Invest in one great-quality piece. It sometimes hurts in the beginning, but you end up having that piece forever, and it can really carry a room, or even an entire house.

Do: Test Paint Colors in a Big Way

When you test paint colors in a room, make big patches so that you can really see if you need to go darker or lighter, or if it is the right colour for that room depending on light and the other elements in the room like the flooring.  Paint in the store can look completely different in your home and can look completely different room to room.  Also take a look at the paint at different times of the day.

Don’t: Ignore Architectural Details

Respect the architecture of a space. That’s not to say you can’t be surprising — I might use period furniture in a modern room, but I’ll make sure the lines and silhouettes are appropriate. The whole room has to hang together.


Do: Trust Your Instincts

‘Be true to yourself, and trust your instincts.’ We all have different points of view — that’s what makes each of us special — and our rooms should be a reflection of that. But if something looks off, it probably is.  We all have a natural inclination towards symmetry and balance

Don’t: Make a Room Too Formulaic

Start a room with a classic furniture layout that’s functional, then add in funky pieces to loosen it up, relax it, and keep it from feeling too formulaic. With the trend continuing toward open concept living in small spaces but with functional floor plans, it is important to have a cohesive look but add unexpected elements to make it fun and not formal.

Do: Draw the Eye With an Interesting Piece

A photographer I worked with taught me the importance of the axial view. When you’re looking down a corridor, you want a wonderful object at the end of it to draw you forward — a sculpture, a chandelier, anything to define the space and pull you in.


But what is always a do…DO incorporate the pieces you love and DON’T worry if they are ‘in style’ or ‘trending’ …always DO follow your decorating instinct!


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