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The white shaker style kitchen has been seen in kitchens for years! So is this style ever going out? It seems like very Pinterest board, very magazine and every home improvement show has the white shaker style kitchen.  So why is this style so popular?

The Shaker kitchen

Shaker style furniture is known for it’s simplicity and some may say ‘minimalist’ design.  The shaker design refers to the door style – it is a 5 piece door, with a recessed center.  The shaker style drawer could either be a flat panel (which we see in more modern style kitchens where detail is minimal) or you could see the 5 piece door in a drawer. 

This is an incredibly popular style because of it’s versatility but also it is so transitional depending on your handle choices for instance, you can make the cabinet suit any style of decor.

The White kitchen

Still the most popular choice for homeowners – they are clean, fresh and classic.  White works with all styles – you can easily add or incorporate elements of wood in flooring, counter tops or even some reclaimed wood accents.  You can mix your hardware style and finish.  Add glass cabinets and floating shelves, marble backsplash or subway…you can do so much with this colour of kitchen!

 The White Shaker Style Kitchen

This is the best of both worlds – the simple design in white.  It’s perfect!  You can adopt this white shaker style kitchen to just about any style by adding the hardware and accents like back splash, lighting, faucets and more….


Here are some of our favourite examples of amazing white shake style kitchens:


This white shake style kitchen is perfection – the mix of the apron sink with the goose neck faucet, the herringbone marble tile backsplash and the oversized stainless steel pulls – makes this white kitchen anything but boring!




This white shaker style kitchen has a bit of a classic meets vintage quality.  The mix of the pulls and knobs in the antique black finish gives some depth and contrast.  The subway tile in the staggered formation with the dark grout looks vintage (like something you would find in a bistro). The open wood shelving add a decorative touch and keep the kitchen from looking traditional and the marble counter tops add another classic element. 



Keep it traditional and add an antique touch to the clean lines of a shaker cabinet by adding some crystal knobs and pulls – this adds a great ‘bring’ factor, too! The white subway tile, the white quartz counter and the glass cabinets keep it classy in this all white kitchen.  The cabinetry style is the perfect back drop for all the more detailed elements!



Yes, brass is making a comeback – some of you are cringing….but it looks so fresh in the all white kitchen!  We love the mix of knobs and pulls – it’s a designer look and it really ups the look of the entire kitchen.  The brass adds great visual impact but also a warmth in this all white kitchen, as does the wood floor.  A simple kitchen cabinet can really stand out with great details.


So why do we think this white shake style kitchen will never be out?

Because classics are never out of style.  They may fade in popularity but they never fade away. 

So if you are considering a kitchen renovation don’t over look this classic and transitional style – it is perfect in every way,






When it comes to counter tops our selections used to be very limited, now we have plenty of choices. Here’s how to choose the right style for your home.



When a buyer first sees a home, the kitchen is usually the first room they wish to overhaul. Whether you are an amateur chef or someone who prefers take-out, the kitchen is usually the most lived-in room in the home. It’s no surprise that counter top options have evolved in recent years. Besides new appliances, counter tops can be one of the greatest investments and one of the most dramatic changes you make in your kitchen.
Speaking from experience, our most recent reno project was replacing our kitchen counter top. The results were astounding! Everything else stayed the same but the new counter top changed the look of our kitchen entirely. Choosing a counter top can be overwhelming, it is no longer a choice between laminate or granite. The factors to consider are durability, hygiene, style, cost, adaptability and maintenance.


How to start?

Think ahead of the counter top qualities that are most important to you, how your kitchen will be used and how much you want to spend. An aspiring chef will seek durability, spill and heat resistant surfaces, whereas a busy mother of three may be most concerned with hygiene and a single, condo owner might just seek a material that is stunning and achieves the ‘wow’ factor in the kitchen.
What are you looking for?

Here is a list of counter choices with a brief descriptor including price per square foot, hygiene,

maintenance and durability.


Wood (maple)$100-$150

Food safe but can absorb odours
Treat regularly with mineral oil and keep dry
Will look worn over time be careful with knives


Stainless steel $40-$80+

Extremely hygienic, seen in hospitals for this very reason
Clean with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly
Will show scratches but is heat-resistant


Concrete $100+

Use food-safe water based sealant to protect
Use mild soap for daily cleaning
Can be dented or gouged


Glass $85-$200

Non-porous and extremely hygienic
Easy to clean but may show streaks
May be heat-resistant and may crack


Marble $80-$200

Hygienic when sealed properly
Mildly reactive and a matte finish helps hide stains
Stains, scratches and may crack


Granite $60-$200

Stain and mould resistant with sealant
Use gentle granite cleaner and seal regularly
Extremely durable and heat-resistant


Quartz $70-$100

Non-porous and food-safe
Can be wiped clean
Shouldn’t scratch or chip and it heat-resistant

Corian $60-$100

With proper cleaning will resist bacteria
Clean with soapy water, rinse and dry
Use cutting board to protect


Laminate$18-$26 (uninstalled)

Hygienic if cleaned properly
Clean with mild soap (don’t clean with any citrus product)
Protect surface and difficult to repair



So what about bathrooms?

A bathroom can accommodate nearly any counter top materials you’d find in a kitchen, but beware of durability issues. Products such as nail-polish remover can damage many counter top materials also beware of access moisture caused by improper ventilation. The most popular bathroom counter top materials are: quartz, glass, granite and laminate.



Manufacturing and installation times vary, but typically the process from measurement and planning to installation takes one to six weeks, depending on the availability of material and manufacturer.


 A new counter top can totally transform a kitchen (or bathroom) whether you are living in the home or selling it – it is a worthwhile upgrade…


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