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Home staging is a must in any real estate market.  We have been staging homes since 2003 and even though decor styles have changed the benefits of home staging have not.

Why have your home staged?

Hot or cool market home staging sets you apart from the competition. You want to stand out from the pack and with home staging you do just that.  This is how it works – you have your home professionally staged and then photographed.  Your home staging team will know what works on camera and what connects with buyers in your target group – the staging and styling team have those two important factors in mind. Now that your photos are taken and they are now online – that’s really when the viewings start.  Buyers these days are looking online first – when they see something they like they then reach out to the agent.  Now if your home looks good in photos – there will be lots of interest. Lots of interest means lots of showings which leads to an offer or possibly multiple offers.

Doesn’t a property look bigger when it’s empty?

You would think so but this is not the case.  When a house is empty – it is very tough for buyers to visualize just how big the space is.  Sure they could come with a tape measure and measure the rooms and measure out their furniture in the space but that’s pretty time consuming.  Home staging not only demonstrates the size of the rooms but there is also an emotional connection that buyers get in a staged home.  It is depersonalized enough that the buyers don’t feel like they are guests in someone else’s home but it is welcoming enough that buyers can visualize themselves in the space – living day to day but also for gatherings with friends and family.

See the difference home staging makes? These before and after photos are of a home we just staged. We chose furniture, art and accessories in colour tones that would make the space warm and inviting – we arranged the furniture in a functional way that also shows off the space and the decor selection appeals to the buying demographic, too!

Home staging works!

Home staging works because your home stager and your real estate agent are both working together to get your home sold – they are involved in the presentation of the home and the overall marketing of the home.  When a property looks good in person and in photos – you will generate lots of interests which leads to showings and offers and that means you don’t have the stress of sitting on the market…Home staging works and is a must in every market!

Home staging is a sales tool to help buyers visualize themselves in the home and making it their own.  We love to help real estate agents and their buyers sell their homes quickly, maximize their profit and with limited stress,

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We have some home staging tricks to share with you! Home staging is a MUST in any real estate market! We have been staging homes for the resale (and new home market) for a number of years now and while styles and trends change there are definitely some tried and true home staging tricks that work every time!

Here are 5 Home Staging Tricks that work (every time)!


1. Inviting entry with potted plants or flowers –

This little trick makes everyone feel welcome, it adds a splash of colour and a ‘breath of fresh air’.  The front door is the first impression so you want to start off on the right foot! Be sure to maintain these plants/flowers and keep it seasonal for maximum effect.


Photo from

2. Extra pillows on the bed and the sofa –

Fluffy pillows have a real warmth to them and they certainly add that element to a living room, family room and bedroom.  Throw pillows also allow you to add an extra design touch to a space – a pop of colour and some pattern make a space look instantly fresh and with a designer’s touch.


Photo from

3.  Clean white towels –

Ever notice that in boutique and luxury hotels you always see these plush, clean white towels and robes? Well, take that cue and stage your bathroom with some fresh and clean pure white towels, buyers will immediately think of luxury, relaxation or a spa experience – play into that feeling and use it to your advantage. This simple addition will make buyers associate that feeling with your bathroom.


Photo from

4. Setting the table –

Staging is all about presenting the home in it’s best light, but we want to be sure to make buyers feel like this is their next home not like they are just visiting. By setting the table you are ‘setting the scene’, buyers will be able to better picture themselves hosting a dinner party, entertaining for the holidays or having Sunday family dinner.  It’s another emotional connection made with staging that helps the buyers feel more at home.


Photo from

5. Add a pop of colour in the kitchen –

The kitchen is one the hot spots when it comes to selling your home.  Buyers want a  clean and current looking kitchen, and they are willing to pay more for a home that has updated kitchens and bathrooms.  But even the most stunning kitchen can look a little flat in the listing photos – try adding a fresh pop of colour, we love a bowl of lemons, yellow always photographs well and it really attracts the eye.  But fresh flowers, fruit bowl, a tray with wine, a colourful tea kettle are all great ideas to add just a little accent to the kitchen without distracting or over powering the space.


Photo from ZDesign at Home

We all know that cleaning, decluttering and repairs are needed plus we know that updates in paint, flooring and lighting make great returns and great impressions on buyers.  Current finishes in bathrooms and kitchens are also a hot commodity but there are certain staging tricks that really connect with buyers.
I hope these tips help you sell that house quickly and for top dollar!
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Today our granite counter tops arrived!

As I mentioned in my previous blog posting, I am living in a renovation zone but things have picked up and starting to really come together.
This afternoon our granite counter tops (kitchen and bathroom) were installed and I cannot get over the difference! We had laminate counter tops in both rooms, the kitchen counter top was a solid grey which was probably not the best choice as it does not hide stains very well and every scratch is seen from a mile away; the bathroom counter top was a laminate but in aqua, white and peach speckled design. My husband and I were looking for a more modern look but we also love the natural look of granite and stone.

Looking for granite Counter tops….

We went to a few granite showrooms but everything we saw was quite typical, since our cabinetry was so plain we really wanted something special! We actually went to a granite supplier and had the opportunity to peruse their slabs and select ours directly from their supply. We found the perfect counter tops for our home and now that they are in the transformation is truly incredible.

Granite Counter tops made a huge difference….

What difference can a counter top really make? In our case we selected a slab of granite that was lighter in colour from the original laminate and now our open concept kitchen look enormous. Our stone back splash really stands out and the stainless steel accents add some sparkle. The whole kitchen comes together and is a true show stopper! The bathroom renovation was a complete overhaul (bye bye Barbie bathroom) but my husband was really worried about how the white wall tiles, grey floor tiles and blue glass accent tile would all come together – the biano antico’ granite counter top was the key element for bringing all the pieces together.

When it comes to selecting your kitchen counter tops there are no right or wrong

choice but here are some tips:


1 – Colour –

Typically you want to choose a counter top that on the opposite side of the colour wheel from your cabinets, for example a dark espresso stain looks best with a lighter counter top but if you are selecting from granite you have some flexibility because granite has some many colours and fishers that you can choose from a variety of cabinet colours. But light can absolutely work with light but I always like something to ground the room so it could be the floors, paint or backsplash.

2 – Stay away from a single colour laminate.

A solid coloured laminate counter top does not stand the test of time very well, stains and scratches are nearly impossible to hide with this type of counter top. If granite is too pricey, keep in mind that there are many laminate options that look (and can feel) like a granite counter top.

3 – Looking for something different?

Try exotic granite or other natural stone such as marble or soapstone or even more cutting edge – concrete. With the increased popularity of granite certain colours are seen more frequently but there is a lot to choose from, so look around at other options.

Here are the after photos of my bathroom and kitchen :-

I can’t get over how different the house looks with these new counter tops!
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