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Friday Favourites this week ….Large clocks!  They are one of our favourite ways to add wall decor to a space.  Large Wall mounted clocks are a great way to fill up an empty wall space but they are also very useful! You can hang these clocks on their own or even add one to a gallery wall. There are so many styles of wall clocks, so you will be sure to find one that suits your style.

Decorating with Large Clocks

Here are some great inspiration images for how you can decorate with an over sized clock.

Photo credit : Magnolia Market

This area is perfect for serving drinks and snacks in this ‘bunk room’.  The aged finish of the large clock adds character to this space and the light contrast with the wall colour is soothing and fresh.

Photo credit : Kirkland’s

This oversized roman numeral wall clock has a touch of a traditional feel but pair with with more casual pieces like the natural wood console table at this entry and some farmhouse textures – it looks more relaxed plus have the clock leaning (instead of wall mounting it) makes it look less formal. Clocks at an entry is beautiful but also practical!

This is a model townhome we styled just recently… and we used a large farmhouse style clock for above the fireplace.  We love the galvanized metal trim and the rustic rope (plus it was easy to hang).  Its fills up this fireplace wall space and the round shape adds some softness to the room as well.

Shop large Clocks

We have rounded up some of our favourite large clocks from various stores that we love for the home

The Dresden Wall Clock – available at Urban Barn – is one of our favourites! We love the painted wood plank detail, the antique trim finish and the roman numerals add another aged feel to this piece.

This Industrial style Wall clock is available on Amazon and the simplicity of this clock is a perfect piece to add to a space with some loft inspiration with an industrial look – this would look great mounted on a brick wall.

This Iron Tower Large Wall Clock from Wayfair would be a great additional to a traditional style space or even a farmhouse look.  We love the simplicity of this piece and in the oversized scale it adds great presence to any room.

We love design elements that are beautiful but also practical….do you have a clock in your space? Maybe it’s time to add one ….

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“I’m looking for some ideas to decorate my empty wall space.  I do love art but I would like to see if there are other options out there that could add a unique look to my home”


Art and other wall decor pieces are a great way to add some visual interest in your space but it’s also a great way to add colour and texture plus you can really show off your style through art.


We are seeing a lot of options for wall decor besides a stretched canvas or framed print.


Here are ideas:


1.  Fabric or Wall paper

– you can use these material as an accent wall but why not frame them and have some creative wall panels. You can make these panels are big as you like and the really customize the look plus this is a great way to add some unique flair to a rental without losing your damage deposit.


2. Wood

– wood is going to be a big trend for 2016.  It has great texture, character and warmth too.  We will see a lot of wood in furniture but also art.  We certainly did see accent walls in reclaimed and distressed wood planks and fun signs but we are seeing wood in art as well.


3. Mirrors

– this is not a new idea but one way to add some light to a room is to add a mirror(s).  There are so many shapes and styles of mirrors, too.  Mirrors look great layered over an accent wall or on it’s own.  Try mixing in mirrors in a  gallery wall – or a gallery wall of just mirrors – mixing up mirrors  in different shapes and frames is another unique touch to a room.


4. Floating shelves

– this is a clean and easy way to display a series of pieces you want to show off.  On a floating shelf anything can really work – small plants (real or faux), framed photos, decor pieces etc…For the shelves themselves you have lots of options in terms of colours and materials.


5. An oversized wall clock

– this is both function and fashion.  This fills up the space and is visually appealing but it is also very useful.  there are so many styles of clocks to choose from too.  We love the aged clock in this image flanked by the candle sconces.


6. Animal heads

– so we have seen this trend for a few years now and maybe it has reached it’s peak but we are seeing different and unexpected animal heads.  People are using them in different places too like kids rooms and nurseries.  We have also seen them in a variety of materials – papier mache, resin, faux fur, wood, metal and wire. They are nice in an eclectic gallery wall, or just on their own.  Trend or not, if you like it – go for it!


7. Maps

– so this can be purely decorative but also educational.  It’s a great addition if you love to travel – it’s a great way to show off your interests through decor.  Map come is all sorts of shapes and sizes – full wall paper or oversized framed maps.  The colours vary too – soft ‘aged’ beige tones to bright and vivid colours.


8. Wall decals

wall vinyls have come a long way – they are easy to stick on and peel off.  There are so many possibilities too – inspirational quotes to images and everything in between. So this is another great option for someone living in a rental that wants to add some ‘pop’ to their space or for someone that changes their mind often.


Which wall treatments do you like? Which ones have you used? What ever you decide make sure it suits you and your space and don’t ever feel like you have to follow the latest trends!

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” My decor style is contemporary.  I like the clean lines, simple colour palette and minimal accessories but I have inherited some art that I would like to incorporate in my decor scheme – how can I do that … the art pieces are pretty traditional looking and I don’t want to change my style.  Is there a way to use these family heirlooms?”


This is a great question and we complete understand why this is stumping you.  It can be very tricky to combine styles like contemporary and traditional and get it just right.  It’s all about finding that balance.  We love that you want to keep these beautiful art pieces in the family, it is so special to hold on and display meaningful items like art.


You can absolutely use these pieces in your decor.

Depending on the look or display style you choose, you may need to spend some money on frames and matting but there are often some great sales on custom framing so you can definitely save a bit. Just re-framing and matting with something clean and simple can completely transform the look of your piece and make it fit in with your decor without comprising the art itself.

Take a look at the art pieces you have.

Are any of them from the same collection? If so, it would be great to keep those together in a wall display. The image below is a great example of clean frames and matting and letting the art stand out.  It looks modern in this arrangement and makes a statement above the sofa. Plus it still works with the contemporary look.

If you have larger pieces on hand …

again opt for a clean and simple frame – in white or black with an over sized matte.  This will be an instant update to your piece.   This would be perfect above a sofa in a living room, dining room or bedroom.  Over sized art looks modern no matter the style of art. This is a timeless look so you won’t tire of it quickly. In the image below the white matte and frame almost disappear against the light wall colour and the art stands out more.

Some times just the arrangement itself can be modern.

We love a gallery wall and why not show off all of your pieces and their interesting frames in a gallery wall? It’s a more modern way to display your art. This arrangement is basically an accent wall.  We love the mix of frames and pieces with and without frames plus look at the heights of the pieces.  The one constant here is that the pieces that do have matting have white matting – you want to make sure to have a common thread.  So in this case, we have a mix of frames, colours and sizes but there is one constant.  This look is a bit more eclectic but it is definitely not traditional and it really allows to show off a lot of art pieces.

Another way to display your art in a more modern way is layering it on your mantle.

We love how casual and cool this look is and it is so easy.  Try a large piece at the back – art or even a mirror is perfect and in front you can layer some smaller art pieces even photography and a few knick knacks – it looks so chic.  You can try mixing modern art with some old family photos as well – it’s up to you.  this look also works on  floating shelves or even bedside tables.

Our advise …when it comes to art is to always follow your instinct!

Don’t get caught up in style, size, colour etc…if you love it there will always be room for it in your home.  Don’t worry about matching – art is a creative form of expression so displaying it should be too!

Those heirlooms are a part of your history, so honour it by displaying but do it with your own taste and spin,

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“I always hear on real estate TV shows when the agents are giving home staging advice that the home sellers need to remove their personal and family photos.  Why is that?”


Yes, you definitely hear that one those shows! That is good advice and we completely agree with it.  We tell our sellers that they need to remove personal photos along with other personalized items like religious decor and collectibles. The reason for this is that you are trying to present this home as the buyers ‘new’ home, so your memories shouldn’t be ‘hanging’ around in the form of framed photos and gallery walls. You don’t want potential buyers to feel like they are just visiting when they attend a private viewing or an open house.  They need to see themselves living in the home and your photos all over the home can really create a mental block for buyers.


When it comes to family photos, don’t get us wrong – we do love a gallery wall, it is great way to display and cherish your memories -but when it comes to home staging, those are your memories and you need to pack up with you, so that the home is a blank canvas for new memories.


If your photos are in frames and not wall mounted but displayed on surfaces like side tables, coffee tables and bookcases – those photos are not only personalizing the space but they are also adding clutter.  It’s really important when you are staging your home for sale that the clutter is removed.


It can be tough for sellers to pack up those family photos but since you plan on bringing them to your next home, think of this as a pre-pack of your most precious pieces.


Same goes for religious art/items – you don’t know who will be buying your home so keep the look and feel neutral.

You don’t need to remove all art from your walls just the personal pieces.

Instead of displaying your photos, try these ideas instead.

If you have a gallery wall already in place and feel that removing all of the photos will make a mess of your walls.  Try replacing the photos with some temporary placeholders like neutral photos, maps, small art, letters etc…

The gallery wall is a current look and a lot of people like it.  It will take some time to remove the photos and replace them with a more neutral item but you won’t have to patch a bunch of nail holes.


Another alternative is over sized art

– it adds some visual interest, fills up the walls space and a splash of colour keeping the home warm and welcoming.  Over sized art also has an upscale look and feel.  Stick with landscapes and/or abstract- they are neutral options and work in every space from bedrooms to dining room and with works with every style.


Remember when it comes to staging your home for sale, you want to attract as many potential buyers as possible.  De-personalizing your space is one important element in the home staging process.

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Sure anyone can bang a nail into a wall and hang their art but to get the perfect look in your space, these are the tips and numbers you want to remember next time you are hanging your art


What’s the best height to hang artwork?

  • Art should be hung at eye-level with the center of the picture positioned between 56 – 60″ from the floor.
  • When hanging one picture directly above another, treat the two art pieces as one large picture with the center point between them being 56 –60″ from the floor.


How many inches apart should I place pictures in a gallery wall?

When hanging multiple pieces of art in a grouping, use a spacing of 1 –3″ between pictures. Smaller pieces of art can be hung a little closer together (1 –  1½”) than larger pieces.


How high should I place pictures and other art when hanging it above furniture?

When hanging artwork above a piece of furniture, leave 5 – 9″ of space between the top of the furniture piece and the bottom of the frame. This rule of thumb can be used for hanging art over a console or chest of drawers as well as a sofa or headboard.


How high should I hang other wall decor?

Whether it’s a decorative plate wall or a wall display of a favorite collection, a good rule of thumb is to treat the grouping of wall decor as one item and center it at 56 – 60″ off the floor.



Of course, the most important rule of all is to not be afraid to break the rules! These rule of thumb measurements are great to use as starting points and will help you develop your own eye for hanging artwork at a height that’s perfect in your space. But if something looks and feels right to you but doesn’t fit with these rules, by all means go with your gut and try it out!


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“I love the look of Gallery walls but am not sure how to make mine look as good as the ones I see in magazines.. what are the rules for creating a personalized, and aesthetically pleasing gallery wall?”
Creating a gallery wall in your home is an amazing way to showcase your home’s personality. When it comes to gallery walls, pretty well anything goes. It depends on the look that you are going for.

Let’s start with a few general measurement suggestions…

Before putting a hammer to the wall, try marking where your frames are going to go. Not everyone has a fantastic eye and can guess dead on every time. I would suggesting laying out a college on the floor underneath where the gallery wall will be going. Be sure to have a measuring tape, level, hammer, proper hooks and a pencil on hand. I suggest spacing 2-3 inches in between frames and accents.

If your decorating style is pretty streamlined, I suggest using symmetry.

Groupings are most effective if they are hung with some commonality in mind. Ideally, creating a square or rectangular shaped display is most visually pleasing but frame sizes will likely vary, and you won’t have a perfectly shaped outline. Try to space the frames 2-3” apart for maximum effect. When creating a streamlined Gallery wall, we recommend some sort of cohesive effect between the photos.
Frames all in the same colour, the mats inside the frame being the same, maybe all the photo’s being black and white. Something should tie the photos together, unless of course you are trying to achieve a very
eclectic look…

An eclectic gallery wall is a compilation of items and photos and wall décor that you love.

Anything goes with an eclectic style of décor. Of course, there is an art to creating a visually pleasing eclectic look. Make sure there is some repetition of items.. not everything needs to be doubles, but maybe having a few of the same frame mixed with your collection of pieces will help to make sense of the décor.

I suggest not only having frames. Adding some other décor elements personalize this collage to you and your home.

Try adding a few mirrors, or antlers, letters, or quotes into your gallery wall for added interest. I also love having a few different frames as accents. Mixing both personal photos with artwork is another interesting visual for your home.
I’m a big fan of decorating with what you love. It’s your home and its you who has to love it. So if you want to mix a bunch of things together that you are in love with… do it. Just make sure your spacing is accurate
 I love my gallery wall – it adds warmth and beautiful memories to my family room,


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Wall Décor is something we feel is crucial to every home. Whether you have modern décor, a country home, or a very traditional style of decorating, wall décor is what really pulls a space together. The amount of wall décor in a given home may vary depending on home style and personal taste. Many people have a hard time choosing the correct art to suit their home décor style, or lack the creativity to incorporate something other than photographs or pictures into their space. Wall Décor options are endless!

Here we will give you some suggestions on some wall décor variations other than the traditional artwork.

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are a great addition to any space. The variations and options of mirror shapes, sizes, colours, textures is so vast – you can find anything you want. Mirrors can go in many places in your home as well. If you have an empty wall above your sofa, a large rectangular mirror in a great metallic or three smaller starburst mirrors in scattered pattern are a fabulous option.



 2. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a fantastic way to fill an empty wall. Depending on what your style preference is, there are so many colours and wood shelves that will really add another dimension to your space. Open shelving is a great way to display family photos, accessories and whatever other small items you’d like to showcase in your home. Open shelving can be one shelf or a variety of shelves in different shapes and configurations. Open shelves look great in almost all rooms of the home, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc.



3. Wall Decals


Wall Decals are used most often in children’s rooms, and they’re great because if a child grows out of them, it’s not a matter of changing the paint so often. There are also many options for wall decals for main living areas, whether it be a lovely quote or a pattern of some sort, wall decals are a fantastic option, especially for people who are living in rental homes/apartments and don’t want to spend the money on paint, these are stickers that peel off without leaving any damage.

4. Gallery Walls and Unique Art Arrangements

A gallery wall is a great way to showcase a variety of elements you love, whether it be frames of family photos, quotes, small mirrors, an accessory, or just decorative frames. Creating a gallery wall in your home is a personal touch that makes any space feel like home. Be creative with what you add. Whether you like the look of a uniform wall with all the same frames arranged in very straight and evenly spaced, or if you like an eclectic mix of some of your favourite things, this feature is bound to be a focal point in your home.



5. Large Accessories

Deer heads, clocks, stars, metal wall art, various geometric shapes, porcelain birds etc are all great things to add to your space. Add what you love!
This is your home and you need to love it. So, make it yours!



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