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It’s Friday! and it’s time to round up some of our favourite pieces from the week.  It has been a busy week at kiki interiors and we have been working on so many different projects for clients but here are some of our favourite finds from the week….


  Eiffel Side Chair

We are HUGE fans of these chairs – we used them most recently at Stittsville Walk but we have used them with a number of clients.  they come in a bunch of colours and different bases, too!

Zak Teak Dining Table

This was a recent purchase for our staging inventory and we love it! We just took it out of the box this week and wow, it did not disappoint! It’s a perfect table for a smaller space and the reclaimed teak has a raw and industrial look bringing so much character to the room.


Bull Printed Framed Art

Another new inventory piece … we love the simplicity and the unexpected element of this piece. It is such a clean looking framed piece – we hung this over an accent chair in our latest model at Stittsville Walk  – we love art with some personality, it really brings a unique feel to any space!

    Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse 1 light pendant

We needed something simple in the dining space – we already had an amazing 12 bulb chandelier in the kitchen over the island so we needed something complimentary in the dining space.  We love this simple glass one light pendant with a vintage bulb –


Bora Solid Acacia Wood Table

We love the look of natural wood – the character of natural elements adds so much to a space – we love mixing textures! We needed a smaller coffee table and instead of a standard coffee table we opted for 2 of these and placed them side by side.


 Bungalow Rose Zanzibar Area Rug 

We love this rug! The colour, the design and the vintage feel – we have 2 clients who have purchased this rug so far and they both love it! Are rugs are a great way to add visual interest to a room with colour and print!


Sevan Faux Mongolian Fur Blanket

We love adding texture like fur to living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms . Faux fur adds a great touch of softness to any space – it comes in all sizes and colours, too! We also like it as a pillow.


This is our round-up for this weeks favourites …. which is your favourite?

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The white shaker style kitchen has been seen in kitchens for years! So is this style ever going out? It seems like very Pinterest board, very magazine and every home improvement show has the white shaker style kitchen.  So why is this style so popular?

The Shaker kitchen

Shaker style furniture is known for it’s simplicity and some may say ‘minimalist’ design.  The shaker design refers to the door style – it is a 5 piece door, with a recessed center.  The shaker style drawer could either be a flat panel (which we see in more modern style kitchens where detail is minimal) or you could see the 5 piece door in a drawer. 

This is an incredibly popular style because of it’s versatility but also it is so transitional depending on your handle choices for instance, you can make the cabinet suit any style of decor.

The White kitchen

Still the most popular choice for homeowners – they are clean, fresh and classic.  White works with all styles – you can easily add or incorporate elements of wood in flooring, counter tops or even some reclaimed wood accents.  You can mix your hardware style and finish.  Add glass cabinets and floating shelves, marble backsplash or subway…you can do so much with this colour of kitchen!

   The White Shaker Style Kitchen

This is the best of both worlds – the simple design in white.  It’s perfect!  You can adopt this white shaker style kitchen to just about any style by adding the hardware and accents like back splash, lighting, faucets and more….


Here are some of our favourite examples of amazing white shake style kitchens:


This white shake style kitchen is perfection – the mix of the apron sink with the goose neck faucet, the herringbone marble tile backsplash and the oversized stainless steel pulls – makes this white kitchen anything but boring!




This white shaker style kitchen has a bit of a classic meets vintage quality.  The mix of the pulls and knobs in the antique black finish gives some depth and contrast.  The subway tile in the staggered formation with the dark grout looks vintage (like something you would find in a bistro). The open wood shelving add a decorative touch and keep the kitchen from looking traditional and the marble counter tops add another classic element. 



Keep it traditional and add an antique touch to the clean lines of a shaker cabinet by adding some crystal knobs and pulls – this adds a great ‘bring’ factor, too! The white subway tile, the white quartz counter and the glass cabinets keep it classy in this all white kitchen.  The cabinetry style is the perfect back drop for all the more detailed elements!



Yes, brass is making a comeback – some of you are cringing….but it looks so fresh in the all white kitchen!  We love the mix of knobs and pulls – it’s a designer look and it really ups the look of the entire kitchen.  The brass adds great visual impact but also a warmth in this all white kitchen, as does the wood floor.  A simple kitchen cabinet can really stand out with great details.


So why do we think this white shake style kitchen will never be out?

Because classics are never out of style.  They may fade in popularity but they never fade away. 

So if you are considering a kitchen renovation don’t over look this classic and transitional style – it is perfect in every way,





We are so thrilled to welcome our Guest Blogger – Marnie Bennett!

Houseplants are a great way to improve the look of any room in your home. They add a bit of nature to your indoor space and can make a room feel warm and inviting. There are also health benefits to incorporating plants into your house; they can remove toxins from the air and help protect you against allergens. If you’re a recent first-time home buyer or live in a condo in a busy Ottawa neighbourhood, you may not have the time or adequate space to grow an entire outdoor garden.

In this case, houseplants are a nice alternative. They allow you to satisfy your green thumb and still explore the benefits of home gardening without demanding all of your free time. These five plants are ideal for smaller spaces like apartments and condos where natural sunlight is often limited. They are hardy and difficult to kill which is perfect if you don’t have the time to care for a large outdoor garden or if you are new to home gardening and aren’t quite sure where to start.

  1. ZZ plant-


    The ZZ plant is a great choice if your new Ottawa condo doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. It can thrive in indirect light and only needs to be watered three times a month. It grows slowly so you don’t have to worry about it claiming a space for its own. It doesn’t attract pests which is a concern for a lot of first-time home buyers; after finally establishing yourself as a homeowner, the last thing you want is for pests to move in with you! The ZZ plant is stylish and exotic looking with beautiful glossy green leaves that will brighten up any room in your house.

  2. Snake Plant –

    The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is a very popular plant for those who have the tendency to unwillingly neglect their indoor plants. These plants are extremely tolerant and forgiving. Snake plants do best in the sun, but they can also survive quite well in the shade. They need to be watered every two weeks and prefer under-watering to over-watering. Many people choose this plant for its sculptural appearance and long, green leaves. As an added bonus, the snake plant converts CO2 at night so it’s the ideal plant for a bedroom. It has other health benefits as well such as removing toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from the air.

  3. Pothos

    Many first-time homebuyers who quickly realize they have a less-than-green thumb opt for the pothos plant, also known as Devil’s Ivy. It is easy to care for and adds a warm, welcoming touch to any room. It is also adept at purifying the air from harmful toxins. It can thrive in low light and does well with a weekly watering. Pothos plants are ideal for hanging because they are a trailing vine that can grow up to six feet indoors. However, you can prune it to your desired length and shape if you prefer a smaller, more robust-looking plant. It adds a beautiful touch of lush greenery to your home and can be a great accent piece to your new Ottawa condo or house.

  4. Lucky Bamboo

    According to Feng Shui advocates, a lucky bamboo plant has the power to bring peace, strength, and luck into a home (a great combination for first-time home buyers!). It’s an inexpensive plant and very easy to care for. It prefers low light or shade and you simply have to change the water once every two weeks for it to survive. If you notice the leaves losing their vibrant green colour, it may be getting too much sunlight. It adds a modern look to your house and an element of architectural design. With all of these benefits plus the power to remove negative energy from your home, the lucky bamboo plant is the perfect choice to explore your interest in home gardening.

  5. Peace Lily

    If you want some flowers mixed in with your foliage, consider adding a peace lily plant to your home. This plant has long, dark leaves and elegant white flowers. Its compact size is a perfect fit for small spaces and it doesn’t require too much sun. If its leaves turn yellow, it’s best to move it farther away from the window. It also doesn’t need to be watered frequently and it will tell you when it needs re-hydration by bending its leaves downward. With its ability to purify the air, the peace lily plant is another great option for improving indoor air quality.

    With all of these great options, there’s no reason why you can’t cultivate a home garden in your new house. Even if you don’t have the space, time, or expertise to grow an outdoor garden, you can enjoy all of the benefits of adding greenery to your home with some hardy indoor plants.

    Have fun experimenting and enjoy your new indoor garden!

    Read more of Marnie’s blog here


We love a Polka Dot print! Polka Dots are a fun print to decorate with – they add a touch of whimsy and a bit of a retro vibe to a space.

What’s the History of the Polka Dot?

The Polka Dot is a print that really became popular in the US in the mid 1920s.  America’s love affair with the polka dot began, perhaps, in 1926, when Miss America was photographed in a polka dot swimsuit. Shortly after, in 1928, Disney introduced its cartoon darling Minnie Mouse wearing a red polka dot dress and matching bow. Throughout the 1930s, polka dot dresses appeared in stores, the fabric suddenly subversive, nipped in by ribbons and accentuated with bows. In the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe was famously photographed in a polka dot bikini. And of course, the famous 1960’s hit song “Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini“.



The Polka Dot pattern is a series of circles that are evenly spaced and of the same size.  A spot print isn’t necessarily consistent in spacing or size

The Polka Dot definitely has a retro feel but also a feminine one.  The Polka Dot has mostly been used in women’s fashion but it definitely makes a statement in home decor.

Ways to decorate with Polka Dots

A nursery –

we love the fun and whimsy that polka dots add to a bedroom.  We love this accent wall – it really adds visual interest to the room without using old colour and this can easily transition into a toddler room (and a little girl’s room and a teenagers bedroom)


Polka Dot Furniture

try re-upholstering a simple piece of furniture with a polka dot fabric – this will add a fun element into any room and it will turn a simple piece into a statement piece.  It’s a great addition to any room! This chair is an example of a spot print but isn’t it great?!



Polka Dot drapery and window treatments

we love a patterned window treatment – it adds a nice contrast to the room against a solid wall and it’s a perfect addition to a room that doesn’t have wall space for art!



Polka Dot Pillows –

A polka dot pillow is another great way to keep a room from looking too serious.  Polka dot prints comes in all colours – so you have a lot of options! We love different sizes and scales of polka dot prints,  too. Plus polka dots are fun to mix with other prints!


Polka Dots in the bedroom –

Polka dot bedding can be used in so many ways on a bed.  Just the pillows, bed sheets or the duvet cover.  Mixing the polka dots with solids and other prints makes any bedroom unique.  We love this bed set in white and gold with polka dots and stripes.



There are so many fun ways to decorate with this retro print – which is your favourite?

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Yellow is a great colour! I know from one of my more recent posts you might think that I don’t like yellow but I definitely do.  In my opinion, yellow is one of those colours that you need to use in the right way because it is so intense you don’t need a lot of it! I don’t love yellow on walls but I love it in accessories!

Yellow is a colour that we use a lot in home staging because it photographs so well.  Plus yellow is the most intense colour on the colour wheel so the eye can’t help but notice it!

Yellow is bright and sunny, fresh and fun – and you don’t need to use a lot of it to make an impact in a room!

Let me show you how I like to use yellow…

Yellow Flowers –

Whether they are at the dining table, kitchen island, bedroom or anywhere…yellow flowers add a beautiful brightness to any space.  I personally love a simple floral arrangement – it always looks so clean, crisp and contemporary (and a little more real).

Yellow Art –

I’m a huge fan of art – the bigger the better! art really pulls a room together, you don’t have to match (and in fact don’t) but use art to add a splash of colour and visual interest.


Yellow pillows and throw blanket

Pillows and blankets are great to texture and layering in a room.  They add colour, texture and pattern, too. Like art they also pull a room together.  I like the softness that they bring to a room as well. You don’t need a lot of yellow to make a statement in the room!


Yellow lamp and / or lamp shade –

Lamps are another favourite way to add some colour to a room – whether it’s the base or the shade – it’s up to you! We love the trellis pattern in yellow and white in this bedroom – it’s so fresh and bright! It adds another layer in this room.  When adding pattern – it’s great to mix up patterns just like in this image, it looks very designer-y! But always have one that is on the bolder side and the others less so.


Yellow in the bedroom –

Like every other colour under the rainbow, yellow has many different shades – from butter to deep golden hues. In this bedroom, the golden yellow throw blanket and pillow add a brightness against the charcoal and the wood stain. The tones and the intensity are well balanced in this room. Just a touch of yellow is all this room needs – when it comes to decorating with yellow you really don’t need a lot. A duvet or comforter with a dash of yellow also makes a room look fresh!


Yellow Area Rug

I keep saying you don’t need a lot of yellow to get that WOW in a room and you don’t!  Here’s another example – this amazing grey and yellow area rug from Wayfair – perfect for a room that just needs a little pop!


Yellow lemons

Of course, one of my favourite home staging props is a bowl of lemons.  It might seems silly but a simple bowl of lemons really adds life to a room – a kitchen or a dining room makes the most sense. It’s an easy centerpiece and it works in all decor styles.  That pop of yellow really looks great in home staging photos!


When it comes to decorating with yellow remember that less really is more…



Paint really transforms any space! when you have been living in your home for some time you really to get used to your surroundings  and often you don’t even notice your space anymore. When we meet home staging and interior decorating clients – we always bring up, paint! Why? Well paint can totally and completely transform the look of any room. 

Paint can do so much for a space – make it appear – brighter, bigger, cleaner and fresher! Undertaking the job yourself can be a bit daunting so don’t hesitate to contact a professional painter…it will certainly save you time and you will love the results.

Let us tell you about a recent paint transformation…

Our client moved to a new city and a new part of the country – her husband had a new job and her kids were starting at new schools.  they didn’t know anyone and they had a lot on their plate.  They moved from a new build open concept, classic contemporary home into a much older, more traditional and slightly dated home. 

She did her best (and a good job) setting up their space but she knew the house needed something.  That’s when we entered her life!

Our first suggestion was paint! Why? To get the fresh and more modern look she craved, the gold yellow sunflower walls weren’t working.

We worked with the furniture pieces and her art pieces along with the natural light to find the best paint colours for her. 

Check out the difference paint can make!


So what did we do?

There are only a few changes in this room but what a difference! Paint was the big change…We selected an accent wall for the fireplace – Sherwin Williams ‘ Acier’ and the rest of the house (you can see the dining room to the left) in Sherwin-Williams ‘Mindful Gray’



We also swapped out the old and more traditional looking lamp shades for some simple white drum shades.  You may not have noticed this subtle change but take another look – the shades are brighter and so much fresher.

We also played around with the art placement and looked through the pieces that she had still packed. 

We also sourced out some new and more current wall sconces, again ones with those fresh and bright white shades!

We would say this room has come a long way! We are still working on some accessories but already this room (and this house) looks so much fresher and cleaner.

A little paint can go a long way…

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Poufs are a great alternative seating option and we have been using them for years now in both home staging and in interior decorating.  Poufs are wonderful because they are a portable seating option and they don’t take up a lot of space plus they can play double -duty as a foot stool.  We have used poufs in bedrooms, living room and even playrooms – kids love them!

We also love the options you have with poufs in terms of colour, texture and even pattern. There is a pouf for every decor style.

Here are some of our favourite poufs:


The Rope Knit Pouf:

This is one we have used a lot and in many different colours (Kristi actually has one in green in her boys’ bedroom and one in tan in her family room). This pouf adds a great pop of colour and texture to any room!

 The Upholstered Cube Pouf:

This style of pouf is a different shape, it’s a cube and it adds some pattern to the mix along with a bit of colour and texture.  These poufs (like all of the poufs) are so versatile – they work with all styles and in all rooms, move them around if you need some extra seating!

The Leather Ottoman Pouf:

This style of pouf has a laid-back boho feel. like the others this style comes in many different colours but the details and the embroidery give it a bohemian vibe.  We love this one in tan – neutrals are so versatile and this style also serves really well as a foot stool.

The Patchwork Cowhide Pouf:

If you don’t love colour – this might be more your speed! This patchwork cowhide pouf in soft greys is a great addition for any room.  Each of these poufs is completely unique (just one of the beauties of working with nature) and they add a certain luxury to a space.

The ‘Shibori’ Pouf:

This look is a big trend right now – the blue and white ‘tie-dye’ printed fabric called Shibori adds a laid-back and almost beachy feel to a room.  The pattern and colour pouf add some visual interest to any room.

The Outdoor Pouf:

Summer is coming so start thinking outdoor spaces! Adding some pouf seating outside is a great and easy way to make guests feel more comfortable and it really adds a fresh pop of colour and print to your outdoor space! Like all of the other poufs you have a ton of selection in colour and pattern!

Poufs are a great way to add some seating (or foot stools) to a room – we love them for colour, pattern and texture – we often use them in pairs but they are great single too!

Poufs are one of our favourite pieces to bring into any room!

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A few weeks ago we had an amazing opportunity to tour through Luxe Home Interiors.  Michelle was our ‘tour guide’ and she has so much information about the incredible brands and collections in their showroom.  As soon as we walked into the store – it was just a home decorator’s dream! So many stunning pieces and so many different looks – it was hard to pick my favourites.  Maddie already posted her favourite 4 pieces and now it’s my turn….


1.The Amos Sectional

This was one of the first pieces I noticed. It’s located right at the front of the store. This stunning, streamlined sectional in a mid tone grey not only looks modern and chic but WOW is it ever comfortable! The skinny steel legs give this sectional a lighter look – so you get the comfort of a sectional without that bulky look.  Plus I love that you have a ton of configuration options with this piece – left, right, sofa, chaise, loveseat, apartment sofa etc…there are many options, so if you aren’t looking for a sectional there are still options for you. And of source, you can pick your fabric!

2. The Carrington Chair

So I think this is my favourite piece on the showroom floor – it looks so powerful to me (it reminds me of a man’s suit).  The charcoal grey pinstripe fabric is so crisp and I love neutrals.  The lines of the chair are so clean and it’s very comfortable.  I could see this chair in a study or an office to meet with clients.  But his would also be great in a living room.  The fabric is just incredible and you can feel the quality. This is such a modern yet classic piece.



3. The Aunt Jane Chair

This has to be THE MOST COMFORTABLE CHAIR I have ever sat in! This chair is perfect for smaller spaces and it also proves that you don’t need a big and bulky chair to be comfy. This chair probably wouldn’t grab your attention on the showroom floor but do not pass on it! You will sit in the chair and never want to get up again! Like all of the upholstered pieces you can choose your fabric and really put your style into this chair. If you don’t have a huge space to furnish, this piece is perfect – it is a lean chair but offers the comfort of a big fluffy chair.



4. The ‘Live Edge’ Dinec Dining Table

Another show stopping piece in this store and you can’t miss it as you walk in! This table is a great blend of modern and rustic. And you can customize as you like…This table is simple but so incredibly beautiful! This table will work with so many different chairs and so many different decor styles –



This store is so impressive and there is something for everyone…You need to swing by and take a look at the showroom and meet the incredible staff – It was really hard to narrow my favourites down to these 4 pieces… If you are in the market for some new furniture, be sure to stop by Luxe Home Interiors…

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“I have been hearing this term a lot lately and I don’t know what it is ….what is shiplap?”

You are right!  This is a term that we have been hearing a lot these days especially if you are someone who watches a lot of Home design and Decor shows on TV or reading magazines. 


So what is it – you ask, well there is a little bit of debate on what some TV hosts

are calling shiplap. 


Shiplap is essentially a style of wood paneling – no, not that 70’s style that you may have lived with at some point in your life – this is different….

Shiplap are long and smooth plain wood boards that are installed on a wall adding a slight texture, a visual interest and with the spacing between the boards you get a stripe effect. We are definitely seeing this in the design shows especially the ones that have a slight country influence.


The debate in really on the install of these long and smooth wood panel boards.

In some cases we see these long wood straight panels that are nailed to the wall adding a slight bit of texture and a stripe effect in a room.  These boards are often painted in almost a chalk paint consistency.  We are seeing this a lot in homes that want a bit of a country or farmhouse look (this can also work with a home that is after a nautical feel). 

Now ‘actual’ shiplap looks very similar (which I would say is why the term is being used) but the install is different.  This shiplap is like a tongue and groove system giving the boards self-spacing – to get that striped look. the idea with this installation was to get a water tight ‘seal’.


If you didn’t see the install of the wood panels you likely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Shiplap is a great way to add some texture to a space. 


It looks great painted in any tone (the paint colour choice can really help determine the style you want in the room).  You can opt for a flat finish paint in a warm white, soft grey or even a light blue for a country look but if you chose a darker paint like a charcoal or even a deep navy you could get a bit of an industrial feel.  Of course the items like accessories, textile and lighting will also help with the overall look.



Shiplap can also be used as a great accent wall in a family room or even a bedroom.  It’s a wonderful way to make an impact without over whelming the entire room.  For those of you that feel reclaimed wood walls are just a bit too much this is a good alternative. 

If you are looking for some subtle texture and visual interest, consider shiplap.

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“Do our wood stains need to match? We are looking to buy a new dining room table.  We like the idea of wood (but it doesn’t have to be wood) but we have wood floors – do we match the wood table to the floors?”


A new piece of furniture is a great update for any space and any style of decor. Wood is always a great option as it is durable and adds a natural texture to any space.  When it comes to wood, you don’t need to match and we really recommend that you don’t match it makes everything blend and look a little washed out and you won’t draw attention to the new dining table.


We suggest adding some contrast with your new table.  So if you have light floors opt for a darker stain table and vice-versa.


Other ways to get contrast with your wood floors is to opt for a table that isn’t wood at all!  Metal or glass are ways to get contrast and add some interesting textures to your space.



When it comes to your chairs, try a chair in a different tone or a different material all together – this gives the room some contrast as well but also shows off your personal style.  Depending on the style of chair you select this can either dress up or dress down your stable and give you the feel you want in your dining space. A dining room set with matching pieces tends to make less of a statement.


We love to see the different wood stains in a room but be sure that the stains have a common undertone and that you don’t have too many.  when all of your wood stains match it’s a bit washed out and when you have too many it’s too busy.  Aim for about 3.



Wood adds so much warmth to a space, it’s a great natural material to incorporate into any room. We love the character and texture it brings to a space but that can get lost if you over use it, so mix it up and let it be naturally beautiful!





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