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Room reveal time! It is now week 4 of this amazing challenge to makeover 1 room with only $100 and I am so excited to show you the results of the room reveal.

Let’s take a look back…..

Remember my extra wide hallway space that was a dumping group for all things kid related?

…and these before photos are showing off the space after I had my kids do a bit of a clean up.  so not the best use of this space.


As my kids are getting older and 3 of the 4 are in school – they are coming home with projects and homework … the kitchen table was an OK area to do the work but my 2 older children in particular were quite distracted by the goings on in the family room with their 2 younger brothers.  So that is what motivated me to create a homework station.  This challenge popped up at the perfect time as I really wanted to have this space all set up before back to school.

Let’s take a look at the progress….

I knew this space would be perfect – we don’t need a massive ‘office’ for the kids and I wanted them to still be close by that we could check in on them and they could ask for help. This little nook space is located between my kitchen and laundry room.

It started with a total removal of everything that was in the space and everything was re-homed to a better spot in the house (baseball bats don’t need to be stored by the kitchen)

I then asked around (starting with family) to see if anyone had anything ‘hanging’ around that they wanted to get rid of — I lucked out with a desk.

The desk fits beautifully in the space and it is metal so it is easy to clean (white may not be the ideal colour for kids but if it gets really dirty and cannot be cleaned….it should be easy enough to spray paint)

I purchased the plastic 4 drawer chest at staples (it was about 1/3 of my budget but it is such an important item).  It comes with wheels so it is easy to slide in and out as my kids need items from the drawers.  I designated (using labels) one drawer per child and the top drawer is for shared items like scissors, erasers, pencil sharpener….)

I soon realized that I had some additional wall space in that nook area and that could be used for back packs! The kids back packs end up in various locations of the house and we need a system….so wall mounted hooks were need. I found some great ‘Buddy Hooks’ on Wayfair and I could have opted for something more typical but I thought these were really fun (and my kids love them, too!) That’s $20 added to my budget – so 1/2 already spent!

I wanted the space to have some colour and also demonstrate that it was a kids’ space – we have tons of kids’ art all over the house and some just stored in bins.  So I spent some time with the kids going through some of their favourites…we found some colourful canvases, a papier mache mask my son had made plus a bunch of other items…..I wanted to be able to show off all of their work but there’s isn’t enough wall space for that – so I thought about adding these clipboards to the gallery wall and this way we could switch up their art and work throughout the year!

I like to plan out my gallery walls on the floor first instead of just ‘winging’ it!

These clipboards were about $5.00 each…

See the full details of this homework station transformation…

week 1

week 2

week 3

Time for the room reveal….

I’m so happy with how this turned out! My kids are really excited, too – my daughter jumped right it to use the space as soon as I announced that it was done!

Here are the buddy hooks – in the back pack area – one hook for each child and I added a photo frame with a school photo – so they knew whose hook was whose….

The final budget…

4 drawer chest from Staples                                     $32.95

Buddy hooks                                                                         $20.00

2 clip boards                                                                         $10.00

3 wood photo frames                                                    $4.50

desk                                                                                     came from my parents

chair with pillow                                                               was already in my home just in another room

art                                                                                        already had

kids’ school photos                                                           already had

pencils, crayons – holder                                                 already had

2 file holders                                                                      $9.99 each

wall mount copper baskets                                             $20.00 (on clearance)

Total:                                                                        $107.43

So I’m slightly over budget….but the extra $7.43 I can live with for a space this useful and that looks this great!

A few more photos of the room reveal….

This new homework station is going to be really useful for us and the challenge really helped me stay on track with time and budget….I’m really looking forward to the next challenge coming up in September.

Let me know what you think of this homework station,


So what is our e-decor service?

E-decor is an interior design service that we offer for clients who love our style but don’t live in our area or clients who don’t mind doing the leg work but don’t know where to start.  The beauty of this service is you don’t need to live near by, we source items that you can purchase online and have delivered to your door and you can move at your pace as your timeline and budget allow…

How does the e-decor service work?

Our e-decor service is so easy! First, we do need to know which room or rooms you want to design and decorate, we love to know a bit more about your taste and style (sending us photos of rooms you like is perfect!), we need a rough budget to work with (we all have a budget and we believe that style doesn’t come with a price tag), photos and dimensions of your room(s) (in the case of a property under construction, a floor plan is perfect), and we also want to know what purpose you want the rooms to serve, for example – TV room, guest bedroom / home office etc…

Next, we prepare a quote for you and once approved we get started!  Depending on the size of the project this could take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. We send you a vision board with the furniture, art and accessories – you have the opportunity to then critique and we make the changes to produce the final concept.  We also provide a sketch with furniture placement and a series of styling tips (for example art placement)


E-decor is perfect for someone moving into a new home or space, some one who is short on time and someone who wants a designer space but doesn’t know where to start. E-decor is a great gift too! We love to work with clients and make their spaces come to life so they can enjoy life and their space without the stress that can come with it!


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It’s Friday time to round up our favourites of the week – instead of rounding up our favourite piece from our shopping trips we have decided to share a favourite items we love to add to our decor projects –  ‘quirky’ pillows!

What do we mean by ‘quirky’ pillows?

You have probably noticed over the past 2-3 years that accent pillows with fun or wise sayings have been everywhere… and we love this fun trend too! We have used some in our model home projects and also some of our client decor projects. These ‘quirky’ pillows are a great way to express your style and personality all at once! Plus they are an affordable way to freshen up your home decor.

Pillows are a great and affordable way to update a bedroom or living room.  These quirky and fun pillows are a way to show personality in your space – they set a mood and show off your attitude!


Are a great way to add a splash of colour, print, texture and in this post we are rounding up our favourite ‘quirky’ pillows! Layer one of these into your current scheme. Choose a pillow with a fun or funny saying, something inspirational or wise … there is a ‘quirky’ pillow for everyone!

Favourite ‘Quirky’ Pillows:

The message of this pillow is simple – when it comes to adding this to your decor take inspiration from the colours in this pillow.


This is a great pillow cover for a dog lover – it can be added to most decor schemes too…

Kids love quirky pillows too – this ‘PLAY’ pillow is great for a kids bedroom or a playroom.


We posted earlier about pineapple decor but here is another great quirky pillow featuring pineapples…love the message!

This Mr&Mrs lumbar pillow is a great anniversary gift or house warming gift – it’s cute on an accent chair or a bed.


Quirky pillows are also a fun addition to your decor for the seasons and the holidays…

Sometimes these pillows say what we are all thinking….like this one ‘more summer’! Who doesn’t want that?!


Pillows are another way to celebrate the seasons – this Fall pillow is fun and cheery and a perfect addition to a sofa or front entry welcoming friends and family!


Halloween is a holiday that is very much about decor so why not add a pillow like this one to your space to celebrate the spooky season….

Show off your personality with a quirky pillow,

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Paint really transforms any space! when you have been living in your home for some time you really to get used to your surroundings  and often you don’t even notice your space anymore. When we meet home staging and interior decorating clients – we always bring up, paint! Why? Well paint can totally and completely transform the look of any room. 

Paint can do so much for a space – make it appear – brighter, bigger, cleaner and fresher! Undertaking the job yourself can be a bit daunting so don’t hesitate to contact a professional painter…it will certainly save you time and you will love the results.

Let us tell you about a recent paint transformation…

Our client moved to a new city and a new part of the country – her husband had a new job and her kids were starting at new schools.  they didn’t know anyone and they had a lot on their plate.  They moved from a new build open concept, classic contemporary home into a much older, more traditional and slightly dated home. 

She did her best (and a good job) setting up their space but she knew the house needed something.  That’s when we entered her life!

Our first suggestion was paint! Why? To get the fresh and more modern look she craved, the gold yellow sunflower walls weren’t working.

We worked with the furniture pieces and her art pieces along with the natural light to find the best paint colours for her. 

Check out the difference paint can make!


So what did we do?

There are only a few changes in this room but what a difference! Paint was the big change…We selected an accent wall for the fireplace – Sherwin Williams ‘ Acier’ and the rest of the house (you can see the dining room to the left) in Sherwin-Williams ‘Mindful Gray’



We also swapped out the old and more traditional looking lamp shades for some simple white drum shades.  You may not have noticed this subtle change but take another look – the shades are brighter and so much fresher.

We also played around with the art placement and looked through the pieces that she had still packed. 

We also sourced out some new and more current wall sconces, again ones with those fresh and bright white shades!

We would say this room has come a long way! We are still working on some accessories but already this room (and this house) looks so much fresher and cleaner.

A little paint can go a long way…

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Shibori – have you heard this term before? Do you know what it is? If you haven’t, don’t worry…you are not alone. But if you are paying attention to home decor trends you will be seeing a lot of Shibori very soon!

So what is Shibori?

Well it is a Japanese dyeing technique that involves folding. twisting, bunching and pleating cloth, binding it and then dipping it in indigo. Usually the cloth is a natural fiber like cotton, hem or even silk. Basically it is a form of tie-dye that results in these amazing and totally unique blue and white prints – so stunning! There are countless patterns that you can create – so each and every Shibori design is complete one-of-a-kind!

Shibori seems to be having a bit of a moment…

Right now Shibori is a bit of a trend.  In my opinion, the reason for this is that the blue and white motif is a classic and it’s not going ‘out’ anytime soon but this technique makes these incredible patterns perfect for summer – they have a relaxed feel and look so perfect for outdoor patio pieces. And with summer right around the corner – we all have the carefree summer days and night on our minds….We love shibori for pillows or throws but you could get really adventurous and use it for upholstery fabric.


Shibori works well with the ‘beach’ look….

Because of the blue and white tones and the free spirited pattern of this technique every piece is completely different and no two are identical so Shibori really pairs well with other natural materials like sisal and driftwood – there’s a common organic thread with this tie-dye technique and nature. We love it in a space that has a nautical or coastal feel – it plays well with that theme without being literal.


Perfect for the DIY-er….

If you love to create and love this technique, with the right materials you can create your own Shibori designs.

Click HERE for a great and easy to follow step-by-step Shibori DIY that demonstrates 4 different designs.


What do you think of Shibori? Do you see yourself using this anywhere in your home? Personally I love it for my patio – it’s fresh and fun just like the summer!



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We love to work with the colour green and decorating the kitchen shouldn’t be over looked.  Green in the kitchen is easy, fresh and fun! Now that spring is here – we are starting to see green everywhere…the green grass is starting to turn, the green buds on the trees and green from the plants and flowers are starting to sprout. We love that green works is so many colour combinations and with so many styles.


Here are some of our favourite ways to use green in the kitchen:

A tea kettle is a great way to add a splash of colour in a kitchen.  This is one of our go-to pieces when we are staging a home.

Tea towels are a great (and functional) piece in any kitchen.  We love ones with a little colour!

A set of colourful chargers add a punch to your table setting- we love these simple green ones – great for spring and summer!

Practical items for the kitchen can also be colourful and fun – these spatulas, cutting board and scrub brush add some colour to boring kitchen tasks.




Cute oven mitts in a fresh print with a splash of green add some brightness to the kitchen.  If you are working away in the kitchen you may as well look cute doing it!

Want to look like a pro in your home kitchen? Try a green chef’s coat – you won’t go unnoticed!

Spring is all about the leaves and leaves are green! This green leaf platter is a great serving piece for spring and summer events!

I love colourful mixing bowls and serving bowls!  Using my green one today to bake a lemon cake – the bright and fresh colours were amazing to look at! I also love mine because it is so easy to clean after use!

When it comes to baking and cooking we all know the importance of presentation – so why not prepare beautiful meals in beautiful stoneware? Like this French Oven or Baker


You can’t go wrong with a little green in the kitchen,

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The garden stool has been a trend for a few years now and we will love it…always.  Why? we love the options that a garden stool offers (yes, we are all about multi-purpose pieces).  But we also love the look of a garden stool – they can add a great pop of colour and texture – plus they are easy to move around. They are great for smaller spaces too!


Here are some great ways to use a garden stool:


In the shower -a garden stool makes a great shower seat. A pop of colour and a spot for in-shower toiletries.


As Extra seating – tuck these easy to move garden stool under a console table or sofa table. There are so many choices in colour, finish and texture, too!



As a Side table – indoors or outdoors, a garden stool makes for a great side table.



As a Coffee table – short on space? A set of garden stools is a great option for a coffee table in a small space.  Plus they can be some extra seating if you need it.



In the Bathroom – by the tub!  If you are lucky enough to have time to soak away the log day… a garden stool is a great spot for your book, towels or a cup of tea (or glass of wine)



In the bedroom – garden stools are so versatile and can even work in a different areas of a room.  The bedroom for instance, a garden stool is a great option for a bedside table but is also great as a corner chair side table but also a series of 3 would look great at the foot of a bed.



We often use garden stools when we stage homes.  They are so versatile and add a great pop of colour and texture – give them a try!

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Scandinavia has a long heritage of beautiful home furnishings. Scandinavians are renowned for incorporating clean lines, using the color white like total pros, and emphasizing both function and form.

You might think that Scandinavian style is that famous yellow and blue store with ‘assemble yourself furniture’ that comes in boxes.  but Scandinavian style is more than that!

If you love a clean and minimal look that embraces natural elements, Scandinavian might be your style!

Scandinavian style includes…

1 – Light toned wood.

2 – A rug with one pop of colour…

Maybe…but usually they are neutral, black and white are often seen in this style of decor.

3 – Lots of white, and white on white

4 -Simplicity is key

When it comes to hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms, clean lines and minimal to no detail.

5 – Invest in classics.

Scandinavian style is very minimal so you will only have a few decor items, so it’s worth investing in them. For example, a glass vase by designer Alvar Aalto

6 – Signature ‘Scandinavian’ pieces

Furniture pieces that embrace the Scandinavian style like the Tulip Table

7 – Gallery walls with a monochrome colour palette.

Not cluttered at all – it’s a very clean look in a consistent and neutral colour palette.

8 – Pendant lighting is essential and an important decor feature in the room.

It is functional but also decorative. Plan the room around it

9 –  Plants.

Streamlined and clean in a simple planter or vase.  But every Scandinavian styled room has a plant.

10 – Wood flooring.

Think wider, lighter planks with visible knots and minimal to no gloss.

11 – Make a point of having and highlighting the fireplace.

In Scandinavian styled homes, we often see corner fireplaces and furniture plans are often designed around them.

12 – Open Shelving.

For functional items like dishes in the kitchen.  It’s about easy access and operating effectively.

Scandinavian style is all about simplicity, it is clean and minimal but has a signature look. Scandinavian style isn’t just IKEA

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We love Halloween, well let’s face it we love any excuse to decorate!

Here are some of our favourite decor ideas for this spook-tacular holiday!

There are so many options ghouly-goregous, boo-tiful and vamp-tastic….find you spooky style and have fun!

We love this fireplace vignette.

It’s the right amount of spooky without terrifying your guests.  It’s festive and fun but classy at the same time.  The white and black theme isn’t too ‘Halloween’ it still has a designer look about it.


Easy and fun but also subtle.  Try these printables to make your current books look like old spell and potion books.   Perfect for a coffee table!

Creepy floral arrangement…add some spooky and inexpensive spider and snakes to an existing bouquet or opt for a fake floral arrangement and re-use this every year.  Love this for a foyer or coffee table and why not for a centerpiece at your Halloween party!

An easy DIY with foam pumpkins from any craft store and re-purpose those candle sticks ! You can really play around with this idea…orange pumpkins, glitter pumpkins, add some creepy crawlies….so many possibilities!

Instead of a planter to celebrate the fall season, why not a witch’s cauldron?

Another easy idea with many options…fill it with spooky pieces like this image or make it more child-friendly with cute pumpkins and ghosts!

Love this for a centerpiece or maybe just on the kitchen island!  Re-use old bottles meant for the recycling bin and use some great printables to transform them into spooky poisons and potions!

Simple and festive!  Love this idea for napkin rings…this could be for a dinner party or just for the kids before trick-or-treating!

If you are that house on the street that goes full out and creates a haunted house…this is for you!

This “DEAD and Breakfast” sign is amazing and perfect for the DIYer in you! Go to your local hardware store for the posts, chains and the wood for the sign, pumpkins and crows and paint to create the sign are all available at a craft store

In my house, we can’t get too scary just yet so we decorate with felt bats, trees, owl and pumpkins…very similar to this image.  It’s very family friendly and it looks great!

We love a great Halloween wreath – an easy way to be festive and participate in the holiday ! there are so many options, it could be hard to decide.

Hosting a Halloween party?

This is a great idea….give your home that creepy haunted old home look with white sheets covering the furniture (this will also help protect your furniture from spills and crumbs) add some candelabras, candle light and cobwebs and you have the look!

Get create with your vases and fill them with little skeletons, spiders, pumpkins, mice and anything else Halloween.  Add some florist moss and you’ve got a simple vignette for the fireplace, coffee table or console.  Simple yet effective!

Happy Halloween……

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Furniture pieces like chests and dressers are big and bulky but we need them for storage.  When you style these pieces they look prettier but all visually they become a part of the decor scheme and not just a big, bulky box in the room.

When it comes to a Tall Dresser it can be a big confusing or even intimidating due to the height.  But just a few pieces can really make a difference. You likely have some items in your home right now.

Lamp + Artwork + Interesting or Shapely Decor = Easy!!

Here are a few great visuals to demonstrate this easy system to style a tall dresser.  Notice the balance and height of the lamps (or candle sticks) and the greenery.  The layering is really important when it comes to styling, you see a lot of layering in these examples – the art behind the lamp and other decor pieces, the stacking of books, smaller items at the front etc…Layering is where you really get that designer look.

In this example, the white candles and candle sticks, art and orchids really balance out the big and dark dresser.

                                                                   Photo from

In this example we have the layering of the art and lamp.  The plant on top of the stacked books gives some balance in height, too.

Look around your space and see if you have any items that you could style your tall dresser with. a small piece of art or a mirror hanging above and centered over the dresser.  Next add a lamp or candle sticks (2 or 3 depending on the size of the dresser) and push them to one side and on the other side add a decor item.  Take a look, you may want to add in a few other accents like a small plant, a photo frame or books but stick to odd numbers and varying heights!!

Rule of thumb when styling surface spaces, stick to odd numbers (3,5 or 7)…

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