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What is ‘Scandi-industrial’ style?

Scandi-industrial style is a blend of two styles: Scandinavian design and industrial design.

Scandinavian design is best known for warmth, functionality, clean lines and simple elegance. Think of elements of natural, simple minimalism, neutral tones, and white walls.

Photo credit: Louisiana Laginappe

Industrial design style  is also known as ‘ the warehouse look’. Taking it’s inspiration from old factories turned into loft dwellings. This style mixes textures like wood, metal and concrete and keeping the ‘unfinished look’.


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Why do Scandinavian and Industrial design styles work so well together?

The blending of these two styles resulted in a whole new style called ‘Scandi-industrial’. These styles work so well together because they have some common threads – neutral tones, mixing texture and functionality. These styles appreciate the beauty of natural and raw materials without a lot of ornamental detail.



Photo credit: House Beautiful

How can you get the ‘Scandi-industrial’ look?

When it comes to blending styles in one room – you need to have a dominant style and then a supporting style.  A 50/50 mix will look and feel confused.  Because these two styles have some common threads, they are quite easy to mix together.  An example of mixing these style is to have a Scandinavian style as the dominant (furniture for instance) with white walls or a brick wall painted in white and add some industrial lighting.

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Because you are mixing styles – no two rooms will ever be identical! there are so many combinations and modifications of this style – so you will never be bored.  Just be sure to have those common treads in each room.

Scandi-Industrial inspiration:

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This dining room is another example of Scandi-industrial design.  The furniture is Scandinavian with minimal details and simple lines.  The contrast in this room and the absence of colour blend the two styles nicely and the industrial lighting is functional and simply beautiful at the same time.

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This home office work space is another example of blending these two styles.  The modern furniture like this Eiffel chair fits with the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design.  The neutral colour palette brings both styles together and this painted wall has a rough texture with a slightly unfinished look like we would see in an industrial warehouse space.

‘Scandi-industrial’ pieces:

Black and white art is a staple in Scandinavian design. This piece is simple and would look great hanging in a gallery wall of individually.

This mid-century modern design chair is another staple in this style – it works as a dining chair but also as an accent chair is a small room or a corner of a room.  These come in many different colours and even ‘armless’ designs, too.

Scandinavian design embraces the beauty and texture of nature. So this cotton throw pillow with the tree trunk cross section really puts a modern spin on this Scandi-industrial look.  The black and white scheme works with the neutral-on-neutral decor.

Industrial lighting has a raw and gritty appeal and adds so much character to any room. This tri-pod table lamp adds some detail to the space without being fussy.

This reclaimed wood and metal bed from Laurel Foundry has a great mix of textures – the metal and the reclaimed wood add a richness and lots of character to a bedroom. The white bedding is a beautiful contrast in tone and in texture, too!

When you mix two styles together – you get a truly unique look !


I love the look of Industrial Lighting! There is a certain authenticity to it and a simplicity, too! I love how Industrial lighting transforms the look of a space and it adds instant cool factor! Plus you can really merge it with so many other styles – it’s pretty versatile!

I have to share with you this amazing Industrial light fixture – we installed in my brother’s house – it’s fantastic! When I first showed it to him, he had his doubts but then he realized that he trusts me and I would never lead him astray. And of course, he’s getting tons of compliments….


So this light fixture is basically so black electrical wire that you ‘swag’ on the ceiling and you add you bulbs – that’s it! You can play around with the placement of the small hooks on the ceiling and the length of the hanging wire.  And the light comes in different sizes too (more wires and therefore more bulbs in the larger version). We played around with some vintage light bulbs – it’s hard to tell in this photo but we have 3 different shapes of vintage bulbs and we installed them at random (which is bit tougher than you would think as we naturally opt for a pattern). The vintage bulbs really add more character to the industrial look.

If you love this Industrial Light fixture as much as we do – you can buy one for under $100! Click HERE

Here are some more of our favourite Industrial Light Fixtures for under $100.00

This Industrial Pendant light with rope detail is simple yet still interesting. This would add a great industrial touch to a kitchen island.

So this is just like my brother’s light fixture in his living room.  He doesn’t have a dining light fixture which is why we did a WOW statement light fixture in his living room.  This unique piece would be amazing in a living room, dining room or even a bedroom. I love it with the vintage bulbs!


We are seeing some great merging of Industrial with mid century modern designThis sputnik light fixture in the gunmetal finish with vintage bulbs works well in a modern space or an Industrial one. This looks amazing in a dining room.

This looks like Industrial lighting you might see on a construction site or old warehouse – well that’s the idea! This 5 pendant chandelier with vintage bulbs adds character and a ‘loft look’ to any space.

This is my absolute hands-down favourite Industrial Pendant light – it’s perfect and so transitional! I love the simplicity of this fixture – you can appreciate the glass but also the vintage light bulb. Love how these look over a kitchen island (and the price is incredible!)

Simple, metal sphere with one vintage bulb is a perfect example of industrial lighting! This would add a ton of rustic and industrial character to a kitchen . This pendant is a great example of industrial lighting.

Industrial lighting can really add so much character to your home decor and it works with so many different styles.

Lighting fixtures totally transform the look of any room….


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We love the look of reclaimed wood. So many people are styling their homes with a more rustic look these days and we’re all in! There is nothing cozier than the addition of warm tones throughout your home. While this may not be to everyone’s taste, those who like it, like it a lot! So how do you add this look to your home without re-vamping your whole décor? Easy!

Having every single surface in your home in various wood tones will begin to feel redundant and very cottage-y. Which is not a bad thing if that’s the look you’re going for. If you’re looking for a décor refresh, adding reclaimed wood tones to your space is a fabulous way to change the feel of your home without swapping everything you own.

1. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table.

This is something that is sold in furniture and home décor stores everywhere!
The options are endless. Various tones and types of wood make the varieties borderline overwhelming. The variety of base options and elements will match any space. A reclaimed wood cable table is something that will stand the test of time, as wood is a classic material, so don’t think that this isn’t an investment piece. Decide what look you want in your space and build from there. A modern home maybe have a lot of chrome elements, and a reclaimed table with a chrome base will complement the existing décor.

2. Wood Lighting Fixture

You may think that sounds like something that belongs in a chalet but it’s not! So many light fixtures are super versatile, and work in a multitude of spaces. The addition of wood to a space almost instantly adds a warm and cozy vibe, depending on the décor of the space. If your whole home is ultra-modern with white and black leather everywhere a singular light fixture may not instantly do the trick, but you’re certainly on your way if that’s the idea! Adding various elements to your home give your home depth and personality. So, buy what you love!



3. Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

This is such a cool idea and a fantastic DIY project. There are so many tutorials on how to make one yourself. But if you’re not a savvy do-it-yourself-er, this is also something that are sold in many places. The addition of the wood wall is such a cozy addition to a space, there are even wallpapers that look like reclaimed wood, without the price tag!

4. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Sideboard

Another fabulous addition to add into your space. There are so many options with reclaimed wood. Do you want a studded metal detail? A chrome base? Do you love the look of wrought iron? Round? Square? Rectangular? The options are truly endless! A reclaimed wood dining set is a great investment piece for a multitude of reasons: 1. Such versatility! If you suddenly decide you love contemporary décor, fabulous! This works. Traditional décor? No problem! A solid wood table is a long lasting investment and typically, worth every penny.


5. Reclaimed Wood Headboards

This is a fabulous DIY project. A reclaimed wood headboard is such a fun addition to any space. There are so many links for making this at home, and it is a fabulous budget friendly option. This addition to your home is a warm and cozy material and your bedroom is definitely somewhere you want to feel warm and comfortable!



6. Add Wood Accessories.

The most budget friendly addition to your home: accessories. If you love the wood look and are looking for cost savings, this is the place. There are so many home décor stores that carry such great wooden accessories be it a wooden horse, lamps with a wooden base, a wooden tray to add to your coffee table, wooden candle holders.. the options are endless!
Even small changes make a difference in your home!
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