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Rounding up our most popular posts from 2017…

Thank you so much for joining us this year on our design, decorating and home staging adventures – the one year anniversary of this ‘new’ blog is coming up and to celebrate we are doing so with a round up of our most popular posts of the past year. We love and appreciate all of your comments, likes and feedback! We hope that our projects have inspired you in some way and we look forward to sharing even more in this coming year!

Here’s our 10 most popular posts from 2017

10. In July, we joined the $100 room challenge…Kristi designed a homework station just before her children headed back to school.  The final results were super cute and we are so happy you liked them, too. Week 4: $100 Room challenge – Homework Station

9. In June, a project we had been working on since February was finally coming to a close. After all of the interior and exterior colour and material selections it was time to style this model townhome.  The look was clean and fresh with lots of great textures and neutrals. a mix of modern and industrial – the final results were fabulous. Take the tour…Home Tour: Stittsville Walk


8. Home staging is a MUST (but if you have been reading our blog at all, you already know that). There are some simple ‘props’ that you can use to spruce up the look of your home and make it more attractive.  We love to share home staging tips with you! 6 Best Props to Stage Your Home


7. What we are seeing every year is these new ‘hybrid’ styles of interior decor that are emerging each and every year.  Scandinavian design has come back into fashion in a huge way but Industrial is still here – so what happened? The birth of Scandi-Industrial and it is a very popular look.  Let us explain this ‘new’ look. What is Scandi-Industrial Home Decor Style? 


6. Why is Farmhouse style so popular? Another look that was huge in 2017 and continues to be popular is Farmhouse style.  We are both big fans but we still are able to put our own spin on the farmhouse look.  If you ever wondered why this look was so popular – we did too!

5. We love home decor – it’s our passion but for some they just want a place that looks great and they don’t know quite where to start – that’s where we come in with our tips on what every living room needs….10 Things Every Living Room Needs


4. The kitchen is the heart of any home so it has to look good! We love the classic feel and the versatility of the white shaker kitchen – you can give this staple a farmhouse feel or a contemporary look it all depends on what you pair it with.  Why the White Shaker Kitchen will Never be Out!


3. Millennial Pink had a big moment in 2017 and we sure loved it! Maddie certainly did – she certainly embraced the trend in her own home and we had to share some of our favourite rooms and decor pieces that celebrated the year of millennial pink. Millennial Pink Inspiration

2. You know that red and black checkered plaid that everyone seems to be rocking these days? Did you know it is called ‘Buffalo Check’? We love this winter inspired print in clothing but also in the home…make those cold and snowy winter days at home more inviting with this plaid. Decorating with Buffalo Check


and the number one post from 2017….The 8 Biggest Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid …home staging is a MUST (as you all know) but there are times when we can forget the basics of home staging and presentation. If you are selling your home – be sure to avoid these mistakes!

We hope you enjoy the little trip down memory lane with us and we will have even more to share in the up coming year. Cheers!

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Take the home tour of this Champagne Avenue condo!

The condo …

It’s always fun to start with a blank canvas – the couple moving into this condo did not have any furniture – so we had a lot of planning to do and of course, a budget to work within. We had 2 bedrooms and an open concept living room space with a kitchen. The colour palette of this condo is a blend of white and shades of grey, so very ‘on trend’ and great neutrals to work with!

The look…

This space was a fun one that really challenged us – why? Well, the couple had a totally empty condo with some pretty contemporary finishes like the high gloss white kitchen, the grey glass tile back splash, all white walls, grey floors plus tons of huge windows.  But their style is more rustic meets industrial … they love reclaimed wood, Industrial lighting, lots of texture and not a lot of colour.  We had to bring all of these styles together in this small-ish space and although a blank canvas is fun it can be hard to know where exactly to start. We started with the master bedroom – not a huge room but it was a great place to start with the furniture and of course the styling. And once we had the look of that bedroom we used that inspiration to move into the main living space….

The secondary bedroom is a smaller room and since they didn’t need another full-time bedroom, we turned this room into a small work space / den to be used if they needed some quiet space to work or extra room to host over night guests.


Take the condo tour….

To blend the more contemporary finishes with the tastes of the new owners we decided to work with neutrals as our colour palette and add lots of textures that would create contrast – that way there is ‘common thread’ with the colour palette and introducing the rustic and industrial elements with texture.

We added lots of galvanized metal detail like the kitchen counter height stools.  The coffee table is a painted metal piece, metal antlers and the metal frames on those round mirrors in the master bedroom. We also added textures like rope and reclaimed wood.

You will notice that we angled the rugs in both the living room and den – these rooms are a bit on the long side so by angling the rugs the room appears a bit wider and not just long.  We played with with wall space as much as we could – we think art is a great way to show off your personality and style plus it helps pull a look together. We have some unique pieces in different sizes which keeps the space interesting.

So this is the secondary bedroom, since they didn’t need (or want) another fully dedicated bedroom in their condo – we needed to create a multi-purpose space that was still clean in design.  So we added a small work space – neither of them needed a full home office. And this pull out sofa is perfect for another seating space for reading and a private sleeping area for guests.  We added some poufs as foot stools instead of a coffee table – we didn’t need the bulk and we love the texture of these rope poufs! This art piece is huge and we love it! It really shows off the couple’s fun personality!

So this master bedroom, was where we started with the design….the leather headboard was a great deal and it’s super versatile.  We kept the room looking fresh and bright with the pin tuck white bedding, it’s adds some femininity to the space as well. We love these round mirrors with rope detail but wall space in this condo was pretty limited so we decided to add them on either side of the bed over the reclaimed wood night stands – they look great and they make the room look a bit bigger, too!

Shop the look ….

Love the rustic and simple design of these round mirrors from Wayfair with the rope detail (they are so easy to hang, too)


These rope poufs are great foot stools or extra seating when you need it! We love the texture of these poufs – they really work well with the industrial or rustic look.

These metal stools were just one of the metal details we added to the space.  These stools have an industrial look (they are pretty comfortable, too) and easy to store – you can stack them!

This all white pin-tuck duvet added another detail and a feminine touch to the masted bedroom – we love how it looks with contrasting textures like brick and reclaimed wood.

You absolutely mix styles and textures to create a space that is all yours – that’s what personal style is all about,

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We are working on an exciting new design project with a client  -we will be sure to reveal this mystery client and the project as soon as we can- but for now we want to share one element that is inspiring us right now for this project…rose gold!


Yes, we know rose gold isn’t new but it is the first time that we have had a client to work with that has really embraced this stunning colour.

Rose gold…

is a sexy and feminine colour that blends gold and a soft pink.  It is warm, girly, sultry and we love it! Our client is a big fan, too and since this space that we are designing is all about her – we are definitely adding this tone to the space.


We love blending this warm metallic with shades of grey, white and millennial pink . When we are designing spaces for clients we love for them to show us some images that inspired them …

Photo credit : Wedluxe

No, we aren’t planning a wedding – but this image really sums up the elements that our clients likes – the florals that are full and subtle, the soft colour palette, the reflective surfaces (shiney and sparkly), the simplicity of the pieces and of course, the rose gold…


Photo credit : Flooring Canada Simcoe

Rose gold doesn’t just have to be in metal texture.  This room is another source of inspiration – it is so feminine and light.  All of the layers in this bedroom make it so dreamy and light.  Plus the pairing of the clean white walls with rose gold and blush tones is just so stunning.

Shop ….

1 light pendant in rose gold finish – these would look amazing over a kitchen island (if you want a feminine touch in your kitchen) or these could be a great light flanking a bed…


24″ Bar stool in rose gold finish – add some glam to your kitchen or bar space with these bar stools…

‘Tres Bien –  Art’ – Add some sparkle to your walls with this art piece in a metallic finish…this would be a fun addition in a bathroom or a bedroom for a teen.


Instead of art on the wall add some interest and function with this oversized 28″ wall clock


Love these faux silk pattern throw pillows they would look great on a bed with a bit of a glamorous feel like a tufted headboard – or a great accent in a feminine office space.


This accent stool is a great way to add this metal texture and tone to a space – this could be used as extra seating and even a side table for an accent chair.

This floral baroque rug is so feminine and pretty – this would be perfect in a feminine office…


We love this style of chair – it’s great as a small space accent chair, dining or kitchen table chair or even guest chairs in an at home office. This side chair also has a high shine finish that we like….

Metallic finishes and pieces can look very masculine but this is a great option for anyone looking for a warmer and feminine feel to add to their space….What do you think of this metallic tone?

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This warehouse loft model home is a past project of ours….we blended some of the typical warehouse loft elements like brick walls and industrial lighting with some fun accents of colour.  We love to play with mixing textures and adding some fun and quirky elements….

Loft elements – the ‘expected’ …

Often when we think of a loft style we think of raw materials like brick or concrete, wood and metal.  This loft model suite has a lot of those materials.  The kitchen lighting with an industrial look (above the island), the wide plank hardwood floors, the muted wood grain cabinets, the oversized black trim windows and that brick accent wall….are all seen here in this space.

and the unexpected….

Typically in this style of decor we see a lot of texture from raw materials but we see mostly neutrals – we decided to add some great colour and pattern – so this is the unexpected factor in this model loft.  This rug was a piece that we fell in love with and the bold teal tone is not something you often see in this decor style – that was one of the first pieces we found and wanted in this space.

The teal and the orange tone from the brick wall are natural complimentary colours – so we knew that this would work but it was unexpected.  We sourced out a simple and clean looking sofa in a great neutral tone would be a great canvas for some fun pillows.

We carried this bold colour theme into the bedroom as well for some consistency to keep the whole space looking fluid and therefore larger.  Looking at our inspiration vision e-decor boards – our final product isn’t that far off….

Loft model – take the tour…

See the end results of this model space –





Shop the loft look….

This art piece from Urban Barn is a favourite and it looks fantastic in the bedroom – it is a large piece (and we love oversized art) and would look great above a sofa…


These counter height stools in metal wire with a white leather seat are actually really comfortable – They offer great seating at the kitchen island but because of the wire detail they don’t look bulky and visually take up space.

Lighting makes a huge difference in a space and this industrial kitchen island pendant from Wayfair – really plays into the look of the space.


Metal is a big element in loft decor – we love these metal and stack-able bistro chairs – they are also easy to clean and as they age over time – it just adds character.

Warehouse industrial style is really unconventional and doesn’t really follow any rules – it easily blends with other styles which is just one of the reasons it is so popular….


So what is our e-decor service?

E-decor is an interior design service that we offer for clients who love our style but don’t live in our area or clients who don’t mind doing the leg work but don’t know where to start.  The beauty of this service is you don’t need to live near by, we source items that you can purchase online and have delivered to your door and you can move at your pace as your timeline and budget allow…

How does the e-decor service work?

Our e-decor service is so easy! First, we do need to know which room or rooms you want to design and decorate, we love to know a bit more about your taste and style (sending us photos of rooms you like is perfect!), we need a rough budget to work with (we all have a budget and we believe that style doesn’t come with a price tag), photos and dimensions of your room(s) (in the case of a property under construction, a floor plan is perfect), and we also want to know what purpose you want the rooms to serve, for example – TV room, guest bedroom / home office etc…

Next, we prepare a quote for you and once approved we get started!  Depending on the size of the project this could take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. We send you a vision board with the furniture, art and accessories – you have the opportunity to then critique and we make the changes to produce the final concept.  We also provide a sketch with furniture placement and a series of styling tips (for example art placement)


E-decor is perfect for someone moving into a new home or space, some one who is short on time and someone who wants a designer space but doesn’t know where to start. E-decor is a great gift too! We love to work with clients and make their spaces come to life so they can enjoy life and their space without the stress that can come with it!


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One of my favourite weekends of the year is the weekend of the Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto.  This year, after a quick last minute decision to go, I was on my way early Friday morning to IDS Trade Day.

Compared to last year – I thought the show was fantastic! That’s not to knock last year, but this year was so beautiful! So much colour and pattern, new textures, too….I couldn’t wait to take it all in!


I noticed some new trends for 2017 that I instantly fell in love with and of course, snapped tons of pictures of!

Colour was everywhere (and you know how I love colour)…

Faucets, rugs, light fixtures, pillows – you name it! There were so many companies that featured bright and bold accents of colour.  Some of my favourites – Weaver’s Art Rugs, Grohe Faucets, Urban Barn Spring Collection (see the pink chandeliers for instance)


I started to notice a few trends for this year and one trend was in floors.

Flooring is getting lighter again. The past few years we have seen a lot of darker floors, ranging from black to charcoal and deep espresso brown. This year – lighter flooring was everywhere! Light floors with wide planks, in a herringbone pattern, with a slight grey wash. I LOVED IT!! I love lighter floors, personally – it is such a fresh and contemporary look that works well with so many different colour palettes. Plus lower maintenance, if you have every had a dark floor (and I’m speaking from experience) you are constantly sweeping and mopping – it shows everything!


I am also a huge fan of lighting – it can really set the tone in a room. 

The lighting this year was fabulous! there were many interesting shapes, colours and textures. there was a new lighting retailer from Minnesota and I could not stop staring! They had such amazing products, I added this retailer to my ‘must-have’ list!


Cambria is another favourite of mine –

every year they have an incredible booth and I love visiting it! For the past few years, they have featured slabs of their newest product before it’s even available to the public (so cool!). This year the products on display were so new – they didn’t even have name yet (so exciting!!) Last year’s ‘feature’ was back again and I love it as much as I did the first time I saw it! Cambria built the booth’s desk out of this gorgeous counter top and it was like a piece of art! I can’t imagine have this beauty in my kitchen – I’d never want to use it, it would just be for show!



Well…I was really impressed with these year’s show, so glad I made the last minute trip to Toronto and left feeling inspired ….Here are a few more photos of my favourites –



I can’t wait to incorporate some (or maybe all) of these in our interior decorating projects!






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If you have ever been to a model home you have probably asked yourself  – ‘why doesn’t my home look like this?’ Well it can!  There are some easy and simple styling tricks that you can use at home to get that ‘model home’ look.


1. Keep it clean and de-clutter:

So you are living in the house and it can be tricky to keep clean but put together a cleaning schedule and do your best to stick to it – regular wiping down, cleaning or dishes and floors makes a huge difference.  Find some cute baskets or boxes to hold every day clutter like mail and flyers from school.  Commit to a purge (seasonally would be ideal) to get rid of the extra stuff that you aren’t using and haven’t used in a long time! You will be amazed at how much junk you hold on to – it feels great to let it go!


2. Floating furniture :

Not levitating furniture, but floating – in other words not pushed up against the walls.  Sure in some floor plans this is really the only choice but even just pulling it away an inch or two makes the space look and feel more intimate and designed. In a big open floor plan, separate the space with floating furniture that serves two distinct purposes, say a seating/conversation space and then a TV hang out space for a large and open living space.




3. Lighting:

Let there be light and lots of it! Not only does a brighter space feel bigger and cleaner but it’s a great way to update a space.  When you are adding lighting in your space think layers! So overhead lighting mixed with table and floor lamps etc…Layered lighting looks sophisticated but you can also play with the ambiance using your lighting.  Relying on one light source is a bit tired and one dimensional. also aim to have the light evenly distributed in the room (so not everything in one side or corner of the room).



4. Outdoors indoors:

Take a look at model home they always have some natural element – it could be a plant (large or small), natural herbs, floral arrangement or a bowl of lemons in the kitchen, branches or sticks in a vase, natural sponge in the bathroom – just some small natural touches can do wonders in a space.  It adds warmth and authenticity to the space.



5. Area rugs:

Are used to add colour and texture plus warmth but they also add a great visual effect in terms of creating designated spaces and functions. An open concept space with out any area rugs with floating furniture looks very lost but by adding the correct size area rug (even just in the living room) automatically grounds and defines the space.  Area rugs really are a must!



6. Bed:

Like the area rug – the bed really grounds or anchors the bedroom, this really is non-negotiable for a master bedroom.  You want the room and the furniture to have a strong presence.  Even a beautifully made/styled bed looks weak without a headboard.



7. Bookcases:

When it comes to bookcase we tend to see these 2 options.  1- complete jammed and over stuffed with books falling out, or 2 – sparse, bare and empty.  To get the designer ‘model home’ look bookcases are a great piece but they have to be balanced.  So books stacked in an organized fashion with some decor added in.  Carefully styled but still functional.  This gives the space style but it also isn’t over whelming.  Many think books in a bookcase is organized but when they are over stuffed the room feels heavy and cramped, and when they are falling out, it’s a mess! A bare bookcase looks light but it also looks weak and kind of pointless.



8. Drapery:

A great decorative feature that can also serve a function.  Yes, shades and blinds are go-to’s for privacy but add some simple drapery panels on either side of the window and you’ve got ‘wow-factor’!



The designer look doesn’t have to come with a big price tag! Follow these tips and you will have your home looking like a model,

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“I love the idea of adding some pattern to my home but I am so afraid to commit.  I really don’t want to spend on something that won’t be in style for a while. Any suggestions on pattern that won’t go out of style?”


You are right making a commitment especially one with a bigger price can be nerve wracking but have no fear there are some classic patterns that you can add to your space that will not only compliment but will add a level of sophistication to your home.


Pattern textiles are perfect for upholstery, drapery and accent pillows.  Be sure to speak with your local textile expert to ensure that you have the right fabric for the use.


Here are some classic fabric patterns that you can bring into your space without any




Much thinner and more subdued than a normal stripe, these patterns add a faint, menswear detail to upholstery and pillows.  But any stripe is a classic but we love the look of this menswear inspired look. A stripe can be paired with other patterns as well – Mixing patterns adds real sophistication and a designer look to a space. This modern chair in a navy pinstripe fabric with shiny gold arm looks incredibly chic!


Toile de Jouy:

De jouy fabric originated in France in the 1760s. The original patterns usually depicted pastoral scenes; today there are many pattern choices and colors available.  Other patterns include more exotic Chinese themes became popular, as did famous moments from history. All were hand-drawn in a curvaceous style with fine detail that was then etched onto wood blocks and printed onto the fabric.

Certainly a more traditional option but if you use it and pair it with the right pieces it can work with a rustic country space – pair it with furniture that is clean and streamlined, so it doesn’t look fussy. Or use it as an accent wall with wallpaper



These are geometric, interlaced patterns with sharp angles. Similar to the repeated nature of latticework but the design can be more complex, like a Greek key. There are many patterns with a geometric repeating pattern that fall into this category – your choices are endless and so are the colour options.  This works beautifully in any space including bedrooms and even nurseries but it also pairs well with other prints – we love it with florals.


Tree of Life:

These sprawling nature-inspired prints are characterized by scrolling vines, flowers, leaves, and birds. The patterns are typically very large in scale and are great for draperies.  Not sure if florals are your ‘thing’? Try incorporating them into art.  A simple fabric swatch or wallpaper sample in a frame with matting and frame – looks clean and modern and adds a pop of pattern with zero commitment and very little cost.

Seen here this botanical fabric has been used as a wall panel for a pop of colour and great visual interest in this room.  Plus see how it works with the trellis (fretwork) ottoman


A reversible fabric commonly woven in silks and wools and printed on linens and cottons. The repeating medallion-like designs are often done in a single color with the ground (base cloth) in a flat finish and the
design in a sateen. Modern print versions are interpreted in more high-contrast color combos.

For a while Damask wall paper accent walls were all the rage – we saw them everywhere – that trends has softened a bit (high contrast less popular and more tone-on-tone is what we are seeing) but the pattern itself is a classic and it also pairs well with any fretwork.  A Damask accent chair with a Fretwork area rug is a gorgeous combination. Damask can be fussy is paired with fussy and formal things.  See the image below – using Damask in a roman shade is a clean and modern use yet it has great visual interest in this clean and modern space. We also love the pairing with the stripe area rug.



Described as a bit of a mod look – another repeating pattern – it looks like strings of stacked onions.  This pattern comes in various scales and sizes and of course, colour combinations.  This is perfect for drapery but we love it as an accent pillow.  See the image below for an example of Ogee – the grey on grey bedding in this print is so sophisticated but still visually interesting.



Likely a term you haven’t heard but you will recognize this tribal influenced pattern. These patterns are based off of the tribal textiles of Central Asia, Suzani’s feature colorful, circular shapes intertwined with vines, flowers, leaves, and fruits. Often seen in vibrant and bold colour combinations – so this is a pattern that makes a real statement! It’s perfect for little pops like accent pillows or bold splashes like an accent chair or bedding.

To maintain the focus on this bold print, keep the other piece simple and clean.  In the image below, the head of the bed frame and other bedding is just plain and simple, the bedside lighting is also simple, even the art is under stated – the bedding coverlet makes the statement and the overhead fixture makes a splash just a smaller one.  But this entire room works!



This is technically a term for the resist dyeing technique used to produce the painterly patterns seen on these fabrics. Similar to a tie dye, but ikat threads are dyed first, then constructed into cloth yielding the meandering look which is insanely popular right now.  It is a combination of this organic almost tribal feel paired with the geometry of fretwork or even a more floral damask feel – the line work is softer in appearance due to the technique, so if you don’t like really clean lines this might be a good option for you. 

Plus the colour possibilities are endless.  And it pairs beautifully with simple stripes. We love these Ikat upholstered dining chairs seats – the colour combination is fresh – it has a softer damask look which adds a bit of a casual nature to the room but still so chic.



A repeating V or zig zag pattern, almost like a clean stripe just with a slight modification.  In recent ears – this pattern was seen everywhere from drapery to pillows to nurseries.  We saw this in every colour imaginable but the grey and white was probably the most popular.  

It is still a classic even though it is no longer trending. It looks great as an accent pillow. Seeing the chevron in an area rug adds a pop to the room but because it is in neutral tones it isn’t trendy. and this simple and neutral chevron is a great backdrop if you wanted to add some other patterns to the room like pillows for instance.


Animal print:

Some say that an animal print is tacky but that is more about amount and application.  Animal prints in a neutral colour wave are a great way to add some fun or glamour into your space without bold injections of colour.  Animal print is  also true to nature so it works with anyone opting for a more natural look. 

Many animal prints mix well with other prints so you really can have a lot of fun.  Don’t go overboard with animal print everywhere and on everything – that’s when it gets tacky!



Are another classic print – this works really well for kids rooms in a fabric or even vinyl decals on the wall.  This print can be bold depending on size/scale and colour combination but it can also be subtle.  Plus it works well with other prints -the polka dot sheets are a great backdrop for this WOW bed – the polka dots add a bit of fun and whimsy to the room instead of a solid sheet.  You could also opt for the reverse – polka dots on the wall and plain sheets.

When it comes to adding some print and pattern into your space, start off slow (especially if you aren’t adventurous), add some accent pillows or bedding first – this is pretty low risk and easy to replace if you don’t like it.  Next try a dining chair seat in upholstery (this is also a great and simple DIY project). 

If you are loving the addition of pattern in your space – take the leap with drapery and an area rug.  Pattern is nothing to be afraid of – have some fun!!

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The kitchen island is almost an essential part of a kitchen these days.  We see them in kitchens of all sizes and styles.  They are so practical plus we love they way they look – they offer us storage options, serving and prepping space and even a dining area.

Here are some of our favourite kitchen islands:

We love any over sized kitchen island – it is perfect for anyone who loves to cook and entertain.  This is also a beautiful piece  in this kitchen.  Look at the seating for 4 and those lantern pendants really make this island look and feel like a dining space.  The sink makes this island a great working area too. We love the storage and the serving space this island offers. This is a perfect addition to a dream kitchen!

Pot and pan drawers are a must in your kitchen island.  Look at all of this storage! This oversized island is almost a complete kitchen it’s self.  Storage for days, prep space, cooking space a sink and so much more.

Just because something serves a purpose doesn’t mean it can’t also look good! We love a pop of colour so why not add one to your kitchen? When your kitchen island is in a different stain or paint colour it really looks custom and it looks like a piece of furniture.  This island offers so much closed storage but it’s a great hang out with 2 stools at the end plus it’s just perfect for serving an prepping look at the over sized flat surface.

Looking to make a statement with your kitchen island? Think about going ‘live edge’. This live-edge walnut kitchen island counter top is a show stopper! It adds an organic element to this sleek and streamlined modern kitchen.  We love the wood grain and knots – so much character and uniqueness.

We love a butcher block kitchen island but how cute is this dog bowl feature? If you have dogs at home incorporate them into your decor and design.  These stainless steel bowls can be removed for easy cleaning but when in place they are out of the way with no risk of being knocked over and making a mess.

We love the rustic look of this farmhouse kitchen island.  The grey stain softens the look of the wood plus it works with the veining in the marble back splash.  The open shelving is very convenient when plating and we like the look of these clean, smooth white dishes (and white cabinets) with the rustic wood grain – we love the mix of textures.  This island has so much character!

We love this ‘beverage station’ in this kitchen island – it’s perfect if you love to entertain! A wine rack, ice maker and beer/soda fridge in the island is such a great idea! Easy access and it won’t take up space in your main fridge.  With it tucked away in the island it won’t take away from the beauty of your kitchen.

We don’t see this often – but we love it!  A round kitchen island : this is perfect for a smaller kitchen -the circular shape really softens up the look in a kitchen and appears to not take up as much space; a circular shape offers great flow (that’s why a circular table is often a great choice for a small space). This still has great storage a surface space.  We also love the soft tones in this kitchen – the cream, taupe and wood – timeless with a bit of a country feel.

This island has it all –  seating, storage, open shelving, surface space and a stove top.  this modern sleek look kitchen island offers so much for this kitchen design. We love the mix of black, wood and grey waterfall quartz counter top.  The pendant lighting is beautiful and we love how the hood fan is built in so it doesn’t visually block in the kitchen and obstruct the view.

Take some inspiration from this kitchen with a commercial restaurant design.  This T-shaped island is perfect for parties – so much space for prepping, serving and let your guests watch while you create! the mix of stainless steel and wood grain is a great balance of modern and organic, warm and cool.  So clean and streamlined in every way.

Which kitchen island is your favourite?

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“I keep hearing the word “Sculptural Lighting” lately.What does that mean and how would I execute this trend in my own home?”
One of the things we love most about this job is the constant changing trends and the excitement of something new & beautiful. I love this question because when we were in Toronto this year at the Interior Design Show, sculptural lighting was a huge trend. So many people are seeing the value in having beautiful lighting in your space. It really is an art form.
Sculptural lighting has a wide range of defining characteristics. Lighting fixtures have a functionality aspect
but they can also double as being abstract works of art. Sculptural lighting fixtures are so unique and eye-catching that they naturally become conversation pieces in their settings. The variety of shapes, colours, textures, metals,
materials and sizes are so vast, the options for your home are endless! (and so are the price points!)
Of course, we understand that changing the lighting in every room in your home is a large undertaking. The idea of having beautiful light fixtures in every room is not a reality for all of us, as nice as it would be. Choose the rooms in your home that you spend the most time in. Perhaps the living room or bedroom is a great place to start. These are often some of the most used spaces in a home. As well as the kitchen and dining room.
When we say “sculptural” that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be over the top. In a modern setting, a simple, pendant can be sculptural. Sculptural also means beautiful.
If you’re nervous about being too bold, try adding a chandelier in an open space. Having the crystal and metal mixture will look spectacular without being too much. If you are very adventurous, there are many shapes and styles that will suit your needs.
Here are some of our favourite photos from this year’s
Interior Design Show in Toronto (IDS 2016).




Choose something unique and tailored just to your personal taste!
I’m actually updating the lighting in my dining room – I haven’t chosen anything just yet but I will let you know when I do – it will be fabulous!
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