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Back to school is almost here! Time to get ready for classes, new teachers, homework and more…

If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I created a homework station for my kids before the start of the school year – I feel it is so important to start off on the right foot!

Here are some of my back to school favourites:

So with little ones especially – you need to label EVERYTHING! Clothing, pencils, shoes and well everything.  These custom labels from Minted are absolutely adorable and for the older kids (who still need to keep track of their things with a little help) these chalkboard labels are perfect!

 I love to capture my kids’ first day of school with a photo (and compare it to one on the last day of school – every year I am amazed at how much they grow!) I love this custom photo frame – this would be great in their bedroom or in a family gallery wall.

I’m a big fan of giving kids a work space – whether it is for reading, printing or a major project – I believe that kids benefit from having a designated space to work one that is free of distractions … if you are short on space, this desk is perfect! It has the surface space but an attached bookcase – perfect for storing school books, and supplies (baskets would be a perfect way to keep everything contained)

 And don’t forget a chair – all though I don’t often like the idea of buying kids’ furniture (I just feel that they grow out of it so quickly) in certain instances – it works better.  I love adding a bold pop of colour in a kids’ space – they will find it appeals to them! This chair is fun and funky and the colour is great (works for boys and girls)

Whether you have one child or multiple children – staying organized makes the days so much easier. Between school, activities, sports, birthday parties and everything else that happens in this busy life – I like to keep track of it all in writing! Old fashioned, maybe, I still use my calendar in my phone but for me, there is something about seeing our schedule in ‘print’ form.  I love chalkboard and this chalk board decal is perfect for a homework station, kitchen (keep track of weekly meals) or a family command center.

One of the required items on our school materials list is a water bottle that can be locked and also refilled throughout the day.  Although the glass ones are great – I just don’t think they are ideal for younger children.  This water bottle is cute (be sure to add those labels), you can lock it and refill it, too!

You need a good quality lunch bag – my personal favourite and all of my kids have this one from Pottery Barn Kids (MacKenzie collection, retro style).  You might think these are a bit pricey but they last – I am using these for 2-3 years at a time, so impressed with the quality.  there are tons of designs / colours and you can even personalized them!


How do you feel about back to school? Is it exciting? frantic? sad? All of the above?

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