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Herringbone pattern is a classic pattern – and it’s really making a strong come back in all areas of home decor and interior design.


It is a favourite of ours ! we love working with classics but we also love pattern – so this really is the best of both worlds in our eyes!


What is the herringbone pattern?

The herringbone pattern is an arrangement of rectangles (or parallelograms) used for floor tiles, back splash tiles, hardwood flooring and road pavement, so named for a resemblance to the bones of a fish such as a herring.

The herringbone pattern adds an accent to a space – a kitchen or a bathroom can really have a designer look with an added detail like the herringbone pattern.

How can you add the herringbone pattern to your space?

Herringbone pattern adds a little extra detail to any space without going really over the top but you still have some options with size, colour, materials an placement.  One of the reasons we love the herringbone pattern is that it is a classic , so you don’t have to be concerned about it being too trendy and going out of style.

This marble mosaic herringbone tile from Wayfair is perfect for a kitchen backsplash, a detail in a bathroom or a fireplace surround. We love this pattern as a kitchen backsplash or accent in a bathroom in either skinny marble tile or a standard subway tile, it adds a little extra detail to the whole room.  We like to see it will a grout colour that is a few shades darker (or lighter) than the tile itself so you can actually see the pattern.

It’s also a great pattern on a floor, either in tile or hardwood, this pattern adds another visual element to the space and a designer look.

Not sure if you like the herringbone pattern?

Just try it in smaller doses like a small shower nook in a bathroom, a fireplace surround or in your furniture like a table top or an upholstered piece. Pillows or throw blankets in this pattern are also a subtle way to ‘test out’ this pattern in your space to see if you like it.  This slipper chair in the herringbone pattern available at Wayfair – adds an interesting detail in neutral tones, it would be great in a bedroom, a den or living room.  The pattern is clean and definitely not overpowering – this version of the classic pattern is a bit more contemporary, too!

Some more herringbone pattern inspiration…

Love the reclaimed wood detail in the herringbone tile in this mudroom space – the mix of texture from the wood and the pattern adds a great designer detail and a custom look.


Herringbone pattern adds another element to this fireplace – the colour palette is simple and clean but the addition of the pattern adds some depth.


Rooms that don’t often get a lot of decorative attention can really look incredible with some added detail like a laundry room.  We love the herringbone slate tile floor in this laundry room and paired with the other elements in the space like the subway tile and the shaker cabinets make this laundry room beautiful!

Carpet doesn’t have to be plain and boring…yes you can get carpet in a herringbone pattern and we love it! It looks amazing as an area rug but we love it as a stair runner, it has a menswear quality about it and it is so clean and sophisticated!

What do you think of this classic pattern?

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Stripes are a classic and even better they can work with any decor style!  If you have read any of our posts, you know that we love a print and mixing patterns.  So if you are thinking of trying out a pattern in your space consider a stripe – it’s very transitional, it come in all scales and colours, too! You can’t go wrong!  Not sure where to add this classic pattern? We have some ideas for you!

Wall treatment

– whether it’s wall paper or a streamlined paint job – try stripe son the wall.  You can get as big and bold as you like in terms of colour and scale – or opt for a classic neutral. It could fill an entire room or just an accent wall.  We also love to layer our patterns, so don’t be shy to add some art, photography and mirrors over your striped wall.


– this is an easy addition (or subtraction) in a room.  Adding some printed pillows can completely elevate the look of your room.  There’s just something about a pattern that adds a designer look to a space.  Some of the great things about pillows is that they aren’t permanent, the selection is endless and they are affordable!  On a sofa, side chair, bed – they work everywhere!


– this might be an intimidating step for many but trust us!  A stripe furniture piece can really add a WOW factor to a space.  We do recommend sticking with a neutral palette if you are opting for a pattern piece – it’s easier to work with long term as you want to change up your decor.  And for someone that likes neutrals this can add another sophisticated element to your room, mix it with some other patterns and some solid to give it a designer look.


– We love what window coverings can do to a space – from a functional side but also a decor side – sure they block the sunlight (or an unpleasant view) but also add a softness and again, visual interest in a room.  Whether it’s panels or roman blinds – we love them both!  This is a great option for a living space, dining room and a bedroom – we love a stripe window treatment in a kids’ room so timeless and it can grow up with them!

Floor covering

– we love area rugs in any room, they add another layer of softness, they are nice on bare feet,  they pull a room together and of course, it’s another opportunity to add some pattern.  Area rugs can be pricey depending on the size and material you choose, so if you are concerned about budget consider a classic pattern like a stripe.  A stripe area rug is a classic (we have said this a few times, but it’s true!).

Outdoor furniture and accessories

– decorating your outdoor living space is no longer boring! There are so many options for furniture, umbrellas and accessories, too.  We love the look of a stripe in an outdoor space, it’s so fresh and clean! Pillows, umbrellas, cushions and even rugs – it’s up to you!

Stripes are everything – fun, classic, fresh, bold, and also soft – it’s all about the colour tones and what you mix them with this print – you can’t go wrong with bringing stripes into your world…

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We hear this term a lot and especially lately – but what is mid century modern design?

It is an architectural, interior, product and graphic design that generally describes mid-20th century developments in modern design, architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965.

So why are we seeing it more and more these days? Well some may say that popular culture has made an impact.  Popular TV shows like ‘Mad Men’ has really helped bring this era of home design, decor and fashion in the spot light again.

Why is it so appreciated?

Mid century modern’s emphasis on pared-down forms, contemporary patterns, natural materials and a seamless flow between indoors and out create a mix functional comfort and chic style. The look bridges the organic and the man-made, with one foot in the natural world and the other in brave new territory that still has the power to surprise us today. Clients are really like the ‘throwback’ feel and blending it with more current and organic styles. We love how all of these images look current and not like they are trapped in a time warp.

So what mid century modern decor elements are we seeing a lot of now?

And how can I bring some of this ‘mid century modern’ style into my space?

When it comes to style be unique.

We always recommend bringing in pieces you love – if you love it, you will make it work. Never feel like you have to fully commit to one style and one style of decor only.  You can easily bring in mid century modern elements into your space without a total overhaul of what you already have.  Any time you start to mix styles, it’s a good idea have a few elements of that style so that the overall look is cohesive and not random.

Definitely lighting.

Mid century modern lighting is huge right now.  It’s a great way to make a statement.  Mid century modern lighting has a great sculptural element as well. This dining room with mid century modern lighting (and dining furniture) still looks current.  The organic wood beams add character and some texture and offer great contrast with the brass finish light and accents.  But the textured wall paper accent wall with oversized mirror makes this dining room big and bright – giving it a new and fresh look!


How can we keep this vintage light fixture look current?

Think about placement!  Try adding a mid century modern light fixture in an unexpected room like a bedroom for instance. the mid century modern lighting in this room makes a bold statement and paired with a sideboard from the same era keeps a common thread in the room. The comeback of gold is also a nod to the mid century modern trend.  We are seeing gold in lighting but also decorative accents.


Mid century modern furniture classics are also very popular – dining chairs, armchairs, coffee table, bookcases and more are all being mixed into rooms of all styles. This living room corner below has a mid century modern bookcase and chair but the black and white clean contemporary styling and accessories makes this room look cool and current.

Colour was something that was popular during that era – rugs, tile, art, wallpaper and more….add some pops of colour and some great combinations of colour. You will also notice this was an era that wasn’t afraid of mixing patterns and colour and texture!

We are also seeing a resurgence of the shapes from this mid century modern era. shapes play a big role in this design period – take a look at the geometric patterns in fabric and art.  We are definitely seeing this trend in current day.

If none of these suggestions work for you – here’s what we suggest: have fun with your decor and don’t be afraid to take a risk!

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Now that fall is almost here, we are seeing so many cozy and comfy textures like knits and flannels.  Plaid is one print that we see so much of this time of year – it just screams Fall!!  We love the look and feel of flannel plaids and they add so much comfort to any room.

Here are some of our favourite plaid looks for the home.

The plaid throw –

Just wrap it around yourself while reading or sitting by the fire.  It’s also great in a bedroom.  Here we love it in the casual dining space at the head of the table.  Why not?

Black and White Plaid –

Many think of reds, greens and blues when they hear the word ‘plaid’ but there are so many other colour options, so there’s something for everyone.  We love the black and white plaid in this room. It adds a cozy factor to this off white wing back chair.

Boys’ Bedroom –

We love plaid in a bedroom and it’s perfect for boys! Durable, soft and comfortable plus they add some pattern and texture to the space without making it feel and look feminine.  This grey and white boys bedroom looks great with the pops of orange plaid.

Decor Pillows –

A plaid throw is perfect for a farmhouse or cabin look.  It’s the right amount of plaid and it doesn’t take over the space.  We love this chic farmhouse inspired living room with tone-on-tone plaid pillows mixed with some knitted pillows.  Totally chic and comfortable!

Vintage Country Plaid Chair –

Plaid is a classic and if you love a farmhouse or vintage country style at home, try adding plaid to a furniture piece.  in our opinion a sofa is just to much but a chair or even a headboard would really make a statement. We love this streamlined chair in plaid – it has comfort and style plus paired with the soft better yellow and the styled chest of drawers you have a level of sophistication.  Country is totally cool!

If the cabin look is more your style, try a different type of plaid but we still love the idea of sticking with a classic and neutral colour palette. The image below has similar concept just more of a cabin or shabby chic angle.

Bedding –

We love plaid in the bedroom but again you want to choose the right one for your look and colour palette.  We love the subtle and soft beige and white combination in this room.  It is perfect for a guest room or for anyone who likes a toned down and calming space. We love the mix of solids and the plaid in this room and the vintage bed frame and sconce lighting keep it from looking washed out.

Wall paper, why not?

This might seem bold and extreme but it doesn’t have to be.  We love the soft and subtle look of this room and the beige and cream wallpaper accent wall just makes the room feel cozy but still works well with the elegant nature of the room.

On the floor –

We love a patterned rug and plaid works! Opt for a neutral toned plaid but it really adds some great visual interest in a room and it’s a classic pattern on the floor just gives it a modern twist.

The nursery –

This could work for a girl or a boy or just a gender neutral nursery.  This drapery, or bedding, or pillows or rugs.  But not everything.  The casual nature and the comfort would make the nursery a wonderful space for everyone even during those late, late night feedings and diaper changes.

Are you mad about plaid? We are!

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So often we hear of people who are getting bored of their surroundings. Many can’t afford to completely gut and start from fresh with their existing style and are looking for fun, inexpensive updates to spice up their bedroom décor.


Here are a few budget friendly, simple fixes for those who need a little change!


  1. Change out your existing drapery.

There is so much great pattern and colour out there that this is an easy and effective change. Ready to hang blinds and drapes are in tons of big box stores and come in great fabrics, colours, patterns and at an incredibly affordable price!




  1. Purchase new lamps or lamp shades!


This is a great and inexpensive swap as well. Of course, there are some lamps that are crazy expensive, but there are also a lot of really affordable options. So many great stores offer colourful lamp bases, colourful shades and shades with patterns. These touches will make a difference, even though they may seem minimal. A new lamp or lamp shade will freshen up the space.



  1. New throw pillows and throw blankets.

Add pattern! Change your existing colour scheme! Do both! There are zillions of options for great throw pillows, and will be a welcome addition to your existing décor. Remember, we are freshening the space, and this is probably the most inexpensive way to do so. And don’t be afraid to mix colours and patterns! The easiest way to do this is to have one common element through your selections. Maybe they all have the same pattern but come in different colours, or have the same colour but come in different patterns. The combinations are endless!




  1. Paint an accent wall!


Of course, a new paint job is also a fabulous option, but depending on the size of your room, this has potential to soar into the hundreds. Painting one wall can add new life to the room and is not overly expensive. This can most likely be done with one can of paint and will make a huge difference. You can chose to go bold and make a drastic change, maybe paint some stripes into a pattern on your wall, or maybe chose a shade that is a tad darker than your existing colour. Either way, change is change! It will be different than what you’re currently bored of and that’s what we’re trying to achieve, right?



  1. New comforter or duvet cover.


This is an easy change. It will run you less than a hundred dollars if that’s what you are aiming for, and the bed is typically the main focal point in the room. It will be hard not to notice (and LOVE!) brand new bedding!

 It doesn’t take much to get a fresh new look (and feel) in your bedroom!
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