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What is TimberWood Towns? Well if you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram – you have seen this amazing project that we have spent the last 6 weeks of our lives working on…It’s been a while since we have posted anything new but we hope this makes the wait worth while…..

TimberWood Towns is a new townhome community here in Ottawa and we had the amazing opportunity to design the sales center, the model and select all of the finishes top to bottom – it was an incredible experience, we learned a lot and created something beautiful!

It was a full 6 weeks – of selecting all the finishes for this project from flooring to paint to plumbing and lighting and everything in between. When you work with such a tight timeline you learn a lot about working together as a team, you also learn a lot about working with items that are in stock! We wouldn’t have been able to get this done without the pure magic of online shopping! Stores like Wayfair, Amazon, and Bouclair really came to the rescue! We have some amazing ‘friends’ at Urban Barn and they really pulled though with large and small purchases for this project! And of course, Home Sense (to our US readers, this gem is coming to the States soon and you will love it!)

Let us breakdown what we did in the space to create this industrial farmhouse look…


Reclaimed Wood Accents:

The look at TimberWood Towns is industrial farmhouse.  We mixed a lot of great texture in the finishes but also the furniture and accessories.  We found so many amazing pieces that really pulled this whole look together.  Our construction team found an old barn (a little over an hour’s drive out of the city) which is where we found all of this reclaimed barn wood for the accent wall in the den and to create these beams (which are included in every one of these townhomes, what a great architectural feature!)


Creating contrast:

A big part of this look was to create contrast so that the wood was a highlight but the the white walls and lighter furniture pieces really added to the feel.  You can definitely get contrast with colour but you can also get contrast with textures.  We needed to balance out the hard and rough texture of the wood with some softer elements – like these white linen chairs, leather sofa and lots of pillows. We added some rope texture to the space too – the pouf, the rope on the large clock and even some photo frames with a rope accent. Another great texture in this space is the cowhide ottoman.

Lighting :

We all know that lighting can totally transform the look of any home and this project was no exception! We needed some great lighting that would really help set the tone of this industrial farmhouse look – we found some amazing pendant for the kitchens (that’s right, we have 2 kitchens in this sales center) and bathroom. We used aged bronze finishes for the lighting as they really add a rustic touch to the space.


More TimberWood Towns …







TimberWood Towns Shopping list:

If you like this industrial farmhouse look – you are in luck! We have a list of the items we purchased for this beautiful showroom.

We love this Porter Wing Back from Wayfair – it adds some real presence to the living room and the nailheads bring some ‘bling’ into the room

Porter Wingback Chair


In the bedroom, we wanted to have a touch of a traditional rug but we didn’t want it to look stuffy.  We love the vintage finish on this cream and navy blue area rug.

Abbeville Dark Blue/Cream Area Rug Rug Size: 8′ x 10′


The lighting in the industrial Farmhouse look plays a huge role and these kitchen pendants with the cage detail in the aged bronze finish bring that rustic accent to the kitchen.


Hampton 1-Light Pendant


The choice of sofa is really important – it’s the largest piece in the room and it really sets the tone for the look.  We love this Dumont Sofa in Redu Bark distressed leather from Urban Barn.  Urban Barn is one of our favourite places to shop. Check them out – we are sure you will, too!

We added some great natural wood accent chairs off the kitchen – we love the simplicity of the design.  They would be great as dining chairs, or an accent chair in a corner (like we did here) or a bedroom.


The bedroom area was a smaller space so we needed to find a bed that embraced the look but one that was also pretty streamlined – we found this Braswell Queen Panel bed on Wayfair and it is perfect! It has a metal detail that compliments the light fixture, the nailheads add a nice finish and detail and the upholstered panel adds some softness.

Braswell Queen Upholstered Panel Bed


We love to work with natural materials and these Scandinavian Trunk Side tables from Bouclair add that authentic natural touch – we used them as simple side tables for the wingback chair and in the den with the swivel chairs.  These are the real deal and they weigh a ton! But we love the way they look!


With the wood accents and the darker floors, we need a rug that would be a good counter balance.  This Olga Rug from Wayfair – was the perfect rug for this space! Of course, the size was right but the tones were light and fresh yet still warm and the design has a handmade look without the price tag.


Olga Gray Area Rug Rug Size: 8′ x 10′


The den space – the room with that amazing reclaimed barn wood wall – needed some seating.  We really wanted to find chairs that would add some contrast to the accent wall.  We love these swivel chairs in this clean warm white linen.

Sevan Swivel Barrel Chair Upholstery: Natural


We needed some elements on that amazing reclaimed wood wall but we still wanted to show it off – Maddie has these great metal bookcases at her place (in white, of course) so she came up with the idea of these simple and super affordable metal shelves but in black for this den space! Off to IKEA we went! We styled the bookcase with a series of books and decor items – this bookcase allowed us to accessories the space without covering the wall.



We added even more of a rustic touch with the lighting in the bathroom and in the upgraded kitchen space.  We love these pendants in the russet finish from Wayfair – They are a great blend of pretty and industrial.


Mercury Row Dorota 3-Light Globe Pendant

and for an extra industrial style to these pendants, we added these vintage candelabra bulbs.

These are just some of the amazing pieces we used in this project – we love to mix styles but also price points. when you mix styles and price points, you end up with final product that is truly one of a kind. We love how all of these items come together in a cohesive and unique way…


Let us know which piece is your favourite, we can’t decide!


We love the look of reclaimed wood. So many people are styling their homes with a more rustic look these days and we’re all in! There is nothing cozier than the addition of warm tones throughout your home. While this may not be to everyone’s taste, those who like it, like it a lot! So how do you add this look to your home without re-vamping your whole décor? Easy!

Having every single surface in your home in various wood tones will begin to feel redundant and very cottage-y. Which is not a bad thing if that’s the look you’re going for. If you’re looking for a décor refresh, adding reclaimed wood tones to your space is a fabulous way to change the feel of your home without swapping everything you own.

1. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table.

This is something that is sold in furniture and home décor stores everywhere!
The options are endless. Various tones and types of wood make the varieties borderline overwhelming. The variety of base options and elements will match any space. A reclaimed wood cable table is something that will stand the test of time, as wood is a classic material, so don’t think that this isn’t an investment piece. Decide what look you want in your space and build from there. A modern home maybe have a lot of chrome elements, and a reclaimed table with a chrome base will complement the existing décor.

2. Wood Lighting Fixture

You may think that sounds like something that belongs in a chalet but it’s not! So many light fixtures are super versatile, and work in a multitude of spaces. The addition of wood to a space almost instantly adds a warm and cozy vibe, depending on the décor of the space. If your whole home is ultra-modern with white and black leather everywhere a singular light fixture may not instantly do the trick, but you’re certainly on your way if that’s the idea! Adding various elements to your home give your home depth and personality. So, buy what you love!



3. Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

This is such a cool idea and a fantastic DIY project. There are so many tutorials on how to make one yourself. But if you’re not a savvy do-it-yourself-er, this is also something that are sold in many places. The addition of the wood wall is such a cozy addition to a space, there are even wallpapers that look like reclaimed wood, without the price tag!

4. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Sideboard

Another fabulous addition to add into your space. There are so many options with reclaimed wood. Do you want a studded metal detail? A chrome base? Do you love the look of wrought iron? Round? Square? Rectangular? The options are truly endless! A reclaimed wood dining set is a great investment piece for a multitude of reasons: 1. Such versatility! If you suddenly decide you love contemporary décor, fabulous! This works. Traditional décor? No problem! A solid wood table is a long lasting investment and typically, worth every penny.


5. Reclaimed Wood Headboards

This is a fabulous DIY project. A reclaimed wood headboard is such a fun addition to any space. There are so many links for making this at home, and it is a fabulous budget friendly option. This addition to your home is a warm and cozy material and your bedroom is definitely somewhere you want to feel warm and comfortable!



6. Add Wood Accessories.

The most budget friendly addition to your home: accessories. If you love the wood look and are looking for cost savings, this is the place. There are so many home décor stores that carry such great wooden accessories be it a wooden horse, lamps with a wooden base, a wooden tray to add to your coffee table, wooden candle holders.. the options are endless!
Even small changes make a difference in your home!
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Do you love the blend of Country and Industrial style décor? So do we! Here are some great suggestions on how to incorporate this decorating style in your home.

Country Industrial is a blend of two different décors that work together beautifully. Country is a warm and inviting decorating style that typically uses lots of wood tones, plaids, stripes, floral, toile and patterns. The colour palette is varied, but warm tones make this a cozy style. Lots of cozy throw blankets and textured pillows make for cozy home décor. Country style is filled with tons of character.

Industrial décor is very rustic, and incorporates more harsh tones such as various metals such as brass, copper, chrome, and silver. Reclaimed wood and brick is often inserted into an Industrial room.



Now, how do we marry the two and make a warm space with industrial elements?

To create a Country Industrial room, you must have some variety. Mixing patterns, metals, and various wood tones is the key to creating this decorating style. That being said, there are SO many options to make this style exactly your personality. First, decide what you absolutely love.

Here are some tips on how to achieve this style.

1. A reclaimed wood table.

Whether this is a dining room table, a coffee table or end tables, adding reclaimed wood is a great element that can be both industrial and country at the same time. Lots of reclaimed wood tables come with a funky element, whether it’s a wrought iron detail, a reclaimed wheel or metallic accent, adding wood will be both warm and cool at the same time.

2. Pattern.

Pattern is the more country side of this style. If you don’t want to incorporate traditional country fabrics like plaids and toiles into the space, try a more modern stripe, maybe a throw pillow with an animal on it, or a fur pillow and cozy throw. It adds a fun, whimsical element to your room. Keep in mind that when it comes to colour – the tones tend to be of nature and kind of subdued – nothing overly bright and / or bold.

3. Metal Elements

There is lots of versatility with adding metal. Do you like a metal side table? Metal side chairs? Metal pendants? What tones of metal do you like? Do you want a pop of colour somewhere? Here is where you personality can shine through!

4. Area Rug

A great place to incorporate a bit more country into the room is with a textured/ pattern area rug. A variety of textures make a space feel cozy. Do you love the look of wool rugs? Or do you prefer a stripe or plaid pattern? An area room helps warm up a space in any room, and also helps to define a certain space in a room.

5. Furniture.

Furniture is a big variable. A more streamlined sofa with metal legs can work in this style of home, or we can go to the other end of the spectrum and add a big cozy traditional sofa. It depends on what you like! Both options will work in this type of space. Be sure to add an accent chair or two as well, incorporating the opposite element in the room. Cozy traditional sofa? Try adding a metal or wood side chair to balance the two.

6. Accessories.

 Table lamps, book shelves, décor pieces are all places to add some metal, wood or colour. Try to have some common elements or else your room is going to be more eclectic. Harmony throughout a room makes it looks planned and thought-out, not just some random things thrown together in hopes of it looking good. always look for connections in a room – so if you have a metal accent piece try and ‘echo’ that material at least in one more spot in the room.  Common connections keep a look cohesive.




This style is so relaxed and full of warmth and character – and what’s great about it is that through mixing these elements you can achieve a totally unique look that is all yours.
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