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If you have been following home decor trends no doubt you have come across Scandinavian inspired rugs.  Typically they are black and white and with some type of ‘tribal’ pattern.  The shapes and patterns look almost hand drawn. Many of these rugs have a shaggy texture adding to the character of this trend.

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This hand woven rug is a great example of the Scandinavian rugs that are trending now.  These rugs add a bold pop of pattern in a space so for those of your that like a clean and minimal look but worry that it might be boring – this is a perfect option!

Scandinavian rugs are versatile

Scandinavian inspired rugs also work well with industrial style – they are neutral, they add some texture and print into an industrial space plus the ‘hand drawn’ designs work with the imperfect nature of industrial style. The blend of minimal and clean Scandinavian style and the raw material industrial look have created a look known as Scandi-industrial

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Scandinavian rugs also work well with modern farmhouse – the subtle and neutral designs add visual interest to this farmhouse look –  we used a Scandinavian inspired rug in one of our recent model home designs – we love the subtle and soft pattern in the space.  The mix of textures and patterns in this room make this space interesting and deep.

Shop Scandinavian Rugs…

Love the look of these neutral pattern rugs? So do we! Here are some of our favourite Scandinavian inspired rugs …

This rug is a great find on amazon – we love the black and white motif and the pattern is visually interesting and has a ‘tribal’ inspired feel.

This rug is very similar to the one we used in our recent model home project.  This pattern is very subtle and the cool combination of grey and white is very one trend.

This rug is a great deal on Amazon (8 x 10 for under $300!) – has a bit more contrast with the ivory and charcoal tone and the pattern is so unique -which is why we love it!

More black and white …. the diamond pattern is popular in these Scandinavian rugs and this one has some amazing shaggy textures which brings some texture to the room.

This rug has such a unique pattern (imagine this paired with some reclaimed wood) – it’s like art on the floor!

We love what area rugs can do for a room…don’t you?

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Textiles are a great way to switch up your look – this includes: drapery, pillows, bed linens, and even area rugs.  There are always certain prints that are in style.  Remember when we used to see chevron everywhere and on everything? Well, here’s what hot in textiles for 2016!

1- Fur has been ‘trending’ since about 2012.  It has been seen in living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms – pillows, throws and rugs. It is incredibly versatile – it works in a modern space, contemporary, rustic – any style!

2- Jungle prints  – big and bold jungle prints really add a splash of colour and fun to any space. We have also see a lot of tropical prints in wall paper, too. Not sure of this trend – try it in small doses, a pillow on your sofa in a bold jungle print can really make an impact.  We love this bold pillow available on Etsy.

3 – Stonewashed – the ultimate in relaxed.  Think soft texture, slightly crumpled and subtle tones – perfect for the bedroom.Check out Restoration Hardware‘s Belgian  linen collections. Layer it and add some other textures too like cable knit or fur to keep the room from looking flat

4 – Velvet is really making a comeback in women’s fashion too, it’s the whole nod to the 90’s! But we will be seeing this luxurious textile in the home too. Velvet looks great in any colour but we love it in rich jewel tones like this emerald green. The texture really adds a touch of luxury to any room.

5 – Botanical print – soft and subtle and a little whimsical.  This print still makes a statement, we love it layered with other prints or echoed in botanical print art (not matching prints). It works with all neutrals too

6 – Soft and low contrast Damask prints – we have seen the Damask print for a few years now in big and bold colours and black and white, so old Hollywood glam (very Kardashian – esque).  We will still see the print but in lower contrast and more subtle tones.

7- Colourful Geometric prints – if this looks like a bit of a retro throwback, it is! These colour combos and geometric prints have a bit of a mod vibe but refreshed and do you see the pops of rose quartz, too?

8 – Colour Blocking – similar to the geometric print but fewer colours but still that mod look.We love this bedding set in white and soft grey with a pop of coral – it’s a great balance of male and female elements too.

9 – Japanese tie-dye : Shibori.  Blue and white Japanese style tie-dye print is hot! We love this way this adds some organic looking print to this bedroom.This is fun and fresh plus we love the organic feel of this, it reminds us of your favourite jeans!

We love layering textiles of various textures and prints.  Which of these is your favourite?

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