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If you have a small entry by your main door do not think that you cannot have a functional space with style. A recent client of ours was struggling with this dilemma of a small (almost not entry – as there was no defined entry space) and she needed a spot for keys, mail, last minute make up check before heading out and of course, a touch of style.  She is a huge fan of Scandinavian style with the function and minimal decor and in a small space this really works!

Small Front Entry Inspiration

Photo credit: Homeyohmy

When it comes to finding inspiration for projects – starting online is the best! There is an endless supply of styles, looks and overall ideas.  I stumbled upon this image and this was just perfect! A beautiful balance of style and function – just what our client was looking for in her entry.

We made a few tweaks to this look in order to suit her space….

Shop the look : Small front entry with Scandinavian style

If you do not have a front hall closet or really much closet space – you need to get creative.  a wall mounted hook is a perfect solution to hang up what you need – jacket, sweater, hat even a dog leash…

Beaton Wall Hook

from: Wayfair


A narrow console table is a must in a small entry – it offers some great surface space for a small bowl for keys, loose change and mail – it’s also a great spot for some extra lighting or a touch of decor.

George Oliver Woodbury Narrow Console Table

from: Wayfair


A mirror is a useful ‘tool’ at a front entry as it allows for last minute checks before heading out the door plus a mirror makes a space appear larger, so if you have a small front entry – this can really help open it up…..

Beachcrest Home Bonnie Lock-Woodsetter North Wood Wall Mirror

from: Wayfair


A basket is perfect for storing items that you still need regular access to – for instance mittens, hats, yoga mat, umbrella and pet supplies like toys….I love the natural texture that these woven baskets bring to the vignette.

DUFMOD Large Natural Basket

from Amazon


I love the texture and pop of colour that plants add to a space – if you don’t have a green thumb don’t worry! These preserved eucalyptus branches don’t need any extra care just add them to a vase and you are done!

Preserved Eucalyptus Branches

from Amazon


This fluted pure white vase is the perfect piece to hold your eucalyptus branches – I love the simplicity of this vase and of course you could use it for fresh flowers anywhere in your home.

White ceramic fluted vase

from Amazon


Some type of seating is really ideal by the front door….so this minimalist looking 3 legged stool is just perfect for anyone needing a spot to sit while putting on or taking off their shoes.  This one fits beautifully under the console so it doesn’t take up a lot of the space and I love the mix of natural unfinished wood with the dipped legs in black.

Small wood 3 legged stool

from Etsy


This look is so fresh and clean yet functional – I just love it and so does our client!

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