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It is late December and the Christmas holidays are slowly coming to a close. Have you started to ‘wrap’ it all up? Or is your tree and decor still on full display? Storage and organizing of Christmas decor doesn’t have to be a total mess – there are so many awesome ways to pack up and make your Christmas storage easy and neat.


Christmas Tree Storage

For years, we used the box that our tree came in but honestly after year 2 the box was just being held up with some tape and it was just a mess.  Garbage bags are also a pain – you are stuffing the tree pieces into bags and I know it is damaging and really not effective.

Did you know that there are ‘Christmas Tree Bags’? Yes, these bags are actually designed to fit and store your tree.

Here are some great options for Christmas Tree Bags at all price points – be sure to find one that will fit your tree as they do come in different sizes.

Christmas Tree Storage Bag with wheels by Zober – this one fits a disassembled 9 ‘ tree. The wheels make moving the tree so much easier plus the extra wide opening makes storing the tree inside much easier.


Christmas Tree storage Bag by Sanatas Bags – this bag is designed to fit trees from 6-9 feet (disassembled) I love the exterior label option so there’s no mistaking it for sporting equipment.


Christmas Tree Storage Bag by Handy Laundry – again this bag can fit a disassembled 6-9 ft tree and the red and green colour is just perfect for the season – there is really no mistaking that this is a Christmas storage item. This is a very affordable option and it gets great online reviews!


Christmas Ornament Organizing

Like my tree, I have been storing my ornaments in boxes, old shoe boxes to be exact, and it suited us fine until we started get some glass and more delicate tree ornaments.  I will say that Christmas is a great time to get ‘new’ boxes for your Christmas ornaments – toss out the old ones you have been using for years and use boxes you received as gift wrapping.  Now that I have some special tree ornaments that I want to hang onto and possibly even pas son to my kids once they are adults – I love these ornament organizing boxes.

Here are some of my favourite ones.

Compartment Cube Ornament Organizer by Richards Homewares – this 12 x 12 x 12 box can hold up to 64 ornaments – the exterior label allows for the box to be identified, too!


Christmas Ornament Storage box by Handy Laundry – another box that holds up to 64 ornaments.  One feature I love with his piece is adjustable dividers, so if you have ornaments of different shapes and sizes, you can easily make room for them in this box.  Plus …the zipper top means no losing the lid and you can collapse the box when it is not being used!


Other Christmas Organizing Products

Christmas Wreath Storage Bag – I know my wreaths have taken a beating when they aren’t protected or stored properly, so I love this bag as it keeps away the dust and moisture.


Master Craft Gift Wrap and Storage Bag – when it comes to gift wrapping and all of the necessities, my area used to be a mess! But now with a gift wrap organizer, I have it all in one place.  It does make wrapping gifts for all occasions easier – I also keep rolls of tape and a set of scissors in mine.

So if you find the tidying up and packing up of Christmas to be a big task – maybe these pieces will help keep you organized and make the whole task easier.  So when do you plan on taking down your Christmas tree and decor?

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“I have two places in my home that are just ‘small nooks’ and I have no idea what to do with them! One is at my entry way and the other is a ‘loft space’ at the top of my stairs. What do you suggest?”
Great question! I think we all have that one space in our home that we just don’t know what to do with. Depending on the size of your space – you have lots of versatility!

An entry table –

Always a great option and the good thing about a console is that it comes in many shapes, sizes, finishes, colours, materials etc etc. You are definitely going to be able to find something in the correct size you need. Depending on your space you may have the opportunity for a DIY too! Customizing furniture to fit your homes décor and space is always a fun way to personalize your home.


Bookcase –

I know I speak for many of us when I say you can never have too much storage. Plus bookcases are fantastic space for displaying books, personal photos, accessories and much more.

A desk space –

Depending how much traffic flow you would have, adding a small desk and a chair is a great idea for an extra home work space. Its nice to be able to utilize all your spaces in your home in a useful way.

 Dresser –

A little more unconventional but still a great piece that has closed storage!

Built in shelves –

This is a more expensive option BUT also a great one for getting exactly the use of the space you need. Need shelves, hooks and cabinets all in one? I would suggest investing in a custom piece and tailoring to your exact needs.

Floating Shelves –

Depending how small the space is, adding floating shelves can serve as extra storage in a small nook. Having floating shelves also doesn’t take up the floor space that a bookcase would so it will appear larger. Just make sure you mount them well and don’t add anything too heavy!

Storage shouldn’t just be functional it should be stylish too!
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“We live in a small house and the whole family shares a bathroom.  We are managing just fine but the clutter of everyday stuff is getting to me.  What can we do to add some storage to our bathroom and not take on a renovation?”


The bathroom is a busy place and every high traffic area has a lot of stuff collecting everywhere but there are some things you can do to at least keep it under control.

We suggest taking a look at the type of clutter and where it is.  Counter space in a bathroom can often get overwhelmed with products and more and it can lead to spills and just overall disorganization.



Can keep things look neat and tidy but still at your finger tips.  We often recommend baskets when we stage homes as they are easy to hide and bring out when you need them.  But for everyday, there is no problem with baskets that are ‘out’ – just having your items tucked away in a small basket keeps things looking (and feeling) organized.



Another great way to use baskets is hanging them – it’s pretty and pretty practical.  That space over the toilet is often used for decor purposes but make it functional. These basic baskets (in a coordinating colour) hung on towel racks are a great way to keep everyone organized, so smart!


Towel racks.

Think about relocating your towel racks to a location in the bathroom that will allow you to use the other wall space for more small storage. Hanging 2 smaller towel racks on the back of the door makes so much sense and it gives you more room for other important storage pieces and ideas.



Floating shelves.

We highly recommend that floating shelves in your bathroom be the small colour or close to the same colour as your walls – this will keep them from looking and feeling bulky in the space.  A floating shelf is ideal for items that you need easy access to like towels or toilet paper.  Adding a few decorative items to an open shelf makes it more pleasing to the eye.  But matching baskets to contain smaller pieces is attractive, too.



Small storage pieces.

If you move your towel rack you might be surprised to find some wall space that would work for a small storage piece.  We love the idea of a tiered or ladder shelf, the piece itself isn’t bulky and it offers lots of storage for everyday items.



Hooks and hangers.

Keep your towels (used ones) organized with hooks on the wall.  For your children keep the hooks at their level – this will mean they can hang up and tidy up on their own.



Closed storage piece.

We have looked at a lot of open shelving options but if that won’t work for you look into a piece with doors (aka closed storage).  Chances are you will be able to find something that works with your current vanity – it really is best to have something similar we want consistency and flow. Look at the image below – this is a whole set.  It looks clean and streamlined not bulky and messy.  This is a great spot to hide medicine, creams, personal grooming items and more.


Don’t forget about the interior of our vanity for storage….

Try using a kitchen utensil holder to organize costume jewelry or even make up



Baskets inside of your vanity are very effective too.



A Lazy-Susan isn’t just for the kitchen, we love it for inside of a cupboard.  cupboards can get cluttered an disorganized very easily.  A lazy-Susan will help with organization, maximizing the space and gives you easy access. Or even just tiered shelving for inside of a cupboard – try the kitchen organizing department.




A dark room any room will always feel smaller so be sure to check on that lighting.  Are your bulbs working? Are they bright enough? Can you add more bulbs? Think about updating a fixture with more bulbs to add more light if you need it.



A fresh coat of paint can do wonders.  A small space like a bathroom would be a great weekend job for painting and with the right colour you can really brighten up that space.


Easy updates can make your bathroom look and feel like new!

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Bar carts having been trending for a while now and we love them too!  They are the perfect open and accessible liquor cabinet plus they look chic.  But we love how multi functional the bar cart is!  here are some of our favourite ideas and uses for the bar cart.

1. Bar cart end table. 

We love this gold bar cart, so 2016! it’s open and airy and just perfect for someone who loves to entertain but we also love how it is being used as an end table in this small space.  Take a closer look the top shelf is styled with flowers and some books – this could be great surface space for coasters too.  The lower portion is used as the bar.


2. Bar cart Coffee station.

Short on kitchen space? Love all things coffee? why not add a bar cart and create a coffee station? We love how useful this is plus it looks great.  It’s great for entertaining, too! Try wheeling it into the living space for after dinner coffee and desserts.  You can also use the lower shelves for open storage of mugs, dishes and more or try adding some baskets for tea towels or store your pretty cookbooks.



3. Bar cart bathroom storage.

OK a glass of wine in a hot bath is a lovely way to unwind but maybe you don’t need a bar cart serving wine and cocktails in your bathroom but here’s an idea…try using a bar cart in the bathroom for some extra storage.  This is a great idea if your bathroom is short on space.  Make it pretty and spa like by adding beautiful and plush towels, candles and maybe a plant or just keep it totally functional for everyday items like towels.



4. Bar cart guest bedroom needs. 

Have an out of town guest? Want them to feel at home? We heart this idea! Add a bar cart to the room and stock it with essentials and a few treats.  This adds a bit of a hotel feel but it makes your guests feel welcome and like this space is theirs (even if it is just for a short time)



5.  Bar cart decor.

We love the open and airy feel of a bar cart so why not use it as an end table? You don’t have to stock with beverages you can just style it as you would any other end table. At first glance, we didn’t even notice this was a bar cart – we just loved the look but this is a great idea, because it is so multi-purpose for when you are entertaining.



6. Bar cart Baby station.

OK not as pretty but very functional.  If you have just had a baby, moving around is a bit of a challenge at first, so create a baby and mommy friendly space that cuts down on moving around.  Keep everything accessible.  Using a bar cart to hold the baby essentials is so smart! And you could easily use this in the nursery as well.


7. Bar cart kids crafts. 

The bar cart is a great way to stay organized and because it is on wheels it can be moved around very easily.  We love the idea of a movable kids art cart!  Keep all of their supplies in the cart and you won’t have to take up other storage space in your home and this way it is easy for them to access.



8. Bar cart music station. 

If you love music, why not use your bar cart to store and display your love and passion for music? We love how this turntable is displayed on a bar cart, genius idea!



9. Bar cart office storage. 

Need a little extra storage space in your office? Try a bar cart! It’s perfect for storing items that you need access too but you don’t want them to take up useful desk surface space.



10. Bar cart outdoor entertaining. 

The bar cart is also perfect for the outdoors.  We love the vertical storage for drinks and other items – it’s easy to clean and won’t be in the way.


We absolutely love pieces that serve multiple purposes now and also in the furniture…

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