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It is that time of year where all of the fashion and home design experts are making their predictions for what will be the hot colour of the year…. Benjamin Moore has already announced their pick for colour of the year for 2018….Caliente – and just like the name suggests this colour is red hot.

More about the colour of the year….

This colour, Caliente, is hot, sexy and has lots of bold personality….this red hue has a touch of orange so it is a bit of a departure from the purple based wine tones. For anyone who is drawn to rich and warmer tones, caliente is Perfect!

Photo credit: Architectural Digest


The experts already were way ahead of this announcement and started to declare red as the new ‘millennial pink‘ over the summer months….

Red is a great next step from millennial pink….it is bold, a little unexpected in certain places (a red kitchen island….) . It can add a lot of richness to an exterior. It can be both feminine and masculine  depend on how you use it in your space.

How to decorate with the colour of the year…

This colour is so versatile … you can add this colour in a modern space that needs a colour injection but you can also make this work in a country or nautical inspired theme.  A Persian rug in this rich hue is another way to add this tone and some sophistication into any space.

Red Rug

This boho inspired room is so relaxed and the red makes a statement without taking over the space.  this room really combines a mix of styles like modern and traditional along with some great texture.

Photo credit:
 Add a touch of red with some pillows – a solid red pillow might be too much red so opt for some pattern … This living room styled by Pottery Barn has a great mix of boho and fresh coastal
Photo credit: Pottery Barn

 Red Furniture

 You can add a bold punch to your space with some red painted furniture.  This lake house bedroom is fresh and colourful with painted red twin beds…
Photo credit : Country Living

 Red sofa

Alright this is for someone who is really looking to e bold in their home decor.  A red sofa makes a statement but if you love colour…why not go bold? Red is a great colour for a major piece of furniture like a sofa because it really does work with a lot of other colours…

Photo credit : House of Turquoise

 Red accessories

Red is a great colour to accessorize with! Switching up your accessories along with new trends is an easy and affordable to change up the look of your decor…whether it’s pillows in a living room or bedroom or some kitchen items.

Photo credit:

 What do you think of Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the year?

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One of my favourite weekends of the year is the weekend of the Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto.  This year, after a quick last minute decision to go, I was on my way early Friday morning to IDS Trade Day.

Compared to last year – I thought the show was fantastic! That’s not to knock last year, but this year was so beautiful! So much colour and pattern, new textures, too….I couldn’t wait to take it all in!


I noticed some new trends for 2017 that I instantly fell in love with and of course, snapped tons of pictures of!

Colour was everywhere (and you know how I love colour)…

Faucets, rugs, light fixtures, pillows – you name it! There were so many companies that featured bright and bold accents of colour.  Some of my favourites – Weaver’s Art Rugs, Grohe Faucets, Urban Barn Spring Collection (see the pink chandeliers for instance)


I started to notice a few trends for this year and one trend was in floors.

Flooring is getting lighter again. The past few years we have seen a lot of darker floors, ranging from black to charcoal and deep espresso brown. This year – lighter flooring was everywhere! Light floors with wide planks, in a herringbone pattern, with a slight grey wash. I LOVED IT!! I love lighter floors, personally – it is such a fresh and contemporary look that works well with so many different colour palettes. Plus lower maintenance, if you have every had a dark floor (and I’m speaking from experience) you are constantly sweeping and mopping – it shows everything!


I am also a huge fan of lighting – it can really set the tone in a room. 

The lighting this year was fabulous! there were many interesting shapes, colours and textures. there was a new lighting retailer from Minnesota and I could not stop staring! They had such amazing products, I added this retailer to my ‘must-have’ list!


Cambria is another favourite of mine –

every year they have an incredible booth and I love visiting it! For the past few years, they have featured slabs of their newest product before it’s even available to the public (so cool!). This year the products on display were so new – they didn’t even have name yet (so exciting!!) Last year’s ‘feature’ was back again and I love it as much as I did the first time I saw it! Cambria built the booth’s desk out of this gorgeous counter top and it was like a piece of art! I can’t imagine have this beauty in my kitchen – I’d never want to use it, it would just be for show!



Well…I was really impressed with these year’s show, so glad I made the last minute trip to Toronto and left feeling inspired ….Here are a few more photos of my favourites –



I can’t wait to incorporate some (or maybe all) of these in our interior decorating projects!






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Velvet is making a come back! So if you pay close attention to fashion you have probably noticed the influence of the 90’s (chokers, brown lipstick and baby doll dresses just to name a few of the styles that have bounced back into trend).

Well like fashion from the runways we definitely see the influence of women’s fashion translate into our homes.  One of the trends you will be seeing this coming year (but we are already seeing it in some stores) is VELVET! Yes, that’s right Velvet.  The luxurious fabric that you just have to touch when you see it.  In the 90’s we saw a lot of velvet jackets, skirts, tops and dresses and this year we will see it in home fashion.

If you are a follower of fashion and you love to be on trend – this is definitely for you! 

Here are some Home decor Ideas with Velvet:

1.  Velvet Throw Pillows –

this is an easy way to bring this trend into your space without spending a fortune.  The touchable fabric adds a bit of luxury to a space but also visual interest.  We always suggest mixing textures to give your space a sophisticated and designer look.  The great news is when it comes to velvet, the colour choices are truly endless.  Find a pillow or two in velvet in a colour that coordinates with your existing scheme.  We love to see oversized pillows (think 20×20) in velvet for the living room or bedroom. A solid colour velvet pillow can really add to a space.

2. Velvet Throw blanket –

again another easy nod to the trend that won’t cost you a ton.  Like the throw pillow, choose a colour that will work with your current room palette.  The texture of this throw will really add a new level of sophistication to the space.

3. Velvet Ottoman or Pouf  –

We have seen a ton of velvet ottomans in stores lately.  We have also seen a lot of ottoman styles in velvet – tufted, round, bench with legs etc…Like the pillows and the throw this adds that sophisticated element to a room, this is a bit more expensive so be sure to like the idea of velvet before really committing.  We love to see a velvet ottoman in a rich jewel tone – it’s a bit glamour but still timeless. Think living room, bedroom, glamorous office space or front entry – make a statement!

4. Velvet Dining chairs or armchair –

this starts to get a bit pricier but if you want to make a statement in your space this would be one!  If you love to make a splash and want to be remembered for your decor choices – velvet chairs are one way to go.  We do love an accent chair and velvet is a way to make a bold pop in a space.  Think of a great accent chair in a living room or chairs in a dining space.  We love the softness and luxury that velvet brings but pair it with some modern elements like a glass table and a touch of gold – so chic!

5. Velvet Headboard

love the idea of velvet but not for your main living space? It makes a sophisticated splash in a bedroom.  We love a nail head headboard but in velvet, wow – that’s stunning!  We prefer sticking with a timeless hue as it is easy to work with as you change your bed linens but it will also always be in style.  It looks great paired with metallic lamps and oversized end tables.

6. Velvet Sofa –

If you LOVE velvet, a sofa in velvet might be for you.  It is a classic fabric so it won’t go out of style.  You can be as classic as you like in terms of style of sofa and colour or you can be as bold and bright as you like.  It is a commitment so be sure to follow you heart.  We love the look of a charcoal or navy velvet sofa with clean lines and minimal pillows – it has a clean, sexy and chic look.  We have also see some fun vintage sofas in bright and fun colours – it’s entirely up to you!

7. Velvet accent chair

Accent chairs do exactly that add an accent! So try adding some colour and texture with some luxe velvet armchairs!

Remember velvet isn’t exactly family friendly, so be sure to pick velvet accessories or furniture pieces with that in mind – it’s easier to dry clean a pillow or throw than it is a sofa, for instance…..

Texture is one of my favourite elements to add to a room and velvet adds so much luxury, sophistication and class. What do you think of this trend?

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