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“We are looking to update our space.  It’s very neutral and we want to add some colour.  We have a medium sized budget and are willing to spend on some quality pieces but we want to make sure we have colours that aren’t too trendy.  What would you suggest?”

When it comes to updating your space, accessories is an easy and affordable solution.  A new pop of colour can really transform the look and feel of a space. When it comes to updating your space – don’t worry too much about trends, if you love something (a colour, texture, print etc…) than bring it into the room.  The great thing about having a neutral palette to start with is that it will work with anything! Colour can really set the tone and the mood of a space – so take a look at colour and think about how it makes you feel as it will bring that feeling into that room.

We definitely have some classic colour combinations that will never go out of style.

Take a look at these combinations and see how they make you feel.


Of course this is top on our list, it is a classic like no other! black and white can be too much contrast for some but you can add to it to soften up the look – in this image we love the addition of the natural elements and textures.  But this combo is so incredibly versatile, it really depends on the pieces you choose.  This can be super glam, it can be country and everything in between! This is really about the pieces you choose.

Photo from


These colours work with all neutrals and any style.  Just because we are working with blues doesn’t mean you have to have a coastal look.  We love these fresh blues paired with a glass table with clean modern lines. We also love mixing the various tones of one colour.

Photo from


Mixing soft neutrals and then adding some pop of colour is a great way to liven up a room! Forget the old rule of not “mixing green and blue unless it’s in the washing machine” – these hues look great together! We also love to see these colours in prints – it really gives the room a designer feel.

Photo from Eye for Design


You cannot go wrong with neutrals! Some think that beige and grey cannot be mixed together but they absolutely can! This room is full of neutrals but mainly a deep charcoal, white and beige.  To keep it from being boring this room has some great texture (see the decorative twigs, the sisal area rug, marble fireplace surround, mirrors and the matching rattan ottomans). The pattern pillows also add some great visual interest to keep the space from looking boring.

Photo from


Green is a very fresh colour and adds instant life to any room. Paired with white and brown it adds a nice pop to a simple palette.  We love how it is versatile with styles. In this image we see a modern eclectic spin but this would work so well with a country decor style.

Photo from Remodelista


Colour is great in the kitchen too! Such a fresh and clean combination! Look at this fabulous kitchen with the grey/blue island and soft white/grey cabinets, white stools, white walls and those blue and white pattern stools make this whole kitchen space and eating area look welcoming and chic.  This is a great colour palette for any room and we love how the wood adds warmth and character, too!

Photo from Citrine Living by Tamara Anka


This is a fresh combination and it really works with any style.  If you like a nautical vibe try adding some natural elements like sea grass or sisal on the floor, some wicker pieces too.  We also love this colour combo in a boys’ bedroom. But this also works with a classic contemporary look like this image.  This is a very clean look.

Photo from Pottery Barn


We love this gender neutral palette and it is perfect for every room including nurseries! We have been seeing a lot of orange in home decor but we love it in nurseries.  We are seeing more and more gender neutral rooms for babies, so that mom, dad and baby (and future babies) all feel great in the space.  The burnt orange is a bit softer than a true and pure orange. The warm white and warm grey are still very popular neutrals as well.

Photo from Apartment therapy


You may think that aqua is on the trendy side and yes there have been years where we have seen a lot of this hue but it never seems to disappear completely, which is why we are including it in our classic combinations.  Blend this soft aqua tone with silvers and grey, this is so soothing and stylish.  This is perfect for a bedroom, we love it in a guest bedroom but it is wonderful in main living spaces too.

Photo from COCOCOZY


This is a fresh colour combination that also has a lot of warmth.  If you are a nature lover, this is a great palette for you as it really combines those lovely spring tones.  If you feel this looks a bit country but you like the colours….think about opting for some gold and glass accents like lamps, coffee and end tables.  Add some more classic pattern as well.  These colours work with any style.

Photo from Brabourne Farm

When it comes to adding colour to your space, you can add a much or as little as you like.  We suggest starting off slow – especially if you are trying a new colour and you aren’t a risk taker.  Take a look at these classic combinations and pick the one that really ‘speaks’ to you and go for it – it only colour!

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“We are selling our home and moving to a new city due to a job transfer.  I know home staging sets you apart from the competition.  We want to sell quickly and make the move to the new city easy.  We are on a tight budget, do you have any quick, easy and low budget home staging tips to share?”


You are absolutely right! Home staging sets you apart from the other homes on the market and you want to stand out in the crowd especially if you are in a market with lots of competition.  Every style of home can benefit from home staging.  Home staging can get you more money and help you sell faster, so the extra work to get the home prepared for the market will be worth it in the end.  Less time on the market means you can move forward with your new chapter in life without the extra stress and worry.

There are lots of quick and easy, low cost (and no-cost) staging tips. 

Here’s what we suggest:


I’m sure your home is clean but is it spit shine clean? Really get in there and clean that house.  Give it a good scrub down.  Buyers will notice and the home will feel great.  There is nothing like a super clean home.  Having said that, pay attention to the scent of the home.  You don’t want it to smell like harsh chemicals of bleach – that can be a turn off. Stick with scents like clean laundry, vanilla or cotton.

–  Repair.

This may cost a bit, it depends on what needs to be repaired and how handy you are.  Any burnt out light bulbs? leaky faucets? cracked tiles? chipped paint? You need to spend a bit of money here to tend to these issues.   Has it been a while since you painted the house?  You might want to consider a paint job – a fresh paint job goes a long way and make a huge difference! Over look these repairs or just leave it? Buyers will think you maybe left other issues unresolved, bigger issues. If there are too many repairs to pay for and maybe you don’t have the time, consider that when pricing your home with your agent.


We all have junk.  Since you are moving anyway this is a great opportunity to lose some weight.  Go through your stuff and get rid of what you don’t want/need you will be surprised how much you can accumulate in a short period of time.  Go through everything – drawers, closets, cabinets etc.  Don’t spend the time, money and energy moving to the new place to just to toss it – get rid of it now.  The house will feel lighter. Plus when buyers see clutter it is a stresser and it sends a message that there isn’t enough storage (one of the top things buyers are looking for is storage).  One area to really pay attention to is above the kitchen cabinets – don’t store anything up there, it’s distracting and looks messy (even decorative items) and bathroom counter tops, we tend to ‘collect’ soap, lotions and more. Clear off surface spaces – kitchen counters, your coffee table, end tables, kitchen table, desk etc…Clear out the clutter!

Pre-pack and depersonalize.

You know you are moving , so pre-pack certain items that you know are going to come with you.  For instance family photos and collections – we don’t want them in the space because they personalize the space – you don’t want buyers to feel like they are visiting, you want them to mentally move in – your memories will block that from happening.  Collectibles should also be packed up – again they are personal plus they can clutter up the space depending on the size of the collection.  Have a lot of art or books? A few are fine but if you have too many they can add bulk to the room making the space feel cramped, so pre-pack some of those pieces (at least the ones coming with you)


Let there be light!

Pull back the drapes, clean those windows and be sure to replace burnt out bulbs or up the wattage.  Light makes a huge difference in a space.  If you have a dark room, add some table or floor lamps. When it is time for your photos, be sure to have your lights on – over head, task lights all of your lights – it looks so much better in photos! Take a look at the two images below – image 1 has all of the lights on – even though they have beautiful natural light streaming in from the patio doors and window.  Look how bright the room is. Image 2 – no lights on at all.  The light from the window just isn’t enough.  Yes, it is a beautiful room but it looks a bit dull without the lights on.



Curb appeal.

Make sure the exterior is maintained, it’s your home’s first impression.  So trim the grass and hedges.  Make sure exterior lights are in working order.  Is the address plate visible and in good condition? Does the door bell work? Shovel or sweep the porch and walkway/driveway. These details are important.


Set the scene.

This is the fun part and the creative part. Use magazines as your inspiration -make the bed and make it look inviting like you would see in a chic hotel.  Have a great dining room space? Set the table to help buyers visualize entertaining in the space.  Add a touch of colour in the kitchen.  Some flowers or a fruit bowl on the island or kitchen table make the room look fresh. Take a look at your furniture or better yet get a friend to help – is there too much? Is there flow? You may need to re-arrange some pieces, so try to find a way to create a comfortable set up that encourages conversation but also shows off the space.


Be sure to keep the ‘creative’ stuff last and follow these steps in this order. Remember, home staging isn’t just about fluffing pillows  – it’s a step by step process to make the home look it’s best.  Buyers are looking for their new home not your old home, so follow these steps and your house will shine!


“I have inherited a more formal style dining table and chairs.  I like it but my own style is a bit more modern.  How can I use this furniture without completely changing my style?”


This is a great question!

And this is something that we are seeing more and more of…whether it’s inheriting family heirlooms or the merging of two people – mixing different styles of decor can seem very overwhelming but don’t let it stress you out!  What we love about merging different styles together is that you get a different end result every time.  Say good-bye to those cookie cutter rooms – this is where true individuality blooms!


Now that you know our own style is more modern, we assume that you have some updated pieces in your space already or you plan to purchase.  You have options how to incorporate this set into you life depending on how open you are to change. When it comes to modernizing a space you don’t necessarily have to change the furniture sometimes just updating the pieces around it can be enough!



Upholstery – a traditional set of dining room furniture would have some pretty traditional upholstery on the chairs so to make it more modern, get those chairs re-upholstered in a modern fabric.  You really can do anything – pattern, print, texture, colour – it’s up to you! This gives your dining chair a fresh look. You don’t have to go totally wild, you could stick with a timeless stripe but in a more current colour way or try an animal print like cheetah, oversized and bright florals can also ‘modern up’ a more formal chair.


* This old chair gets new life with a tie-dye upholstery in a charcoal and white – so unique, truly a one of a kind piece.


New chairs –

adding some new chairs with a more current look with give the whole set a new feel.  Matching sets are a bit more traditional so this one change will give the whole space a modern update.  You could mix up this option with the first option, and have more modern captain chairs and keep the traditional ones with the rest of the set.  Find a common thread between all of the chairs, so this is where upholstery comes into play.

*Look at how modern this room looks! The fresh white tulip chairs with pink seat paired with this dark stained traditional table – so unique! 


Paint –

we all know that paint can completely transform a room so imagine what it can do for furniture!  This is a big step, so if this is a valuable heirloom you might not want to exercise this option.  You will also want to get this done professionally.  Painting a traditional piece will give it new life and a whole new vibe in your space.


*Pairing this China cabinet in a Kelly green gives it a punch and an update in this space.  Also note the mix of chairs and varied prints in the room.  The pops of colour bring the more traditional pieces to life!


Statement piece –  so lighting makes a huge difference in a home.  When light fixtures look dated the whole space looks dated.  So to give your room a modern look, update that light fixture and make a statement! A modern traditional table with an interesting light fixture above it will give the whole room a fresh look plus it really shows off your decor style! (Always have your chandelier switch on a dimmer)

*This traditional table and area rug paired with a more casual chair makes the room less formal in look and feel.  Adding the industrial light fixture and the black and white abstract over sized art really gives this room so much flare.


Over sized art – this much like the light fixture can really give a room a fresh update.  Something about an over sized art piece not only looks expensive but it also looks fresh and current.  Think about displaying your favourite pieces in a different way – a gallery wall mixing old and new, or a more casual display where you lean and layer.

* sometimes is all about the presentation.  This room would have a very different look and feel if these art pieces were hung as opposed to the layered leaning style on the sideboard. 

Paint colour-

to give your dining room a more modern feel look at your wall paint colour.  Is it a mid tone? More modern looking spaces tend to choose a paint tone on either side of the spectrum – either dark or light. Before you pick a side, be sure to look at the items going in the room, like the furniture and the art pieces and of course, don’t forget about the light!


*The light walls allow for the table and the art to really pop in this space.

Wallpaper –

adding some visual interest to a wall in your dining space is another way to give that room a current look.  You can still hang your art pieces over the wallpaper – this will give the space a very designer look.  This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of wall space to hang art or if you have traditional looking wall panels that give the room a more traditional feel.

*In this room, because of the windows, there isn’t a lot of wall space for art so wallpaper on the wallspace is a perfect choice.  This also plays down the more traditional wall panels.


Area rug – this is like art on the floor and it can really help set the tone for your dining room.  The possibilities are endless in terms of design, texture, colour and print.  Find something that you love and paired with a more traditional set this will  really give your room an updated look. One style that we are seeing a lot of is a perfect blend of a traditional rug but the colour has almost an ombre finish – so you get a traditional or even vintage vibe with a modern twist, so transitional!

*This area rug is the perfect mix of traditional and modern – the ombre effect makes it more current looking and also less formal.  It pairs nicely with the simple art, vintage furniture and modern light fixture 

Don’t feel that a more formal or traditional dining set will limit your style or change it completely.  Get creative! Incorporate that inherited piece with some modern elements to give your dining room a look that is totally unique and totally you!

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“Do our wood stains need to match? We are looking to buy a new dining room table.  We like the idea of wood (but it doesn’t have to be wood) but we have wood floors – do we match the wood table to the floors?”


A new piece of furniture is a great update for any space and any style of decor. Wood is always a great option as it is durable and adds a natural texture to any space.  When it comes to wood, you don’t need to match and we really recommend that you don’t match it makes everything blend and look a little washed out and you won’t draw attention to the new dining table.


We suggest adding some contrast with your new table.  So if you have light floors opt for a darker stain table and vice-versa.


Other ways to get contrast with your wood floors is to opt for a table that isn’t wood at all!  Metal or glass are ways to get contrast and add some interesting textures to your space.



When it comes to your chairs, try a chair in a different tone or a different material all together – this gives the room some contrast as well but also shows off your personal style.  Depending on the style of chair you select this can either dress up or dress down your stable and give you the feel you want in your dining space. A dining room set with matching pieces tends to make less of a statement.


We love to see the different wood stains in a room but be sure that the stains have a common undertone and that you don’t have too many.  when all of your wood stains match it’s a bit washed out and when you have too many it’s too busy.  Aim for about 3.



Wood adds so much warmth to a space, it’s a great natural material to incorporate into any room. We love the character and texture it brings to a space but that can get lost if you over use it, so mix it up and let it be naturally beautiful!





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“I love the sparkle and shine of metallics but I’m worried about going over board with the look.  Any tips?”


The sparkle, shine and texture of metallics gives any room an instant boost of luxury and glamour but you are correct, you need to find the right balance.


1.  Softness.

So metallics have a distinct shiny quality and they have a hard and smooth texture, so balance that out with some softer textures.  Try adding some cashmere knits, velvet, and wool to counter balance the hard quality of metallics.



2. Neutral.

Metallics can really add a punch to a room and they are timeless so don’t get too crazy with your palette.  a few pops of colour is a nice touch but we really love pairing metallics (one metallic or a mix) with a neutral back drop and don’t forget those soft textures!


3. Classic.

Keep it classic when it comes to metallics – brass, silver and gold are totally chic and timeless.  Sure, copper is cool right now but it tends to float in and out of fashion.


4. Mix.

Keep it modern by mixing your metallics.  Like wood, metallics go with metallics.  So play around with  the finishes. But we really recommend sticking with the same colour metal but we like to see chrome mixed with brushed nickle and satin nickle same goes for the golden tones.


5. Small.

New to metallics? Start with small steps – some smaller decor pieces on a tray or bookcase and build it from there.



Metallics are a great addition to add some sophistication to a space and they can also make a room look and feel larger and brighter.  That reflective surface allows the light to bounce around the whole room plus it adds sophistication and glamour to a room. Plus who doesn’t love a little of sparkle and shine in their life!


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“Our home is on the resale market, the kids love Halloween and they love to decorate the house.  Should we decorate for Halloween while the house is up for sale or not?”


It’s fun to celebrate the holidays with decor and kids love it too but you need to keep in mind that holiday decor can be distracting for buyers.


We definitely recommend staying away from religious decor as it could offend or turn-off some buyers and you never know who is coming to look at your home.


We also recommend you don’t go ‘over the top’ when it comes to decor for the holidays.  Decor can add a lot of clutter into a space making it feel and look cramped which isn’t a positive for buyers.  Plus really over the top decor can be a huge distraction – buyers want and need to see the true features of the home like the room sizes, natural light, beautiful kitchens, bathrooms and floors .



If you MUST decorate for the holidays, consider this:

1.  Do NOT decorate for the holidays before photos.  This will date your photos and they won’t show off the actual features of your home.


2. Do keep it simple and tasteful.  For Halloween, put up some simple pieces on the exterior.  Nothing scary or gory – if you are in a family friendly area this will work for the buying clientele.



3. Do NOT decorate too early and keep up the decor for a long time.  Think about decorating for the holidays just before and removing everything a day or two after the holiday – don’t decorate weeks early and keep it up for months.


4. Do decorate for the season.  So having some fall decor like pumpkins or fall wreath is neutral and welcoming but remember to keep it simple.


Remember once you are settled in your new home you can go all out for holiday decor so maybe this year just collect lots of great ideas!

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“I have two places in my home that are just ‘small nooks’ and I have no idea what to do with them! One is at my entry way and the other is a ‘loft space’ at the top of my stairs. What do you suggest?”
Great question! I think we all have that one space in our home that we just don’t know what to do with. Depending on the size of your space – you have lots of versatility!

An entry table –

Always a great option and the good thing about a console is that it comes in many shapes, sizes, finishes, colours, materials etc etc. You are definitely going to be able to find something in the correct size you need. Depending on your space you may have the opportunity for a DIY too! Customizing furniture to fit your homes décor and space is always a fun way to personalize your home.


Bookcase –

I know I speak for many of us when I say you can never have too much storage. Plus bookcases are fantastic space for displaying books, personal photos, accessories and much more.

A desk space –

Depending how much traffic flow you would have, adding a small desk and a chair is a great idea for an extra home work space. Its nice to be able to utilize all your spaces in your home in a useful way.

 Dresser –

A little more unconventional but still a great piece that has closed storage!

Built in shelves –

This is a more expensive option BUT also a great one for getting exactly the use of the space you need. Need shelves, hooks and cabinets all in one? I would suggest investing in a custom piece and tailoring to your exact needs.

Floating Shelves –

Depending how small the space is, adding floating shelves can serve as extra storage in a small nook. Having floating shelves also doesn’t take up the floor space that a bookcase would so it will appear larger. Just make sure you mount them well and don’t add anything too heavy!

Storage shouldn’t just be functional it should be stylish too!
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“I love the look of white walls, it’s so clean and bright but everyone keeps telling me that my home will look sterile and cold if I paint my walls white.  Any advise or suggestions?”


Paint can really transform a room – it can make it bright and bold, dark and sultry or light and airy….we love what paint can do for a room.  sometimes picking the right colour can be a BIG challenge.  The under tones of paint can really shine through depending on the light, time of day, and surrounding finishes. 


So we never recommend falling in love with a paint colour in a store – you really need to see it in the space and over the course of a day.  We are huge fans of testing out swatches on a wall and not just looking at a small chip. Some paint companies do offer large (like 8×11) chips that you can tape to the wall – this is a great option to explore! Use the small chips to narrow down your choices but get the samples or large hips to really see what the colour will look like.


When it comes to white – the choices are plentiful! You have warm whites, cool whites, blue whites, pink whites, grey whites etc…..Every white looks different in every space.  All white walls is a very clean look.  It can look sterile if you aren’t careful.


Here are points to consider when it comes to painting your walls white:

1. Consider the natural light source.

Before painting a room white, identify its orientation. Rooms that face away from the noonday sun receive gray-blue light, which is great for a summer bedroom, a gym or a studio where you want constancy. A clear white paint will optimize the light of these spaces while keeping things cool.

The same white color, though, would not work in a north-facing family room in a cool, snowy climate. White’s visual relationship to the snow and ice outside the windows would be visually chilling. Instead, try tinting
your white with red, yellow or orange or selecting a color from Benjamin Moore’s Off-White Collection for rooms where you plan to eat, socialize and linger.


2.  What’s outside affects what’s inside.

Rooms with a view of the ocean can be spectacular. For a summer residence, white walls can enhance the benefits of living by the sea, opening the house up and bringing the cool water view closer.

If you have already decided to paint your walls white and your home has a breathtaking view, consider painting the trim to match. Eliminating the delineation between the walls and woodwork with white paint will allow the landscape to remain frameless, expanding the view’s presence in your home. This strategy (painting both walls and trim the same), used to drop out the architecture obstructing the view, can be used with any color, but it is most effective with white because of its reflectivity.


3.  Reconsider the gallery look.

There’s a reason galleries paint their walls and trim the same bright, white paint color. It drops out the architectural details and focuses attention on the artwork. The same method works for homes, too.

Remember white does show off imperfections – scuffs, nail pops and more…so be prepared for regular maintenance.  This is not the best option for families with young children and the pure and crisp colour is not very forgiving.

4.  Pay attention to history.

White is classic, formal, refined and restrained in style. For your Greek revival or federal interiors, white will be expected on trim and on walls in the kitchen and third-floor bedrooms. Make the mistake of painting everything white, and your home will look like a builder’s “flip.”


5.  Use white to expand spaces.

Rooms painted white appear larger due to the amplification of light. Shadows and edges also diminish in white spaces. When creating a palette for your home, try to keep in mind that cool white drops back in space and can be used to enlarge and open your smaller spaces.


We recommend making selections that you love – you should be surrounded by the looks and styles that you love.  To keep white walls from looking sterile we suggest: keeping some art, wall decor or photos on the walls – they will pop off the walls.  Stick with a white that has a satin or semi-gloss finish so you have a reflective finish (a flat or eggshell finish in white never looks rich). Take the time to pick the right white. We also love to mix white walls with texture – so look at floors, window dressings, plants, decor accessories even fireplace mantles to add some texture and character in the space.

White walls is a great look and perfect for anyone with a great view, great art pieces and lots of texture in their space.

White is so clean and crisp and we love how the shades vary. There’s a white tone for every home and every style!

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“I have a small table in my front hall.  It’s great for mail and keys but it’s a bit messy!  I want my front entry to look welcoming and neat – any ideas how to make my entry table look stylish?”


An entry table in the front hall is a very functional piece.  You are right it is perfect for mail and keys but it can become a bit of a dumping ground.  A lot of that is habit  so you need to train yourself (and others) to put things like backpacks and other items elsewhere i.e a closet, office or bedroom.


But we also believe that if your space is beautiful (by your definition) than you will be more motivated to keep it that way.


The front entry table sets the tone for your home and can also be an inviting first impression for guests.


Styling your front entry table is all about using the space in a beautiful and practical way. 

Here are some musts:


1 – Light

– many front entries have an overhead light fixture but in our opinion you can never have too much light.  Plus having a table lamp on the entry table (assuming you have a wall outlet for it) is handy if you arrive home late or leave early and don’t want to wake the whole house with bright overhead lighting.  When it comes to table lamps you have some many choices – find one that suits and flows with the look of your home. How many lamps should you have? We say one is usually sufficient especially if it is a small space with a small table but if you have a long table in a large entry, 2 table lamps is a nice balance.


2- Mirrors

– we love mirrors at the front entry – they play two roles, 1: a great way to take a final look at hair, make up etc…before you head out to wherever you are off too; 2: it allows light to bounce around the room making a smaller and tighter space like an entry feel larger.  If you already have a mirrored surface, like mirrored closet bi-fold doors, opt for an art piece instead.


3 – Storage

– part of the front entry is storage, so make it pretty! A bowl on the table is perfect for keys or loose change, it keeps it all contained, easy to access but also hidden (so the surface looks neat).  We also love a basket for two under the entry table – this is ideal for mitts, hats in cooler weather but also summer gear like hats and sunscreen.  Have a dog? Hide their leashes etc. in a basket. Again easy access but neat!


4 – Seating

– this is a nice addition if you have the space.  Under the entry table is a great spot to tuck away a small bench, cube ottoman…  Pull it out when guests neat a spot to sit and put on their shoes.  This is also another way to add to your decor – you can have one with some print, colour and/or texture.


5 –  Decor

– we’ve covered the necessities of the front hall table and now it’s time to add your personal style! There are many decor items that you can add to the table to add your touch – framed photos, flowers or a plant, or just a decorative item.  Be sure to have room for the necessary pieces and then layer your decor.  The amount of decor depends on the amount of space you have.  We like to vary the heights and shapes and stick with odd numbers.  Keep in mind if your entry table is more functional or decorative (some people have a second entry that is more functional and keep the front entry more beautiful)



Also if you are selling your home, remember that your potential buyers will also be walking in the front door.  A styled front entry sends a great message and sets the tone.  So be sure to pay attention to your front entry!


“I’m looking for some ideas to decorate my empty wall space.  I do love art but I would like to see if there are other options out there that could add a unique look to my home”


Art and other wall decor pieces are a great way to add some visual interest in your space but it’s also a great way to add colour and texture plus you can really show off your style through art.


We are seeing a lot of options for wall decor besides a stretched canvas or framed print.


Here are ideas:


1.  Fabric or Wall paper

– you can use these material as an accent wall but why not frame them and have some creative wall panels. You can make these panels are big as you like and the really customize the look plus this is a great way to add some unique flair to a rental without losing your damage deposit.


2. Wood

– wood is going to be a big trend for 2016.  It has great texture, character and warmth too.  We will see a lot of wood in furniture but also art.  We certainly did see accent walls in reclaimed and distressed wood planks and fun signs but we are seeing wood in art as well.


3. Mirrors

– this is not a new idea but one way to add some light to a room is to add a mirror(s).  There are so many shapes and styles of mirrors, too.  Mirrors look great layered over an accent wall or on it’s own.  Try mixing in mirrors in a  gallery wall – or a gallery wall of just mirrors – mixing up mirrors  in different shapes and frames is another unique touch to a room.


4. Floating shelves

– this is a clean and easy way to display a series of pieces you want to show off.  On a floating shelf anything can really work – small plants (real or faux), framed photos, decor pieces etc…For the shelves themselves you have lots of options in terms of colours and materials.


5. An oversized wall clock

– this is both function and fashion.  This fills up the space and is visually appealing but it is also very useful.  there are so many styles of clocks to choose from too.  We love the aged clock in this image flanked by the candle sconces.


6. Animal heads

– so we have seen this trend for a few years now and maybe it has reached it’s peak but we are seeing different and unexpected animal heads.  People are using them in different places too like kids rooms and nurseries.  We have also seen them in a variety of materials – papier mache, resin, faux fur, wood, metal and wire. They are nice in an eclectic gallery wall, or just on their own.  Trend or not, if you like it – go for it!


7. Maps

– so this can be purely decorative but also educational.  It’s a great addition if you love to travel – it’s a great way to show off your interests through decor.  Map come is all sorts of shapes and sizes – full wall paper or oversized framed maps.  The colours vary too – soft ‘aged’ beige tones to bright and vivid colours.


8. Wall decals

wall vinyls have come a long way – they are easy to stick on and peel off.  There are so many possibilities too – inspirational quotes to images and everything in between. So this is another great option for someone living in a rental that wants to add some ‘pop’ to their space or for someone that changes their mind often.


Which wall treatments do you like? Which ones have you used? What ever you decide make sure it suits you and your space and don’t ever feel like you have to follow the latest trends!

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