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You can ask anyone that knows me well or has least come to my home – I’m not overly colourful.

Don’t get me wrong I like colour, I like it a lot! My kids rooms are full or colour, prints, patterns and texture but for my main living space – I have remained neutral.

I love my home and my style at home.  I like neutrals.  Some might call it plain or boring but I have to disagree.

I love neutral decor, and I feel like there are some real benefits to remaining neutral.

1 – Neutrals are a classic.

They never go out of style, ever.  So if you decorate with neutrals you aren’t dating your space or making big commitments that might not work out.

2 – Neutrals work well with lots of texture.

Decorating in all neutrals gives you the chance to really get creative with mixing textures (and lots of textures) and of course print!My family room has printed drapery and pillows plus textures like brick, cowhide, shag, fur, knits and more.

3- Neutrals are calming.

Yes, some colours are too but I find the mix of neutral shades to create a calm and soothing space.

4 – All neutral spaces are easy to update.

Getting bored with an all neutral space? Adding a new accent colour is so easy and you have a lot of freedom to play with any colour you like!

5 – Neutrals work with neutrals.

When it comes to decorating, if you don’t know what you are doing or you can’t commit to anything opt for mixing neutrals, it’s a no-fail decorating scheme.  It always works and is always in style.  All neutrals work well together.

6 – Neutrals work with all styles.

If you like modern, country, traditional even industrial interior decorating styles, neutrals work with neutrals.  Take black and white for instance, depending on how it’s used and styled in can look country (think Buffalo Check), it can take on a glamorous feel in a more formal or traditional home or look very modern with crisp white walls with black decor accents.

Decorating your home should always be a reflection of your taste and style- so don’t conform to what’s trending – be yourself, that’s always in style!

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Investing in a coastal home? Renovating your coastal home? Love the look of a coastal home?
Decorating with a theme in mind is a great source of inspiration.  A theme doesn’t have to be taken too literally in order to get the feeling into the space.  Get inspiration from your theme and incorporate the elements as you like.


We have some great nautical decor ideas to help you embrace this classic theme.

Here is a classic colour palette that will work in any home or cottage. The Traditional Nautical Themed Beach House is always crowd pleaser! This colour combination is a classic choice and has so much versatility. Blue, red and white will never go out of style. There is such a variety of fabrics, furniture and accessories that can make this combination stunning on any budget.


A great way to save money on an existing furniture piece is to re-upholster it. There are so many fabulous fabrics that will brighten any piece of furniture and bring it back to life! Below is a photo of an old dining room set upholstered in natural prints.



Paint is a great option for updating your space, try a mid-tone blue or a navy accent wall to add to the nautical theme. Or if that’s too bold, paint your walls a white or off-white and add colourful accessories to the mix. There are so many throw pillows, blankets and accessories that can make this décor come alive.

A big trend right now is anchors, and we’re seeing them everywhere. Add in some sail boats, anchors and some rope accessories and you’re all set! Some simple red lamps, red and blue pillows, and a striped area rug are great, easy updates that will make a huge difference in your space.


This mudroom space is very cute and theme is used in a subtle way.  The shiplap walls give the look and feel of a boat and those anchor hooks really embrace the theme without going over the top.  The natural wood plank floors add a natural element to the space as well. 


There are many options when it comes to nautical decor – think about the natural materials, natural fabrics, outdoor pieces, the colours, the prints…You don’t need to add a lot of ‘nautical’ pieces to get the look or the influence of the theme you can keep it subtle.


When it comes to decorating in a theme there are many possibilities and many directions – it’s entirely up to you!

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