Staging (and Selling) For a Younger Buyer


Home staging is all about prepping the home for the next buyer and not decorating it to suit your taste and style. When you put your home on the market to sell, you should know that the next owner will likely be younger than you are. That’s why you should stop thinking about what you like or want in a home and start thinking about what your most likely buyer will want.

It’s important to keep the home looking current but not trendy

1. Wall paint

Yes, stick with warm neutral tones but pick a current neutral.  If your target demographic is “young professional” or “young family,” try using a warm gray as a neutral wall color. The gold or pinky-beige wall color you chose 10 -15 years ago is going to seem outdated to this new group of home buyers. On-trend neutrals like grays allow potential homeowners to envision bringing in complementary colors and clean-lined furnishings to make it their own.


2. Invest in white cabinetry.

Many home buyers younger than 40 prefer white or off-white kitchen cabinetry. They don’t want to see dark kitchen cabinetry in their new home. Consider a kitchen facelift if you have dark kitchen cabinetry with orange or red undertones. White kitchens make spaces look and feel larger – everyone wants a large kitchen!



 3. Update your appliances

Many younger home buyers cannot fathom buying a home without stainless steel appliances. You’ll need to update your almond ones with stainless replacements before putting it on the market. Trying selling your old ones online…


4. Look for simple stone counter tops

Granite and stone counter tops are a must-have for most young home buyers — it will make the difference between whether they choose your home or your neighbor’s home. But don’t make the mistake of installing busy or taste-specific granite that may not appeal to everyone. If you plan to be in your home for a long time, go for it — but not if you plan to sell within the next few years. Find something that works with the warm grey walls and the white cabinets.

5. Keep it simple for families with children

People with young kids are less likely to want a fixer-upper. If your target demographic is “young family with small children,” it’s important that your property be ready for them to move right in. Make sure the home has no unfinished projects or red flags for young families. For families focus on ‘setting the scene’ in rooms that will be used – kitchens and bathrooms are obvious but look at laundry and mudrooms, too. Show how usable the space is.


6. Open up your shower space

Young professionals love large, open glass showers. The garden-variety tub isn’t where it’s at anymore. If you are focusing on selling to a young family be sure to have one bathroom with a tub.


 7. Consider selling your house as a fixer-upper

If your neighborhood is becoming a mecca for young professionals, there may be some appeal to the fixer-upper if the price is right. These younger adults without children may have the time, energy and imagination for making over an older home. Even so, the price will have to be lower than if it were picture perfect.


We hope these home staging tips help you get that home sold!


  1. Kenya

    Interetsing. White cabinests are the thing lately but i hate them. My kids woukd drive me nuts with white cabinets My husband and i also love a fixer upper. Our last home was ans our next home is as well we made a decent amount of money selling the last one.

    26 . 04 . 2017
    • kikiinteriors@rogers.com

      A fixer upper is a great project – but it’s not for everyone! I have done one myself and at the time it was great…at this stage in my life I don’t think I would want to take one on – not enough time! But the trends in the market are showing that most buyers want a ‘move-in’ ready property! Thanks for stopping by!

      26 . 04 . 2017
  2. Riva Treasure

    I just bought a home with my husband and all of the things you suggested we are doing! So on point!

    26 . 04 . 2017
    • kikiinteriors@rogers.com

      Awesome!! Congrats on the home purchase, Riva – and good luck with the reno!

      26 . 04 . 2017
  3. Amber Brooks

    I have been making a plan to invest in real estate (rental properties, I don’t think I could mentally handle flipping homes) and often spend my time watching HGTV. I love keeping up with home trends and I think about the things that I want for myself, when it is time to buy my own home. I completely think that these suggestions that you have made are perfect to a soon-to-be homebuyer like myself. I am young, and I like for things to be light, open, and airy. Personally, I am more in love with white Quartz countertops, but I love the white/gray marble looking granite. I don’t know that I would necessarily like the open showe, but it is beautiful. I will be planning and sharing this everywhere!!!

    27 . 04 . 2017
    • kikiinteriors@rogers.com

      WOW!! Thanks, Amber – you are so sweet! There are definitely personally preference that come into play. I still have clients that prefer a ‘beige-y’ paint palette. I’m so glad you stopped by and found this useful! Good luck on the home purchase (when ever that may be! )

      27 . 04 . 2017

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