Should the paint colour on my front door and garage door match?


“I’m going to paint my front door a new colour something with some pop but do I need to paint my garage door in the same colour, so they match?”

Great question and a bit of a tricky one….it really comes down to how bold you want to be with your exterior’s statement, the architectural style of the home, the colour you choose, the exterior materials and overall personal preference.


For instance, if you are choosing a classic paint colour like black …

this looks great on the front door and garage door – it’s a more traditional style but a classic never goes out of fashion. This also works with a a minimalist or modern home- clean lines and simplicity are key and generally that style isn’t about being overly colourful.


Photo from Bright Green Door

If you want to be a bit more adventurous with your front door colour…

we suggest keeping the garage door more tame.  The garage door colour should match another colour on the home’s exterior.  A good idea is to have it match the framing around the door and windows. If the house has shutters, we like the shutters to match either the garage or the front door – this gives consistency to the exterior – or they should coordinate with another exterior colour maybe even the roof but the shutters need to connect with another exterior element. Too many colours on a home’s exterior is distracting and it is confusing for the eye!


Photo from Home Bunch









Photo from Zillowthe shutters match the roof so there is a connection in the exterior colours and that red door really pops!

For homes that have a lot of texture like stone, brick, shingles, beams etc…

we like to see a wood front door and garage door – the allows the materials to shine. In this case, a home exterior with a lot of natural materials we suggest making a statement with a beautiful wood door (the garage doors can also be wood or they can coordinate with another colour on the exterior). When it comes to picking your front door colour – be sure to pick a colour that is flattering with your exterior materials.

Photo from

You don’t need to match your door colours but you want to take into consideration a few factors (mentioned above) and also the statement you want to make.  If you want a really bright and bold colourful door – let that be the focal point and let the other elements including the garage door play a complimentary role.


Photo from

With a garage door in a complimentary tone this really allows for your front door to be the WOW factor!

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