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You can ask anyone that knows me well or has least come to my home – I’m not overly colourful.

Don’t get me wrong I like colour, I like it a lot! My kids rooms are full or colour, prints, patterns and texture but for my main living space – I have remained neutral.

I love my home and my style at home.  I like neutrals.  Some might call it plain or boring but I have to disagree.

I love neutral decor, and I feel like there are some real benefits to remaining neutral.

1 – Neutrals are a classic.

They never go out of style, ever.  So if you decorate with neutrals you aren’t dating your space or making big commitments that might not work out.

2 – Neutrals work well with lots of texture.

Decorating in all neutrals gives you the chance to really get creative with mixing textures (and lots of textures) and of course print!My family room has printed drapery and pillows plus textures like brick, cowhide, shag, fur, knits and more.

3- Neutrals are calming.

Yes, some colours are too but I find the mix of neutral shades to create a calm and soothing space.

4 – All neutral spaces are easy to update.

Getting bored with an all neutral space? Adding a new accent colour is so easy and you have a lot of freedom to play with any colour you like!

5 – Neutrals work with neutrals.

When it comes to decorating, if you don’t know what you are doing or you can’t commit to anything opt for mixing neutrals, it’s a no-fail decorating scheme.  It always works and is always in style.  All neutrals work well together.

6 – Neutrals work with all styles.

If you like modern, country, traditional even industrial interior decorating styles, neutrals work with neutrals.  Take black and white for instance, depending on how it’s used and styled in can look country (think Buffalo Check), it can take on a glamorous feel in a more formal or traditional home or look very modern with crisp white walls with black decor accents.

Decorating your home should always be a reflection of your taste and style- so don’t conform to what’s trending – be yourself, that’s always in style!

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“I know grey is trending but I can’t change all of the beige (tiles, paint and furniture) in my home.  How can I make my beige house look modern and current?”


You are right grey is still the hottest neutral right now but don’t get down on your beige.  Beige is still a classic and the good news is  – it works with everything.  We are actually working on a model condo suite and we are re-purposing furniture from a former model and we are working with beige.  Beige is beautiful and it has a really nice warmth to it – so even if it is not trending doesn’t mean you need to toss out your beige! Think of your beige home as a perfect canvas for just about anything you want to do to make it look more current.  Here are some ideas to give your beige space and instant lift!

1 – Add Grey –

OK so grey is hot but you can’t re-do the whole house.  Since beige is a neutral it works will all other neutrals so why not add a bit of grey? Take a look at this image below.  Beige walls and furniture but that area rug in a cool charcoal makes this room stand out. It really keeps this room from looking washed out.


2 – Add Black.

Yes, black is another neutral but adding black to an all beige space gives it instant glamour and sophistication.  We love the pops of black in this beige bedroom. And if you look closely you will notice the bedside table is a glossy charcoal grey – adding these dark neutrals really make the room pop with some contrast


3 – Add Texture.

A beige on beige room can be boring but not if you add texture.  Mixing different textures in one space can make it very visually interesting. This room isn’t bold or bright but it is far from boring.  This neutral tone on tone room has some different textures – the solid glass coffee table, the macrame wall hanging, the cow hide rug ;and the velvet and silk textures on the sofa – give this room some depth and sophistication.


4 – Add some colour.

Beige is a beautiful blank canvas so have some fun! Add some bold pops of colour and some pattern, too. This gives any room some life.  Because beige is a neutral you can opt for any colour and as many as you like.


5 –  Add some animal print.

Pairing a neutral like beige with any animal print adds a luxurious touch.  Any animal print will work – leopard, cheetah, zebra even cow. We love the classic glamour of an animal print – think area rug, pillows, accent chair or ottomans.


6 –  Add print.

Many think beige can be boring but add a little print and you are back to life. We love these chocolate and cream print pillows they add some real pop to the room.  The natural elements in this room also play with the natural tone of beige – the sisal rug, the decorative wood sculpture and the greenery add an organic factor to the space.  Simple yet chic.


Creating a modern or current looking room is about the actual pieces, how they are arranged or placed in the room – so don’t get caught up in which colours are ‘hot’ and ‘trending’

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