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We are so thrilled and happy to host a new guest blogger this week – Mark from

5 dining tables that are insanely awesome

A dining room is where the whole family sits and spends time together over lunch or supper so it is essential for them to feel good. With an astonishing dining table, you can make the whole space look amazing.  Due to that, I have made a rundown of 5 extremely stunning tables which will draw your family in the dining room. One thing you must keep an eye on is the fact that tables like those are not for everyone. Having an amazing table like that is a statement and you should be proud if you are looking to get one of the tables from the article:

Millenium Bontempi

The Millenium Bontempi is a dining table made for contemporary homes of individuals who value basic plan. Just by looking at the table you can see that it doesn’t have any excess decorations and it looks absolutely amazing. There are two shapes of the table; rectangular and roundabout shape so you can pick the table to fit your room. What I like the most is the fact that it is produced using one material. You can pick one from 3 materials: wood, glass and steel. The greatest highlights of the table are the legs. They aren’t in the corner of the table; they are in the middle of it.

Concrete table

The concrete table is a standout amongst the most fascinating dining tables on the market, but it comes with a catch.  It is challenging to locate the perfect one. The concrete table must be smooth, equally hued and with no breaks. That means that you don’t do that alone, you leave it for experts. The ideal blend you can discover that comes with a concrete tabletop is wooden legs. A table like that is impressive dining furniture and it is for a modern house.

Foosball dining table

Another dining table made for the bachelor’s apartment is a foosball dining table. Remember this isn’t just a foosball table with glass top, it is a table made to be a dining table. A table like that will leave an impact on everybody who comes into the room, including the ladies. A dining foosball table like this one has style and class. A tempered glass over the field is lifted because the height has to be like on the real dining table. The glass covers the rods so you won’t hit them while eating dinner.

Swing dining table

I can completely picture this table in a lunchroom in Google since it speaks to the casual environment you need to have in a lounge. It is made for individuals who are kids at heart and I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that this table will make you smile. Awesome for family dinners because it is a rare opportunity to see your grandmother in the swing! The table is completely safe and it has enough room between the swings so you won’t feel cramped.

Driftwood dining table

This table may not be modern, but it is absolutely amazing. A driftwood table is extraordinary furniture for any home since it tells to you its story. It would be a disgrace to put the driftwood table in little lounge area so I would propose putting it in an open space kitchen/lounge area. With tempered transparent glass on top a driftwood table, the extraordinary wood will be visible forever.

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Mark is a blogger who has a blog about foosball tables. On his blog he shares all that one foosball player has to know, including the posts about various foosball tables like the one you can look at this link:

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“Do our wood stains need to match? We are looking to buy a new dining room table.  We like the idea of wood (but it doesn’t have to be wood) but we have wood floors – do we match the wood table to the floors?”


A new piece of furniture is a great update for any space and any style of decor. Wood is always a great option as it is durable and adds a natural texture to any space.  When it comes to wood, you don’t need to match and we really recommend that you don’t match it makes everything blend and look a little washed out and you won’t draw attention to the new dining table.


We suggest adding some contrast with your new table.  So if you have light floors opt for a darker stain table and vice-versa.


Other ways to get contrast with your wood floors is to opt for a table that isn’t wood at all!  Metal or glass are ways to get contrast and add some interesting textures to your space.



When it comes to your chairs, try a chair in a different tone or a different material all together – this gives the room some contrast as well but also shows off your personal style.  Depending on the style of chair you select this can either dress up or dress down your stable and give you the feel you want in your dining space. A dining room set with matching pieces tends to make less of a statement.


We love to see the different wood stains in a room but be sure that the stains have a common undertone and that you don’t have too many.  when all of your wood stains match it’s a bit washed out and when you have too many it’s too busy.  Aim for about 3.



Wood adds so much warmth to a space, it’s a great natural material to incorporate into any room. We love the character and texture it brings to a space but that can get lost if you over use it, so mix it up and let it be naturally beautiful!





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