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Christmas time is here! and you know what that means…Christmas decor! I love any excuse to decorate but Christmas has to be my absolute favourite time of year – the cool air, the white fluffy snow, the music and the overall spirit of the season is just so warm and welcoming.  In my house we love to start decorating around the American Thanksgiving weekend – that way we can make the most of the season and really get into the spirit.

Over the years, my Christmas decor style has evolved and every year I add a few more pieces to the mix – here are just some of my favourite Christmas Decor items…

Christmas Decor Pillows

I love how simple these are to ad to an armchair or a sofa – plus these would look really cute in a guest bedroom (how welcoming).  This is such an easy piece to add to a room and what I really love about it, is it brings the holiday feel into all areas of the home.  You could either store away your ‘regular’ decor pillows or if you are short on space, get some Christmas pillow covers instead and zip them on for the season and zip them off at the end of the season.

This is a really cute and festive option from Wayfair

Christmas Decor Canvas

One of the big holiday trends that we seeing a lot of this year and it is a bit of a nod to the whole farmhouse look is the canvas signs with sayings – I love the simplicity of the farmhouse style and adding in a great farmhouse sign with a Christmas feel is a great addition to a fireplace mantle, a gallery wall or a front foyer vignette.

This wrapped ‘Peace on Earth’ canvas from Wayfair – is not only a wonderful message but it comes in great neutral tones so it will work with most colour themes.

Christmas Decor Wreath

The Christmas wreath is a classic, we all know that but I am loving wreaths in vignettes, fireplace mantle styling and handing indoors.  I added a festive red and white one to my gallery wall in my family room and again I love how it brings the spirit of the season into all areas of my home.  I also love the look of a wreath hanging on the outside and the inside of a front door – so chic!

When it comes to a Christmas wreath – there is a style for everyone but in my home I tend to stick to the classics like this one….

 Christmas Decor Candles

Candles are a great way to add some soft lighting – they also make a great gift.  This year I purchased some beautiful ‘Christmas scented’ candles for my kids’ teachers – I love the simple look of these ones in the mason jars – plus it is a ‘one size fits all’ gift.  Candles are great addition to a coffee table, console table or a fireplace mantle….

Christmas Decor Snowy Tree

This year, we finally purchased a new Christmas tree – we are a big fan of the artificial tree for a few reasons…it’s not as messy and high maintenance  as a real one and with 4 children under the age of 9 – we need to keep it simple.  Plus we used to travel quite a bit over the Christmas break and a real tree can lead to some real problem if it is not watered regularly, so a fake tree it is.  But there are so many beautiful options – like the one we just purchased.  I have been eying these snow flocked trees for a while and my husband surprised me with one this year and I LOVE IT! It is so pretty just on it’s own but once you add the white lights and all of the ornaments, it is just magic!

 Christmas Decor Countdown

My kids are always asking me…”how many days until Santa?”.  It’s cute and I know they are SO excited! I saw this sign at one of my favourite stores, Urban Barn and I knew it had to come home with me this year.  I love the rustic farmhouse feel of the sign and of course, that chalkboard feature – Santa stops here in # days .  We have placed ours on our mantle (we have the height) but it is actually designed to stand on it’s own, it would be great by the fireplace or at the front entry – it’s a cute addition to family friendly Christmas decor….

Do you have any favourite Christmas decor pieces?

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Room reveal time! It is now week 4 of this amazing challenge to makeover 1 room with only $100 and I am so excited to show you the results of the room reveal.

Let’s take a look back…..

Remember my extra wide hallway space that was a dumping group for all things kid related?

…and these before photos are showing off the space after I had my kids do a bit of a clean up.  so not the best use of this space.


As my kids are getting older and 3 of the 4 are in school – they are coming home with projects and homework … the kitchen table was an OK area to do the work but my 2 older children in particular were quite distracted by the goings on in the family room with their 2 younger brothers.  So that is what motivated me to create a homework station.  This challenge popped up at the perfect time as I really wanted to have this space all set up before back to school.

Let’s take a look at the progress….

I knew this space would be perfect – we don’t need a massive ‘office’ for the kids and I wanted them to still be close by that we could check in on them and they could ask for help. This little nook space is located between my kitchen and laundry room.

It started with a total removal of everything that was in the space and everything was re-homed to a better spot in the house (baseball bats don’t need to be stored by the kitchen)

I then asked around (starting with family) to see if anyone had anything ‘hanging’ around that they wanted to get rid of — I lucked out with a desk.

The desk fits beautifully in the space and it is metal so it is easy to clean (white may not be the ideal colour for kids but if it gets really dirty and cannot be cleaned….it should be easy enough to spray paint)

I purchased the plastic 4 drawer chest at staples (it was about 1/3 of my budget but it is such an important item).  It comes with wheels so it is easy to slide in and out as my kids need items from the drawers.  I designated (using labels) one drawer per child and the top drawer is for shared items like scissors, erasers, pencil sharpener….)

I soon realized that I had some additional wall space in that nook area and that could be used for back packs! The kids back packs end up in various locations of the house and we need a system….so wall mounted hooks were need. I found some great ‘Buddy Hooks’ on Wayfair and I could have opted for something more typical but I thought these were really fun (and my kids love them, too!) That’s $20 added to my budget – so 1/2 already spent!

I wanted the space to have some colour and also demonstrate that it was a kids’ space – we have tons of kids’ art all over the house and some just stored in bins.  So I spent some time with the kids going through some of their favourites…we found some colourful canvases, a papier mache mask my son had made plus a bunch of other items…..I wanted to be able to show off all of their work but there’s isn’t enough wall space for that – so I thought about adding these clipboards to the gallery wall and this way we could switch up their art and work throughout the year!

I like to plan out my gallery walls on the floor first instead of just ‘winging’ it!

These clipboards were about $5.00 each…

See the full details of this homework station transformation…

week 1

week 2

week 3

Time for the room reveal….

I’m so happy with how this turned out! My kids are really excited, too – my daughter jumped right it to use the space as soon as I announced that it was done!

Here are the buddy hooks – in the back pack area – one hook for each child and I added a photo frame with a school photo – so they knew whose hook was whose….

The final budget…

4 drawer chest from Staples                                     $32.95

Buddy hooks                                                                         $20.00

2 clip boards                                                                         $10.00

3 wood photo frames                                                    $4.50

desk                                                                                     came from my parents

chair with pillow                                                               was already in my home just in another room

art                                                                                        already had

kids’ school photos                                                           already had

pencils, crayons – holder                                                 already had

2 file holders                                                                      $9.99 each

wall mount copper baskets                                             $20.00 (on clearance)

Total:                                                                        $107.43

So I’m slightly over budget….but the extra $7.43 I can live with for a space this useful and that looks this great!

A few more photos of the room reveal….

This new homework station is going to be really useful for us and the challenge really helped me stay on track with time and budget….I’m really looking forward to the next challenge coming up in September.

Let me know what you think of this homework station,


The living room is where you entertain, relax, read, maybe watch TV but it is the most ‘public’ space in your home and sure, you can count on the sofa, the coffee table, and a few additional seating options. But the room needs to be personalized through decorative touches. Here’s some inspiration on how to add those personal style items to your space to give it a polished look

1 – A place for your books –

Your collection of first editions aside, designate an area to feature a few choice titles that complement your style. If your space is small, try blending the book case colour with the wall colour – it will look luxurious (like built-ins) and it will look streamlined

2 – Window treatments –

An empty window space is an incomplete one. Dress the frames with a set of drapes to maximize the height of the room, providing it with a simple yet elegant finish. Drapes also add softness to a room and they frame a window beautifully.  If you have blinds already add the drapes they really add a touch of style

3 – A styled coffee table –

A well-curated table keeps essentials on hand – minus the clutter. Stick to things that make like favorite books, vases, or trays. No, the remote control does not count as an essential or an accessory!

4 –  Something on the walls –

We’re all about the walls. Gallery of frames. One eye-catching print. An over sized mirror. Choose to decorate with pieces that will make the space totally your style.

5 – Pop(s) of colour –

Offset a neutral palette with hints of an eye-catching hue. It’s the key to an instant uplift. Accent pillows, art, accessories and even an area rug are easy ways to add some colour to your space.

6 – Painted walls –

A can of paint really is the easiest way to add personality to a room. As for the color, well, that’s up to you.

7 – A side table

A simple accent piece doubles as a geographically-convenient (and temporary) spot for all the necessities for a little lounge time. Plus these come in very handy when entertaining

8 – Personal touches –

Dedicate some shelf space for an edited assortment of pieces that reflect your personality. Throw some favorite framed photos to the mix as well.

9 – Light fixtures –

A little lighting goes a long way. If you don’t have a ton of natural light, then bring in table lamps to set the right mood for your space.

10 – The right seating arrangement –

Small space. Large space. We can’t stress this enough. It’s important to think about the shape of your room and its function. Arrange for how you will be using this area.

Make your living room a comfortable and chic space – if you are like me you spend a lot of time in that room so enjoy the space and make it beautiful,

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A summer wreath is a great way to add a fresh look and some curb appeal to your home.  In the summer the gardens are in bloom and the colours are so bright and fresh.  We love a summer wreath because it adds just a bit some of the summer florals that we love!  If you are selling your home, a summer wreath is an easy (and affordable) way to add an inviting feel to your home.

Photo credit:

This boxwood wreath is a bright pop of green and this wreath would also work well for spring and summer

Selecting a Summer Wreath

When it comes to selecting a summer wreath – you have a lot of options – there are so many florals, colours and greenery that work for summer decor. We suggest a wreath in colours and tones that coordinate and compliment your exterior landscaping – so take a look at your planters and flower beds – that way the wreath and your landscaping plan all work together.

Photo credit :

This floral wreath with a mix of flowers and greenery has a main colour of coral and white and soft blue as accent colours – so in this case your flowers beds and planters should have a combination of these hues.

Multi-season wreath

If the idea of a new wreath for each season seems like too big of a commitment or you don’t have enough storage opt for a neutral or multi-season wreath.  Neutral tones work all year long as do simple greenery wreaths.

Photo credit :

This year round wreath is a beautiful blend of neutral and great texture and  the “L” adds a personalized touch.

Some favourite Summer Wreaths:

24″ Hydrangea Flower Artificial Spring Floral Wreath

Distinctive Designs 22″ Lemon Leaf Wreath

Wendy 24″ Floral Wreath

Faux 30″ Mixed Floral Wreath

19″ Lavender Wreath with Burlap Hanger

Summer wreaths are just another way to add some curb appeal to your home – whether you are selling or you just want to create a welcoming atmosphere, a wreath is a perfect accessory,

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“I have overhead lighting in my living room but it still looks and feels dark most of the time.  How can I improve the lighting in my living room?”

This is a great question and actually a very common concern. More often than not, homes are not designed and built with a lighting plan in mind.  Some builders are now offering that opportunity to buyers who have purchased from plans, to meet with an in-house design/decor consultant and review the lighting plans and they can make adjustments and some additions (at an extra cost).  But what about someone who has purchased an existing home? What can you do?

You still have options.  You could meet an electrician and see where you could add some extra ambient lighting sources such as pot lights.  But that can be costly.

Photo from  – This space uses different types of lighting – the ambient light from the ceiling fixtures and task lighting from the kitchen island pendants and the table lamps.  Look closely there are some candles on the coffee table too.

What you want to do and can do quite easily is layer your lighting. Think of your lighting plan a having 3 layers.  Each layer plays a role in the whole plan. Layering your lighting means to have different sources of lighting in one room.  Each source has a different function but they each contribute to the look and feel of the room. This way you can change up the lighting scheme throughout the day and to set the mood you like.  This is also a great idea for a room that serves multiple purposes (which is the case for most of us).

So what are the 3 types of lighting that should be in a room?

LAYER 1- Ambient lighting: this is the room’s overall light wash, this could be natural light streaming in from a window or it could be from overhead lighting.  This is your basic layer of lighting.  This type of light illuminates open areas, walls and main furniture pieces. For overhead ambient light, a dimmer switch is a great idea as it offers you options throughout the day to change it up with your mood. Examples of Ambient lighting include: overhead fixtures, pot lights, natural light beaming in from a window, and torchiere.


LAYER 2- Task lighting: this type of lighting is designed to help you perform activities at close range.  This type of lighting is more area specific.  For example, wall sconces or a swing arm floor lamp behind a chair is great for reading or a hanging pendant over a kitchen island are some examples of task lighting.  Task lighting is another layer in your lighting plan. Examples of task lighting include: table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and swing arm lamps.

Photo from

LAYER 3- Accent lighting: this style of lighting adds a touch of drama to your space. This really allows you to change up the mood in your room quite easily.  Accent lights really let you direct the eye to objects you want to draw attention to, for instance picture lights or candles.  This type of lighting adds warmth (as well as drama) to a space. Examples of accent lighting include: picture lighting, library lights, spot lights, track lights, mini chandeliers and candle light.

Photo from Mattamy Homes  – Another great example of layering your lighting.  We see here the overhead lighting from the ceiling fan (double duty piece) and the pot lights.  The table and floor lamps add some great task lighting, perfect for reading.  And the wall mounted candle sconces add some accent lighting when needed.

Playing with the 3 layers of lighting helps create the mood in the room.  So for a gathering of friends and family, to create a cozy mood use layers 1 (on a dimmer) and 2.  For a more romantic mood, try blending various types of layer 3 (only spotlights mixed in with some candle light is very seductive).

When you are making your lighting plan you can mix up the styles of lighting from one category.  So a room could have a large picture window letting in lots of natural light (depending on time of day) with a beautiful overhead fixture and a few pot lights in the bookcases with a matching pair of table lamps flanking the sofa and a floor lamp or wall sconce behind a reading chair.  Add in some candle light or even twinkle lights by the fireplace and you have a room with a layer lighting plan that allows you to set any mood you like.  Plus this way you have light throughout the entire room, so it will never feel dark.

Photo from Zillow


You can never go wrong with adding extra light sources in any room.

I hope this helped bring more light into your life,


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You can ask anyone that knows me well or has least come to my home – I’m not overly colourful.

Don’t get me wrong I like colour, I like it a lot! My kids rooms are full or colour, prints, patterns and texture but for my main living space – I have remained neutral.

I love my home and my style at home.  I like neutrals.  Some might call it plain or boring but I have to disagree.

I love neutral decor, and I feel like there are some real benefits to remaining neutral.

1 – Neutrals are a classic.

They never go out of style, ever.  So if you decorate with neutrals you aren’t dating your space or making big commitments that might not work out.

2 – Neutrals work well with lots of texture.

Decorating in all neutrals gives you the chance to really get creative with mixing textures (and lots of textures) and of course print!My family room has printed drapery and pillows plus textures like brick, cowhide, shag, fur, knits and more.

3- Neutrals are calming.

Yes, some colours are too but I find the mix of neutral shades to create a calm and soothing space.

4 – All neutral spaces are easy to update.

Getting bored with an all neutral space? Adding a new accent colour is so easy and you have a lot of freedom to play with any colour you like!

5 – Neutrals work with neutrals.

When it comes to decorating, if you don’t know what you are doing or you can’t commit to anything opt for mixing neutrals, it’s a no-fail decorating scheme.  It always works and is always in style.  All neutrals work well together.

6 – Neutrals work with all styles.

If you like modern, country, traditional even industrial interior decorating styles, neutrals work with neutrals.  Take black and white for instance, depending on how it’s used and styled in can look country (think Buffalo Check), it can take on a glamorous feel in a more formal or traditional home or look very modern with crisp white walls with black decor accents.

Decorating your home should always be a reflection of your taste and style- so don’t conform to what’s trending – be yourself, that’s always in style!

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“We have bought our first home and we need to make a lot of furniture purchases.  We see the price tags and the costs add up, and quickly.  When it comes to buying furniture – which pieces are worth splurging on and where can we save?”

Congratulations of your home purchase ! What an exciting time! Furnishing and decorating your first home is a fun experience, it is a great way to bring your sense of style into YOUR home.  But you are right, the costs can really add up and very quickly.



The first thing you need to do – is figure out your budget.  Your budget is determined by what you feel comfortable spending. Figure out:
What you need to buy?
What (if anything is coming with you from your last place)?
Are you getting any furniture pieces from friends or family?
What would you like to have but it’s not needed now.
This is a great guide to figure out what you need to spend now and what to focus on later.


When it comes to actual items that are worth the extra cost, we have some suggestions.

– Sofa:

it is worth to spend on a sofa but again be sure it is an amount you feel comfortable with.  Not everyone feels good about spending $5,000 on a sofa.  But when it comes to sofas, there is a quality and comfort difference that is attached to price.  We also suggest ‘test driving’ a sofa in person – make it is comfortable and supportive – don’t just buy a great deal because it is a great deal.

– Mattress:

you will sleep every night on that mattress so find the right one and be sure to check them out in person.  Buy the best mattress that you can afford.  You don’t want to live with neck and back pain everyday because the mattress was a great deal!

– Labour:

when it comes to work that’s being done in your home, don’t skimp – it will be noticeable and you will end up spending more to have someone else come in and fix what was already done.

– Window coverings:

we would put this on the ‘maybe later’ part of your list but that does depend on your size and style of windows.  If you have a standard size window, store bought pre-packaged panels with a rod will be just fine.  Custom window drapery varies in price but if you have oversized windows, or odd shaped windows – the extra cost is worth it.

– Flooring:

if your current home has ugly or dated floors, or flooring that is in terrible shape – it is worth spending now on the update (before you move in!)


Where can you save?

On just about everything else.  You might be at a point in your life where you are figuring out your taste and style and this is a great time to experiments with less expensive pieces like dining chairs, armchairs, rugs and bedding.


When you move into your first place it is exciting but also a bit overwhelming.  Many feel that they need to drop a fortune to furnish their place.  Don’t spend anymore than you are comfortable with and don’t invest in anything that you don’t love or is uncomfortable – it’s not worth it!  True personal style comes from mixing the pieces, colours and textures that you love and building that ‘nest’ takes some time….Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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A headboard is an important elements in a bedroom.  It really is a centerpiece that helps anchor the room.  It gives the entire bed presence and can also set the tone for the style you want in your bedroom.


Here are some of our favourite headboard and tips on how they work with your style:


1. Headboard with ‘floating’ storage

So this is a very clean look.  It’s perfect for anyone looking for a bedroom that’s easy to clean (no dust will collect under end table legs) and because the end tables are floating they give the whole room a calm and zen like feel.  We love this look in a wood tone ad paired with soft tones and clean white.


2. Tufted Headboard

This look is a true classic and we have seen a real ‘comeback’ of this style.  It is great because it really works with any style – you can opt for a classic contemporary or even a vintage style.  It really depends on the colour of the upholstery and what you pair with it.


3. Rustic headboard

If you love the country or farmhouse look, than this is for you! These old windows have been converted into a headboard.  The aged paint give it a relaxed look and the window panels make the headboard look and feel lighter in the room.  Pair these with soft layers of linens or for a true country look opt for some small florals or even a gingham print.


4. Fabric panel headboard

This is an easy and affordable way to make a headboard.  This is also a perfect solution for a smaller room.  When you are tight on space, you need to be smart with your furniture choices.  We love a simple curtain rod with a drapery panel, it adds softness to the space and your choices of colour and pattern are endless, so you could even switch it out with the seasons or trends. This is also a great way to display a treasured quilt.


5. Rattan (Wicker) Headboard 

If you love a laid back natural or beach inspired look in your bedroom, this is a great option for you.  The texture adds some visual interest to the space and the natural material and tone give the room a relaxed feel. This looks great with lots of soft tones, especially blue tones. Pair the headboard with distressed finishes in cream tones to really maximize the laid back look in your room.


6. High headboard 

This really makes a statement in any bedroom.  We have seen these extra high headboards for a while, they aren’t as popular as they were a few years ago but they are perfect if you really want your bed to have great presence in your space. These come in a variety of styles, too.


7. Old Doors as a Headboard

This is a rustic yet romantic look for a bedroom but depending on how your style it, it can look country or vintage.  We love this headboard with a statement light fixture over the bed. The aged paint adds character, texture and a softness to the space.  If you love the shabby chic look – this is for you!


8. Decorative carved wood headboard

This is all over instagram!  We love the romantic look of this headboard and the detail work is just gorgeous – no need for an art piece over the bed when this is your headboard! Painted or natural this is spectacular.  When it comes to styling the room – go with your style, so keep the tones light or go dark on the walls to let the headboard really stand out – it’s up to you!


9. Wing back headboard

The ultimate in luxury and sophistication! This style is a true classic but like anything else you can add your own spin to truly make it yours.  We love this style in any colour or tone – dark or light, it’s up to you! This works with really crisp bedding, so not the best for anyone looking for a more boho look in their room…  This clean, crisp and balanced – tailored headboard is a stunning piece in the bedroom.


10. Low Headboard

This is great for a smaller room as visually the headboard won’t be taking up as much room.  This is a great option if your like a soothing almost zen style and feel in your space.  This is also a great option if you want larger art above your headboard. Try adding a floating shelf with some display decor items (ones that have meaning to you or just add to the overall look of your room) a low headboard gives you space for that, too!



There is a headboard for every style – make a statement in your bedroom that truly reflects your style…mix it up and put your personal stamp on it!

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Most of us love the idea of a big open concept space – it offers us to many possibilities and our living area feels so huge but it can be a big challenge to figure out how to decorate and use all of that open space. In a more traditional style home, we have a lot of walls and those wall provide definition for each room – a designated living room, dining room or office – it is simple to visualize and to furnish.  Big open spaces, although lovely, they present challenges for many home owners because everything is so open!


So here are some great tips to tackle the challenges:

1 – Fluidity –

In an open-concept home it’s even more important to make sure that all the elements work together and the space looks cohesive. So stick to a paint colour concept throughout the open space.

If you want to introduce a new colour, try it in a room with doors – like bedrooms and/or bathrooms.  One colour throughout keeps the open space feeling. Same goes for the floors – keep it consistent (like the paint) to keep that flow which maintains that spacious feel and look.

2 – Definition –

Some times open is just too open so how do you tackle that? Use rugs to define the rooms.  An area rug in a living room pulls the furniture together creating a focused room that’s perfect for conversation but it still keeps that open look and feel. The area rug is also a great way to add some texture and colour.

The image below is a great example of an open floorplan with consistent floors and paint – see how the area rug helps designate the living room and pulls it all together – it’s perfect!


3 – Furniture Arrangement –

When it comes to placing your furniture many of us use walls as our guide – the TV goes on the wall and so does the back of the sofa, right? But if you don’t have any walls what do you do?

You need to place the furniture so that you can create conversation spaces and entertaining spaces and dining spaces, so floating arrangements are key.  A floating arrangement means that the sofa or any of the furniture is not anchored to a wall – so it is floating.  A sofa table is a great way to add a ‘wall’ and help anchor the sofa so that it doesn’t look lost.

4 –  Lighting –

Just like the paint and floors stay consistent with your style and finishes of lighting.  If you have brushed nickle – use brushed nickle throughout (at least for your  fixtures – you can introduce a few other finishes in your lamps but not too many)

Have a plan when it comes to the fixtures you want to use : hang one big light fixture over each designated area; for example,install a chandelier directly over the dining room table, an overhead ceiling fan with a light kit over the living room, and pendant lighting in the kitchen. Then, go back through and add recessed lights or smaller fixtures throughout the three spaces for a complete lighting design,centering some of these over the walkways you created with your furniture placement.

The light fixtures you choose will have a large impact on whether the overall space is cohesive or disjointed, so take your time choosing the style, finish, size and placement of each.

5 – Accessories –

These little details really add some personality and pull it all together. The small touches you choose for accessories should set each space up as a stunning room on its own, as well as tie all three together so that they coexist beautifully.

Arrange the same style of accent pieces throughout the home; for example, if you’re partial to organic elements such as stones, landscape art and wooden decor, use similar items in each room. Center a low glass bowl of smooth river stones on the dining room table, add a water feature to the corner of the living room and arrange wooden bowls to hold fruit on the kitchen counters. You don’t have to match the pieces, and it’s preferable that you don’t, but keep the elements the same.

It’s easy to get lost in open spaces but I hope these tips are helpful and useful for decorating and planning your open concept space!

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“I have heard the term ‘masculine glamour’ used recently to describe a decorating style.  What is ‘masculine glamour ?”

Masculine Glamour is a term that we are starting to hear a bit more in home design and decor.

When we hear about men and home decor many of us think of man caves or lay-z boy sofas (there’s nothing really wrong with either of those things – if that’s what makes you happy – go for it!!) But ‘masculine glamour’ is the new term used to describe a man’s abode that has style.  It is chic, classy, streamlined with a masculine edge.  The glamour part usually refers to metallic accents and shine.


Just like fashion, men are starting to take notice of themselves and their space.

Men are starting to put time, energy and effort into their personal style and that also includes their surroundings.  But this look ‘masculine glamour’ is pretty clean and timeless so it may not be a passing phase or trend. Plus, should you be involved with a man with a /masculine glamour’ decorated space it would be so easy for you to move in with a touch of your style, it is very transitional (hint, hint) 😉


Here are a few examples of Masculine glamour.

So note the use of layering neutrals (no real pop of colour), a decent amount of dark tones and streamlined pieces.  Again we see some shine in the coffee table and accessories – this adds a feminine touch without being overt.


Photo credit:

Here’s the same room just at a different angle.  We see symmetry in the end tables, lamps and even the pillows – this is very masculine.  The over sized art is also free of colour and layers various shades of grey.


Photo credit: Sukio Design Co.

What do we notice here…

The dark tones on the wall and in the furniture.  We don’t see any colour or bold art, everything is very tone-on-tone. We also don’t see also of different textures – we have upholstery and a glass coffee table – so very simple and free of fuss.  The shine from the table and the accessories as a touch of glam and the beautiful orchid arrangement adds some femininity but the orchid is still a very structural flower, so again not too feminine.

When it comes to masculine glamour it is about keeping the typical masculine elements we see in design and decor like simplicity, dark tones like navy or charcoal, very little colour, very little pattern and some texture.  The glamour only comes from shine and some metallic accents.  The look is cool, streamlined, modern and says this is a man’s residence but is still designed and decorated.

Be a man of style,




                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo credit:

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