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It is now mid-September, soon we will have had frost warnings, the leaves on trees are turning colour and falling, and fireplaces will soon find themselves useful. While most of us are excited for this amazing season, people in the real estate are preparing themselves because once the cold sets in, the number of buyers out there will start to sink.

While you still have time to prepare for the cold season, don’t waste these days and take advantage before the winter season sets in. Remember that no one would want to go home shopping when it’s freezing cold and everything is covered in snow!

One of the essential strategies to get a sale before the holidays is home staging, regardless if you’re using the help of a real estate agent or selling the house by yourself.

Here are a few tips to make your home look perfect this fall –


Maintain your yard

Rake leaves, trim bushes, and use seasonal flowers -Keep the house looking fresh! Always remember that the curb appeal is as important as the interior. It’s the first thing that your potential buyers will see. This about an inviting front door vignette with a wreath and maybe some pumpkins or a bench with some pillows.

Control back to school clutter

Back to school season can create clutter in your entry. Make sure to have a place for your backpacks, shoes and other items the kids need to grab before catching the bus. This can even give the new homeowners some great ideas too!


Keep it neat and simple

While Halloween and Thanksgiving are not religious specific, too much decorating can distract buyers. Remember less is more. This can be tough with children so don’t eliminate it completely but keep it subtle and stay away from the gore,  keep it cute and have it is specific areas and not every square inch of the house.


Use home decor that takes a cue from nature

Rather than ghosts, scary monsters or turkeys display pumpkins, hay and flowers. Nothing can scare away potential buyers like handmade scarecrows or frighteningly realistic gory Halloween decorations. A simple bowl of fresh apples or mini pumpkins as a dining centerpiece is simple but effective.  An empty corner that looks odd can easily be filled with a tall glass vases filled with tall sticks.  A door looks more welcoming when it is dressed up a bit too



Turn your fireplace on for showings to set the mood

A little warmth emanating from the fireplace evokes a welcoming atmosphere. A crackling fire says “welcome home”, as well as well-placed candles to complete that warm, snug room.  And in cooler months a fireplace will be on the minds of buyers, so make sure they can’t help but notice it!


Add pillows

Use furry throws pillows and texture in your home decor to create a cozy feel. Or, think about adding a splash of colour with pillows in fall inspired colours, warm colours can make any space look and feel inviting. Pillows are inexpensive additions to your home and knowing how to use them will surely bring a big difference.


The cinnamon effect

Remember to use candles, incense and other oils to infuse fall scents, like vanilla or apple cinnamon. No, you don’t need to bake a bunch of sugar cookies before the showing, but investing in a tasteful, subtle scented autumn candle will do just fine in eliciting that cozy feeling buyers want to experience when they walk into their future house.


Some simple fall decor ideas to stage your home for the season:

This wreath from Wayfair is a lovely addition to a front door or a front entry vignette – adding some seasonal colour and texture but still very simple.

Add a simple sign with a big message to your kitchen or fireplace mantle – this handmade sign from Roman Valley Farm is perfect!

An instant fall refresh to your living room with a set of 4 orange pillows – add some the sofa and accent chair (maybe even one on your bed)

Adding a landscape art piece is one of our home staging recommendations – it is calm and soothing and adds decor to the space.  This framed country side print from Minted is perfect for a living room or bedroom.


The fall is a beautiful time of year and buyers are still out there looking so be sure to take advantage of nature’s beauty and the feeling of the season to help sell your home!



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“I’m in need of some Home Staging Advice. I know I need to stage my home but where do I start and what do I need to do?”

Home Staging Advice is our specialty! We love staging homes and we love helping sellers get their home ready for the resale market.  It’s amazing to hear everyone’s Home Staging success stories!

When it comes to home staging every property has different needs but the basics that you need to address are the same. Your relationship with your real estate agent (if you are using one) is also really important.  You want to make sure that your agent understands your competition in the market place and that your home is positioned in a competitive way.


Our Home Staging Advice is to address theses 7 basics:

  7. STYLE

Start at the top of this list and work your way down.

Let’s start with Clean and Declutter –

Give the house a really good up and down thorough cleaning.  This is a good start.  A clean house feels amazing and everyone loves the feeling of a clean house.  You can do this yourself or hire a professional.  But this is a must! Go through all of your junk – old clothes, old boxes of random things, books and more….unload what you no longer need – this will lighten up the feeling in your space (and your mind, too – clutter is a source of stress), make moving easier and less expensive and the overall look of your home and storage spaces will improve (buyers are looking for storage so you don’t want the closets to be chaotic!)



This is important because a maintained house is a house that has been cared for. When a house is cared for buyers sense that and they have some real peace of mind. So start with small things like leaky faucets, loose door knobs, burnt out light bulbs….Go through your house (or ask a close friend or a professional home stager) with a fine tooth comb and tackle those details!


So this falls under the same umbrella as ‘maintain’ but this is for larger issues like a broker appliance, a cracker floor tile, electrical outlets that don’t work.  A home in disrepair tells buyers that this home is a mess and needs attention (and if there is an offer, it won’t be a good one). So be sure to take on those repairs before hitting the real estate market!


By removing your personal items, memorabilia and style from the house – this really allows buyers to ‘mentally move in’.  You will be taking your personal items like family photos, religious pieces and collectables with you anyway…so think of this as a pre-pack. You don’t want buyers to feel like visitors during a private viewing or open house, you want them to feel at home.


This is closely connected to De-personalizing the space.  when we move into our home we get creative with colours, wall paper and other decorative elements but when it comes to home staging you really need to tone that all down and go neutral. Especially on the walls! Paint makes a huge impact on the look (and feel of a house) so a fresh paint job in a neutral tone is a great idea (and a good investment).



Please don’t be thrown off by this….update doesn’t mean renovate. Small updates can make a whole home feel fresh and new again. How many updates and what you update- well that’s a conversation to have with your real estate agent. Remember what we said about being competitive? Your real estate agent can let you know what your competition is offering in the price point, so certain updates may or may not being worth it. Changing up light fixtures can make a huge difference in a home, new hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms, new carpet (or professionally cleaned carpet), stone counter tops….be sure to have a chat with your agent so you are competitive!


This is a the pretty part and it makes a huge difference it how the house present in your photos. A house without any style or decoration just looks sad. You want your buyers to feel happy when they are walking in the property. So proper scale and positioning of furniture is important and then add a little something.  For some of our favourite Home Staging props, Click HERE.  But add some accent pillows to the sofa (new ones that you can use at your new place!), a few decor items on coffee tables and/ or fireplace mantle, art and fresh flowers and/ or bowl of fruit.  And be sure to always make the bed.  You don’t need all new furniture or decorative accents to make your home look it’s best, just follow our home staging advice.


Remember that home buying is an emotional experience so make buyers feel at home and at ease. Let them mentally move-in … Home Staging shows off the potential of the home and helps your property stand out from the rest. A staged home never sits for long! 

Good luck,





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“We are selling our home and our agents wants to book our photos.  Should we have them done before or after we decorate for Christmas? Our house looks so beautiful with the tree up and the stocking hung on the mantle. We love it and we think others will too!”


Christmas is right around the corner and it is such a wonderful time of year!  Decorating is one of our favourite parts of the season, too – it’s festive and fun! But when it comes to selling your home, holiday decor presents more negatives than positives….and there are definitely buyers out there looking for their new home during the Christmas season, so you don’t want to turn them off!


We love the welcoming exterior – it’s seasonal but not over done.  But be sure not to leave it up too long….

What are the negatives of  seasonal decorating (for any holiday) while selling your home:


1. Distracting.

Yes, Christmas and other holiday decor is beautiful but it can really distract buyers from seeing the beauty and features of your home as they will be focused on the tree, wreath, lights, stockings and more…..and not the windows, layout …

2. Clutter.

Although we never really view or consider holiday decor pieces to be clutter when they are out on display they do take up room and can make a space look and feel cluttered and over stuffed.  Think about how much smaller a room looks with a 7 – 8 ft tree in it – it takes up space!

The most beautiful Christmas trees aren’t necessarily the largest trees!  Consider a smaller tree – you still have a stunning Christmas tree to decorate but it visually (and physically) takes up less room.

3. Dating.

Holiday decor can really date your online photos and make your home look like it has been sitting on the market a lot longer than it has.  Let’s say you have your photography done in early Dec with all of your decorating done.  By mid January these photos will already look dated and it will send the message to buyers (and their agent) that your home has been sitting even though it has only been 30-40 days.

4. Personal.

When you decorate for Christmas or really any holiday, it can be a very personalized touch to the space especially if you have family heirlooms, religious items and handmade ornaments and other crafts made by your children or grandchildren.  It personalizes the space and that can make buyers feel uncomfortable (or like they are just visiting) as they are trying to picture their lives and building memories of their own in this house.

So definitely have your photos take BEFORE you decorate.

When it comes to seasonal decorating before showings and open houses – really try to eliminate or at least limit the decor – for the same reasons listed above. But if you must decorate for Christmas while your home is on the resale market – here’s what we suggest.

We love the simplicity of this room’s Christmas decor.  It celebrates the season, it has a consistent colour scheme and style and it doesn’t over power the room.

1.  Do NOT decorate BEFORE your photos.

2. Do keep it simple and tasteful with a consistent theme (for example: mixed metallics or traditional green, white and red; or country or modern).  This year keep it simple by only bringing out some decor – the house shouldn’t look like Christmas town!

3. Do NOT keep the decorations up too long or too late. Or decorate too early either. Aim to have the decor packed up by Jan 4 (approx)

4. Do NOT hang up or display really personal decor such as family photos, religious items, handmade ornaments and crafts by children or grandchildren

5. Do keep it welcoming and inviting with a small vignette by the front entry and then some decor in main living areas (try to limit to a room to two, for example the family room as the main Christmas decorating space and maybe a few items in the dining room and/or formal living room – stay consistent with that theme)

Celebrate the season without going totally over board. Remember in your new home (the next one), you can decorate as early as you want and keep it up as long as you like and you can go all out!

Remember, when it comes to selling your home you really don’t want to drag out the process so follow the steps to get it sold quickly and next Christmas you can really make up for the lack of decor!

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“My husband and I will be putting our home on the market but not for a few months.  By the time, it is listed for sale we will be in Sunny Florida. The interior of the home will be clean and tidy, plus it will be furnished but do we need to get regular outdoor maintenance taken care of?”


It’s so great that you are planning ahead for the sale of your home.  The interior of the home being clean, tidy and staged is great but don’t forget about the exterior!  Yes, everyone loves to see a beautifully manicured lawn, lush and colourful gardens and green trees in the summer months but that doesn’t mean that curb appeal doesn’t play a role in the other months, too.


Curb appeal isn’t just a summer thing, it’s important year round! The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers will see and if it is not well maintained that could be a bit of a red flag to buyers.  You also you want to make a good first impression and a welcoming one, too.  And in the winter months, not maintaining your exterior can also be a safety issue – those are equally important factors when it comes to selling your home.


The summer months are definitely the prettiest months for curb appeal but a well maintained exterior is noticeable all year long. So much of the monthly maintenance is dependent on your climate but here are some helpful tips.


In the fall months –

*sweep the porch and walkway, and driveway
*make sure all light bulbs are in working order (the days are getting shorter so lights will be very important)
*the grass is still growing so be sure to have it cut
*for some extra curb appeal some fall planters or a wreath maybe even some pumpkins to celebrate the fall season.


In the winter months-

*be sure to shovel the porch,driveway and walkways,
*salt or sand those areas too
*again be sure that the light bulbs are fully functional and set to turn on at dusk, this is great for showings but also anyone driving by
*to add some extra curb appeal you can add a winter wreath!


In the spring months-

*the grass isn’t quite green yet but the flowers are starting to bloom (depending on the climate) so give your lawn a bit of a rake to remove any winter debris
*clear off the porch, walkways and driveways (debris, salt/sand and any garbage)
*for some extra impact bring out some colourful outdoor pillows to any bench or seating, add a spring floral wreath
*later in the spring add some planters with spring flowers to add some colour


Before you put your home on the market be sure to check that your exterior has the following:

– a clear address plate (you want buyers and agents to find your property)
– the paint on the front door isn’t chipped or peeling
– the front steps are in good condition
– the mail box, grip set and door bell are in good working condition
– windows close and open easily
– the exterior materials (brick, siding etc…) are in good condition

Any buyer that comes to your home should be ‘WOW’ed by it and it shouldn’t matter if it is May or January.  Make that impression every time!

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Home staging is all about prepping the home for the next buyer and not decorating it to suit your taste and style. When you put your home on the market to sell, you should know that the next owner will likely be younger than you are. That’s why you should stop thinking about what you like or want in a home and start thinking about what your most likely buyer will want.

It’s important to keep the home looking current but not trendy

1. Wall paint

Yes, stick with warm neutral tones but pick a current neutral.  If your target demographic is “young professional” or “young family,” try using a warm gray as a neutral wall color. The gold or pinky-beige wall color you chose 10 -15 years ago is going to seem outdated to this new group of home buyers. On-trend neutrals like grays allow potential homeowners to envision bringing in complementary colors and clean-lined furnishings to make it their own.


2. Invest in white cabinetry.

Many home buyers younger than 40 prefer white or off-white kitchen cabinetry. They don’t want to see dark kitchen cabinetry in their new home. Consider a kitchen facelift if you have dark kitchen cabinetry with orange or red undertones. White kitchens make spaces look and feel larger – everyone wants a large kitchen!



 3. Update your appliances

Many younger home buyers cannot fathom buying a home without stainless steel appliances. You’ll need to update your almond ones with stainless replacements before putting it on the market. Trying selling your old ones online…


4. Look for simple stone counter tops

Granite and stone counter tops are a must-have for most young home buyers — it will make the difference between whether they choose your home or your neighbor’s home. But don’t make the mistake of installing busy or taste-specific granite that may not appeal to everyone. If you plan to be in your home for a long time, go for it — but not if you plan to sell within the next few years. Find something that works with the warm grey walls and the white cabinets.

5. Keep it simple for families with children

People with young kids are less likely to want a fixer-upper. If your target demographic is “young family with small children,” it’s important that your property be ready for them to move right in. Make sure the home has no unfinished projects or red flags for young families. For families focus on ‘setting the scene’ in rooms that will be used – kitchens and bathrooms are obvious but look at laundry and mudrooms, too. Show how usable the space is.


6. Open up your shower space

Young professionals love large, open glass showers. The garden-variety tub isn’t where it’s at anymore. If you are focusing on selling to a young family be sure to have one bathroom with a tub.


 7. Consider selling your house as a fixer-upper

If your neighborhood is becoming a mecca for young professionals, there may be some appeal to the fixer-upper if the price is right. These younger adults without children may have the time, energy and imagination for making over an older home. Even so, the price will have to be lower than if it were picture perfect.


We hope these home staging tips help you get that home sold!


If your home is up for sale on the market – this is a busy and possibly stressful time for you. On top of your everyday responsibilities you also have to deal with the showings and open houses at your home. You have your next property in mind and you have prepped and staged this house for sale.  Getting ready for every showing is work!

You want to sell your house and you know in order to do that buyers need to see it but prepping for a viewing can be very stressful and a bit hectic – so much to do!  You want your home to look it’s best –  Here is what you don’t want to happen. A showing is suddenly scheduled for that evening and you realize you have zero clean towels in your house. So now, not only do you have to pick up, wipe down surfaces, etc — you also have a load of laundry to do as well.

Have an open house box!

Sounds easy, right? It is!

Here’s what you need:

– a box, like a Banker’s box is a perfect size and it has a lid
– a set of clean, fresh white towels (one set for each bathroom)
– small (cutlery size) baskets (one for each bathroom)
– clean tea towels
a mason jar for counter clutter like coins, small pieces of paper, elastics etc…
– a large envelope to store papers from the counter like school news letters, mail etc…
– Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes for quick counter top cleaning

Before you begin showing your home, take an empty box and fill it with clean bath, hand and dish towels. When you have a showing scheduled, walk around to each bathroom and the kitchen grabbing all the dirty linens, and putting out the clean linens – get the kids involved and have them grab the ‘dirty’ towels. Just throw the dirty towels in this box to pull back out after the showing is over. So the clean towels in the Open House Box never actually get used, only shown.

Store the box in a closet that isn’t a huge feature like a guest room closet – once the show is over.  Collect all of the ‘showing props’ like the clean towels, tea towels etc… and put it all back in the box.

So easy!

Here are some other easy tips for managing your personal items when living in the house that you are selling:

1 – Containers.  Small and big are needed to just keep things tidy.  This is especially useful in the bathroom for make -up, tooth brushes, personal care items and toilet paper.  If leaving your items out, having them in containers looks much better but if you want to tuck them away, having them in containers makes it easy!

2 – Keep the office tidy with boxes for loose papers and other documents you don’t want left out in the open. Keep pens and pencils in a holder too – a messy office can send the message that there isn’t room for everything and leave a bad impression

3 – Keep the lights on!  Even on a sunny day but especially for evening showings – the light will make everything look bigger and brighter

4 – Big baskets are your best solution for showing a family home.  Just toss all of the toys in some baskets,try not to have too many just a few that are big enough to fit the kids’ things.

5 –  Please take the pets out!  Not everyone loves your pets and even if they are friendly, the presence of pets can be distracting and uncomfortable.  So make arrangements for your pets – maybe during the day a neighbour could help out by taking them or maybe you can take them with you while the open house is happening.

Home selling is stressful but following these staging tips will help ease that stress and help you get your house sold!

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So Spring is almost here!  Youpeee!  So is the Spring Real Estate market! So are you thinking of selling your home?  Well, if you are one big factor you need to take into consideration is that there will be a lot of competition in the spring market. 

Why the spring? 

Well, the sun is out, the snow is gone (or at least on it’s way out), the grass maybe out and so might the flowers.  Generally our homes show much better too. 


So why do you need to stand out? 

Because there is so much out there, buyers have a huge selection and after a while the homes can all start to look the same.

So how can you stand out from the others? 

Try home staging.  Staging is a way to show your home in the best possible way.  Staging is best if it is done by a professional – they know what they are doing, they have experience, they work with Realtors and know what buyers are looking for but they are also an objective eye, they don’t take things personally.  you want someone who can highlight the features of your home, make it attractive for your target buyers and make it look incredible in photos, open houses and showings.


Realtors know that a properly staged home will sell faster and for more money.  Why is that?

Because any property that shows well will get a lot of showing requests, the more buyers through a home will likely results in quick offers and/or multiple offers.  when you are in a multiple offer situation, as a seller this means you will likely get above asking.


Some stats to consider:

“98% of the houses staged have sold over the asking price.”  HGTV’s Designed to Sell


“87% of people said that home presentation makes a difference in most sales.”  AOL Money and Finance Poll


“Homes that sold after four weeks on the market sold for 6% less than ones within the first four weeks!”  Survey by the National Association of Realtors


“Buyers willing to spend the money for an ‘ideal’ home, but not the time to renovate. The poll showed that 63 per cent of buyers preferred a higher priced home that does not require any renovations over a lower priced fixer-upper.”  Maritz Research Staging Polls


“Elements that create 72% of the first impression inside the home are within the control of the seller – well–trained staging consultants know how to show these to their best advantage.”  1999 Proctor & Gamble Survey


So what can you do to present your home in the best light?

– Start by decluttering the main areas like the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, finished basement etc…Don’t worry about spaces like the garage.


– Give the entire home a top to bottom good cleaning think about getting a professional cleaning for the rugs

– Pay attention to the details like cracked tiles, leaky faucets, touch up paint and this is where an objective eye really helps, we get so used to living in our own space that we overlook all of the little creaks and cracks that a buyer would see.

– Remove the personalize items like family photos and collectibles, you’ll be taking those with you to your next place so think of it as pre-packing

– Updates, you don’t need piles of money to make your home look and feel current, small fixes like replacing old brass or plastic knobs and handles with chrome will really make any space feel more current.  Updating light fixtures and removing wallpaper boarders can make a huge difference.  Adding or updating a dated kitchen backsplash can also make a big difference!



– Think about getting a fresh paint job in the home.  On a tight budget? Paint the rooms that really need it


– Other add-ons, try adding some fresh colour with flowers, or a fruit bowl, or some throw pillows on sofas and beds.

– Make sure the home is well lit, pull back the drapes and let the light in and make sure the light bulbs are all working (replace the burn out ones).  If you have any dark corners in important rooms try adding a floor lamp.



Selling your home can be very stressful but if it is presented in the right way, you shouldn’t be on the market long….happy selling and happy spring staging!



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Take a look at these 8 home staging mistakes home owners make before putting their homes on the market.

A staged home spends less time on the market so take this advice and although some tips may seem expensive or time consuming, it won’t be too long and it will be worth your while.

8 Home staging mistakes (to avoid):

1 –Just because you love it does not mean that everyone else will too.

Ensure your property appeals to a broad market of buyers. In other words, keep it neutral, a bright colour reflects your personality and style which can be too much for buyers to get past.


This room looks great but the dark paint colour on the wall is a bit personalize and may turn off some buyers.  If thiese walls were painted in a lighter and neutral tone the room would look bigger and brighter.


2 –Edit your storage places too.

Buyers will poke around, opening kitchen and bathroom cabinets and closets spaces too. Be sure to spend some time organizing those area too. A cramped spaces sends the message to buyers that there is a lack of storage.

This room doesn’t present well.  It would be very challenging for buyers to see past this mess.  even though the furniture doesn’t come with the house – this much clutter says to buyers that there isn’t enough space.  Be sure to clean, declutter and organize!

3 –Scale and size of furniture.

Be sure that items such as furniture, plants and other decor pieces are in proportion with the room. You are selling the house (the space) not the items in it. Even if the rooms look somewhat empty, that is way better than over stuffed rooms. Story your larger pieces in a temporary storage locker or ask friends and family if they have some storage space you could borrow.

You need to make sure that a room has good flow.  The buyers (during the showings) need to be able to walk around freely without obstacles.  There is a lot of furniture is this room and although very attractive it’s too much for when you are selling your home.  

4 — Clean, clean, clean.

I know this means something different to everyone so keep your self and your home on a regular cleaning schedule – if you have to contact a professional to help you out – do it, it will be worth the extra cost. Be sure your home is in ‘showing condition’ at all times. You may receive a call from your realtor about a showing while you are at work and your dishes from breakfast are still in the sink – that leaves a very bad impression.

You really need to be on top of your house work while you are selling.  No one wants to come to view a property with dirty rooms, dishes all over the place etc…This leaves a really bad first impression.


5 — Your pet may be your best friends but he isn’t every one’s.

Some buyers are immediately turned off by any signs of animals in a home so keep pet hair to a minimum by vacuuming everyday, crating your furry friends or keeping them outside of the home while it is up for sale. When we were selling our home a few years ago, I went as far as paying my younger brother to “babysit” them during my open house.

6 — Pay attention to the details.

Don’t hide your flaws , either repair them before you go on market or have your price reflect that there is some work to be done. It is tough for a realtor to justify selling a house for top dollar when it is not in top condition.

7 — Upgrade periodically.

Change up your light fixtures, hardware, taps, faucets and drapery. You will likely get a better reaction from buyers plus it shows that the house has been maintained and cared for. Plus buyers are willing to pay more for a property that has already been updated.  Not sure where to update or what to do? This is where your real estate agent and home stager can really come into play.

A new light fixture can make a huge difference in a house.  It gives the whole home a fresh feel and look – opt for a style that is transitional (that means it works with different decor styles and this way this will work for most people).

8 — Don’t rush.

Get your house on the market once it is ready. Meaning get the little jobs done, listen to your realtor and home stager to help you get top dollar, an incomplete house is exactly that and buyers will not respond in a positive way. So take that time to finish up incomplete projects or tackle the to-do list from your stager – painting and small repairs can set up apart. Any time of year is a good time to sell, but when there is a lot of competition on the market (such as the spring season) you must be in peak performance.

Consider a fresh paint job in the home in a neutral tone, this instantly gives the whole home a fresh new feel and it looks clean and bright!

Selling can feel personal but it isn’t – you need to now think of your house as a product that is up for sale.  Like a product in a store you want it to sell so put the time in to make it a product that a buyer will want! Be sure to avoid these home staging mistakes,



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Home staging is a MUST in any real estate market. If you are having trouble remembering what needs to be done when staging your home? Follow the 5 F’s of Home Staging.


Hardwood flooring is the most popular and therefore the best option for your flooring choice. The floors are beautiful, they add warmth, value and are preferred especially with the increase of allergens in the home – hardwood is much easier to clean. Have as few types of flooring as possible in one home, as multiple materials can make a home look small and choppy.



Create a focal point in each room such as a fireplace, a bay window. Make sure the focal point in obvious and highlighted for the buyer to see. this is where staging and furniture placement really work in your favour. As the owner of the home, circulate and take notes of what you feel are the best features/focal points of each room – this can really help your stager, since you bought this home you probably fell in love with some of the features.




Make sure the function of each room is clear. If the space is not defined, buyers are left wondering what to do with a certain room. Doubling up functions of a room is not always recommended but in smaller spaces it is often necessary but again be clear, if the room is a sitting room plus an office make the room tidy and organized so the buyers can tell it apart from a catch-all space. For example, in a open concept place an area rug in the living room can help to define the living room apart from the dining room without building walls and blocking the flow


4 – FLOW

The house must have good flow in order to attract an offer. You can achieve this through paint (keep each room more or less in the same colour palette). Other tips – allow 3 feet for pathways in and out of a room; chairs and sofas should be no more than 8 feet apart and allow 18 inches between sofa and coffee table. These tips helps create a free flowing space with good energy and a space that feels large but still inviting.




Make sure the furniture highlights the room’s best features and doesn’t obstruct or cramp a room. Look at the room and pay attention to features such as the dining room fixture, it will tell you where to place the table. Create conversation groupings no larger than 10-12 feet square. Create a focal point such as a tall vase by the fireplace or pillows in the window seat. An appointment with a home stager can help you put together a great furniture plan offering flow and presentation to buyers


Don’t FLIP OUT – FOCUS on these 5F’s and your home be ignored on the real estate market – stand out from the crowd with home staging!





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