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Well, my 4 weeks are up and it’s time to reveal my new farmhouse powder room!

It has been a busy 4 weeks – I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and made a major transformation in my powder room. I love my farmhouse powder room and so have my friends and family.  The new look is truly incredible and I did not go over budget BONUS! Let me show what I did to create my farmhouse powder room….

A look back at my powder room…..


This powder room was dark and dull – the cabinets are right of out of 1981 and the whole room just looked blah…I really wanted to add a brighter colour, make the room fresh and have a farmhouse powder room.

My farmhouse powder room – what I did…

I knew I wanted a brighter and fresher feel in the room.  The big element here was paint.  I’m fortunate because I had almost a full can of a warm beige-y colour (it’s actually the same colour I have in my other 2 bathrooms) HUSH by Benjamin Moore This new colour on my walls has made a huge difference! The powder room looks so much bigger and brighter (honestly I still cannot get over how fresh it looks).  The next paint project was painting that vanity! I love the look of chalk paint and I thought to get the farmhouse look a chalk painted vanity would be perfect! I chose a great chalk paint colour from Rustoleum ‘Country Gray’ and I love it!!

I was going to paint my existing hardware but after doing some looking around – I found these bar pulls in an oil rubbed bronze – they have a more modern look than my old ones, they are a great price and I had room in my budget so it was perfect! I did have the brushed nickle in my cart but I then realized with my existing hinges (and limited budget) I should stick with the oil rubbed bronze – I love how this vanity looks like a piece of furniture with the new paint and hardware. These bar pulls make a big difference in updating my farmhouse powder room.


I have always wanted to do something with my window but I never really figured out what – I found an awesome tutorial for a new-sew window valance and that was the plan but then I found this valance at Target – it fit in my budget and the colour is perfect! The rod was a great deal, too!


What I didn’t get done…

I purchased some spray paint that was supposed to be used for my counter tops – it has not yet arrived so this did not get done during the challenge.  I’m a bit disappointed as I was really looking forward to changing it but now that everything else has been painted – I’m not sure that I need to paint it! I’ve asked friends and family what they think and it’s a 50/50 split of whether to paint or not – let me know what you think I should do, I’d love to hear your thoughts…..


Styling my farmhouse powder room….

I lucked out with some art from my sister that she was no longer using.  I also have this old wood ‘mailbox’ piece that I purchased years ago and I have always loved it but never found a home for it – it has been sitting in my office collecting dust for about 6 years – it is a great piece that works with the farmhouse look I am after so I was super happy to give it a ‘home’. I used this amazing product called ‘Gorilla Hooks’ to hang it – so easy!

I also had some decor items here that were just sort of extras like the wicker basket with my ‘guest towels’, the large mason jar with some faux greenery that I took from an arrangement in my dining room (just two branches), I had the ‘iron’ owls from my family room.


I used some white bar towels for my guest towels and rolled them up and put them in the basket -so simple – but that’s what farmhouse is all about, right?

My towel bar, lighting and mirror were there before – but with the new paint they kind of look new, too!

Get a farmhouse powder room with only $100

So here’s my budget breakdown …

Chalk Paint                                        $24.64

New cabinet pulls                             $4.79 (x4)

Paint starter kit                                 $8.00

Curtain rod                                         $3.99

Curtain Valance                                 $10.99

Spray paint                                         $30.05

Mirror                                                  already had

Wall paint                                           used left over from my other 2 bathrooms

Art                                                        already had

Decor accessories and towels         already had

Gorilla hooks                                     already had

Total spent                                          $96.83

Even though I have not yet used or received my counter top spray paint I still included it in my budget – without it I would have only spent $66.78 !

Farmhouse powder room photos




I still cannot believe that this is the same room – the transformation is just incredible! I feel great about the end results and I feel great about all of the painting that I took on – there’s a first time for everything! When you ‘shop your home’ it is really amazing what you can find and what you can give new life…

Be sure to check out the other participants in this round of the $100 Room challenge – it is reveal week and there are so many amazing projects in this challenge –




We love a makeover! Don’t you? Many times small changes make a huge impact in your home. Changing some accessories, or a coat of paint can make a space feel brand new. Many people hesitate when redecorating because they think it is going to cost a lot. There are so many simple changes that can make a difference in your space.

Here is my guest bedroom – I have family and friends visiting all the time and I really wanted to spruce up my guest bedroom plus I wanted it too look and feel like the rest of my home.

My main accent colour is blue so the red and beige spare bedroom wasn’t really working anymore.  So what did I do to transform the look of my guest bedroom with only 5 pieces….

Here is a photo of my ‘old’ bedroom.  This was a colour motif from my last home but I have moved away from the warmer tones.  My current house has grey and white (as my neutrals) with accents of blue and some bright pinks pops here and there.


Beiges and warm tones weren’t really the style we were looking for anymore. By changing the wall colour and removing the red, the look is more contemporary and fresh. I started off by changing the wall colour – I had some left over white paint that was used in the main part of my house, so this kept my costs down – this room isn’t huge so the brightness of the white made my room feel bigger.

Next I replaced the red drapery for something more neutral and airy.  Nothing custom just some simple store bought panels.  That adds some softness to the room.

I kept the bed frame  (although I may get adventurous and paint the frame one day) and the white bedding – that looks so clean and it’s gender neutral.

I found an interesting lamp with a funky base to replace the more traditional looking one that was in the room.  The base has a soft and soothing aqua tone and the shade is white!

I then swapped out the red accent pillows for some black and white damask printed ones (I love print) and a cobalt blue.  I love mixing colour and print and with the simplicity of the room I could add print and colour with ease.

Lastly, I removed the red art piece and replaced it with a calming almost beachy art piece that I positioned above the bed.



I kept the expenses low – I spent around $300 and the room looks and feels great!  These small changes make a huge impact! My guests feel at home because this room looks like it’s a part of my home.

Remember makeovers and room updates don’t have to cost a fortune,


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“I am in need of a makeover for my bathroom.  I don’t have a big budget so I cannot renovate but I need some quick and easy ideas to freshen up my bathroom.”


The bathroom is one of the smallest but also one of the most used rooms in the home.  A renovated bathroom can be costly and time consuming but you definitely have some easy updates that are quick and affordable that can really make a splash!


Try working with the colour scheme in the bathroom instead of against it.

  So if you have coloured tile – add some complimentary colour in there.  If you fight with the colour or ignore it – you won’t get the end result you want!


Change up the textiles

– easy and affordable! So add a new shower curtain and liner, add some new towels too and maybe even a bathmat! Stay from toilet covers…


Add some fresh bling

– so switch out your old cabinetry hardware and add some new knobs or handles! This is a quick change but it really makes a difference (this is also a great update for a kitchen). If you are handy, you could even update your towel bar an toilet paper holder.

Switch up your mirror

– adding a new mirror with a decorative frame will instantly freshen up your space and give it a custom look and feel without the custom price tag! If your lighting is looking a bit dated (and you are handy) consider updating the lighting as well.

Add some accessories

– a plant, some art, candles, new soap dispensers – easy updates that make the space feel and look new again!

If you are looking to take it to the next level, consider paint!

It’s a small space so it would be a quick weekend job but be sure to get the right paint so let the salesperson know that you are painting a bathroom.

Sprucing up your bathroom is also a great idea if you are considering selling your home.  When we stage bathrooms we like to keep them clean and clutter free but also styled in neutral tones and add some accessories to set the scene.

The bathroom might be small but don’t forget to make it beautiful too,

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