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What is Buffalo Check?

This pattern is also known as Buffalo plaid.  It originated at Woolrich Woolen Mills in the 1850’s. This pattern is traditionally seen in red and black but over time there have been many colour variations.

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The pattern is often 2 or 3 colour striped fabric creating equally sized large squares (gingham is similar but the squares are much smaller).  Buffalo check had a real moment in 2015 holiday decorPlaid is always a popular choice at Christmas and this pattern fits the style plus with the popularity of woodland inspired decor the pattern is a perfect fit!

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Buffalo Check and Home Decor…

This plaid print works very well when paired with a rugged and rustic look (think ski chalet) but in other colour variations it can also work in more transitional, farmhouse and traditional styles.  Buffalo plaid can be used in many different ways – ranging from upholstery to table settings. Here are some of our favourite rooms with Buffalo check.

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This bedroom has a rustic mountain home look with the traditional red and black Buffalo plaid pattern.  Paired with the cowhide rug and shiplap walls – this room has a rugged and cozy feel.

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Add a touch of country to your walls with this water colour effect wallpaper in Buffalo plaid print – the black/grey/white colour scheme is very neutral easy to work with.  It pairs beautifully with the wood tones and the simple and clean bedding – the style in this room has some mid century modern elements but it works with this check pattern on the wall.

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Pillows in a Buffalo plaid is a more subtle way to add this print into your decor.  Again the black / white/ grey plaid print is a great addition to any space – this is beautiful at a front entry bench, living room, bedroom and this dining banquet.

Shop Buffalo Check

Here are some of our favourite home decor items in rustic inspired pattern…add this print to your space this fall or winter to bring that cozy feel in your space.

Personalized Buffalo Check Throw

Urban Retreat 33′ x 20.5″ Buffalo Check Wallpaper

Twill Buffalo Check Cotton Throw Pillow

Philomena Classic Buffalo Plaid Check Table Runner

40 Buffalo Check Bean Bag Chair – Large Personalized Buffalo Check Bean Bag Chair


What do you think of this classic yet rugged pattern?

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“I love fall home décor! As much as I’d love to buy all new pieces every year, that just isn’t in my budget. What are some fall trend ‘staples’ I should invest in?”
Fall home décor is great! So many colours, textures and patterns that are beautiful in your home. Where to begin?
It’s always super fun to stay on trend with the seasons.. but that can be pricey. In order to freshen up your décor without breaking the bank, try adding a few ‘trendy pieces’ into your space. Choose your favorites, and what will blend best into your current interior style.

Here are some suggestions for what’s hot for Fall this year:

Plaid- such a staple for fall. We love the warmth a plaid pattern brings to a space. Plaid comes in so many different colours and on many different décor items. Adding a few plaid pillows to your décor will definitely bring the season inside!

Fur throws & fur pillows are everywhere this year! Fur & faux fur come in various colours and variations. This is such a cozy material, and the texture really makes a statement!!

Animal Heads-
We have been seeing animal heads for a little while now, but they’re still coming in strong! The options are endless for animal heads in terms of colour, size & material. These are a great addition to a gallery
wall, or just to add a hint of whimsy to your space.
Deep, Rich Colours: The best time of year to introduce those rich, warm colours into your home. Burgundy’s, reds, navy’s, browns, teals are so beautiful this time of year! Bring the outside in.. fall is such a beautiful time of year for scenery, by incorporating the outside hues inside your home, you’ll be embracing the beauty of fall to its
fullest! Adding pillows, throws, accessories or art in these colours will change your home for the season.

Natural Materials: The best time to incorporate nature into your home! We love the look of wood all year round, but the fall is a great time to update with some new natural pieces. The warmth that wood tones bring into your home will be undeniably cozy! Look for wood accessories, reclaimed wood furniture pieces, maybe some sticks & a tall vase.

Textures: Textures truly make a space. Having the same material throughout can look typical and boring. The
addition of different textures gives your space depth and personality. Even if your home is very monochromatic, the various textures will make your space interesting and diverse.


It often just takes a few minor pieces to really give new life to your home.. Enjoy your fall refresh!
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Now that fall is almost here, we are seeing so many cozy and comfy textures like knits and flannels.  Plaid is one print that we see so much of this time of year – it just screams Fall!!  We love the look and feel of flannel plaids and they add so much comfort to any room.

Here are some of our favourite plaid looks for the home.

The plaid throw –

Just wrap it around yourself while reading or sitting by the fire.  It’s also great in a bedroom.  Here we love it in the casual dining space at the head of the table.  Why not?

Black and White Plaid –

Many think of reds, greens and blues when they hear the word ‘plaid’ but there are so many other colour options, so there’s something for everyone.  We love the black and white plaid in this room. It adds a cozy factor to this off white wing back chair.

Boys’ Bedroom –

We love plaid in a bedroom and it’s perfect for boys! Durable, soft and comfortable plus they add some pattern and texture to the space without making it feel and look feminine.  This grey and white boys bedroom looks great with the pops of orange plaid.

Decor Pillows –

A plaid throw is perfect for a farmhouse or cabin look.  It’s the right amount of plaid and it doesn’t take over the space.  We love this chic farmhouse inspired living room with tone-on-tone plaid pillows mixed with some knitted pillows.  Totally chic and comfortable!

Vintage Country Plaid Chair –

Plaid is a classic and if you love a farmhouse or vintage country style at home, try adding plaid to a furniture piece.  in our opinion a sofa is just to much but a chair or even a headboard would really make a statement. We love this streamlined chair in plaid – it has comfort and style plus paired with the soft better yellow and the styled chest of drawers you have a level of sophistication.  Country is totally cool!

If the cabin look is more your style, try a different type of plaid but we still love the idea of sticking with a classic and neutral colour palette. The image below has similar concept just more of a cabin or shabby chic angle.

Bedding –

We love plaid in the bedroom but again you want to choose the right one for your look and colour palette.  We love the subtle and soft beige and white combination in this room.  It is perfect for a guest room or for anyone who likes a toned down and calming space. We love the mix of solids and the plaid in this room and the vintage bed frame and sconce lighting keep it from looking washed out.

Wall paper, why not?

This might seem bold and extreme but it doesn’t have to be.  We love the soft and subtle look of this room and the beige and cream wallpaper accent wall just makes the room feel cozy but still works well with the elegant nature of the room.

On the floor –

We love a patterned rug and plaid works! Opt for a neutral toned plaid but it really adds some great visual interest in a room and it’s a classic pattern on the floor just gives it a modern twist.

The nursery –

This could work for a girl or a boy or just a gender neutral nursery.  This drapery, or bedding, or pillows or rugs.  But not everything.  The casual nature and the comfort would make the nursery a wonderful space for everyone even during those late, late night feedings and diaper changes.

Are you mad about plaid? We are!

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Do you love the blend of Country and Industrial style décor? So do we! Here are some great suggestions on how to incorporate this decorating style in your home.

Country Industrial is a blend of two different décors that work together beautifully. Country is a warm and inviting decorating style that typically uses lots of wood tones, plaids, stripes, floral, toile and patterns. The colour palette is varied, but warm tones make this a cozy style. Lots of cozy throw blankets and textured pillows make for cozy home décor. Country style is filled with tons of character.

Industrial décor is very rustic, and incorporates more harsh tones such as various metals such as brass, copper, chrome, and silver. Reclaimed wood and brick is often inserted into an Industrial room.



Now, how do we marry the two and make a warm space with industrial elements?

To create a Country Industrial room, you must have some variety. Mixing patterns, metals, and various wood tones is the key to creating this decorating style. That being said, there are SO many options to make this style exactly your personality. First, decide what you absolutely love.

Here are some tips on how to achieve this style.

1. A reclaimed wood table.

Whether this is a dining room table, a coffee table or end tables, adding reclaimed wood is a great element that can be both industrial and country at the same time. Lots of reclaimed wood tables come with a funky element, whether it’s a wrought iron detail, a reclaimed wheel or metallic accent, adding wood will be both warm and cool at the same time.

2. Pattern.

Pattern is the more country side of this style. If you don’t want to incorporate traditional country fabrics like plaids and toiles into the space, try a more modern stripe, maybe a throw pillow with an animal on it, or a fur pillow and cozy throw. It adds a fun, whimsical element to your room. Keep in mind that when it comes to colour – the tones tend to be of nature and kind of subdued – nothing overly bright and / or bold.

3. Metal Elements

There is lots of versatility with adding metal. Do you like a metal side table? Metal side chairs? Metal pendants? What tones of metal do you like? Do you want a pop of colour somewhere? Here is where you personality can shine through!

4. Area Rug

A great place to incorporate a bit more country into the room is with a textured/ pattern area rug. A variety of textures make a space feel cozy. Do you love the look of wool rugs? Or do you prefer a stripe or plaid pattern? An area room helps warm up a space in any room, and also helps to define a certain space in a room.

5. Furniture.

Furniture is a big variable. A more streamlined sofa with metal legs can work in this style of home, or we can go to the other end of the spectrum and add a big cozy traditional sofa. It depends on what you like! Both options will work in this type of space. Be sure to add an accent chair or two as well, incorporating the opposite element in the room. Cozy traditional sofa? Try adding a metal or wood side chair to balance the two.

6. Accessories.

 Table lamps, book shelves, décor pieces are all places to add some metal, wood or colour. Try to have some common elements or else your room is going to be more eclectic. Harmony throughout a room makes it looks planned and thought-out, not just some random things thrown together in hopes of it looking good. always look for connections in a room – so if you have a metal accent piece try and ‘echo’ that material at least in one more spot in the room.  Common connections keep a look cohesive.




This style is so relaxed and full of warmth and character – and what’s great about it is that through mixing these elements you can achieve a totally unique look that is all yours.
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