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“My house needs a fresh paint job.  I feel good about picking a wall colour but do you have any suggestions for the perfect white trim paint colour?”


You are so right, picking the right white can be tricky.  The look of a fresh coat of paint is spectacular and painting that trim really completes the feel. But like every other colour – there are many whites to choose from.  Not knowing which paint colour you will choose, your safest best is you use a pure and true white tone, you can’t go wrong with that. We have a few favourites to share with you.


  1. Simply White by Benjamin Moore – this was BM colour of the year for 2016.


  1. Cloud White by Benjamin Moore – this is a designer (and painter) go-to.


  1. Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore -just like the name, it is a decorator’s (and painter’s) favourite.  It’s clean and crisp.


  1. Ultra Pure White by BEHR – so clean and so crisp -this is one of the purest whites you will see.


  1. Extra White by Sherwin-Williams – a great white trim choice, bright white!


  1. All White by Farrow & Ball – a perfect white


Other trim painting tips:

Caulking – be sure that before you start painting that trim to caulk any gaps

Order – paint the trim first and then the walls

Finish – be sure to use a semi-gloss when it comes to choosing a finish for your trim. A semi-gloss adds even more brightness but also when it comes to cleaning, the dust doesn’t stick!

I hope these tips  and suggestions on finding the ‘perfect’ shade of white work for you,

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If you have been watching home decor shows on TV or reading online articles about home decor recently, you have likely heard the term ‘shop your home’.  It’s #trending these days….let us explain to you what this term and trend mean.


Basically #shopyourhome is all about using what you have already and bringing it out (if it was stored away), maybe re-purposing it or maybe even updating it. It’s part of a recycling movement – instead of tossing out items that are just out dated but are still in good condition and work just fine, give them new life by updating them or re-purposing them (a new location or a new purpose all together).


Some great “shop your home” examples…



We all know what paint can do to a room but what can it do to an old piece of furniture or a light fixture? Instead of buying new – update what you have!  This is easy, affordable and you are recycling something that might other wise end up in a landfill. this painted light fixture is a simple fix, affordable too plus the end result is a unique ‘one of a kind’ light fixture that will add WOW factor to your room.



Give a bench or chair new life with some fabric.  A few yards of fabric will go a long way and give you a whole new look.  It is easy to re-upholster a simple bench or chair seat – you will need some fabric, fabric glue, staple gun and a screwdriver to remove the seat cushion.  You may want to add some foam or cotton batting if the seat needs some volume or cushioning.


New hardware can completely change the look of a room.  We recommend this to our home staging clients as well.  This works on furniture and cabinetry – this is a great update for a kitchen and bathroom.  It is easy to do but it really makes a big impact.




Bored of your current art displays but can’t replace your pieces? Try moving your art into a different room or in a different arrangement.  This can make a huge different in a space. It’s a great way to display pieces that aren’t usually seen.




Do you have beautiful flowers in your garden? Instead of buying cut flowers from the market use your own – it adds a special touch to your space and it’s a great way to add a welcoming scene to a table scape, front entry, coffee table or even a guest bedroom.



If you are like either of us, you probably have a drawer full of beautiful scarves and for every season – so make use of them!  Try re-purposing your scarves as a table runner.  Think bright and colourful for summer, neutral for fall and airy for spring.  It adds a fresh new look to the table, it sets the scene and it adds a unique touch.



Try moving your pieces into a different layout or swapping pieces around – accent chairs are a great and easy choice to re-arrange.  Think of re-arranging your furniture to take advantage of a view of your garden in the summer months or  place your furniture in a way to snuggle up by the fireplace.



Feeling inspired yet?  Home decor can get expensive but if you shop at home and get creative you can get a whole new look !

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Kitchens and bathrooms do help sell houses, although they may not be the main deciding factor, they are strong contenders when buyers consider what property they will now call home. Buyers consider these rooms when they are house hunting because of the difficulty of renovating them and the expense that would be required. If you have been diligent in the upkeep and upgrades of your home then this week’s notes will not be as difficult.



 However, if you have never updated your home or maintained the repairs in the baths and kitchens, then this could be a pricey section! Truth be told, you will pay to do upgrades in these rooms, either when it comes time to sell and you have to reduce the price to reflect the work needed, or over the years while you live there and have been paying to maintain and upgrade.


Homeowners typically should be spending 1-3% of their market value every year to upgrade and maintain their property in good condition. So if this has not been done, it will need to be.



What types of upgrades can you do?

  • Updating Appliances in all the same color, this includes the hood fan. Especially if they are more than 10 years old.
  • Replace or Repair all damaged tiles or flooring
  • Repaint kitchen cabinets (or do touch ups)
  • Consider a kitchen update if older than 7 years. New kitchens price at $5,000 and up, depending on if you are installing them yourself. This is not recommended for beginners no matter how keen you are!
  • Install new counter tops or call a Granite company for a granite looking overlay that is less than the price of real granite
  • Update flooring, even a small bathroom looks like a new world with brand new floors
  • Update light fixtures
  • Paint the ceilings
  • Take off old tiles in the bathtub or shower and add a new surround. A simple do it yourself kit can be purchased for around $300.00
  • Add under cabinet lighting
  • Add new shower faucets and shower rods
  • Re-grout your existing tile if it is still in good shape, adding a new grout color can go far
  • Fresh paint colors in warm neutrals make a room look 100 x better for a small investment of time and money
  • Update faucets to the latest trends
  • Tighten all knobs, or replace for a modest cost. Knobs range from $3.00 to over $10.00 per piece, so it is a small investment for a great improvement
  • Replace toilet seats, especially if they are cracked, wooden or themed
  • Add new blinds or window coverings
  • New sinks, curtain rods and towel bars also make a great first impression



Remember you are giving the buyers every reason to buy your house, so carefully consider the first impression and ask yourself what do you look for when you are the buyer? How do you compare houses when you are the buyer? Then create a property that will attract buyers. It’s as simple as that.

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Today our granite counter tops arrived!

As I mentioned in my previous blog posting, I am living in a renovation zone but things have picked up and starting to really come together.
This afternoon our granite counter tops (kitchen and bathroom) were installed and I cannot get over the difference! We had laminate counter tops in both rooms, the kitchen counter top was a solid grey which was probably not the best choice as it does not hide stains very well and every scratch is seen from a mile away; the bathroom counter top was a laminate but in aqua, white and peach speckled design. My husband and I were looking for a more modern look but we also love the natural look of granite and stone.

Looking for granite Counter tops….

We went to a few granite showrooms but everything we saw was quite typical, since our cabinetry was so plain we really wanted something special! We actually went to a granite supplier and had the opportunity to peruse their slabs and select ours directly from their supply. We found the perfect counter tops for our home and now that they are in the transformation is truly incredible.

Granite Counter tops made a huge difference….

What difference can a counter top really make? In our case we selected a slab of granite that was lighter in colour from the original laminate and now our open concept kitchen look enormous. Our stone back splash really stands out and the stainless steel accents add some sparkle. The whole kitchen comes together and is a true show stopper! The bathroom renovation was a complete overhaul (bye bye Barbie bathroom) but my husband was really worried about how the white wall tiles, grey floor tiles and blue glass accent tile would all come together – the biano antico’ granite counter top was the key element for bringing all the pieces together.

When it comes to selecting your kitchen counter tops there are no right or wrong

choice but here are some tips:


1 – Colour –

Typically you want to choose a counter top that on the opposite side of the colour wheel from your cabinets, for example a dark espresso stain looks best with a lighter counter top but if you are selecting from granite you have some flexibility because granite has some many colours and fishers that you can choose from a variety of cabinet colours. But light can absolutely work with light but I always like something to ground the room so it could be the floors, paint or backsplash.

2 – Stay away from a single colour laminate.

A solid coloured laminate counter top does not stand the test of time very well, stains and scratches are nearly impossible to hide with this type of counter top. If granite is too pricey, keep in mind that there are many laminate options that look (and can feel) like a granite counter top.

3 – Looking for something different?

Try exotic granite or other natural stone such as marble or soapstone or even more cutting edge – concrete. With the increased popularity of granite certain colours are seen more frequently but there is a lot to choose from, so look around at other options.

Here are the after photos of my bathroom and kitchen :-

I can’t get over how different the house looks with these new counter tops!
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